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Version 0.3 of “Pervy Street Hypnotist” game released!

You can find the new version HERE. And if you want to support me and the development of this game please think about becoming a Patreon supporter!


Version 0.3 Change log


– Encounter when naked to have her bend over and get close. Includes making her jill off, fingering her ass and fingering her pussy.
– Added various encounters where you turn her into a dog. Clothed on street, topless/naked in alley (includes blowjob).
– Encounter where you can wake Sheena while in the alley so she realizes she’s topless. Has two different endings.


– Cum-covered Selfie encounter (blow job or hand job) clothed and topless.
– “Swing your tits from side to side” encounter with crowd, and in alley clothed AND naked.
– “Be a cow” encounters add with clothed on the main street and in the alley (slightly different dialog between them) and naked in the alley.
– “You are a cheerleader” encounter. Includes clothed on the street and both clothed and topless in the alley. All include temporarily waking her and making her aware of what has happened.
– Encounters to make Lucia cum while temporarily out of her trance: On the street clothed, clothed and topless in the alley (2 versions each, one where each snap makes her cum).


– Initial induction.
– Encounter where you can make her think she’s a superhero.




“Brain Master: Superheroine Collector” Version 0.3 Released!

The update is finally done and ready for download! You can find it HERE. There is a PC and Mac version.

Change Loge:

– Over 150 unique new “panels” added.
– Added breast growth scene to Crimson Tide, including multiple ways to fuck her once her breasts are fully enlarged.
– Added Brainwashing scene after Crimson Tide is captured, and one way to sexual break her added (oral sex/ass eating).
– Tease the next heroine.
– Revisited previous content to remove most “panels” without dialog to tighten it up and make it more comic book like.

Coming next:

– The Strip room for Crimson Tide.
– At least one more humiliation/breaking her sex scene for Crimson Tide.
– At least introduction to Jungle Goddess, but maybe all the way to her brainwashing.


If you enjoy the game and want to support me you can donate any amount when downloading the game. You can also become a supporter on Patreon!



“Pervy Street Hypnotist” Version 0.2 Game Released!

A new version of the game has been uploaded HERE. If you enjoy the project and feel like supporting its continued development please think about becoming a backer on Patreon.

Change log:

– clothed and naked blowjob in alley with two different endings.
– You can make her act like a bunny clothed, topless, and naked.

– Initial induction added in.
– Make her take her top off in alley.
– Play with her nipples while topless in the alley, including making her leave unaware she’s topless.

Visual Novel Game “Brain Master Superheroine Collector” Version 0.2 Released!

The first full scene has been added to the game and you try it out now HERE. If you enjoy what you see and want to support continued development please think about supporting me on Patreon.

Heroines Perilous World the Card Game: Predator and Prey update!

I’ve got another small update to the game uploaded. You can find it HERE.

This update includes some new art (mostly in the Gasser’s deck, but one or two in the Prey action deck and plenty of new illustrations on Prey cards), and a few rules tweaks to the Prey action deck.

There probably won’t be another update for a while. I’m feeling kind of burnt out and am going to take a break from the project to work on a comic or two before coming back and working on it again. Which is good news for my comic fans