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2017 July Summer/Winter Sale at Smashwords!

I’m taking part in Smashwords big July sale. Almost everything in my catalog there is either on sale at a huge reduction or even free in some cases! Do note that you have to click on the individual book’s page to see the sale price.

Amateur Hypnotist Sale!

To celebrate the reboot of my Amateur Hypnotist series with the release of “Kyle Phillips Amateur Hypnotist Book One: The Apartment Hottie” the previous series will be available free over the next few days!

This was the very first series I ever published. Grab the old series for free, then try the new one and see how much my writing has improved over the last year.

“Jack Dennison, Amateur Hypnotist 1: For Old Time’s Sake” will be available free from April 9th/10th.

“Jack Dennison, Amateur Hypnotist 2: My First Private Show” will be available free from April 11th/12th.

“Jack Dennison, Amateur Hypnotist 3: Katierose’s Birthday Party” will be available free from April 13th/14th.

Missed one or all of the sales? Don’t worry! The Jack Dennison stories are only .99 normally. And if you are a Kindle Unlimited member they are free all the time!