Archbaroness vs Mary-Annette

archbaroness vs mary-annette

Archbaroness flew low over Megatropolis, thinking about the events of the last few days. She was on patrol, looking for any crime in need of being stopped by a heroine’s might, but her mind was wandering. Megatropolis, always full of crime, had seemed in extra need of her watchful eyes these last few days.

In a city as big as Megatropolis there would always be crime. Like anywhere else in the world the crime rate sometimes spiked randomly, and that seemed to have happened a few days ago. The crimes had mostly been small things: petty break-ins and muggings, a hand full of bodega robberies; each event not amounting to very much on its own but adding up into a larger pattern.

It was a larger pattern that one of the local television stations news departments noticed. On an otherwise slow news day they decided to do a story on the spike in crime. When the number of incidents were even higher the next day they continued their story. Soon all the other networks had picked up the story of “Megatropolis’ current crime wave”. Sure, none of the crimes had been anything major but the networks didn’t care, they just wanted a story. And soon the story WAS the story, and any network not reporting on it was falling behind in the ratings.

That night all across Megatropolis the city’s various criminal organizations and supervillains saw the news reports. Each seemed to have decided that if the rest of the city’s criminals were going to be busy they would too. The day after all the networks had picked up the story crime doubled. And the day after that it rose even further.

Archbaroness had responded quickly. As leader of the Megatropolis Amazons, the city’s official super team, she knew it was her responsibility to help ease the worries of a now frightened city. Although she and her teammate’s frequently patrolled the city looking for normal crime to stop, their main duty was to respond when any superpowered crime the city’s police couldn’t handle. To ease the public mind Archbaroness had declared that her and her teammates would now be on constant patrol, no longer waiting for a call from the police for help.

At the very moment Archbaroness flew above the city thinking about all of this her teammates Brickhouse and Champion Girl were out patrolling other parts of the city. Even with their constant surveillance adding to what the city’s other superheroines did the crime rate seemed to be continuing to climb. She was contemplating pulling Lab Rat and Psychia out into the field to patrol as well. They both normally served as support members of the team but when pressed they were able to hold their own in the never ending fight against crime.

Archbaroness looked down and saw commotion on the street below her. Zeroing in on it she began to descend from the sky. As she approached the ground she saw that the commotion was outside a high end jewelry store, and from the looks of things the place was being robbed.

As she drew ever nearer to the street below her she was able to make out three masked men with guns standing by the front door. She slammed down onto the pavement, sending a shock wave out that knocked the three of them to the ground. Standing above them, striking a heroic pose that she hoped would send fear running down their spines, she gave the men her most menacing smile. The easiest way to win a fight, she thought, is to stop it before it begins.

Archbaroness is tall, standing a full half a foot above most men. Her body is well muscled, the tight purple bodysuit and semi-transparent purple leggings that make up her costume showing off her physique. Of course the tight, skimpy costume also shows off her world famous bust, large and as impressive as her mighty super strength. Adding a final dash to her costume is her trademark tiara.

She looked down at the nearest of the masked men, angling her head so the sun glinted of the tiara’s well polished rim. “If you give up now I promise I won’t have to hurt you,” she said in her firmest voice.

The man quivered under her gaze. He fought to keep eye contact with her, momentarily defiant. Then Archbaroness saw his resolve shatter. A moment later he threw up his arms in defeat and said, “Okay, fine! Take me in.”

“You fucking coward,” one of the other men snarled. Archbaroness turned to face him as he lifted his gun and fired a bullet at her stomach. She stood her ground, laughing as it simply bounced off her abs. The bullet doesn’t even tear a hole in her costume, as it is made of a high tech fabric designed to stay intact through situations such as this.

“I’m afraid you don’t appear to have a gun big enough to affect me. Now put the weapon down and come quietly.” The heroine continued to stand her ground, doing her best to stare the man down.

For a moment the he looked like his will had broken, lowering his weapon and frowning. Archbaroness assumed he had surrendered so began to turn to the third man on the ground. As she did the second man lifted his gun back into the air and opened fire once more, except this time he aimed for her chest.

The bullets impact against her breasts, causing her ample flesh to vibrate. Her purple body suit is strapless and low cut, leaving a large amount of her impressive cleavage showing. Her breasts bounced and jiggled, drawing the eye of every man in sight. The man firing his weapon continued to do so, but soon became as distracted by the sight of her jiggling cleavage as every other man. Archbaroness’ costume is designed to be as revealing as it is for situations just like this. Their attentions momentarily distracted from the fight at hand she is able to strike unopposed.

She leaps towards the man firing at her and manages to grab the weapon from his hand before he even realizes what is happening. The weapon then in her hand, she squeezed it with one mighty fist causing it to crumple into a ball of useless metal scrap. Archbaroness then grabbed the front of the man’s shirt and swung him up over her head then back down onto his back. The impact onto the pavement left him groaning in pain and incapacitated.

Archbaroness twirled around and saw the other two men still on the ground but with their hands raised into the air. “We surrender,” they both said in unison.

“Smart decision, boys. Now hold still while I call this in.” Archbaroness activated the communicator hidden behind her ear, opening a direct line to the Megatropolis Police Department dispatcher. She informed them of her location and that she would need someone to come take the criminals she had apprehended into custody.

By then a crowd of onlookers have gathered around. As they applauded her Archbaroness bowed graciously to them. She heard the applause increase and suspected it was because her bow had given the crowd a look down her top. Archbaroness blushed in response, but held her bow for a few more titillating moments.

The fact was that she, like all other women with an active Power-Gene, had an overactive libido. Always having enjoyed exhibitionism she felt herself growing slightly aroused as the crowd ogled her body.

On top of the thrill of showing her body off to strangers she felt sexual warmed because of her breasts. They had become particularly sensitive since her powers had activated. The slightest touch, no matter how gentle are harsh, could leave her aroused and distracted. The gunfire that vibrated and jiggled my girls has me all hot and bothered, or else I wouldn’t be showing off for this crowd, she thought. But I know this city loves me as much for my body as for all the crime I protect it from. No problem giving them what they want! As she thought this she bent down even lower.

The titillating moment was interrupted by a sudden shout behind Archbaroness. “Aw shit, a fucking heroine!”

Righting herself and spinning around, Archbaroness jumped into action. It seems the criminals she apprehended were just the lookout men. There had been a fourth man inside the jewelry store already conducting the robbery when she landed.

As she turned she saw that the criminal was holding two large bags full of pilfered goods. He dropped the heavy bags then quickly raised his arms into the sky. “I give up just like they did, just don’t hit me!” The crowd watching erupted into applause and cheers once again.

The police showed up soon after that and begin to take the men into custody.

“I figured all them cops and heroines would just be too busy to catch us,” one of the men said as he was forced into the back of the police van that would take him to jail.

“I guess this just wasn’t our lucky day,” one of the other men responded.

I should probably get back to patrolling, Archbaroness thought, but everyone in this crowd is so eager to shake my hand and thank me. It wouldn’t hurt to stay for a few minutes. Besides, a little more public goodwill is always a boon for the team.

Archbaroness signed autographs and posed for cell phone photos with members of the crowd around her. She was so busy smiling and conversing with those around her that she failed to notice a suspicious woman wearing an obvious disguise on the edge of the crowd.

The wig she wore hid her real hair and the large, heavily tinted sunglasses obscured her facial features. The mystery woman smiled, pleased that Archbaroness hadn’t noticed her lurking nearby. She raised one of her arms and begins to wiggle the fingers of that hand. As she does pink light begins to emanate from her eyes, the glow apparent even around her large sunglasses. Slowly, she turned and began to walk away.

Archbaroness’ expression suddenly froze in place. She had a big grin on her face, her mouth wide open as she was saying thank you to yet another well wisher. For a moment her whole body froze along with her face, then she jerked forward. Her arm swung wildly up, pushing the person she was talking to roughly to the ground.

She then lurched forward, taking long strides through the crowd and moving as if she had forgotten how to properly control her own body. The people she pushed past complained and shouted confused questions at her, but Archbaroness seemed to be unable to hear them. She simply continued forward, the same dopey, wide opened mouth grin stuck on her face.

After marching forward a couple of blocks, her jerky movements becoming more fluid and natural. By the time she turned and disappeared into a shadowy alleyway she was moving perfectly normal, the only sign something was wrong with her being the odd expression on her unmoving face.

There was a limousine waiting in the alley. All of its windows are tinted, preventing anyone outside of the vehicle from seeing who was sitting inside of it. One of the back doors was open, as if waiting for Archbaroness to enter it. The heroine got into the car, moving as if she expected it to be there, then slammed the door behind her.

A moment later the tires of the limousine screeched as the car peeled off down the alley. It exited out onto the street and was soon lost in the heavy traffic of Megatropolis City…


* * *


Archbaroness sat perfectly still in the back of the limousine. She was staring forward at the window between the back area of the vehicle and the driver’s compartment. The surface of the glass was made to look like a mirror, although she it was certainly transparent on the other side. Archbaroness as of yet had no idea who sat on the other side of the glass, but she was sure whoever it was they were not only watching her but responsible for her loss of control over her own body.

The mighty heroine stared at her reflection. Her face was unmoving, the wide, happy open mouth grin staring mockingly back at her. She wanted to shout, to ask where she was being taken, to rip the door open and fly to safety. But Archbaroness couldn’t move a single muscle. She simply sat there, a prisoner in her own body.

What happened to me, she thought. Did someone somehow drug me? Was I injected with Formula CCP or Super GHB? No… both of those drugs can make someone even as strong as me into an obedient play thing, but I would have had to hear someone instructing me! And I never heard a thing… I just felt this odd, warm sensation spread down my body and then I was no longer in control.

Archbaroness ran through the list of super powered villains her and the other Megatropolis Amazons have faced together. More than enough of them had various powers that could allow them to control a heroine’s mind or body, the trick would be narrowing it down.

Her mind first went to Cape Crusher, a superpowered man who had powerful pheromones that gave him near total control over all those that got near him. But they had defeated him some time ago, and the last she saw of him he had been handed over to the Federal Super Suppression Forces. No, it couldn’t be him…

Every villain she thought of was currently incarcerated. Maybe there has been a prison break that is fueling this crime wave? Maybe that’s why things are getting so out of control.

Archbaroness was temporarily distracted as she felt the vehicle come to a stop. But as she was unable to turn her head to look out the window she wasn’t able to see where the vehicle had stopped. There was no sign that the driver was getting out of the car, but she did hear odd shuffling noises on the other side of the one way mirror.

As nothing seemed to be happening yet her mind began to wonder. She suddenly remembered that there was recently a villain at large in Megatropolis with powers that let her control other’s bodies. Mary-Annette, the villainess from England that Lady Centurion fought when she first arrived here from Italy! Lady Centurion apprehended her but she was freed on some technicality because she was a foreign national. She had been shipped back to England… could she have already returned to America?

Almost as if in answer to her question Archbaroness felt her body begin to move. It was a strange, alien feeling. Her limbs moved as if they were part of someone else’s body, but she could still feel all of her strong muscles even thought they were reacting to another’s commands. Slowly she feels herself turn, open the door, and get out of the vehicle.

She saw that she was in some kind of underground parking garage. All of the other parked cars she could see look to be expensive sports models or restored midlife-crisis-mobiles. Maybe I’m somewhere in the financial district? The residential buildings there all have underground parking garages like this so their rich residents never have to set foot on the streets with the “common” folk.

Her thoughts were interrupted as her body was made to turn. She found herself face to face with the villainess Mary-Annette. She smiled at Archbaroness, her eyes glowing with pink energy.

The villainess was tall, standing almost eye to eye with Archbaroness. She had bright pink hair that seemed to match the color of her glowing eyes. It was pulled back into a bun, although locks of her artificially colored hair hung down the front of her face. She had on a skimpy dress that showed off ample amounts of her pale cleavage. The white fabric of the top of the dress hugged her breasts, only highlighting how big her breasts were. They would have been large for a normal woman, but as a powered individual they are on the smaller side of average.

Below her breasts the fabric was deep red, making the white cloth above and below it stand out. The bottom dress was flared, puffing out in rippling layers of semi-transparent white lace. It was cut high to show off the woman’s long, muscular legs.

“Sorry, Love, but I had to get out of my disguise and back into my costume,” she said with a British accent. Mary-Annette adjusted her breasts with one hand, holding the other hand up in the air. Now that Archbaroness had noticed the raised arm she saw that the fingers of that hand were held out at odd angles, as if she were holding the strings of an invisible marionette.

Archbaroness felt herself begin to turn around and walk. She noticed that as soon as she began to move Mary-Annette started to wiggle her fingers. Archbaroness then realized SHE was the marionette that the villainess was controlling.

Slowly Archbaroness felt herself walking through the underground parking garage. She could see she was headed to the elevators that lead up into whatever building they were under. Mary-Annette was soon walking besides her, seen only through the side of Archbaroness’ eyes. The supervillainess was still making Archbaroness look dumbly straight ahead of her, the eager grin still locked on her face.

“I am ever so glad to be back on this side of the pond. The crime here in the states is just so much more… fun!” She slapped Archbaroness on the ass with her free hand as she said this. “Oh my, such a big, meaty ass you have! I think my client is going to be very happy with you…”

On that ominous note the two reached the elevators. Mary-Annette pushed a button, the doors open, and together they step inside.

“Be a dear and hit floor 38, will?” Mary-Annette waited in silence while Archbaroness stood perfectly still and mute beside her. “Oh, how impolite of me! I seem to have forgotten that if I want you to do something I have to make you.” The villainess laughed cruelly, making it clear she was mocking the heroine. Archbaroness felt her arm reach up and click the button labeled “38”.  “There we go, that wasn’t so hard! Now turn and look at me.”

Archbaroness’ body turns and she was once again face to face with the woman in control of her body. As the elevator ascended to its destination Mary-Annette looked her over.

“Nice body. HUGE fucking tits. And you show off even more cleavage than I do. Then again, I suppose you HAVE far more than I do. What size bra would you have to wear? I imagine something ridiculous like a double H, maybe even bigger?” She stopped talking again, as if waiting for an answer. “Oh yes, can’t speak, can you? It’s a shame… it’s the one thing I can’t make my human puppets do.”

There was a loud ding and the elevator doors slid open. Together the two women exited the elevator and began walking down the hallway.

“Well, this is our floor! I called ahead; our client should be ready for us. He’s paid quite a bit to have some ‘intimate’ time with one of the city’s many superheroines. I told him I couldn’t guarantee any one specific woman and he seemed okay with that. But he did tell me which of you fat titted cows he likes the most. I have a feeling he’ll be arse over tits it’s you, but you’ll understand once you see the inside of his apartment.”

They stop at one of the doors. Archbaroness felt herself step to the side, so that whoever opened the door would be unable to see her. Mary-Annette knocked on the door then stood up straight, making herself as impressive as possible. Archbaroness heard the door open, but was not turned towards it so she couldn’t see who had answered it.

“Are you ready to have some fun, Mr. Medina?”

“Why yes I am… who have you brought me?” The man began to lean out the door to see who was standing next to Mary-Annette, but the villainess used her free hand to push him back inside.

“Not quite yet, good sir. I’m sorry to be so vulgar, but there is the little matter of payment. Once I have the cash in my hand I will show you who I’ve brought you.”

“Yes, of course, I’m so sorry.” Archbaroness heard shuffling from inside of the apartment as the man went to get something, quickly returning with whatever it was. She was facing Mary-Annette and could see that she had been handed a large brick of cash. “It’s all there, I promise. Down to the last dollar.”

“Very good. Now, may I present to you…” Mary-Annette hoped to the side and made Archbaroness jump into her place. As she did so the heroine felt herself strike a heroic pose, pressing her chest out so that her breasts nearly hit the man in the face.

For the first time since Mary-Annette took control of her body the expression frozen on her face fit what the rest of her body was doing. She was made to hold the pose for a moment before striking other poses, some more sexually charged than she would choose to do on her own. But the expression on her face was finally allowed to change and for the moment Archbaroness was just happy to feel her sore facial muscles moving.

Now that she could see him she recognized the man at once: Phillip Medina. Only 23, the young man was already a multimillionaire. He was the mind behind what was currently the most popular social media platform. The man looked even younger than 23; thin and short with greasy, messy hair and big rimmed glasses. He looked less like a billionaire and more like a nerdy college student.

I guess until recently he was just a nerdy college student, Archbaroness thought. And now he has enough money to hire a super powered individual to capture a woman and make her his play thing…

Archbaroness had no doubts about what would happen inside this man’s home. In fact, the more she thought about what was about to transpire the more she felt her body responding eagerly to the thought of it. It was the curse of an active P-Gene: an over active libido that can leave even the strongest woman mindless, drooling sluts with the right sexual attention. Her body was warming to the thoughts of how this man was about to use her, the arousal filling her with shame. Of course, the shame made the situation even kinkier, arousing her even more.

Eventually the stunned man stopped ogling Archbaroness long enough to express how happy he was. “Holy shit, I can’t believe you bagged THE Archbaroness! Come in, come in!” The man ushered them into the apartment.

As Archbaroness was led into the room she could see that this man was a major fan of the many superheroines of Megatropolis. His walls were covered with posters of them, his book cases full of every book written about them and the tables around the room covered in stacks of magazines featuring heroines on the cover. Amongst the more mundane objects of fandom were miniatures of well know superheroines in action and even a few glass cases filled with reproductions of heroine’s costumes. At least I HOPE they are reproductions, Archbaroness thought.

There was one heroine that appeared around the room far more often than any other. It was her own very familiar face that stared back at Archbaroness no matter where she was made to look. It was obvious the man had a major thing for her.

“Quite the collection you have here, mate,” Mary-Annette said as she walked around the room. She made Archbaroness follow her, forcing her to look at everything she looked at.

“Thanks! I spent most of my money on this collection, although none if it comes even close to comparing to what you’ve brought me.”

“I don’t know, this is pretty close to the real thing,” Mary-Annette said. She made Archbaroness turn and face the glass case she was busy inspecting. The mighty heroine could see that inside the case was a reproduction of one of her purple bodysuits, complete with purple tights and tiara. It was incredibly accurate, the tiara looked exactly like one of her old ones that went missing and the fabric appeared to be made of the same high resistance fabric her costume’s had always been made of. As she continued to stare at the costume she realized it was not a reproduction at all, but one of her actual costumes!

“I assume it’s not a replication?” Mary-Annette said, asking the question Archbaroness was dying to know the answer to.

“Of course not! It was left behind during one of her many battles. The criminals who fought her, well the ones that got away at least, had the foresight to take it with them. I bought it in an auction about six months ago. It cost me a small fortune. Of course, it was well worth it.”

Archbaroness’ body was kept facing the glass case, her eyes locked on the costume. As she stared at it she noticed that there were numerous white stains on the outfit.

“I’ve gotten a lot of good use out of it,” Phillip continued. “At first I liked to just rub it up against my body while I pleasured myself, but eventually the thrill of that wore off. I’ve paid numerous sex workers to wear it while I fuck them, but the fantasy never felt REAL enough.”

“I suppose that’s why you hired me,” Mary-Annette said conversationally.

“Yes,” he replied, his voice suddenly shaky. “I never thought I’d have the real thing standing here before me. So… What do we do now? Are you just going to leave her here for me to play with?”

Mary-Annette let out a small laugh. “No, I’m afraid I’ll have to stay. I can keep my control over her from a distance, but the further away I get the harder it is to do. Besides, you’ll want me in the room with you, I promise. This way you can tell me exactly what you want me to make her to do.”

Archbaroness felt her body turning and found herself face to face with the man who had “purchased” her.

“Won’t it be a little strange, having you here in the room? What if I can’t… well, perform with you here?”

“I assure you, once you start having fun you’ll barely notice me. You might even enjoy having someone around to witness your moment of triumph. And who knows, I might even join in the fun if you two look like your having a good enough time. Us powered women, well, sometimes we just can’t keep our hands to ourselves. And if you have any performance issues you can just use the item I gave you. You should probably use it regardless; it really will help you make the most of this. Why not use it now?”

“No,” he replied firmly. “I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet. I want to spend some time just admiring her with a clear head.”

He reached up and ran a single finger down the side of Archbaroness’ face. She could see him shuddering as he touched her, obviously overflowing with anticipation. His eyes lock onto hers and for a few moments they simply looked at each other. There was a frightening, but alluring, hunger in the man’s eyes. She hated herself for it but seeing a man look at her like this always warmed her insides and melted her will to resist his desires.

“So… she’ll do whatever I tell her?”

“Yes. Well, more accurately she’ll do whatever I make her do, and I’m here to listen to ALL of your commands. To help make the illusion of her being your obedient little fuck slave complete I encourage you to speak your commands and wishes to her, just make sure you say them loud enough for me to hear. I’ll make her do whatever you want. The only thing I can’t do is make her talk.”

“That’s okay,” he says, his eyes still locked on Archbaroness’. “I’m not interested in anything she has to say to me. I’m only interested in her body. It’s strange how her eyes are purple… I always figured that was just part of her costume, that she wore contacts. But up close I can see the color is… natural.”

“Yes,” Mary-Annette said in a bored tone, “super powers sometimes come with physical mutations. My hair turned this bright pink and she got purple eyes and tits big enough to be the envy of every man and woman in sight.”

He suddenly jerked his eyes away from Archbaroness, then turned to look at Mary-Annette. “Make her pull them out.”

“Wouldn’t you rather do that yourself?” Mary-Annette asked, confusion in her voice. “Just look at that trampy, low cut top. One tug on it and her breasts will come spilling out, I guaranteed it.”

“No,” Phillip said, his voice firm. He walked away from Archbaroness, heading for a nearby couch. Like a sullen child he floped himself down onto it and crossed his arms. “For now I just want to watch.”

Archbaroness could see Mary-Annette shrug out of the corner of her eye. “Okay, you’ve paid me well enough to have it your way.” She walked to a nearby table and hoped up onto it. Archbaroness could see her dangling her legs off the side as if she were a giddy little girl.

Then, just like that, Archbaroness’ ordeal truly began.

She felt herself turn around to directly face Phillip Medina. He had relaxed on the couch, sitting with his legs spread open and his arms stretched out and resting on the top of the couch. Archbaroness’ eyes lock onto his and she began to move across the room, doing a sexy little dance as she did.

The way Mary-Annette was moving her made her feel dirty… like a stripper or a prostitute. Archbaroness felt her face flare red as she her hands were slowly and sensually raised up her sides, eventually moved along the edge of her large bust. Her hands stop for a moment to cup the underside of her breasts, then move up their surface. She felt her fingertips curl into the fabric of her top and felt herself slowly pulling it down.

Her large breasts were held in her costume only by the tight fabric, she wore no bra underneath. The moment enough of her flesh was free her breasts came spilingl out of her top, heavily plopping down her front and bouncing prettily for a moment as they settle into the open air.

With her breasts now bared and exposed she felt herself continuing to caress them. Her hands slid down under them, cupping them once more. She gently hefted them into the air as if feeling their weight. They felt heavy, even to her own hands.

Archbaroness then slid her hands back up her breasts, her fingers wandering towards her nipples. She lifted her hands up so that only the tips of her index fingers remained on her skin. She felt herself moving them in slow circles around her areolas. Her areolas began pebbling under her gentle touch, a rush of arousal spreading out from them into her body.

Her fingers continued to move in slow circles, working ever inward towards the nubs of her nipples. By the time the tip of her finger gently collided with her nipple it was rock hard with arousal. Archbaroness was beginning to pant and her tights are starting to feel moist as her vaginal juices start to flow. Her hands continued to caress and tease her body; all while Archbaroness had no choice but remain a prisoner in her own body, forced to experience but have no say in what she did to herself.

Eventually she began pinching her nipples. Gently at first, then firmer, harder. As she did this she felt herself giving Phillip sexually charged looks, felt herself being made to seduce him with her eyes. She could see that he was responding to the show. A bulge had grown in his pants, and before long he unzipped them and pulled his stiff prick out. He began to stroke himself as he watched her put on a little show just for him.

If Archbaroness had control of her body she would have already been beyond the point of self control. She would have been crawling on the floor, begging to feel this man’s cock inside her. Exhibitionism had always pushed her sexual buttons.

The show she was being made to put on combined with the sensual massages and tweaking of her breasts had her so hot she momentarily forgets it is her own hands touching her body! My god, how could I forget that, even for a moment? Is my mind already so sex-addled that I can’t think straight? This is such a strange feeling… not being in control of my body. And this man sitting there, touching himself to the sight of me touching myself… Goddess, how I wish she would make me touch my pussy.

Archbaroness immediately felt one of her hands wander southward and begin to tease her clit through the thin fabric of her tight costume. Just a few gentle strokes through her now damp costume was enough to send Archbaroness cresting towards orgasm. A moment before her crest of pleasure turned into an actual orgasm her finger was moved away from her clit. Archbaroness wanted to scream and rage in frustration, angry that she has been denied her climax.

“Enjoying the show, Phillip? I can tell you this super-slut certainly is… nearly just came her little brains out. But we’ll be holding off on that little treat for as long as we can.”

Phillip tore his eyes away from Archbaroness and looked over at Mary-Annette. “What? I, uh, didn’t hear you.”

“Never you mind, mate, just making sure I am able to keep control of this tart.”

Archbaroness’ foggy brain suddenly cleared. Keep control of me? What is she talking about? What does that have to do with me getting off?

Her mental queries were soon interrupted. “On with the show!” Mary-Annette shouted. She then raised Archbaroness’ hand, making her grab one of her breasts and lift it up towards her face. The mighty heroine felt herself lean down and open her mouth, pressing her own nipple into it. Once there she felt herself begin to suck on it, keeping her breast locking in place.

The stimulation of her over sensitive nipple being sucked on sent waves of pleasure cascading down her body. She had never tried sucking on her own nipple, it never even occurred to her it was a thing a woman could do. But her large, heavy breasts made it an easy job.

As she sucked on her own nipple her other hand stopped teasing her spare breast. It now headed down her body, moving to the wet stain on the crotch of her thin costume. Once again she felt the tip of a single finger begin to gently stimulate her clit through the costume. She began to crest towards orgasm, faster this time. Just a few more strokes and she’d be there…

Just as her pleasure began to push her into orgasm she felt herself bite down on her nipple while jamming her index and middle finger roughly onto her clit. The sudden, intense stimulation just as she began to cum turned what was going to be a slow, relieving orgasm into one so intense it sent her collapsing to the ground as she moaned in pleasure.

As Archbaroness writhed on the ground, her body overtaken by an orgasm strong enough to leave her feeling weak and drained physically, something dawned on her. She felt re-connected with her body, in control of her shuddering limbs! I’m free, she thought. I have to act fast!

As her orgasm began to subside she started to get to her feet, planning on spinning around and kicking her leg up to strike Mary-Annette in the face with one of her black booted feet. She managed to start to spin, getting Mary-Annette in sight. For a moment she saw the woman’s face, her eyes no longer glowing. But the moment her orgasm was over the villainess’ eyes began to glow again and Archbaroness felt herself lose control of her body once more.

“Enough of this,” Phillip said suddenly. “I’m ready to begin.”

Archbaroness was turned around, her tits still hanging out of her costume. She watched as Phillip stood up and undresses. He then headed to a nearby table and picked up a syringe that was sitting there. Even from across the room Archbaroness could make out the IntelliTek logo on the item.

Oh goddess, it can’t be! Archbaroness thought in alarm.

“Oh, but it is,” Mary-Annette said, all but confirming she could hear Archbaroness’ thoughts while she was in control of her body. “It’s Semenall.

Phillip looked at Mary-Annette. “I’ve never used this before… tell me again what it’s going to do to me once I inject it.”

“Think of it as a kind of super Viagra, but one that will increase your semen output so you’ll have more than your fair share to wank all over this dumb-titted cow over here. It will keep your dick hard and your balls full for at least four orgasms, maybe even more.”

Phillip popped the cap on the needle and lowered the item to his thigh. He was about to inject himself with the drug then stopped, looking back up at Mary-Annette. “Will there be any side effects?”

“None that you will mind. You’re going to feel the need to fuck and drain your stones almost as soon as you inject yourself. Luckily Arch-tits here is ready and willing to do whatever you want, thanks to me. The only other thing is, well… you might feel some light discomfort after you cum as your balls go into overdrive and refill.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad. And this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” With that Phillip Medina jabbed the needle into his leg and pressed down on the plunger, injecting the drug into his body.

Archbaroness was prepared for what comes next. She had seen what this particular drug did to far too many men. Luckily Phillip Medina didn’t have an active P-Gene, if he did the effects of a dose as large as he has just taken would have been catastrophic. Like most drugs, Semenall is magnitudes more potent and has slightly different effects when used by someone with an active P-Gene.

Archbaroness, still standing in the center of the room with her breasts exposed; and Mary-Annette, still sitting on a nearby table, watched as the drug started to affect the man standing near them. Phillip growled in pain, ripping the syringe from his leg and violently tossing it across the room as he doubled over in pain.

A moment later he stood back up, but it was as if a different creature, almost inhuman, now stood in his place. His eyes were wide open, bulging from his head and filled with a crazed intensity. He looked at Archbaroness and grimaced, as if the sight of her pained him. She could see that his penis, which had already been erect, had swelled and become even harder. From what she had heard the erection he was now suffering was so hard it is painful. And below his stiff cock his balls hang, but were visibly swollen to almost twice their previous size.

“Must… fuck…” He mumbled, taking a step closer. He was like a monster, just born moments before and taking its first step. “So… hard… can’t… control… MUST FUCK!

Mary-Annette erupted into gleeful laughter as the man sprung across the room towards Archbaroness. As soon as he was within arm’s reach he grabbed her shoulders and started to force her down onto her knees. Archbaroness felt her body following his lead, although she knew it was really Mary-Annette that was controlling her.

As soon as she was on her knees he grabbed her head and turned it towards him, grabbing her mouth and forcing her jaw open. He then jammed his throbbing erection into her mouth and began to roughly throat fuck the helpless heroine. Archbaroness gagged and coughed as he pounded away at her mouth. Thick strings of saliva leaked from her mouth, running down his shaft and dripping off his balls. She began to tear up from the rough treatment, her black eyeliner messily running down her face. Her head grew light as she struggled, and failed, to suck down enough air in the brief moments her throat is clear of cock.

Then she felt an explosion of warm, thick fluid spewing directly down her throat. Phillip pressed deep into her mouth as he started to cum, allowing Archbaroness to feel his dick quiver as his muscles spasmed and forced the semen out of his swollen balls. His orgasm lasted longer than a normal man’s, and the cum filling her throat with enough semen that she was unable to swallow it all. As it filled her throat and backed up into her mouth it came spilling out of her lips, out around the shaft of his cock.

He came for so long he had time to pull out of her mouth, grab his saliva and cum covered cock, and point it at her exposed breasts. By the time he was done her large, heavy flesh mounds were covered in what looked like three or four men’s cum, if not more.

He took a step back from her. Given the space to breathe Mary-Annette allowed her to do so. Archbaroness’ mouth hung open as cum came spilling out of her mouth, falling down onto her breasts and only adding to the cummy mess there. She panted like a tired animal, just happy to have a few brief moments to recover.

Before her Phillip Medina was doubled over in pain again. His groans were more intense this time. “Hurts so bad,” he said through clenched teeth.

“That’ll just be the Semenall kicking in,” Mary-Annette said unhelpfully, “refilling your balls and such. The pain might be a tad worse then I promised, but it will be short.”

A few seconds later and he stood back up. The intense sexual rage was still in his eyes, even more intense than before. He stepped back towards Archbaroness, looking down at her shapely, cum covered breasts. “Tits,” he growls. “FUCK THEM,” he then added.

He did just that, slamming his hard cock down into her cleavage and grabbing her breasts with both hands. He wrapped her large, heavy breasts around his shaft and started fucking them. The motion of his cock was smooth and fast, lubricated by the ample amount of cum on his cock was now smothered in.

Mary-Annette make Archbaroness lean her head down and open her mouth so she could take the tip of his cock into her mouth as it popped up out of her breasts. The cum lubricating his cock was churned up it a frothy mess that Archbaroness sucked clean every time the head of his cock entered her mouth.

The man humping her chest was doing so with such intensity that Archbaroness barely felt part of it. But the experience of being used in such a way filled her overactive mind with humiliated pleasure. She began mentally begging to be allowed to play with herself. Please, Mary-Annette! I have two free hands; just let me touch myself a little.

For a moment Archbaroness was made to lift her head back up and turn to look at Mary-Annette. The woman was still sitting on the table, but her legs were now spread wide open revealing that she has no panties on under her fluffy skirt. She still had one arm raised in the air, her fingers moving as she kept control of Archbaroness. But her other hand was jammed up her dress, her fingers exploring the folds of her pussy.

She made Archbaroness make eye contact with her. For a short time they stare at each other. Then the villainess’ stern expression broke and she smiled, as if saying “Oh what the hell.”

Archbaroness’ head turned back around and she returned to sucking the tip of Phillip’s cock as he continued to pound her tits. But her hands were now allowed to move down her body. She felt herself pull the crotch of her purple bodysuit to the side. Then with both hands she grabbed the damp fabric of her purple leggings and ripped them open, revealing that she wore no panties under her costume. Moments later she was busy jilling off while Phillip continued to be fuck her tits.

Before long Phillip grunted in pleasure and began to cum again. As he did so he thrusts up into Archbaroness’ breasts, squeezing them tightly around his convulsing cock. The tip of his penis, free of her cleavage, sprayed an inhuman amount of thick cum up into the heroine’s face. Mary-Annette made Archbaroness keep her mouth open; much of the cum spraying directly into her mouth and down her throat, causing her to gag as she tried to spit it back up.

Phillip’s second load was, amazingly, even bigger than the first, and it left the heroine soaked in cum. As he stumbled backwards and groaned in pain and his balls refilled she knelt on the floor, dripping cum all over the carpet.

Phillip seemed to experience less pain this time, and he recovered faster. When he got back to his feet he still had a crazed look in his eyes, but the expression is slightly dulled. “More,” he mumbled, his voice more normal now. “I need more now. I need pussy, now.

Again, he charged across the room and grabbed Archbaroness by her shoulders. But this time he lifted her to her feet, then turned her around away from him. Archbaroness felt her body following his lead as he pushed her across the floor and up against one of the floor to ceiling windows that looked down over Megatropolis.

They were thirty-eighth floors up with no buildings as tall next to them, so there was no one likely to see her cum covered breasts smashed up against the window. Still, the added sense of anyone being able to see what was happening to her heated her already dripping wet slit, filling it with a desire to be filled.

Luckily for her that was just what Phillip planned on doing. He grabbed her arms and raised them up over her head, pressing her hands against the glass. Then he pressed her slippery front even harder against the glass. He ran his hands down her sides, enjoying the curve of her ample ass as he reached it. He slid his hands around the front of her body and down between her legs, sliding two fingers into her slit. She shivered from his touch, enjoying the feel of his fingers entering her.

He then pulled his fingers out of her slit and grabbed her ass, pulling it up and away from the window. He kicked her legs wide open then grabbed his cock and pressed it up against her wet sex. With ease he slid into her well lubricated cunt and entered the woman he had fantasized endlessly about fucking.

He fucked her hard and fast. Every time he pound into her, he pressed her up against the cold window causing a small squeak of pleasure and shock to leave her mouth. Before long he had her body pressed so hard up against the window that her large, heavy breasts had been squeezed out from in front of her and lay squished sideways on the glass next to her chest.

“Queen mother, would you look at how much of that glorious tit meat of yours I can see from back here! What a glorious fucking sight,” Mary-Annette commented, punctuating her words with a joyful giggle.

Neither Phillip nor Archbaroness heard her as they both begin to cum at that precise moment. Archbaroness felt an impossible amount of pressure force an impossible amount of male sexual fluids into her vaginal canal. It filled her insides, yet continued to spray out of his cock. Soon she felt his cum being forced out around the edge of his cock and beginning to run down her thighs.

Archbaroness was clear of Mary-Annette’s control once again. But the orgasm she had just experienced had left her weaker than ever. Phillip was still pressing her up against the window and in that moment she didn’t feel she had the strength to break free of his hold, much less take on Mary-Annette.

Phillip pulled away from her, his cock wetly falling out of her pussy. He released her and took a few steps back, the Semenall refilling his balls once again. Archbaroness collapsed pathetically to the floor, her front peeling off the glass as she fell. For almost a full minute she lay on the floor looking up at the window. She was looking at the outline of her body made of smeared cum left on the window. She was in control of her body, but too weak to act, the cummy outline she stared at mocking her in her defeat.

Then she felt the warmth of Mary-Annette’s control falling over her once again. Even though her muscles were sore and barely strong enough to hold her weight she felt herself getting up. Instead of standing she rolled over and got up on all fours then started to crawl across the floor like an animal.

Phillip was sitting in a nearby chair, breathing heavily and looking as exhausted as she felt, but she noticed his cock is still hard and his balls seem swollen larger than they should be. He was watching her move across the floor. Slowly he got to his feet and then stumbled towards her.

When he reached her he grabbed her meaty ass and pulled her towards him. He mounted her from behind and started to fuck her once again. She could hear wet squelching noises as cum was squished out of her pussy with each of his heavy thrusts into her.

She felt her head turning and saw Mary-Annette getting off of her table and approaching them. She sat down on the ground before the two, lifted up her dress and spread her legs. She then scooted forward so her pussy was in Archbaroness’ face, then made the heroine bury her face in the villainess’ moist folds.

Archbaroness had been with more than her fair share of woman. Other heroine’s, other villainesses, even civilians. She knew how to go down on a woman. Even so, she found herself moving with skill that was not her own. She licked all the right places, nipped Mary-Annette’s clit at just the right moment. She did everything the woman wanted and needed at just the perfect moment.

Mary-Annette ran her free hand through the heroine’s raven black hair, caressing her scalp. She purred deep inside of her chest. “No one knows how to please me better than me,” she whispered. “But it is nice when someone else’s mouth is doing all the work.”

Together the three remained on the floor, fucking, licking, pleasing each other with their bodies. All three were working on pure animal instinct. Then, almost as one, they all begin to crest towards climax. Mary-Annette screamed as her thighs tighten around Archbaroness’ head and she squirted all over the heroines face. Behind Archbaroness Phillip buried his cock deep inside her body and overfilled her insides with his ample seed once more.

When the two finally pulled away from Archbaroness she fell limply to the ground. Momentarily free of Mary-Annette’s control she was able to speak. Weakly, almost in a whisper, she begged those around her. “Please, no more… I will pass out if I cum again…”

“Well then, I guess we’ll just have to keep you from cumming any more, now won’t we?” Mary-Annette asked as she rose her hand into the air and her eyes begin to glow once again.




Two hours later and the last of the Semenall had finally burned itself from Phillip Medina’s body. He sat on the couch, laying back and struggling to stay awake. He was covered in sweat and had dark bags under his eyes. The sheer amount of male sexual fluids the drug has made his body produce had left him dangerously dehydrated, but he didn’t want to stop fucking Archbaroness.

His legs were spread wide open and kneeling before him was the defeated and much used heroine. She leaned over him, sucking his semi-erect cock in a vain struggle to keep him hard.

Mary-Annette was back on the table, her arm raised in the air as she controlled Archbaroness. “You know, it was fucking hard keeping you from cumming again. You really are the fuck-slut everyone makes you out to be. I don’t think I’ve ever controlled a heroine that cums as easy as you do.”

Archbaroness’ only response was to suck and slurp at the cock in her mouth. She kept her mind perfectly blank, thinking nothing in response to Mary-Annette’s insults.

“A little mindless fucking slut at this point, it seems too,” she said. She sounded as if she had lost interest in the endeavourer. If Archbaroness was able to turn to look at the woman’s face she would be able to see how painfully bored she now was.

This was exactly what Archbaroness wanted. Yes, orgasms quickly drained her powers. At her lowest point she was left weaker than a man on his death bed. But unlike most other heroines her mighty powers returned fast. As she hadn’t cum again in some time she was now nearly at her full strength. All she needed was an opening, a moment where Mary-Annette foolishly dropped her control over her…

Phillip Medina stirred, weakly lifting his head into the air. He looked at Mary-Annette, noticing the woman was getting to her feet and heading for the front door. She had the brick of cash in her free hand.

“Now what do we do? Do you just use her powers to make her forget we’ve done all of this to her?” he asked in a weak voice.

Mary-Annette took a few more steps towards the door then turned to face him. “Oh no, that’s not something I can do!”

Phillip sat up even further, looking down at the woman fellating him with sudden fear in his eyes. “What? Then how do I get out of this without being arrested?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea! I never said I would provide you with that kind of service, just a heroine to fuck for an afternoon. But, I do happen to have a way for ME to escape a free woman.”

She opened the front door then stuffed the money into the top of her dress, entrusting it would be safe in her bosom. Then she raised her second hand and began to wiggle her fingers. The light emanating from her eyes seems to double in intensity. Phillip Medina grew suddenly tense, a surprised, fearful expression frozen on his place.

“I told you I needed to be close to keep control, but I should be able to hold you both like this till I’m safely far enough away to escape the wrath of this fat uddered cow. But I have a feeling she’ll be more than happy enough taking you into custody and won’t feel the need to chase after me right away. Toot-a-loo!” With that she walked through the open door and disappeared into the hallway.

Archbaroness and Phillip both were brought to their feet, standing inches apart from each other and staring eye to eye. Archbaroness could see the fear growing in his eyes, and he can saw the anger in hers.

Time passed and then suddenly they are both in control of their bodies again. Phillip weakly raised his arms and began to scream for mercy. Archbaroness stood to her full, imposing height and glowered down at the man. She knew that the intimidating pose’s affect was dulled by that fact her tits were still hanging from her costume and that she was practically covered head to toe in half dried cum, not to mention that the bottom on her costume had been totally torn open. But there is little she can do about all of that for the moment.

“I think, you’ll find, you would have been better served saving your riches for a good lawyer instead of wasting it on all of this superheroine paraphernalia.” She then struck him in the gut, hitting him hard enough to send him flying back onto the nearby couch. He coughed some blood up then passed out.

“And I’ll be taking my fucking costume back, thank you very much. Even if it’s going to be fucking impossible getting the cum stains out.” She smashed the glass case open and began stripping out of her torn and cum covered costume, then put on the complete and much less cum stained old one.

Before long Phillip Medina was in police custody and Archbaroness had returned to the Megatropolis Amazon’s base of operations where she changed into a fresh, clean, costume. She sent both of her old, soiled costumes to be repaired and cleaned thoroughly, although she had her doubts it was possible.

She was now in the command center of Freedom Tower, looking to find out what had transpired during the time she was imprisoned under Mary-Annette’s control. Psychia, the Megatropolis Amazon’s intelligence agent, sat before her at a bank of computers, monitoring the police channels and news feeds all over the city. “I’m fully recovered from my ordeal and ready to hit the streets again. I was thinking I could hunt down Mary-Annette and get some payback,” she told Psychia.

“I don’t think you’re going to be able to do that today. While you were busy the situation around town has only worsened. There are at least six different incidents that require our attention and Champion Girl and Brick House are already busy. What do we do?”

Archbaroness sighed in frustration. “I guess revenge will have to wait. Go tell Lab Rat to suit up in her power armor and get ready to kick some ass. You and her are going to be joining me in the field.”

“Yes ma’am! See you in the field soon?”

Archbaroness took deep breath. “Yes, see you soon. You know the drill Psychia, Amazons go!



If you liked this story you can find it, and many more like it, in the short story collection, “Megatropolis Crime Wave!”

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