The sidewalk was crowded with people shoulder to shoulder moving through busy downtown Fortune City. It was a sea of humanity, the metaphorical blood flow of the city. Yet something stood out in the mass of people, one figure that stood many feet above the rest. A giant of a woman striding forward, causing people to mutter and strain to make room for her.

Some made room out of respect, recognizing the looming figure for who she was: the superheroine Gigantica. Others were awed by her immense size, her gigantic form standing over nine feet tall and making them feel like dwarfs. The fact that she had the exaggerated, voluptuous curves of a mythical Amazonian warrior only made the huge woman look even larger. Even her long, braided blond hair added to her sense of immensity.

Then there were others who were simply afraid the giant striding down the busy sidewalk would accidentally step on them. Gigantica wore a wide smile on her face, an expression of content happiness and focused determination that left her looking as though she might not be either very observant or particularly intelligent. The fact that she was so huge and muscular only added to the sense that a woman like her didn’t need intelligence, pure brute strength was probably enough to get her past most challenges.

The more observant of the individuals afraid of being stepped on also noticed how infrequently Gigantica looked down. And when she did the view of what was directly before and under her, mostly the people within stepping distance of her thickly muscled legs, was hidden under her overlarge breasts. Any normal man or woman standing under their shadow was in severe danger of being stepped on.

Not every person on the sidewalk moved to avoid Gigantica. There were a few who tried to get closer to her as she strode forward, all of them men. It was clear these few daring individuals were eager to get a peek up the heroine’s skirt. Her costume was designed to make her look like a fierce, savage giantess with a leather and fur bikini top and a skirt made of the same material but cut almost indecently short. With as tall as she was, and as short as her skirt was, a daring enough passerby could get a quick glimpse up that skirt if they really wanted to take the risk of being stepped on.

Gigantica didn’t notice the men who managed to get a peak. She never did, and especially not at times like this. She had a purpose, a destination and a goal in mind. While few would describe her as being “smart” all who had spent any time with her would admit she made up for her lack of intelligence with pure thick-headed determination. Nothing would stop her from reaching her goal.

The villainous duo Silk & Steel were in town. The two had a reputation for blowing into a city, laying low for a few days as they made their plans, then running a marathon two-person crime wave before skipping town. But thanks to a lucky tip-off, Gigantica knew where the two supervillains were hiding out as they made their plans.

“They won’t get a chance to start their crime wave on MY watch,” she muttered, pushing through the sea of pedestrians.

Before long she had left the crowded downtown streets behind, heading into a rundown neighborhood full of boarded up and abandoned buildings. The information she had told her the two villains were holed up in an abandoned warehouse making their plans, so that was where she headed.

Gigantica was not a master tactician. She had no reason to be, the combination of her huge size and super-strength meant there was rarely any need for finesse or complicated battle maneuvers. Once she faced a foe she charged headfirst towards them, smashing any challenge she met. So once she arrived at her destination she didn’t stop to scout the location out to confirm her prey was within or even think about her next action. She did what she always did: acted without a plan and charged right in.

Knowing the doors into the building were all too small for her to easily fit through, and assuming no one would care about damage to the abandoned building, Gigantica simply smashed her way through the front door. “Come out villains!” she bellowed as she came crashing through the wall, throwing her massive fists up to show she was ready for a fight.

“Da fuck is this?” a large black man said, jumping to his feet. He was tall and muscled in a way only a super-powered man could be. He wore very baggy jeans and no shirt, metal chains wrapped around his bare torso and muscular arms. When Steel saw the gigantic heroine grinning at him, obviously eager for a fight, he returned the smile. “Damn,” he muttered, running a hand over his cleanly shaved head and looking up at Gigantica, “You’re one big fucking white bitch!”

He had been sitting at a table covered in maps and papers covered in handwritten notes. Across from him his partner, Silk, sat calming filing her nails and showing no concern for the huge heroine that had just smashed her way into their hideout. Silk was a white woman who had narrow features, a large hawk-like nose, and short black hair. She wore a black leather outfit that covered little more than her small breasts and privates, leaving nearly all of her thin and athletic body exposed.

“Looks like your plan, worked, my dear,” she said, sounding barely interested in the events going on around her. “You let the underworld know where we were making our plans in hope of enticing a heroine here for some fun and look, here one is.” As she spoke she kept filing her nails, not bothering to look up at Gigantica.

“It worked all right,” Steel said, starting to move towards Gigantica as he prepared for the fight that was about to begin, “but this bitch is a lot bigger then I was expecting.”

Silk finally looked up, concern appearing on her face for just a moment as she saw Gigantica for the first time. “Ah, well, I suppose you are right,” she said, putting the file down and casually getting to her feet. “This really is one big fucking white bitch.”

A moment later Silk flipped over the table, moving with such smooth ease that it seemed the acrobatic move was like walking to her. She landed next to Steel, wrapping one of her thin arms around his thick, muscular waist and standing up on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Shall we take her down together, my love?”

He smirked down at Silk. “It’s my favorite way to take on a heroine.”

“Bah!” Gigantica bellowed. “Talk, talk, talk! All you villains do is talk. I’m bored of talking. I want to fight! I want to crush you little baddies.” She lunged forward, pulling an arm back as she prepared to throw a punch at Steel.

Silk & Steel were expecting the attack and were prepared. As soon as Gigantica started to move Silk flipped back away from her while Steel moved forward, ducking down under the heroine’s massive fist. As he bobbed and weaved under her punch he jumped up and threw an uppercut into her gut, the punch hard enough to stagger her.

As Silk had flipped back through the air she reached an arm out towards the ceiling, a strand of web-like substance shooting out from her wrist. It flew up to the ceiling, sticking to it. Before her flip was finished Silk had hold of the strand with both hands and was pulling herself up towards the ceiling. She flew up into the air, swinging around Gigantica as the heroine stumbled back from Steel’s punch and landing on the back of her shoulders.

Gigantica roared in surprise and anger as Silk wrapped her long, slender, muscular legs around the giant woman’s neck and started to choke her. The heroine thrashed about, reaching up and behind her to try and pull the smaller woman off.

At the same time Steel was moving back in to throw a few more punches at Gigantica but the wild thrashing about caused him to miss. He lost his balance as one of his punches failed to land and fell towards Gigantica. As he stumbled forward he threw his hands up, desperate to grab hold of something to keep himself from falling. All he managed to do was grab hold of the bottom of Gigantica’s fur bikini top. As he fell to the floor the garment ripped off her.

She screamed louder, backing into a nearby wall and slamming Silk into it. Stunned, the villainess fell off the heroine’s shoulders as Gigantica moved quickly away from the wall, reaching up to try and cover her huge and now fully exposed breasts.

Steel was back on his feet and charging Gigantica. She had to let go of her breasts to throw her arms up before her to block his attack. She was much larger than him but he was so strong that they were on a nearly even footing. For a minute the two traded superpowered punches, Gigantica using her larger size to press him back. For a few moments she thought she had the villain, if she could back him into a corner she’d be able to get a hold of him and easily subdue him.

But she had forgotten about silk.

Just as Steel’s face was starting to show a hint of fear Silk used her web-strands to swing back up, once more landing on Gigantica’s back. But this time she didn’t try to use her legs to choke the heroine, instead she used one of her web-strands like a garrote. Once the web-strand was around Gigantica’s neck she dropped down the heroine’s back, putting all her weight on the strand.

Immediately beginning to choke, Gigantica threw her hands up and desperately tried to pry the web-strand off her neck enough to allow her to breathe. She found that the strand was as hard as steel wire and that with Silk putting all her weight on it she was unable to pry it free from her neck. As she gasped for air, her face already turning red, she stumbled back obviously planning on smashing Silk into a wall again.

Steel, however, didn’t plan on letting her pull off the same move again. He jumped forward, pulling his arm back and slamming a super-powered fist into her right breast. His fist sunk into the huge, soft tit-flesh causing Gigantica to try and scream as she still gasped for air. The tit-punch had temporarily stunned her so she was no longer trying to back into a wall to knock Silk off of her. Seeing this Steel smiled and punched her other tit.

Gigantica’s eyes opened wide as a mix of confused pain and pleasure crossed her face, causing her to stumble, gasping for air and swaying as she clawed at the web-strand digging into her neck. Her eyes began to flutter up into her head and it was clear she was growing faint. Before Steel could deliver another punch she fell down onto her knees, her hands falling to her sides and her eyes rolling all the way up into her head as the lack of air and the pain of the tit-punches brought down the giant heroine.

Silk, feeling the heroine was defeated, let go of the strand and fell to her feet, taking a step back as Gigantica swayed for a moment then fell to the side. She watched, grinning evilly, as Steel put a foot on Gigantica’s side and rolled the giant woman over onto her back. She was still conscious, but only slightly, and was totally dazed.

“Good job, babe,” Silk said, hopping over the defeated heroine’s huge body and wrapping an arm around Steel. “And now that she’s down for the count we get to start the real fun, although I have to admit choking out a woman that big was pretty fucking great all on its own.”

Steel wrapped one of his muscular arms around the villainess’ slender waist and pulled her closer. “This is the best part and it’s only gotten better since we became a couple.” He turned, pulling her up and giving her a long, passionate kiss while his boot remained on Gigantica.

Once they pulled apart he nudged the oversized superheroine with his foot. “Hey, giant tits, you know what happens now?”

She moaned, moving slightly and struggling to get her eyes to focus. She was still gasping for breath and it was clear she was a long way from recovering.

Seeing she couldn’t answer Steel decided not to wait for her to try and answer. “You know the rules. You got defeated, that means your fair game sexually. I was already in the mood to fuck a heroine when you barged in here, but once I ripped your top off and got a look at those giant tits I knew exactly what I’d do once I defeated you!”

Silk laughed, sliding a hand down the front of his pants. “Damn, babe, you’re already getting so fucking hard. I think it’s time we get these pants off, show this dumb super-slut why you wear such baggy bottoms.” She pulled her hand out and grabbed his pants, slowly starting to pull them down as she stared at Gigantica.

The heroine had recovered enough for her eyes to come back in focus, allowing her to stare up at the two villains as Silk pulled Steel’s pants down and revealed his dick. If she’d been able to she would have gasped at what was revealed, instead all she was able to do was whimper and wiggle slightly.

An active P-Gene often gave women super-sized breasts. Most powered men had something similar happen, only to their dicks. And in Steel’s case his dick had grown to massive, inhumanly large size. Even though it was only half erect it hung down past the villain’s knees, already thicker than Silk’s forearm. And the massive black cock was only getting harder and bigger looking with every beat of the villain’s heart!

After Steel kicked his pants off Silk dropped to her knees and lovingly grabbed his massive black cock, giving it a little kiss before lifting it up to show Gigantica. “So fucking big, isn’t it?” she asked, laughing and leaning in to rub her face adoringly on it. “Almost too big for me to take, to be honest. If it wasn’t for my powers I don’t think I COULD take it without being split in half. I love my man’s big black cock, love sucking it off and love feeling it so deep in me I feel like I’m going to explode. But what I love even more is helping him use it on big titted super-sluts like you, watching how he uses your bodies and seeing the state your left in when he’s done.”

“N-never,” Gigantica mumbled, struggling to get away and managing to actually get up on her elbows.

Silk & Steel reacted so fast the dazed heroine barely knew what was happening. Silk slipped away from Steel, dropping to the ground like an animal and pouncing towards Gigantica’s feet. She sprayed some of her web-strands on the heroine’s ankles, sticking them to the ground, and almost instantly the webs hardened becoming as solid as steel wires. A moment later she had crawled to the other end of Gigantica, grabbing each of her arms and pulling them out as she webbed them to the ground as well.

While the villainess was securing the giant heroine to the ground Steel got on top of her, holding her in place as Silk webbed her down. When she was done he was left sitting on top of her, his huge cock resting on her chest between her tits. Gigantica was bound securely to the floor and all she could do was wiggle helplessly a bit.

“Look at it,” Silk whispered into Gigantica’s ear, grabbing her head with both hands and lifting it up to so she had no choice but to look at the monster black cock inches from her face. It was fully erect now, a frighteningly large throbbing rod of cock.

It was the first time the over-sized heroine found herself eye to eye with a cock that didn’t seem small to her. The sight terrified her but it also aroused her. It was the curse of the heroine, a supercharge libido awakened by the smallest caress or short glimpse of a hard dick. And with a cock this big in her face her body couldn’t help but begin to yearn for it.

I must resist, she thought, trying to force herself to look away. But she couldn’t. Part of why she’d managed to avoid the frequent sexual defeats other heroines endured was that a normal-sized dick did little to arouse her. Her pussy was so big that she barely felt normal dicks inside of her. But this cock? This one was big enough that it might feel too big in her and that was a thought, as ashamed as she was, that made her desperate to feel it inside of her.

“Look at the damn giant slut, she’s already cocknotized! Your dick really is the eighth wonder of the world,” Silk said with a laugh. She leaned down, pulling Gigantica’s head back and forcing her to look up into her eyes. “Bet you want it in you, don’t you? Big pussy like yours, bet you can barely feel a normal dick. You can just keep on wanting it because I know my man and I know what he likes and he’s NOT going to be fucking your big ole’ giant pussy, not right now.”

Steel chuckled. “You know me so well. And the fact you’re going to help me get what I want is WHY you’re my woman. There isn’t anyone else on this Earth that can give me what I need the way you do.”

Silk looked up, adoration in her eyes as she stared lovingly at Steel. “I’d do anything to make you happy. And I know what that takes. You like to fuck, as often as possible. You like to fuck white women, and white women only. And what you like best is big white titties, the bigger the better. And these,” she said, letting go of Gigantica’s head and reaching out to grab her huge breasts, “are the biggest fucking white titties either of us have ever seen. Hell, I bet they are even big enough to wrap all the way around your big black cock.”

They were staring into each other’s eyes, intense sexual energy-burning between them. She kept eye contact with Steel as she grabbed Gigantica’s breasts and began squeezing them together, wrapping them around his huge black cock.

He moaned in appreciation, leaning forward. “Kiss me, you sexy bitch,” he growled.

“In a moment,” Silk said, raising an eyebrow flirtatiously. She rose up and leaned over Gigantica, bowing down till her head was pressed between the heroin’s huge breasts. She started licking her man’s cock, salivating as much as possible as she worked up and down as much of his shaft as possible. When she pulled away and leaned up to kiss him his cock was covered in slimy saliva, more than enough to provide lubrication as she pressed the heroine’s breasts in tighter around his dick.

As their lips met and they began kissing Steel started moving his hips, humping Gigantica’s tits as they made out. Once he started picking up speed Silk pulled away, getting comfortable as she held Gigantica’s tits tightly around Steel’s thrusting cock. “That’s right, baby,” she moaned, “fuck this super-slut’s tits. Teach her what happens when she loses!”

Gigantica was webbed securely to the ground with Steel on top of. Still, she began to struggle, wiggling in vain to get out from under him. Both villains laughed, enjoying the sight of her pointless struggle to escape.

“How does it feel?” Steel asked, humping her tits faster. “A giant bitch like you, I bet it’s not often the pathetic criminals in this town have managed to defeat you. And I bet you’ve never been dominated this way, had your massive tits violated this way while being unable to stop it. I bet a woman as big and strong as you has never been this powerless!”

“Shut up!” Gigantica screamed, struggling harder to break free.

His words stung. But what had her more worried was how her body was responding to what he was doing. Like most women with an active P-Gene, her breasts were highly sensitive and she was finding that the feeling of such a huge cock thrusting before them was arousing her far more than she had expected it would. She knew if she couldn’t break free soon her libido would take over and she’d be begging him to continue.

As she grew hornier her head cleared more. Finally able to think straight she was finally able to summon her full strength. She began flexing her muscles and pulling up off the ground with her arms and legs. The web-strands binding her to the floor began to stretch, the fibers they were made of starting to snap.

“Silk!” Steel bellowed, noticing what was happening.

“Already on it, babe,” she replied, letting go of Gigantica’s tits and moving to re-web her limbs.

As she let go of Gigantica’s breasts Steel quickly grabbed them, keeping them pressed around his huge cock as he kept fucking them. While Silk struggled to keep Gigantica secured to the floor he shifted his grip so that he had hold of both her breasts with one hand, just barely keeping them both wrapped around his cock as he humped them. His free hand flew out and up then came swinging back down, slapping the side of one of her giant breasts.

A meaty “SWACK” echoed through the room as Gigantica screamed. Her back arched under Steel and she threw her head back into the floor, her eyes rolling up into her head. The scream had been one of pain at first, but by the end it was one of shuddering pleasure.

Silk laughed. “Babe, I think you just tit-slapped an orgasm from this huge slut! Look: she’s not struggling anymore. She came and lost some of her powers.”

“Well then,” Steel said, switching which hand he was holding her breasts with as he kept fucking her tits, “lets tit-slap a few more orgasms out of her and depower the bitch!”




Angry red welts in the shape of a hand were left on the sides of her overlarge breasts. At first she continued to scream, in pain and pleasure, but by the last slap the screams had died. She was shuddering and moaning, cumming uncontrollably as her powers were drained from the multiple orgasms.

“Dumb-titted bitch has totally submitted,” Silk said, stroking Gigantica’s blond hair. “Make her cum anymore and she’ll pass out. I know you want the slut awake when you cum, and from that look on your face you’re getting close.”

He grunted in pleasure, holding onto Gigantica’s tits with both hands again and pounding them faster and harder as he crested towards climax. “You… Know… Me… So well,” he huffed between grunts of delight.

“You wanna cum in her mouth, don’t you?” Silk asked. “But with her huge titties still wrapped around your cock?”


“I’ll make it happen for you, babe,” Silk purred as she grabbed hold of Gigantica’s head and pressed it up.

Steel pressed his body forward till his cock was popping into the helpless heroine’s mouth whenever he thrust forward. With her head pressed so far forward it was practically pressed down into her own cleavage and Steel’s massive cock was able to thrust all the way into her mouth and partially down her throat. She was so defeated and weak she didn’t even gag, she simply laid there and took it.

With a roar of pleasure Steel thrust one last time through her tits, ramming his cock as deep into Gigantica’s mouth as he could. She felt his cock quiver in her mouth and then there was an explosion of pressure as he unloaded a massive blast of cum straight down her throat.

He sighed in satisfaction, pulling away and getting up on his feet as his huge cock started to soften. “Feel so much better,” he mumbled as he started to stumble away. Getting off hadn’t physically weakened him the way orgasms weakened most female supers, instead he was so sated and relaxed now that he barely cared about the world around him. He slowly stumbled about, a content smile on his face, till he came to a couch. He fell onto it, falling asleep almost instantly.

As the supervillain wondered off Silk had been stroking Gigantica’s blond hair. “Good girl,” she whispered. “I like to see my man happy and sated like that. He was pretty backed up, there was no time for release while we made our plans. Of course, we’re both happy to put those plans on hold to have fun with a dumb-titted heroine like you.”

She was still stroking Gigantica’s hair, smiling down at the helpless heroine. “And now we wait,” she said, her face full of eager expectation. “While he naps we will wait and pretty soon you will understand.”

So they waited, Gigantica bound to the floor and Silk stroking her hair smiling down at her.

Gigantica had no idea what they were waiting for nor did she care. The longer she waited the more her body recovered from the orgasms that had depowered her. She could feel her strength slowly returning to her but decided she’d not make a move to break free till ALL of her power had returned to her.

In the meantime she had nothing to do but lay there as the Silk stroked her hair waiting for whatever the villainess expected to happen. The feel of the woman’s fingers running through her hair felt nice and she had to struggle to not let the relaxing, soothing motions distract her. The gentle caress through her hair felt good in a warm, arousing way and the last thing she needed now was getting so worked up and horny that it caused her to do something that would prevent her from escaping.

The few times Gigantica had been in a situation like this, one where she needed to keep from getting aroused, she would try to distract herself by focusing on a feeling or sensation or taste that was more unpleasant then whatever was arousing her. What she decided to focus all of her attention on was Steel’s cum. Its salty, bitter taste still lingered in her mouth, a taste she had always hated.

Such a disgusting taste, she thought. It’s so bitter so… She stopped thinking, confused suddenly as the lingering taste in her mouth seemed to change. That bitter, disgusting taste suddenly wasn’t so bad. And the way its taste lingered in her mouth was suddenly different, there was a slight heat to it. And the heat wasn’t just in her mouth, she felt it in her throat and her stomach, as if everywhere that the villain’s cum had been was starting to tingle and burn. It was a strange sensation but not a bad one.

The heat began to spread, moving out into her body like a slow wave of warm arousal. She started to wiggle slightly, moaning as she felt herself getting hornier and hornier.

Silk began to stroke her hair more softly. “You’re starting to feel it now, aren’t you? Starting to understand just how special my man, and his cum, is.”

Gigantica was confused. With every beat of her heart she was growing more aroused. The heat inside of her was increasing, filling her with a growing desperate need for sexual stimulation. And the stronger that need grew the more it seemed to center in her breasts. Before long she was struggling to break free of the stuff binding her to the ground but not so she could escape, she no longer cared about that. What she needed was to have her hands free so she could start playing with her breasts.

“Looks like you’re ready,” Silk purred, stroking Gigantica’s hair one last time then pulling away. She crawled to Gigantica’s limbs, rubbing the material binding the heroine to ground. It heated then dissolved and soon Gigantica was free.

Gigantica didn’t get up. She didn’t bolt for the door to escape and she didn’t attack her captor. Instead, she grabbed one of her massive breasts and lifted it up towards her face. At the same time she lifted her head up and soon she was pressing her own tit into her face. A moment later her lips were wrapped around her nipple and she was sucking on it, moaning and moving her hips.

She groped and squeezed her other breast with her other hand. She pinched and tugged on her nipple, moaning as she sucked on her nipple. But before long that wasn’t enough. The hand not holding the breast to her face soon stopped playing with her free tit and snaked down the heroine’s body. Gigantica spread her legs wide open, the short skirt of her costume allowing her free access to what was hidden between her legs.

Gigantica had nothing on under the skirt, allowing her hand to move directly to her pussy. She started fingering herself as soon as she could, rubbing her pussy and slipping her fingers into her wet hole and finger banging herself a bit before pulling out to work her clit. As she furiously masturbated she continued to suck on her own nipple, stopping only to switch breasts.

Silk was sitting on the ground not far from Gigantica, watching the massive heroine masturbate. “Yes, what a pretty sight,” she purred, spreading her legs wide open and starting to rub at her own pussy through her costume. “Can’t help yourself, can you? No, of course not. Even if you weren’t a dumb slut my man’s cum would have turned you into one. All you’ll be able to do is diddle yourself and beg to be fucked as long as it’s affecting it.

“Of course, he’ll be napping for a while. Gives you plenty of time to do what you’re doing and gives ME plenty of time to enjoy watching you. Although… It might be fun to do more than just watch… I don’t often join the heroine’s he cums in when they are like this, I normally only fuck super bitches like you when my man is part of the action. But I’m seriously thinking about joining in…”




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