Archbaroness Vs the Fetish Plot

Archbaroness flew through sky far above Megatropolis, the hot summer sun shining down on her back. The call had come in that a superpowered individual was tearing up the streets in the financial district, so the purple clad heroine was on her way to deal with the criminal and put an end to the villain’s rampage.

As she neared his last reported position she could see smoking overturned vehicles and street lights bent or torn from the roadside. Whoever this villain is he must be strong, Archbaroness thought. Luckily, it looks like all of the civilians have evacuated the area, and the police are setting up road blocks around the nearby streets to keep any other innocents from wandering into danger.

Standing in the center of the destruction was a large, muscular, bald man dressed in jeans and a plain white t-shirt. He had a stop sign in his hands and was in the middle of bashing a nearby car. The man looked as if he was having the time of his life, hollering with joy as he smashed the vehicle a pile of shattered glass and scrap metal.

She had no idea why the man was on a rampage, but Archbaroness intended on putting an end to it as quickly as possible. She stretched her arms out in front of her closing her hands tightly into fists then rocketed down towards the man, aiming right at his center mass.

The villain spotted Archbaroness flying towards him and turned to face her just as she impacted into his body. He went limp, allowing her to plow him to the ground, but then slammed one large fist down into her back, ensuring the wind was knocked out of her.

This gave the man time to scramble to his feet. Archbaroness was able to recover almost as fast, springing to her feet and lifting her fists as she prepared for the fight to really begin. “I don’t know who the hell you are,” she said, “but no one makes this much of a mess in my city and gets away with it!”

The large man began laugh, a deep, hearty laugh that echoed through the streets around them. “I am Alexei, newly arrived from Russia! I come to fight heroines such as you. The destruction was only a way to make you come to me!”

“Well, you’re in luck. Here in America we heroines excel in fighting.” As she spoke she started to move to the side, sizing the large man up and looking for an opening.

He seemed alarmingly unconcerned with Archbaroness’ presence, simply standing tall and smiling dumbly at her. “This is good! For I love to fight and I can think of no joy better than fighting a woman as sexy as you. Look at those big fat titties, and that plump ass! In Russia women who fight are rarely as curvy as this. Yes, I will enjoy hurting you.”

Archbaroness narrowed her eyes. “You’re not going to be hurting anyone today.” She kicked off from the ground, using her ability to fly to send her shooting straight towards the villain. He simply stood his ground, allowing her to fly into him and knock him to the ground.

As he tumbled down he grabbed hold of her, dragging her down with him. For a moment the two superpowered figures struggled on the ground, Alexei trying to get a firm hold of Archbaroness and the superheroine trying to break free of his grasp. During the struggle the man grabbed and groped at her large breasts, once even sliding a hand between her legs and grabbing her crotch.

With a scream of disgust Archbaroness managed to break free and fly away from the villain. She floated in the air above his head, just out of reach. “Fucking pervert!” she snarled, then flipped over and flew back at him. Again, he seemed to make no effort to avoid her attack, simply taking the full force of her impact and using it as an opportunity to try and grab hold of her.

Again, they struggled on the ground. Archbaroness rained blows down on the man, trying to pummel him into submission. But no matter how often and how hard she hit him her blows seemed to have no effect on him. Meanwhile, he seemed to be concentrating all of his efforts into feeling her up, laughing with pleasure every time he managed to grab one of her tits or ass or pussy.

She broke away again, her face flush and her heart racing. His large, clumsy, strong gropes were starting to excite for. She cursed her overactive libido, hating then how easily her desire for sexual release was awoken. But that was the heroine’s curse: with great power came great horniness.

Of course, superpowered men had some of the same issues. They were just as easily aroused. If anything men with an active Power-Gene were even MORE easily aroused and had even less control over their sexual urges. That was why most of them quickly turned to a life of crime and selfish sexual hedonism instead of becoming superheroes.

Woman, on the other hand, had far better self control compared to their male counterparts. Of course, they had their breaking points. Get a heroine excited enough and she’d suck any cock she saw. Most women with an active P-Gene also suffered another downside to having powers: if they climaxed to often or too hard they would temporarily lose their powers. As such every heroine had to walk a fine line between being at their full strength but being recklessly horny, or having better control of their actions and sexual desires while being physically weaker.

Archbaroness had chosen that day to go out on patrol only after having gotten off and clearing her mind. But now that she faced a villain who seemed wholly impervious to her superpowered blows she was thinking maybe she had made a mistake. Of course, she thought ruefully, if I was at my full strength his clumsy gropes would have excited me even more…

Alexei stood below Archbaroness, smiling up at her. “Staying out of reach, eh American heroine? Afraid to let Alexei get hold of you again? Well, Alexei has a few surprises left in him…” He then leapt up into the air, easily jumping high enough to reach Archbaroness.

He caught her totally off guard and managed to grab hold of her, dragging her back down to the ground by her ankle. As he landed her tucking into a roll, pulling the flailing heroine with him as he tried to get hold of her and pin her to the ground. Again they rolled about, Archbaroness sending fist after fist into his body as she struggled to stay out of his grasp.

The summer sun beat down on the two figures as they struggled on the hot asphalt below them. Archbaroness was used to fights being over quickly and was beginning to work up a sweat. The heavy combat boots she wore were filling with sweat, and she knew her stockinged feet would reek by the end of the battle. The purple tights she wore on her legs were clinging damply to her skin as sweat poured from every inch of her body, and she was sure that her armpits were starting to work up their own smell.

Not long after thinking all of this Alexei managed to partially get hold of her and proceeded to jam his face into her armpit, smelling deeply. “Such a lovely smell,” he said, his voice quivering.

“Ugh, your THAT kind of freak,” Archbaroness snarled in disgust. She broke free of his hold, only to have him leap to his feet and begin to chase after her. She flew up into the air, needing to get away from the man and figure out how to handle the superpowered pervert.

“What, you no longer wish to fight with me?” he yelled up at her. “Alexei wasn’t done! But if you are bored I will go and find other heroines to play with…” He leapt up into the air, easily shooting up above the tall buildings surrounding them.

“Shit,” Archbaroness snarled. “I can’t let him just get away.” She shot after him, flying high into the sky so she could see where the titanic leap took the villain.

He landed down on a nearby street then immediately leapt back into the air, jumping over another building. Archbaroness had to fly after him at almost her full speed to keep up with his fast leaps. Before long they were more than ten blocks away from their original battleground in long stretch of alleyway that couldn’t been seen from the main road. Alexei had stopped next to blue van and was leaning against it as he tried to catch his breath.

Archbaroness landed down next to him and decided this was her moment to strike. She came at him, hoping the battle would finally be over after this last attack. She decided she would totally unleash her full power, and began punching him with enough strength to dent a tank. She pounded his chest and gut with blows that should have shattered his bones, but they seemed to have little to no effect on him other then knocking him back away from the parked van. Finally, her frustration growing, she swung her leg up into the air and delivered a roundhouse kick that should have at the very least broken his neck.

All it managed to do was knock him to the ground, apparently barely knocking him out. Archbaroness took a moment to catch her own breath, more aware than ever just how sweaty she was. “Not right for villains to make me fight so hard when it’s this hot out,” she said, wiping the sweat from her brow.

She approached the unconscious supervillain, preparing to call her location in to base and request a pick up. But as she walked towards the figure laying on the ground someone came out from behind the van, stealthily creeping up behind her.

The unknown figure was quickly standing directly behind Archbaroness. He leapt forward, grabbing hold of her and placing a hand over her mouth. Archbaroness opened her mouth to scream in alarm and surprise, but just as she breathed in there was an explosion of gas shooting from the figure’s gloved hand. Her open mouth filled with gas just as she inhaled, sucking much of it down into her lungs.

The gas had an immediate effect, making the world around her spin. Her muscles all went limp and she collapsed to the ground. She went totally limp but was still awake, although only barely. She was able to keep her eyes open slightly and looked up at the figure standing above her.

“Gasser…” she said softly.

“Yup, that’s me,” the man said. He was tall and had thin, wiry muscles. He was wearing a blue and black one piece costume that was covered in pouches full of various devices, a string of high tech gas grenades running across his chest. The costume had a full cowl and mask built into it, leaving only his eyes revealed. But from the wrinkles around them Archbaroness could tell the villain was smiling down at her.

“Alright, Alexei, she’s been gassed just like you wanted. Never could have done it without you distracting her though, she’s hard to get the drop on.” Archbaroness could see that as the Gasser spoke Alexei began to get to his feet. Obviously, he had only been playing possum.

He rubbed at his face, smiling sheepishly. “That last kick actually hurt. I like! It has me very, um… what is English word? Vazboojdyonny. When one is wanting to fuck woman.” He grabbed his crotch as he said this, drawing attention to the raging erection that could be seen through his tight jeans.

“The word you’re looking for is ‘horny’ you daft Russian idiot,” The Gasser said.

The Russian seemed not to recognize the insult. “Come, Gasser, help me put her in your van. In there I will have my fun with her, yes? And you will keep lookout to make sure none of her teammates come and interrupt us?”

“Yup,” The Gasser said as they both leaned over and grabbed hold of Archbaroness. “All part of the deal. As long as you pay up, I’ll make all your dreams come true.”

“Is good!” Alexei said happily as they moved Archbaroness’ limp body into the back of the van. “This is why I come to America, to fuck heroines such as this one.”

They placed Archbaroness on her back in the middle of the van. She could see that The Gasser had closed one of the back doors and had taken up a spot sitting in the other, keeping a lookout for anyone approaching. Meanwhile, Alexei had eagerly gotten down on his knees next to Archbaroness.

“Very sweaty,” he said, running one of his large fingers across her forehead. He lifted the finger to his mouth and licked it clean. “Yes, very salty. I like.” He started to fumble with his jeans, opening them up and pulling his cock out. He spit into his hand and then started to touch himself, not quite masturbating but doing far more than simply holding himself.

“What… are you… going… to do…” Archbaroness said slowly and weakly, fighting to keep her eyes open.

“Oh, so many things! First, I am going to get a much better smell of these armpits of yours.” He grabbed her arm and lifted it up, leaning forward and jamming his face into her pit. The purple bodysuit she wore was sleeveless and cut low, leaving her armpit bare and exposed to the villain. He took a deep, long, shuddering breath, inhaling the smell of her ripe armpit. From the moist fapping sound Archbaroness could hear she could tell that he had started jacking off while he did this. “Yessssssss,” he moaned, “is very good.”

He licked her armpit before moving his face down her body. He dragged his tongue up to her torso, then down her chest to her breasts. As he did this he grabbed the top of her costume and tugged it down, letting her large full breasts spill out into the open air. For a short time he licked and sucked on her breasts, but seemed to quickly grow board of them.

Again he started to drag his face down her body, pressing his nose into her purple costume as he moved down her stomach. Archbaroness could hear him sniffing, the sound growing more intense as he drew near her pussy.

He shifted his body, moving so he was sitting between her legs. He grabbed her thighs, spreading them wide open then bent over to press his face into her crotch. Through her costume he began to smell her, taking deep long breaths. “Such a beautiful smell,” he said. “So strong, so stinky. Such a smelly cunt she has,” he said, lifting his head and speaking to The Gasser.

The other villain waved his hand dismissively. “Yes, yes. Smelly pussy. Not my thing, but you go to town, bro.”

Alexei bent back down and smelled some more. “Such a strong odor… this slut must have been getting turned on from Alexei grabbing at her! And her costume, so damp… not just from sweat, I think.” He opened his mouth and licked Archbaroness’ cunt through her costume.

The heroine moaned, wiggling slightly. She was, in fact, highly aroused. The knockout gas that the Gasser used was spiked with a drug that left woman in a state of heightened arousal, making their pussies wet and their body hungry for any and all sexual attention. Even before that the long, strenuous fight had left her already aroused, as fights almost always did.

Alexei pulled away from her pussy, moving his body down till he was at her feet. He lifted one up and began to untie her boot. “And now for the best part… boots like this, her feet are sure to reek.” As he began to undo her laces he put his face close to the top of her boot and inhaled. “Yes, so smelly. Can smell them even before the boot is off her foot!”

Under her dark purple bodysuit Archbaroness wore a pair of tights a shade lighter than the purple of her top. As Alexei pulled the boot off of her foot he found that the stale, rich smell that infested her well worn boots had mixed with the fresh sweat on her damp stockings to create an overripe mélange of pungent odor.

“Ah yesssssssss,” he hissed, lifting her damp foot to his face and inhaling deeply again. “It smells so strong,” he added as he stared to jerk off again. “Need more… need to at once.”

He dropped her foot and quickly took her other boot off. Then he pushed her feet together and bent over them, burying his face in her feet. He breathed in deep, masturbating as he smelled the stank that surrounded his face, filling his senses. He kept jerking off but began to suck on her toes through her stockings, moaning in pleasure.

“Man, you’re really into that weird shit, aren’t you?” The Gasser asked.

“Yes,” Alexei said, sitting up as he continued to jerk off. “But I’m getting close… wish I could finish in her mouth. But she’s so out of it, no way she could suck me off. Just not the same using a woman’s mouth when she is not awake.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” The Gasser said, leaping to his feet and stepping into the van. “I quite like fucking them when they are out cold. But this one here, she’s NOT passed out. If she had a little help she could suck you off. Tell you what, throw in a couple extra hundred and I’ll make it happen.”

“Yes,” Alexei said, “Yes, make American heroine suck me off! I cum in her mouth, it will be good. What do I need to do, friend?”

“Just lie down on the ground and hold your cock up,” The Gasser said. He grabbed hold of Archbaroness, sitting her up. He squeezed one of her tits as he did this. “God, love these fucking meat monsters… just don’t understand how you could choose stinky feet over these giant knockers. But, to each their own.” As he spoke he flipped Archbaroness over, rolling her face down between Alexei’s legs.

Her body was utterly limp, but she was able to look up at the supervillain lying before her. His cock was practically in her face, looming large before her. Her body was so over aroused that just the sight of it made her mouth water. She had no self-control at the moment, and if she was any closer and had the energy to move she would have diligently started sucking the man off.

The Gasser grabbed her waist and slid her closer to Alexei, dragging her breasts painfully across the metal ground below her. Her face was left resting on Alexei’s balls, but it wasn’t there for long. The Gasser got on her back, straddling her torso with his legs. He then grabbed hold of her short hair and lifted her head up. Her mouth hung open as she stared down at the hard cock standing erect before her.

“There you go, Alexei: a nice, wet mouth to jam your cock in. Come on, give it a try.” Uncertain, the villain grabbed his cock and put it in Archbaroness’ mouth.

She used what little energy she had to close her mouth around his shaft, moaning weakly. “See?” The Gasser said. “The horny slut WANTS to suck you off. Problem is she’s just too weak, but I can help BOTH of you out.” Still holding tightly to her hair The Gasser began to mover her head up and down, forcing her to suck the villain’s cock.

Alexei moaned in appreciation. “Is good! Is VERY good! Keep going, I will cum before long…”

The Gasser started moving Archbaroness’ head faster, pumping her mouth up and down the other villain’s shaft. She began to gag and choke a little, but neither villain seemed all that concerned for her well being. “Stop your moaning,” The Gasser said tartly. “You can take it and you know it.”

Soon Alexei groaned deep and long, his body shaking as he ejaculated into the defeated heroine’s mouth. She gagged slightly, opening her mouth and letting the large load of semen trickle out of her mouth. It ran down the villain’s shaft and dribbled and dripped off her chin.

“Is very good,” the Russian said with a final satisfied sigh. “Pull this slut off of Alexei now, he is done with her mouth.”

Archbaroness had expected the Russian to forget about her now that he was sexually sated like most men with powers did, but instead once he had his cock tucked back into his pants he began undressing her.

“Whoa there, big guy. You don’t get the costume till I get my money,” The Gasser said.

“Ah, yes, silly me. I forget this… here, let me get it for you.” Archbaroness watched as The Gasser approached the superpowered Russian with his hand out, waiting to be paid. Alexei made a production of reaching into his back pocket, but from where she was laying Archbaroness could see that the man was only pretending to reach into it.

He clenched his hand into a fist then, without any warning, swung it up at the Gasser punching the unprepared villain in the gut. The Gasser flew out of the van, landing out of sight with a loud crash. “That is only payment Alexei give! Now stay down till I have what I want or you will be sorry, little man…” He knelt back down and returned to removing Archbaroness’ costume.

He was very careful in taking her bodysuit and her leggings off without ripping them. He stopped frequently to smell them, especially the crotch of her leggings. “Yes… such smell. Dirty, slutty heroine smell so ripe… will use these for days before smell is gone.”

He then got up and jumped from the Van, laughing loudly as he walked away. “Thank you, Americans. Has been pleasure doing business with you!”

For a time Archbaroness was left laying in the van, too tired from being drugged to move. Time passed strangely, the after affects of the drug affecting her ability to tell time. Finally she felt someone come into the van.

The Gasser stood above her, rubbing his gut. “Fucking asshole… lucky he didn’t break anything. But that’s going to leave a fucking bruise. Didn’t even get my money.” He looked down at Archbaroness. “Don’t worry, I’m not stupid enough to try and keep you to sell. I’ve tried that before, and it NEVER works out for me. You’ve got some of the best fucking luck in the world. No, I’m just going to leave your ass here and take off while I’ve still got my dignity and relative good health.”

He bent down, wincing in pain as he did. “Come on, fat tits; let’s get you out of here. You’ve caused me enough problems for one day.” Soon he had moved the naked heroine to the ground of the alleyway, leaving her propped up against one of the walls.

Eventually the knock out gas ran its course through her system and Archbaroness was able to get up. Once she had the energy she flew up straight into the sky, going high enough that no one on the ground had any hope of seeing that she was naked.

She flew back to Freedom Tower, knowing she’d need a fresh costume before she went back out on patrol. She figured that Alexei, having got what he was after, wouldn’t be popping back for some time. But eventually he’d reappear, and she’d have to deal with him then. And that, she thought, might be a problem. I’ve never seen someone able to shrug off attacks like that. She was worried, but not too worried. After all, she always won in the end.

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