New Entry For The Poll Driven Story “The Two Temples”

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Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: The entry is an average sized one at just short of 5,000 words. There’s a full scene of ritual sex between a futa demoness and a regular girl that includes some rough facefucking before vaginal penetration.

* * *

Elaina stood nervously in the small chamber, anxiously scratching at her arm. “I don’t understand what we’re doing,” she said, voice shaking slightly as she stared at Rel’rylin. She was finding being trapped in the small room with the Demoness was almost too much to bear. Her presence was too intense with the miasma of arousal that hung around her so strong it was leaving the girl dizzy with it.

“It is time we put you to better use,” the Demoness said without turning to look at Elaina. “No, not that one,” she told to Zarrea who stood beside her. “I’ll know which spell, ritual, or enchantment Naserette wants us to use the girl for when we find it. Keep flipping through the book.”

The tome I stole! So… they mean to use it again. But why involve me?

She saw the Demoness flinch. “Sometimes, girl, the way you think too loudly tries my patience,” Rel’rylin growled.

“Have you ever considered it’s because you might be attuned or connected to the girl because she was the one that helped save you?” Zarrea asked before turning a page in the book. “How about this one?”

“No,” the Demoness answered. “To both. I refuse to believe I am linked to THAT pathetic, scrawny, ugly girl. Naserette has plans for her, this I’ll accept, but she’s not special enough to be tied to me. Not attractive enough, not pleasing enough to my cock.”

“I believe if you spent more time indulging in the pleasures of her flesh you’d find she’s more than pleasing enough for you or any of Naserette’s blessed.”

The Demoness chuckled. “You sound almost as if you’ve fallen in love with the girl. She MAY have some awkward charms the likes of you, Priestess, have fallen for, but my lusts and affections are saved for only the best. I am a Demoness of Naserette, created by our goddess and instilled with a sliver of her divine essence. Only the finest this plane of existence you call Alaria has to offer is fit for me. Oh, I’ll dip my dick in those below my worth when the mood suits me or Naserette requires it, but I will always find the task a bit disgusting.”

Elaina pursed her lips and clawed at her arm harder. She’s cruel! Speaking about me like I’m not even here, yet I can FEEL she’s saying all of this for my ‘benefit’.

“You seemed to not be disgusted by her when you gave her the reward for freeing you,” Zarrea pointed out. “How about this spell? Channeled through her it could help us bring down the very walls of the temple of Ihena.”

“No,” Rel’rylin said. “It does not speak to me. It is not… grand enough. As for when I gave the whelp her reward…” She trailed off, glancing over her shoulder at Elaina. “It had been a VERY long time since I’d emptied my balls and she was owed.”

Elaina had felt something as the woman spoke. A rush of arousal rippled through the room, causing both her and Zarrea to moan softly in response. Elaina didn’t understand what had caused it till Zarrea next spoke.

“The memory of the coupling turns you on,” she accused. “We both felt it, do not deny it.”

“Watch your tone, Priestess,” the Demoness snapped. “You are too fond of the little slut. FAR too fond.”

Elaina could see that Zarrea was about to respond angrily when the Demoness slammed a finger down on the book, preventing her from turning the page.

“This one,” she snapped. “Yes… I can feel Naserette’s divine inspiration. This is the one.”

Elaina rose on her toes and leaned to the side, trying to see past the Demoness’ wings to see the tome. She couldn’t read the words, but she knew the pages were often filled with perverse illustrations that hinted at each page’s meaning.

“This passage here, I don’t understand it,” Zarrea said, shifting how she was holding the book open to better allow the Demoness to read it and preventing Elaina from seeing the pages they were looking at. “I can’t be reading it right. A ritual to draw forth a deity so someone can interact directly with them, but NOT Naserette? Does she truly have the power to call another god forward in that way?”

“Read further,” Rel’rylin said eagerly. “It is a trick. The target deity needs to be deceived. Yes… I understand why we’ve been led to this ritual. Naserette’s grand plan is finally being revealed to me! The ritual, what will we need? Ah… I see. Most distasteful.”

“If you truly feel that way about the girl YOU could chant the ritual and I could perform it on her,” Zarrea suggested. “Perhaps that would even be best. If touching her is as distasteful as you say, would it not interfere with the magic of the thing?”

Elaina perked up. I’ll be the center of the ritual somehow! And are they talking about fucking me as part of it? Oh yes, I’d find that most enjoyable. Something beyond prayer, beyond my job as a fuck-shrine. A purpose beyond what I’ve served! And with Zarrea’s loving hands and magnificent cock working me? A true delight it will be, praise you Naserette!

“No,” Rel’rylin said, crushing Elaina’s hopes just as they’d sprung up. “It must be me. You are powerful, Priestess, but your power is nothing compared to mine. It is true I am still a shadow of my former self, but my power already overshadows all who frequent this temple. It must be me.”

She turned and looked at Elaina. “And it has to be YOU,” she declared, her intense eyes glowing for a moment. “You have some kind of special connection with the book. Perhaps because you were the one who liberated it. The reason doesn’t matter, I just know it is true. Through you its magic is stronger. Through you we will entrap a goddess.”

“Ihena?” Elaina asked. “But how? She’s so powerful!”

“You are a simple-minded young fool who knows very little of how this realm works,” the Demoness sneered. She took a few steps closer to Elaina, her wings stretching to fill the small room. Power radiated from her, causing Elaina to cower. “Kneel,” she barked.

Elaina dropped to her knees, shaking and nearly sobbing as the power of the Demoness filled her with fear.

“You cower at the feel of my might, pathetic little pawn. And in your ignorance you can’t even recognize it is Naserette’s might you are feeling. She acts through me. All gods find it easier to act through mortal, or in my case nearly mortal, vessels. It drains them of less of their power, and when directed through a physical being or object in Alaria their power is magnified. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Y-yes,” Elaina stuttered.

“Good. But there is so much more you don’t understand. You are simple and weak, and so often in awe of the powers of the gods. You had no love for Ihena yet you served her temple attendants and servants. And think back to how easily Naserette’s power won you over! You think gods have endless power, don’t you?”

“Do they not?” Elaina asked, her brow furrowed as she tried to understand what the Demoness was leading her to understand.

“Compared to you? They might seem so. But there are many limits to their power, and that power ebbs and flows throughout Alaria based on many things, the foremost being the faith of their followers. In a land where a deity is not known they would have little to no power, they might not even be able to SEE that land. If one can weaken a god’s followers in a region, or even wipe them out, then that deity’s powers in that area can be weakened to almost nothing.”

Rel’rylin closed her wings to make room for Zarrea beside her.

“One of our main goals is to rid this region of the followers of Ihena,” the Priestess explained. “Convert them. Make sure they meet fates that leave them cut off from their goddess, perhaps even by ending their lives. And for those left weakening the connection to their goddess by destroying, desecrating, and replacing all of Ihena’s shrines and temples.”

Elaina looked at the two women, still confused and not understanding. “How does the ritual you’ve chosen help do any of that and what do I have to do with it?”

The Priestess and Demoness smiled evilly.

“We need to entice Ihena to us under false pretenses,” Zarrea explained. “And with this ritual we’ll be able to do that. Tell me, little one, is your commitment to Naserette so deep you’d be willing to lie to a goddess, even knowing you might incur her wrath for the rest of your life?”

Elaina wanted to say yes, but she was suddenly filled with fear. She’d seen and experienced how powerful a goddess could be. When she looked at Rel’rylin and saw the expression on her face her heart hardened. She thinks I’m not up to this. She thinks I’ll say I am not brave enough or that my faith is not strong enough for this. Well, she’s wrong!

“Yes,” Elaina said. “What do you need me to do?”

* * *

It hadn’t taken long to set up what was needed for the ritual. Zarrea had needed to draw circles on the floor with chalk, filling the space inside them with arcane runes. After a short prayer the circles and runes were left glowing with Naserette’s divine power. After that all she’d needed to do was take a place by a wall, giving the other two all the room they needed to be within the drawn circles.

“I shall recite the ritual,” she explained to Elaina. “While you get to enjoy some ritualistic sex with Rel’rylin so that Naserette’s divine power can be funneled through her and into you. Once enough is in you you’ll pass out, your spirit leaving your body and slipping into a space between Alaria and the Ethereal plane above where the gods reside. There Ihena will be drawn to you.”

“And then what?” Elaina asked. She was kneeling in the center of the circles drawn on the floor, Rel’rylin looming over her with her huge demonic cock hanging above her head. The wonderful, rank stink of it had her floating in a sea of hazy arousal that was made worse as the Demoness’ blue-purple member began to swell in anticipation of what was about to transpire.

“By the time you slip into unconsciousness you will be filled with Naserette’s divine inspiration. You will know what is needed of you,” Zarrea explained. “Are you both ready?”

“Yes,” Elaina whispered, staring up at Rel’rylin’s huge cock as it swelled in size and length while it rose in arousal above her.

“Yes,” the Demoness added, her voice a greedy growl of carnal hunger. “Let us see what this little slut has learned these last few months. Let us see if she can take a ritual like this and what it requires. Let us see if Naserette truly wishes her will to be worked through her.”

Elaina felt Naserette’s presence the moment the Demoness was done talking. She let it lead her, leaning her head back and rising higher on her knees so that her face was directly under the curved, half-erect length of Rel’rylin’s cock.

She stared at it, waiting for Zarrea to begin chanting the words required for the ritual. She savored the smell of the Demoness’ cock, inhaling the stinking delicious aroma of it. I rich, rank, manly musk mixed with the smells of so many women’s cunts.

Her hands fell between her knees so she could touch herself. As she did she began thinking a prayer to Naserette. She could feel her divine power flowing into the Demoness and beginning to flow slowly into her.

Zarrea began reading from the tome in an ancient language Elaina didn’t understand, yet as ignorant of the words as she was the girl still felt their power.

“I kneel in adoration of Naserette,” she heard herself say, the words coming to her out of nowhere. “I kneel before this manifestation of her power, this blessed, veiny, beautiful cock hardening above my face. To worship it is to worship Naserette in all her perverse glory.”

 Elaina wrapped her hands around the base of the Demoness’ oversized cock. At that moment it seemed to grow bigger, the shaft and balls growing larger in every way till her member was so thick it was as wide as Elaina’s head while each hanging testicle was nearly the size of her face. Whether this was but an illusion of divine power a true physical transformation she neither knew nor cared.

She Hugged the overgrown balls to her and buried her face into the space where the underside of the Demoness’ cock met her hanging ballsack. “Naserette be praised,” she said into the woman’s cock, her voice muffled by it. “May her power and perversion ever grow.”

“Yes, girl, drown in it,” Rel’rylin growled, grabbing the back of Elaina’s head and pushing her face further into the underside of her cock. “Inhale the stink of it. Let it intoxicate you. Let it work its power on you, let it leave you gushing with need for my cock.”

Elaina moaned into the Demoness’ member, slipping a finger into her pussy to find herself sopping wet. She thrust the finger in and out of her dripping hole, praising Naserette in her mind and hoping the ritual would require the Demoness’ overgrown cock to be in her.

It couldn’t possibly fit, yet she had faith Naserette would ensure such a large cock entering her would not tear her open. Anything is possible through faith in my goddess, she thought. Anything!

Rel’rylin grabbed Elaina’s head with both hands and pulled her away from her member. Elaina gasped, having not noticed she was being suffocated till then. She got only a few brief moments to take in air before the Demoness rammed her massive cock into the girl’s open mouth.

Elaina groaned, for a moment certain her mouth wouldn’t be able to open enough to take in its immense girth. The world shifted and moved about her as divine power moved through the room, warping reality to ensure the massive cock would fit in her mouth.

The Demoness rammed her enlarged member deep into the girl’s mouth, growling, “Open your throat, you fucking slut.” Elaina did, allowing the Demoness’s cock to easily invade her throat.

Rel’rylin held her head in place as she savagely fucked the girl’s face, her cock somehow reaching deeper and deeper down her too-small throat with every thrust. Elaina had endured many a rough face-fucking during her time in the temple, but all of it barely prepared her for the unleashed savagery of the Demoness. She was certain if it wasn’t for the power of Naserette flowing through and into her she would not have survived the ordeal.

But she did. And she enjoyed it, masturbating furiously and cumming over and over again. She knew the Demoness enjoyed it as well, for the woman came nearly as much as she did. Her cock would spasm, filling Elaina’s mouth, throat, and belly with load after load of demon cum.

The power of the ritual steadily built, although Elaina was uncertain how long the Demoness fucked her face. Minutes? An hour? More? She couldn’t tell nor did she care. While it was happening she simply wanted it to go on forever.

When Rel’rylin finally pulled her member out of Elaina’s mouth the girl was left gasping for air and filled with an eager, religious zeal for whatever would happen next.

The Demoness’ cock was back to its normal size. She yanked Elaina’s hair to force the girl to bend back and look up at the ceiling. Positioned like that the Demoness was able to drape her cock over the girl’s face. It was covered in a slimy mix of cum and half-vomited-up saliva, a mess that she smeared all over Elaina’s face by rubbing her cock from side to side.

Elaina gasped for air and greedily licked, sucked, and slurped at the mess covering the Demoness’ balls and the underside of her cock.

When Rel’rylin released her and took a step back Elaina had to wipe the slimy mess off her eyes before she could look and see what the ritual had done to the Demoness. Her cock was covered in glowing glyphs seemingly etched into her skin.

Elaina knew at once what needed to happen next. The words Zarrea was reading off were gathering the power of the ritual in and on Rel’rylin’s cock and now that power need to be fucked into her.

She dropped onto her back, grabbing her knees and pulling her legs up and apart. “Take me,” she gasped. “Take me in Naserette’s name. Fuck her divine power into me!”

The Demoness fell upon the girl with carnal hunger that would break the body and mind of any mortal not properly prepared for it.

Elaina howled in delight as her cock plunged deep into her. As the Demoness held Elaina’s knees down by her head she pounded her into the ground, her frantic thrusts causing the temple to shake. Elaina howled louder, cumming repeatedly. Soon it felt like the temple was shaking from her howls of pleasure, the divine power flowing into her and for a time making her more powerful than the Demoness fucking her.

She needed only a little more power to be able to carry out Naserette’s will. Just a little more, she thought, wrapping her legs around the Demoness. Elaina came again, clenching her vaginal muscles as tightly as she could while she did. Cum, Demoness. Cum and give me your seed AND your power! It is the last of what I need.

Rel’rylin came, the amount of seed exploding from her and filling Elaina’s insides so staggering the girl thought she felt her stomach expanding. It intensified her orgasm to the point she felt she’d lose contact with the world. She did, fading not just into unconsciousness but slipping away from her physical form and ascending from the physical plane of Alaria…

* * *

When Elaina was next aware she could feel she was in between worlds. Below her she could feel Alaria, the physical world she’d always known. It was far more vast than she’d imagined possible, seeming to stretch out in every direction endlessly.

“Looking” down she thought she could “see” the people of the world. They were like lights from where she floated. They flickered, some brighter, some fainter. Much of the light of those flames flowed up to things above her.

Elaina followed the light, looking up at what she knew was the Ethereal plane where the gods lived. It was a place so alien her mind would not be able to ever truly comprehend it. She perceived it as an endless void, much like the night sky but filled with clouds of glowing gas and stars more beautiful than any ever appeared in the real night sky.

One of the stars was drawing close to her, pulling in much of the light flowing up into the Ethereal plane.

“It is the flame and light of faith,” a soothing, beautiful voice called out, emanating from the approaching star. “We gods thrive off it. It sustains us much like food sustains you, but it is more than that. We do not grow fat as your kind does, we grow more powerful.”

Things shifted around her. Elaina suddenly felt more solid, yet more like she was in a dream. She had a body and stood on… something. Before her the star landed, growing into a blinding light.

Elaina blinked away the temporary blindness she’d suffered, slowly seeing a woman standing before her. No, she thought struck with awe, a goddess. The most perfect, beautiful, and powerful thing I’ve ever seen.

It was Ihena. She appeared as a beautiful Human woman with long flowing silver hair that glowed like moonlight. A dazzling halo hung above her head like a crown, illuminating the darkness of the void around them.

Elaina did her best to suppress and hide her feelings of disappointment that the goddess was dressed. The dresses she wore were many-layered and hid the shape of her body completely, yet there was just enough hint of her feminine shape to leave the girl knowing she’d be a sensual delight to see naked.

“The Corruption has worked its way deep into you,” Ihena declared, the look of perfect serenity on her face breaking as she looked sadly at Elaina. “It tried to shield your thoughts from me, but some indecencies a goddess always hears and feels. You must try and banish such thoughts from your mind.”

Say nothing, Elaina thought. Think as little as possible. Let it play out as it will, let her assume and come to the wrong conclusions. That is what I’m meant to do.

“I know you must be scared,” Ihena declared incorrectly. “You are hard for me to see… You’re too surrounded by Naserette’s power and perversion. But through the haze I can see you are in much need of aid. Captured by her evil followers. Being sexually tortured as they try and ‘convert’ you to their evil ways. Held against your will, a helpless unwilling pawn in their machinations against me and my followers.”

All of it wrong, Elaina thought, struggling to hide the smile wanting to spread across her face. This is working, I’m deceiving a goddess!

Ihena held a hand out, palm up. A book appeared in the air above it, floating above her open hand. When it opened the goddess declared, “My book of Judgments and Fates. It helps me track you mortals and see what life has in store for you, and most importantly see what ways my power can alter those fates.”

The pages flipped on their own, stopping on what Elaina could feel was the page about her.

“You came to my temple an innocent, free from The Corruption’s touch. You worked diligently there, even if you never fully accepted my love into your heart. Still, it was wrong of me not to notice you till it was too late, till you’d been taken. Your service has created a bond between us, and a debt is owed. You MUST be saved.”

Again, Elaina remained silent and did not respond.

“The passages about your potential future are… hard to read. The ink is faint and ever-shifting, the potential tale of your life shrouded and twisted by Naserette and The Corruption. But one thing is clear: you are NOT beyond redemption. If you can be saved soon enough you can be cleansed of this perverse evil by my faithful.”

The book slammed closed. “I shall write it in the stars,” Ihena declared as she touched points in the air before her. Behind her, in the vastness of the Ethereal plane above, stars lit up and shimmering lines connected them creating constellations. “I shall move my faithful, guide them and infuse them with all the power I have to give to save you.”

She paused, for the first time looking something other than serene or worried. The firm look on her face made Elaina feel a moment of doubt. Has she sensed the truth?

“Saving you will take much of my power,” she declared sternly. “It will drain me, weaken me and my faithful in this regain. We gods, even those of us you mortals think of as ‘good’, do nothing without expecting faith in return. I must know you are worth so much effort, that once saved you will be willing to show your gratefulness by devoting yourself fully to me so that I can feed on every drop of your faith for the rest of your meager, short life.”

“I pledge myself to you and only you if you can save me,” Elaina lied. “Please,” she added, “save me!”

The serenity returned to Ihena’s face. “I shall, no matter what it takes. Now return to Alaria and know you must not suffer at the hands of Naserette’s evil and perverse followers for much longer.”

* * *

Elaina woke with a gasp. She was drenched in sweat, her face still covered in a slimy mix of saliva and cum. Her throat hurt and her cunt ached, although the feel of cum steadily oozing out of her pussy was a nice sensation she wished she would get the chance to luxuriate in. But she knew she wouldn’t, the two figures kneeling beside her and looming above her weren’t going to let her.

“Well?” Rel’rylin demanded. “Did it work? Did you come face to face with that bitch-cow of a goddess that imprisoned me?”

“Yes,” Elaina said, face glowing with pride. “I did as Naserette wanted. She thinks I am a prisoner here. I told her I’d devote myself to her if she saved me and she proclaimed she’d work to save me even though it will drain her power in this regain.”

“Then the trap is set,” Rel’rylin sighed.

Elaina’s brows furrowed in worry as the Demoness slumped into Zarrea’s arms. “What’s wrong with her?”

“The ritual drained her of much of the power she’d regained,” Zarrea told Elaina. “You are truly a special girl,” she added. “Even I could not have imagined you could take in so much divine might. You surprised me.”

“And me,” Rel’rylin muttered.

Elaina didn’t understand. The woman sounded furious. “But it worked,” she said. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, little one,” Zarrea told her kindly. “You were magnificent.”

“She’s dangerous,” Rel’rylin snapped weakly. “I feel weaker than when the little slut freed me. I’ll need to regain as much strength as quickly as possible. Ihena’s faithful will be led to act soon and we must be prepared. I’ll need to be sexually serviced every minute till it happens, and only by those with the most power to siphon off.”

“I’ll make sure your cock is never without one who serves Naserette pleasuring it,” Zarrea promised as she helped the Demoness to her feet.

“And the girl,” Rel’rylin growled, glaring at Elaina. “You keep the fucking slut away from me. I’ll not touch her ever again unless Naserette herself appears in a vision and commands it to me. Once her purpose is served I want her sent as far away from me as possible.”

“That,” Zarrea said, her tone firmer than Elaina had ever heard her use with the Demoness, “is NOT for you to decide.”

“Just take me away from her,” the Demoness sighed. “And keep her away. I don’t even want to see the scrawny, ugly little slut till it’s required.”

Elaina glared after the Demoness as she was led from the small room. “Scrawny? Ugly? What a fucking cunt,” she growled under her breath once she was alone in the room. “She seemed to find me quite pleasing when she was fucking Naserette’s power into me.”

Upon waking she’d found all the divine power she’d felt earlier gone. She’d woken both physically and spiritually drained and thought she’d need some time to recover, thinking about simply laying in the mess under her and just going to sleep.

Then, without preamble, the divine inspiration was back. It called to her, leading her to the place in the room where the tome had been left. She crawled away from the pool of cum that had leaked out of her. The book was calling her and she had to go to it.

Open it.

A voice in her mind. Not her voice. Like Ihena’s voice, but stronger, more connected to her. More sensually seductive and promising not just perverse delights but power as well.

“Yes, Naserette, I will do as you wish.” Elaina opened the book, flipping through the pages and stopping when she felt she had reached what she was being drawn to. At first the page was blank. Then images began to appear, ink leaking out of the page and drying before her eyes.

Rel’rylin failed me long ago. She does not realize she has lost my favor. Yet she will still serve a purpose.

Elaina stared in disbelief at the images on the left page. “Rel’rylin… imprisoned once more. And me! Me riding her, taking her power?”

Ihena could still succeed. Rel’rylin’s failures could continue. If things do not happen exactly right you will be ‘saved’ and your lies discovered. Ihena’s wroth will be revealed and she WILL have what you falsely promised you.

Her eyes went to the right page. The images there disturbed her. She saw herself imprisoned by Ihena’s faithful, and in the drawings of herself she saw sorrow and pain in her eyes.

“I think I understand,” she said as the images began to fade. “If I want to avoid the fate on the right I must make what is on the left real. But how? How could I accomplish that?”

Do not tell anyone what you have seen, not even my Priestess. Prove your worth to me. If you do not fail I shall take you as my chosen champion in this region of Alaria. You shall be more than a Priestess. You shall have power, true power, that will allow you to indulge in any perversity your lovely corrupted soul wishes.

Naserette’s presence left as suddenly as it had returned. Elaina knelt before the open tome on the ground, watching the last of the images on the page fade till they were gone.

“I will tell no one,” she promised. “And unlike that fucking cunt Rel’rylin, I will NOT fail you, Naserette. I vow it.”

What happens next as Elaina tries to prove her worth to Naserette? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)

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