Brickhouse vs The Unexpected Creature

Megatropolis was in the middle of the longest crime wave in its history. The police force was pressed to the breaking point and even the city’s numerous superheroines were fatigued from battling what felt like a never ending tide of crime.

At the forefront of the battle was the Megatropolis Amazons, the city’s official super team. The team was only five members strong yet had managed to bring in the largest share of criminals. But the crime wave was starting to strain even their combined might.

Champion Girl, the youngest and newest member of the team, had been placed on 24 hours mandatory bed rest after an exhausting run in with some members of the Red Dragon Syndicate. Although the young heroine was physically invulnerable the battle and its aftermath left her powers drained and weakened. With her incapacitated the rest of the team knew they would have to pick up the slack while she spent the day trying to recover.

No one was more aware of this than Brickhouse. Until the perky blond Champion Girl joined the Amazons, Brickhouse had been the go to team member when massive super strength and a tough hide were required. Standing over seven feet tall and bulging with muscles she was frequently described as a “massive, hulking figure”. Adding to her fearsome presence was that fact that her skin was colored a deep shade red.

Brickhouse’s physical strength was nearly unmatched and her skin was tough enough to deflect almost any projectile or blade. After Champion Girl joined the team they quickly discovered the petite blond youngster was nearly as strong as the massive Brickhouse. And where Brickhouse was nearly physically invulnerable, Champion Girl actual was.

On top of having a power set that was the same, perhaps even better than Brickhouse’s, Champion Girl also looked normal. Missions that required stealth or going undercover were never something the massive red skinned woman could undertake, but for the small, normal looking Champion Girl they were easy.

Brickhouse had resented Champion Girl at first, but over time she had warmed to the younger woman’s relentless positive attitude. And as her fondness for Champion Girl had grown her protectiveness had grown as well. She knew the invulnerable woman didn’t need protecting, per se, not in combat anyways. But Megatropolis was a cesspool of perversion and the naive young heroine still didn’t take defeats well.

The criminals and supervillains of the city had a code that they live by. And rule number one was that a defeated heroine was fair game sexually. Even though young heroines such as Champion Girl were taught this at The Academy, the super hero university that she had trained at before becoming a Megatropolis Amazon, no class could really prepare a heroine for the reality of the perverse whims of their enemies. And No class could prepare a superheroine for the way her own body would betray her to her enemy’s whims as well.

Almost all super powered beings, be they hero or villain, gain their powers through what had been dubbed the “Power-Gene”. Although present in all humans, only a rare few have an “active” P-Gene, kicking in near adulthood and giving the person in question amazing super powers.

Along with powers some, like Brickhouse, found their bodies physically mutated as well. Before her powers she had been an athletically thin African-American woman. Tall and in shape, but by no means the massing bulk of muscles she was now. And although her skin was no longer black her ethnicity could still be seen in the shape of her facial features.

Although the public could see that she had grown to super human height and bulk and that her skin had changed color, there was another change she hid from the world. As her strength and height increased so did the size of her breasts. By the time she had reached her current height and bulk her breasts were so large and soft that they were nearly unmanageable. Most women with an active P-Gene had bust sizes of super human proportion, but Brickhouse’s breasts became ridiculously large even by those standards.

Always ashamed of her breasts, and knowing they hinder her actions in combat if left unchecked, she had joined the Megatropolis Amazons because of a promise to help keep them contained and hidden. Lab Rat, the team’s resident tech genius, constructed a special sports bra made of unique, high tech fabric. The article of clothing compresses Brickhouse’s large breasts, making it so they look no bigger than any other superheroine’s and keeping them from bouncing around during a battle.

Aside from super powers and physical mutations, an active P-Gene comes with other biological changes. Every person with an active P-Gene, man or woman, has an overactive libido. This affects men and woman differently, although both sexes can find themselves aroused by even the slightest sexual touch. Because of this, any sexual attention directed at a heroine after a defeat can turn a situation that was originally unwanted into something much more consensual.

The real danger for a heroine was not that they will begin to fuck their foes. Most heroines have made peace with their overactive libidos and even learned how to turn sexual encounters into something that ends up being advantageous to them. No, the real harm comes from the danger of experiencing an orgasm that is too strong. An intense enough climax can leave most women with an active P-Gene either weakened or even completely depowered for a time.

This was how Champion Girl ended up on mandatory bed rest for 24 hours during a period of time when Megatropolis needed every one of its heroines on the streets. The experience she endured involved many forced orgasms and left her nearly completely drained and powerless. That kind of experience was still something the inexperienced heroine struggled to deal with.

Brickhouse, on the other hand, had learned how to handle those kinds of situations. She lived through them and dwelt on the base things criminals did to her, fermenting a powerful anger inside her massive breast. Then she unleashed it on the criminals of Megatropolis, smashing any and all that she was faced with. And with one less heroine on the streets Brickhouse knew she was going to have to smash twice as hard to make up for Champion Girl’s absence.

* * *

Since it was the Red Dragon Syndicate that was responsible for taking Champion Girl out of action the Amazons have decided to spend the day cracking down on the them and them alone. They were the largest criminal organization in the city, with their fingers in every kind of criminal endeavor to be found.

The group’s real power came from its lack of a single figure in charge of the organization. Instead it was made up of a cabal of bosses in charge of their own smaller operations, all working together. This structure meant that if one of these bosses were taken down another simply stepped up into their position, taking over the smaller operation within days. Because of this the group had never been eradicated, but if enough of its members were put behind bars their operations could be disrupted for a time.

“Disruption is the current plan,” Archbaroness said to the three other heroines sitting around the Megatropolis Amazon’s meeting table. “It was the Syndicate’s drug ring that took Champion Girl out of commission so I want to take THEM out of commission today. We all know we can never permanently dismantle it, but we can put a temporary hold to their actions.”

“And from the information I’ve gather, those actions have been expanding during the current situation,” Psychia said. The attractive Latina was a powerful telepath and as such was the team’s intelligence agent. “With the cops and heroines so distracted they seem to have tripled their sale of street drugs, increasing both how many dealers they have on the street AND how much of the illicit drugs they are moving. To keep up with the increased demand they have been setting up drug labs in town instead of shipping them in from out of town like normal. And with the current madness going on, no one seemed to have noticed how much their operations have increased.”

“Well, you seem to have noticed,” Brickhouse said sarcastically.

Psychia smiled. “I suppose I have. They have grown reckless, doing very little to keep their current operations hidden. I have located their main drug lab, deep in the run down industrial side of town. The dealers that push the drugs produced there are doing so openly on the street corners. Even the leadership of the drug ring has uncharacteristically been flaunting who and where they are. They seem to have set up base in a small casino and hotel in The Curb.”

“All of that means we know where most of the members of this particular wing of the Syndicate are today,” Archbaroness said. “They think the authorities of Megatropolis are too busy to pay attention to them. We are going to prove them wrong.

“Brickhouse, you are going to head to their lab. I want you to smash it to the ground. Unleash your strength, knock every one of those fuckers out then level the building.”

Lab Rat cleared her throat, drawing everyone’s attention. All eyes fell on the small, mousy woman. “Uh, boss, maybe that’s not the best idea. The chemicals they use to create those drugs might be pretty volatile. Brickhouse could cause a major explosion that could kill most of the people inside the building. The blast might even be big enough to hurt her.”

Archbaroness rolled her eyes in frustration. “Fine! I guess killing them wouldn’t be very heroic of us. Brickhouse, hold back a little. I guess just take the goons inside out and be careful, just not too careful. Don’t kill anyone, but don’t feel bad about putting any of them in the hospital for a long time.”

“I think I can manage that,” Brickhouse said with an eager grin.

“Good,” Archbaroness replied with a nod. “While you’re doing that I’ll be hitting downtown, rounding up all the Syndicate drug dealers I can find. This two pronged attack should be enough to distract the organization.

“While they are distracted Lab Rat and Psychia will go undercover to the hotel/casino the drug ring’s leadership seems to be holdup in. Psychia has heard that the boss in charge of the drug ring at the moment keeps meticulous records of his operation. Their mission will be to capture those records so we can round up anyone we miss today.

“Everyone understand their missions?” She looked around at the other women at the table. All of them nodded. “Okay, let’s do this for Champion Girl. Amazons go!

* * *

The drug lab was right where Brickhouse expected it to be. “How cliché,” she mumbled to herself as she stood across the street staking the place out. “A fucking dilapidated warehouse. The guards patrolling the outside make it obvious this is a Syndicate operation.” She was referring to the black leather jackets they all wore. Every member of the Syndicate wore one, and on the back of each was stenciled or embroider a roaring red dragon.

Brickhouse continued to talk to herself. “It’s not the guards outside I’m worried about. They all seem to be armed with normal guns. Even a warehouse full of small arms fire can’t hurt me. No, it’s what they might have inside that lab that has me concerned. If they are making Libidonol in there they will be sure to have some O-bombs. Luckily after what happened to Champion Girl I am going into this prepared.”

Brickhouse tapped the clear plastic breather that sat snuggly attached her face, covering her mouth and nose. The device was quickly whipped up by Lab Rat, modified from an older version. It would protect Brickhouse from any gas thrown her way, filtering the air as she breathed.

“Alright, I think I’ve seen enough. Time to start this.”

Brickhouse, not wasting any more time, leapt from her hiding place and began barreling across the street towards the warehouse. The large red skinned woman, dressed only in a simple arm sleeveless black leotard, was hard to miss. The guards were soon raining bullets down upon the charging figure. They bounce harmlessly off her tough hide, doing little more than occasionally tearing a small hole her in her costume.

Laughing with mad glee she rammed into the first group of the men. Throwing her arms out and slamming into their bodies, she sent the armed guards flying in every direction. Between wild haymakers and powerful backhands Brickhouse knocked most of them out cold within moments.

The doors into the warehouse swung open revealing more guards. These, however, were wearing gas masks and armed with guns that shot gas canisters. They launched a few at Brickhouse, the gas quickly expanding out and enveloping her. There was a moment where the men cheer, then the wind picked up and blew the cloud of gas away revealing Brickhouse still looming before them.

The men seem more than surprised that she was still on her feet. “What’s the matter boys, didn’t think the Megatropolis Amazons would come prepared for these damn O-bombs?”

The men finally seemed to notice the clear plastic bubble over the lower half of her face. “Fuck,” one of them shouted, “our gas isn’t going to do anything to her!”

All but one of them started to back up nervously towards the building behind them. The man that remained, however, bravely stepped forward, pulling a second smaller gun from a holster at his side. “You’re stupid mask won’t protect you from this!” He pulled the trigger and fired a dart at Brickhouse. It impacted her chest, harmlessly bouncing off her.

“Yeah, needles can’t pierce my skin either, dummy.”

“Oh fuck man, retreat!” The men all turn and fled back into the warehouse.

“This has been too damn easy so far,” Brickhouse mumbled to herself.

She slowly walked up to the building and leaned down as she stepped through the door. Once inside she could see that the large warehouse was crammed with tables full of chemicals, piles of boxes, and a few makeshift rooms partitioned off from the rest of the open floor by sheet plastic hanging from the ceiling.

The warehouse was full of men and woman in black leather jackets, all of them alarmed at Brickhouse’s appearance. The Red Dragon Syndicate was known for employing super powered toughs to act as enforcers and guards for their operations. Knowing this Brickhouse scanned the room looking for one of them but to her great surprise she could find a single one present.

“They really have grown cocky during this crime wave,” she said to herself. A few bullets bounced off her body, reminding her she was still in the middle of a fight. She turned and charged towards the men that had fired at her. Knocking them out with ease, she turned to the next nearest group of criminals. She grabs two of them as they tried and run away from her then slammed their heads together, enjoying the sounds of their skulls impacting each other.

Moving carefully around the tables full of potentially volatile chemicals she continued to knock out any of the Red Dragon Syndicate members she could reach. But there were just too many of them and almost as soon as she entered the building they had begun to run away. She took out as many as she could but more than three quarters of them escaped, disappearing into the dilapidated structures around the warehouse.

Brickhouse was finally left alone except for the handful of unconscious Syndicate goons that lay strewn across the ground inside the building. “Well, they sure spread out fast. But that was all part of the plan, we knew we couldn’t catch them all. Hopefully after Psychia and Lab Rat do their job we’ll know who to look for. Maybe, in the end, we WILL manage to round them all up. Then when someone new takes over the operation they will have to start from scratch.”

As she talked to herself she wandered the room, looking over the chemicals and boxes. It looked like they were creating not just Libidonol but Semenall, Super GHB, as well as a handful of more common recreational street drugs. “Looks like I should call this in to the boys in blue and get them to come clear this shit out of here.”

She reached to activate the communicator that lay hidden behind her ear, but was distracted by a crashing noise from across the room. She smiled and turns to head towards it. “Looks like someone’s left for me to smash.”

As she walked across the room she heard the noise again. She was able to pinpoint where it is coming from: one of the large partitioned rooms. As she approached she could see movement through the plastic sheets that made up the rooms walls, but they weren’t transparent enough for her to make out what exactly was moving behind them.

“Only one way to find out,” she mumbled as she reached the plastic wall. Reaching forward, she grabbed hold of the plastic sheet and pulled it down from the ceiling. As it fell to the ground and revealed what was hidden behind it Brickhouse screamed in horror.

Contained within the room was a large, writhing mass of green tentacles. They all emanate from a disgusting mass of round green flesh, in the center of which is one large, alien looking eye. There were tubes hooked up to parts of the creature, but many more seemed to have been knocked out of the creature during the chaos of Brickhouse’s arrival. The creature had obviously been sedated, but without the tubes sticking in it delivering powerful drugs the creature had woken up.

The creature’s eye zeroed in on Brickhouse, its lone pupil narrowing. Its many appendages shot towards the large heroine, quickly entangling her as they try to grab hold of her arms and legs.

Brickhouse continued to scream and began to swing wildly, managing to knock the tentacles away and keep them from getting a hold of her. Brickhouse and the rest of the Amazons had heard rumors of creatures like this one and what they did to a woman if it managed to get a hold of them, but they had never seen one in Megatropolis.

As the powerful heroine battled the appendages flying around her she tried to back away and get out of its reach. But the creature responded quickly, using some of its countless limbs to lift itself up off the table it was on and follow after her. Its flailing arms accidently knocked the clear breather on Brickhouse’s mouth off of her face during the short chase.

“Have to call for back up,” Brickhouse said as she realized she couldn’t take the monster on her own. She raised her hand to her ear, once again hoping to activate her communicator. But as she did one of the green tentacles managed to wrap itself around her wrist and pull her arm out and away from her head. As it tugged at her she was pulled off balance and started to fall to the ground. Soon there were tentacles wrapping around her other wrist and her ankles as well. Struggling, screaming, she tried to break free of the monster’s grasp. But the creature seemed to be stronger than even she was.

It raised her into the air, spreading her legs and pulling her arms up and behind her head. Other limbs lashed up, the tips of them burrowing into the bottom of her leotard. She felt them slither up past her crotch and over her stomach. The creature’s alien touch repulsed her, yet at the same time awoke desire deep within her as she felt its caress moving up her body. Brickhouse screamed, angry that she was getting turned on by this inhuman beast.

Its tentacles slither further up her body, past her chest and reappearing out the top of her leotard. They then pulled on the fabric until the heroine’s costume was ripped off. She renewed her struggles to break free, but was unable to do so.

The tentacles continued to strip her, tearing her panties off and revealing her bare, red skinned vulva. The creature lifted her up further into the air, pulling the thrashing heroine closer to its large eye. She saw the creature center in on her bare slit, seemingly judging her womanhood.

Disgusted, angry, and full of rage she kicked out at the creature managing to catch it off guard. For just a moment her leg broke free and her booted foot impacted the monster’s large eye.

It pulled back, roaring from some unseen mouth. It lifted Brickhouse into the air far above it, quickly getting a tentacle wrapped back around her free ankle. Moving with alarming speed and strength the creature removed her large black boots and threw them to the floor. It then spread her limbs out in all directions. Brickhouse screamed as her body is painfully stretched.

As she screamed another of the tentacles reach up and slithered into her bra. As it began to tug on the high tech fabric her screams grew more intense. “No, no, NO! Not my bra, don’t expose my breasts!!!”

The creature ignored her pleas and ripped her last article of clothing off. As her bra tore open her large, voluminous breasts come exploding out, quickly expanding back to their natural size. They were gigantic. The red skinned fleshy mounds were soft, lacking in almost all firmness, hanging down almost below her waist.

Brickhouse sobbed, thrashing about. “No, no, no! Release me!” As she did her large, soft breasts flopped back and forth, slapping into the creature’s tentacles.

It responded by beginning to wrap some of its tendrils around her sagging flesh, lifting her pliable breasts up into the air. Brickhouse instinctively pulled back away from the creature but it quickly tightened its grasp around her breasts, painfully squeezing them as it did.

Although the tight constricting of her breasts hurt the powerful heroine it also aroused her. Her breasts, normally constricted and compacted within the special bra, were highly sensitive and eager to be touched. Brickhouse, no matter how much it filled her with shame, could feel her body warming to the creature’s slimy, scaly touch.

The tentacles around her ankles began to start working their way up her legs, extending and encircling her thick calves then up to her powerfully muscled thighs. As it did so it spread her legs open even wider, causing her most private of holes to open for it. She looked down and in horror saw a tentacle approaching her with a tip that looked frighteningly like the head of a penis!

Brickhouse grit her teeth and summoned every ounce of strength she could muster. Putting it all into her left arm she managed to reach down and grab a hold of the penis tipped tentacle, stopping it from entering her open slit. It tried to continue pressing forward so she grabbed it tighter, trying to pull it away from her body. She realized she could feel it growing rigid in her hand, as if it was a limp dick growing hard from her touch.

As she struggled to keep the now rock hard tentacle out of her pussy she felt another slither around her throat. As its grasp began to tighten and choke her she managed to reach up with her right hand and grab hold of it. She tried to pull it away from her neck. She couldn’t break its strong hold, but she did keep it from strangling her.

For a few minutes Brickhouse dangled in the air, struggling against the tentacles that held her up. Her massive, flopping breasts bounced and flail about as she struggled, the creature seeming to enjoy letting them do so even though it still had hold of them. Brickhouse seemed to have battled the creature into a stalemate, keeping its sexual organ from entering her body but unable to break free of its hold.

The impasse was broken when Brickhouse saw two tentacles with large, bulbous ends approaching her. As they approached the tips swelled, opening to reveal what looked like a living suction cup! Unable to let go of either of the tentacles in her hands she had no choice but to watch as the ominous sucker-tipped tentacles approach.

She felt her breasts being lifted up and watched in horror as the suckers seem to line up with her dark red nipples. She screamed, seeing that as the suckers grow closer a sharp barb extended from inside of them.

Helpless, unable to do anything to stop them, the suckers engulf her large, hard nipples. A moment later she felt sharp pain in both of the nubs of her nipples as the barbs enter her body. Along with the pain of something sharp enough to pierce her skin she felt painful heat emanating from the punctures, as if the barbs contained some kind of poison.

She felt the barbs pull out of her flesh, leaving a burning, swollen sensation behind. The suckers remain on her breasts, now gently pulling on her burning nipples. In spite of her predicament she felt her body responding to the stimulation, moaning at the feel of her nipples being sucked. And the steady sucking seemed to be cooling the burning, swelling feeling she felt in her breasts.

Trying to ignore the pleasurable sucking that was making her slit wet she tried to concentrate on the painfully burning, swelling feeling in her breasts. Looking down at her red breasts she could see that they were starting to swell up, growing firmer and slightly larger.

The creature suddenly loosened its grasp around her neck, letting go of her breasts as well. The two sucker tipped tentacles momentarily pulled away, hovering a few feet away from her. Even the cock tipped tentacle at her crotch seemed to not be pressing so hard against her grasp.

Brickhouse’s breasts felt as if they were on fire. Her head spun from the odd burning sensation. She wanted relief from the discomfort. Acting on pure instinct she leaned her head forward, grabbed one of her breasts with her free hand then lifted it to her face. The worst of the heat seemed it be emanating from her nipple, so she lifted that to her mouth and started to suck on it.

The feeling of her comparatively cool saliva on her hot flesh, and the relaxing pressure of her suckling on her own nipple momentarily relieved the pain and discomfort. As she continued to suck she closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure. Her mind was now addled from the effects of the venom injected into her body and she was fast approaching the point where her body’s carnal desires would overwhelm any sense of self control she had left.

As she continued to suck on her nipple she began to taste something wet and sweet. At first it was a mere trickle, but before long she felt the growing pressure in her massive breast give and liquid began to pour into her mouth. She had begun to lactate and was now drinking her own milk! She moaned more, both from the sweet taste and from the feeling of relief as she tried to drain her still swelling breast.

The sucker tipped tentacles then return. One was able to easily attach itself to her open nipple and begin to drain the milk leaking from it. The other, however, had to contend with Brickhouse sucking on her own breast.

A tentacle slithered back around the heroine’s neck, tightening its grasp and causing her to suddenly inhale in search of air. As she unlatched her mouth from her breast to do this the second sucker quickly replaced her lips. At the same time a second one of the penis tipped tentacles appeared and inserted itself into her open mouth.

Her mind was flooded with the pleasurable feel of her now overfilled breasts being drained of the milk they were producing. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned deeply within her chest, uncaring that the faux cock in her mouth was sliding in and out now. Her body’s carnal instincts had taken over and she began to give the cock intense head, enjoying the feel of it quickly responding and growing stiff in her mouth.

Her body was now alight with the desire for sexual release and she no longer wishes to hold the hard cock tipped tentacle near her now moist pussy at bay. Instead of simply letting go of it she pulled the stiff shaft in, inserting it into her waiting hole.

The creature made a sound of pleasure, shifting and lifting her further into the air as all of its tentacles started to grow slightly more rigid. It fucked her mouth and pussy, its suckers still draining her overflowing milk.

Smaller tentacles with more agile tips started to wrap themselves around the defeated heroine, caressing every inch of her body. Their tips pushed through her labia, exploring every fold. One zeroed in on her clit, gently rubbing its tip over her hood and stimulating her fleshy jewel. One of the tips even eased its way into her puckered asshole, giving just the right amount of anal stimulation to the now over sexed heroine.

Brickhouse reveled in the pleasure, moaning and pressing back against the tendrils that touched, explored, and filled her every hole. Eventually she came, the orgasm erupting from between her legs with sudden intensity that wracked her body. The creature seemed to understand what she was experiencing and worked her body, moving with more intensity, fucking her harder and faster.

As it prolonged her orgasm an unseen lump moved up the shaft that was fucking her pussy. As she continued to cum herself stupid the creature’s egg was inserted into her now fertile opening. Brickhouse showed no sign that she even noticed.

By the time her orgasm ended and her head was a little clearer the creature’s offspring was already inside of her, quickly incubating. The monster continued to fuck the heroine and before long she was brought to a second and then third orgasm.

Minutes of mind numbing pleasure turned to hours. With each orgasm she was left a little bit weaker, a little closer to passing out. Finally Brickhouse reached her breaking point, cumming hard enough to send her slumping limply into unconsciousness.

* * *

Brickhouse woke sometime later, unsure of how much time had passed. What woke her was the feeling of something squirming within her. But she felt so weak and drained she was unable to open her eyes and look down at herself.

The world was cloudy, full of heavy mental fog. She wasn’t even sure if what she was feeling was real. She thought that her abdomen felt swollen, large as if she was pregnant. She tried to open her eyes but she was just too tired. So instead she tried to concentrate on the sensation she was feeling.

Whatever the feeling was it repulses her. Then, suddenly, she remembered the large monster! Oh dear god, it has impregnated me, she thought in alarm. She felt the creature inside of her move again and the realization of her reality pushed her over the edge, causing her to blackout from shock.

* * *

When Brickhouse woke again she knew even more time has passed. This time she felt slightly stronger, strong enough to open her eyes. She was lying on the floor, sitting up with her back against a wall. Her head was hanging forward and as she opened her eyes she could see that her massive breasts were swollen enough that they hang down all the way to the ground around her legs. There was a slowly growing pool of bright white milk spreading out from around her engorged nipples as they leaked freely.

Her legs were spread wide open and she could see that her pussy was stretched wide, a dark open hole that leaked thick fluid that looked sickeningly like semen. As she lifted her head she could see a trail of the fluid extending out across the ground away from her body.

She followed the trail with her eyes till she found the writhing mass of tentacles that was the large green monster. It was cradling its young in its many arms. The smaller creature’s circular body was only the size of a basketball, its own countless tentacles very short and grasping onto its parent tightly.

Neither of the creatures seemed to notice that Brickhouse had woken. She shifted, her body feeling sore and strained to the edge of death from the experience of being weakened by so many orgasms then birthing the foul young of the monstrosity before her. But Brickhouse was incredibly powerful, and her slight healing factor was already kicking in. Even now she could feel the massive open whole that was her vaginal canal healing and shrinking slowly back to its normal size.

I have to destroy this thing, she thought. If it tries to impregnate a normal woman she surely won’t survive the ordeal. Some of my teammates might not even be able to survive what I’ve been through! I have to ensure it never has the chance to do this again…

The creature had already defeated her once, and as weak as she was she knew she would be defeated even faster. No, I’ll have to use my brains, not my brawn, to defeat this creature. She looked around the room, searching for inspiration.

Although she rarely mentioned it, before her powers activated she had been a student at a university studying to be a research scientist. Since she got her powers she had relied on her brawn far more than her brains, forgetting much of what she had learned. But some things you never forget, and as she looked at the chemicals around her she realized Lab Rat had been right: reckless action could cause an explosion that would level this building. Perhaps quick action with intent instead of recklessness could cause an even bigger explosion, one big enough to incinerate these foul creatures.

Acting like a true hero and showing no regard for her own safety Brickhouse slowly got to her feet. Her legs were shaky, but before long she was standing tall. She ignored the ample milk still leaking from her swollen, massive breasts. She pushed past the exhaustion she felt and grabbed a large container of chemicals from a nearby table.

The adult monster finally noticed that she was awake. It seemed surprised by this fact, surprised and confused. Brickhouse knew it expected her to pass away after giving birth to its child like a normal woman would have. But Brickhouse was no normal woman, she was a Megatropolis Amazon!

The creature roared at her in displeasure, and she responded by screaming back defiantly at it. As she did she threw the container of chemicals in her hands, launching it across the room towards the monster. Instinctively it recoiled back away from the projectile, moving its offspring to safety behind its body.

But Brickhouse wasn’t aiming for the creature. The container landed about ten feet before the creature, smashing into an even larger vat of chemicals. As the container smashed into the vat both broke open, and as soon as both liquids made contact they exploded.

The shock wave from the explosion sent Brickhouse flying back through the wall behind her and out away from the building. As she flew through the air she saw the explosion grow, fed by the mix of all the other chemical agents in the building. Within moments the entire building was engulfed in a ball of fire, surely incinerating everything within.

* * *

An explosion that big wasn’t easily ignored, even in the middle of a massive crime wave. Ambulances and police cars would arrive within minutes. Brickhouse, not wanting anyone to see her in the state she was currently in, quickly picked herself up from the burning rubble around her and tried to disappear into the night.

“I need to get back to Freedom Tower,” she mumbled. “No… Archbaroness will only put me on bed rest like she did with Champion Girl. I don’t want to rest for who knows how long while my body heals. No… I need someone that can heal me faster than my own body can.”

She stopped to lean up against a nearby wall, breathing heavily. She could hear sirens approaching. For the first time she realized it is dark out. She didn’t realize at first as when she was blown out of the now incinerated warehouse the night sky was lit up by the flames of the explosion.

She looked up at the sky, taking in its dark color. “Dark color… Shit, Heleena keeps her emergency clinic not far from here. I know Archbaroness doesn’t like us using her services but her healing powers are just what I need. If I keep to the shadows I should be able to make it to her place without being seen…”

Brickhouse slunk off into the night, heading off to be healed and leaving the destruction she caused behind her.

A couple of blocks away that destruction was already being quelled by firemen and other first responders. As they managed to make their way through the remains of the former drug lab they found evidence of what transpired there that day. The remains of the monster were found, charred but still recognizable.

The men that had been unconscious on the floor of the warehouse had woken just before Brickhouse. They had stayed close by, wanting to know what became of the mighty heroine they had seen unconscious and impregnated. They were quickly apprehended by the arriving authorities, and confirmed what had transpired. As no evidence of Brickhouse’s body was found it was assumed the large red woman had once again escaped her peril and returned to Freedom Tower.

Unseen by any of those present was a small, green creature little larger than a basketball. It was moving through the shadows of the nearby streets, trying to find safety. Eventually it did, finding an open sewer drain that it managed to slither into, never to be seen again by human eyes till it had grown to its full size…

You can find this story, as well as the follow up, in the short story collection “Megatropolis Crime Wave!”

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