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Predator and Prey: The Heroines Perilous World Card Game

In Predator and Prey you (and maybe some of your friends) play a supervillain trying to defeat the various superheroines of Megatropolis either sexually or by physical force. The game is easy to understand, fast paced and fun, and (when finished) will have a unique illustration on each card, many of them sexually explicit. The downloadable zip file below includes everything you need play: the rules, an FAQ, as well as printable pages (I suggest 110lb cardstock) that includes hundreds of cards in the current version of the game.

Current Version: 0.12 (The artwork for The Gasser is complete, the game has now had heavy play testing and balancing and another three villain has been added bringing the total to ten.)

Download (A super big thanks to the Hypnopics Collective for hosting the files!)

If your not willing or able to print all the cards out people have had luck using either LackeyCCG or Table Top Simulator on Steam to play it digitally. The zip file includes each card as an individual image for use in programs such as these.

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