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Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: This is an average sized entry, at just over 4,000 words. It’s one of my lesbian BDSM romances, so the tone is lighter and every is consensual. There’s a full sex scene that involves some light rope bondage and oral sex.

* * *

Naoka’s dreams that night were strange. They had a quality to them unlike any she’d experienced before, both more surreal and confusing yet with a foot locked in reality she’d never thought possible from a dream.

Upon waking she struggled desperately to cling on to the quickly vanishing memories of the dreams. With every beat of her heart the dreams faded a little more till all she had left were vague impressions of what she’d experienced and seen in them.

The dreams had been powerfully erotic, that stayed with her. They’d been filled with the cute, sexy servant girls who had bathed her. With the taunting mean ghost girl. With the mysterious and oh-so-alluring Girl in the Mirror. And through it all, looming above every other girl she had erotic dreams of, were Madelynn and Selwyn.

As the last of sleep faded she woke to find she felt well rested but was already horny to the point of being a bit addle-brained. As she lay in bed she hissed lightly in frustration, knowing playing with herself wouldn’t do much other than leave her more worked up. Still, she was so horny she wasn’t sure she’d be able to get out of bed without trying to get off.

“Not thinking about cumming without permission, are you?”

Naoka yelped in alarm, disappearing under the covers for a moment before reappearing to hiss angrily up at the ghost girl. “Please don’t surprise me like that,” she snapped at the girl.

“Do what?” the ghost girl asked innocently, floating as if laying flat above her with her fingers locked together so she could rest her chin in them.

“Scare me,” Naoka said sitting up and holding the blankets up over her breasts.

The ghost girl cocked her head to the side and smirked. “Is that really necessary? I’ve seen you naked,” she reminded her.

“You were spying on me just now,” she accused, ignoring the comment.

The girl eagerly nodded. “It’s my job to spy on you now, to make sure you’re following your rules and tell on you when you break them.”

Naoka’s ears perked up. “Will you always be spying on me?”

“Oh, wouldn’t you like to know,” the girl said with a cruel giggle. “What you should be pondering is if I see you when you can’t see me.”

It was only because she was so addle-brained from being horny that Naoka had to think for a moment to realize she already knew the answer. “Yes, you can. You just did. You saw I was going to… you know.”

“Oh, I know. I know all about what the girls who come to live in this room do in that bed when they think no one is looking. But I’m usually here whether you can see me or not. And if I’m not? Well, there’s the leggy liar in the mirror. And who knows what other eyes might be hiding in this place! After all, mysteries build power. And there’s always another mystery. ALWAYS.”

Naoka huffed. “Go away,” she said, waving at the ghost girl. “I don’t think I like you.”

“No,” she replied as she floated up higher into the bed’s canopy, “but you WANT me, don’t you?” She smiled and fluttered her eyelashes prettily as her ethereal clothing faded from sight. “See? Your furry ears perk up when you get turned on and I can see that cute tail wiggling in excitement under the blankets. Your emotions and lusts are an open book for anyone to read.”

Naoka stared up at the girl’s naked body, admiring the gentle curves of her body. The slight swell of her narrow hips. Her cute firm little breasts. When her eyes fell on her breasts she noticed how hard the girl’s dainty nipples were. The sight of them hard and begging for attention left her wanting to feel her lips wrapped around them.

She shook her head, huffing in frustration. “You’re working me up on purpose!”

“Of course,” the girl replied, her clothes reappearing. She floated down, crossing her legs and “sitting” on the bed beside Naoka.

The Kittaran noted the way her body didn’t touch the bed. She merely floated above it, close enough to create the illusion she was sitting on it. It left her wondering, once again, if the girl was or could be solid. If she reached out to try and touch her could she? Every time she’d batted at the girl in anger she’d quickly moved away, avoiding any contact that would reveal the truth.

She was also taken aback by how real the girl suddenly looked. She still glowed slightly, but it was less apparent as the lights in the room had been lit before she’d woken. By whom she didn’t know, but the room was as brightly lit as it could be. With the eerie glow coming from the girl dulled by the lights she seemed more solid even though she was still partially transparent.

Naoka sat up and thought about reaching out to touch the girl but stopped herself. “What would happen if I touched you?” she asked instead.

The ghost girl flashed a sad smile. “I wouldn’t let you, that’s what would happen,” she said. “And if you try I’ll make you regret it,” she added in warning.

“I could ask the Girl in the Mirror to tell me.”

“Ah, I see! You think yourself so smart, don’t you? You’ve been told she only tells lies, so the truth must be the opposite of what she tells you. Well, let me tell you a little something about that brat. See, the best liars are the ones who blend and mix truth will lies. If EVERYTHING she said was a lie then you’d know never to believe her. But the mischievous brat puts just enough truth in her stories so that you always have to listen to what she says.”

“Were you here last night when I was talking to her?” Naoka was suddenly eager to hear the ghost had been spying on her then. Perhaps if she had she could help her separate the Girl in the Mirror’s lies from the truths hidden in her stories and ominous warnings.

“Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t. But it wouldn’t matter if I was, she tells the same story the first time she appears to every girl who stays in this room. The one about her being a mighty warrior with a magic sword and claiming Madelynn and Selwyn are monsters in disguise that trapped her in the mirror.”

“So the story was a lie?”

The ghost girl glanced at the mirror then looked back at Naoka and shrugged. “I can’t say. If I don’t ruin her games she won’t ruin mine. See, she knows when I’m around even if no one else can tell. She’s… more powerful than she seems.” She looked once more at the mirror. “Isn’t that right? I don’t ruin your games and you don’t ruin mine!”

Naoka watched, hoping the girl would appear in the mirror to answer but she didn’t.

“You’ll have company soon anyways,” the ghost girl told her. “You need to be prepared for breakfast.”

When she started to fade from sight Naoka blurted out, “Wait! Don’t go yet.”

The ghost girl remained half-faded from sight. “What is it, stray cat?”

Naoka scrunched her nose up in annoyance. “Please don’t call me that.” When the ghost girl didn’t respond she went on. “What is your name? I don’t want to just keep calling you ‘the ghost girl’.”

“It’s a mystery,” she replied, her voice fading as she continued disappearing. “A mystery you have to decide whether you want to solve or not…”

And why wouldn’t I want to solve such a mystery? The question only begged more questions, which left her hissing in frustration. She didn’t WANT mysteries, she didn’t WANT to have to think. She was horny and getting hornier by the minute. She wanted relief and would be happy to take it from anyone, even if it meant breaking the rule not to cum without permission.

Just when she began to seriously consider slipping back under the covers to try and masturbate the door into the room flew open. The same cute servant girls who had bathed her the previous day came in, smiling kindly at her.

“Up,” one commanded.

“You need to be prepared for breakfast,” the other added. “Bathing and grooming.” She pointed to the center of the room. The tub that they’d cleaned her in the day before was back.

Naoka blinked. They hadn’t brought it in with them, had they? No… so how had they got it there?

“We said up,” the first girl said firmly, going to the bed and yanking the blanket off Naoka. “Come now, or we’ll tell Madelynn and Selwyn you’re being a bad girl.”

“And bad girls get punished,” the other said, eyes wide in fear.

Or is it excitement? Naoka wasn’t sure. It left her wondering if either of these girls had spent time in this room and what kind of relationship Madelynn and Selwyn had with them. And do THEY have rules like I do?

“Come on, out of bed,” one of them said, grabbing her arm.

Naoka went with her, embarrassed the girl’s grip was enough to make her start purring.

“Don’t even think about it, you naughty, horny kitty” the other warned. “You’ll get yourself, and us, in trouble. Now into the tub.”

They bathed her in near silence, only speaking when they needed to. Part of her washing up included the “grooming” of her pubic area that had been mentioned the day before. She found the process oddly scary yet arousing. The shaving cream smelled so fragrant and alluring. It soothed her and that relaxation ended up making the next part scarier and more tense. The sharp razor being dragged across such a sensitive and precious part of her body filled her with just enough fear that it was thrilling. And there was the intimacy of it… to have two strangers attending so attentively to her womanhood with such diligent care.

“You’ve done this before?”

The girls nodded. “The Mistresses prefer their girls to be shaved in the Elven style,” they told her. “Now up, the kitty’s pussy is freshly shaved and perfectly smooth. It’s time to dry you off and bring you to be served for breakfast.”

It was an odd way to word it, but Naoka took little notice. She was lightly purring, reveling in the feeling of how smooth her womanhood now was. The girls had to bat her hands away from her crotch, barking at her to stop touching herself as they dried her off.

“Alright, come along,” one commanded.

“Wait, what about some clothes?”

They both laughed. “You’ve not earned clothes yet,” they told her. “Now come along, we’ll show you the way.”

“You should always go with a guide,” the other girl warned. “This can be a tricky and confusing place.”

“And if you were ever to go wandering without permission you might get lost,” the first told her. “And you might see something you’re not meant to.”

 “Like what?” Naoka asked as she tried to get used to the feeling of walking through the mansion naked. It wasn’t that it was cold, far from it. The temperature felt so perfect she thought it might be easy to forget she was naked, and that unsettled her most of all.

When she accepted neither of the girls were going to answer her question she looked around and realized she had no idea where they were or how far they’d come. “Where are we going?”

“Right here,” one said, stopping by a large door. The other opened it and waved her in.

Naoka entered, looking around the room in awe. She’d never seen anything like it. The walls were covered in beautiful draperies and paintings so expertly crafted they looked almost to be moving. Little decorative side tables were filled with vases of fresh flowers, the fragrance of which filled the room.

And in the center of the room a large table covered with a feast fit for a crowd. Every dish fit to break one’s nightly fast filled the table. She saw every breakfast food she’d ever heard of, and many she was unfamiliar with. It was a sight she thought should have left her mouth watering, instead, she found she felt very little physical response to the sight and smells.

“Come to us,” Madelynn called out.

Selwyn and Madelynn sat at the far side of the table, dressed in elegantly sexy dresses as they picked daintily at the food laid out before them. Both women held large wine glasses in their hands, the glass cups shaped to look like roses.

Naoka went to them, her eyes drawn to the wine. She found herself sniffing, following the intoxicating and alluring odor wafting at her from the glasses.

Both women chuckled lightly. “Smell, pet,” Selwyn said, holding her glass out.

Naoka smelled, closing her eyes as she inhaled. Her ears perked up and her tail vibrated in excitement. She’d smelt and even tasted wine before. This was nothing like that. The aroma reminded her of the ripe smell of a woman’s arousal. No, not some vague woman, it smelled like her arousal, smelled like her pussy!

She pulled back, eyes flying open. “What is that?”

The two women laughed again. “A little red wine with distilled essence of lust,” Selwyn said.

YOUR lust,” Madelynn added. “We had some of our servant girls siphon it from you in your sleep while you were dreaming.”

Naoka was uncertain if the women were telling the truth or teasing her in some way she didn’t understand. She had neither the brain power nor the desire to puzzle out the truth. The sight of both women’s cleavage pressed up and presented in such a prominent display was too distracting.

“You’ve arrived just in time,” Madelynn declared. “We’re both famished and eager for our morning meal.”

“Were you waiting for me to eat?” Naoka asked, looking at the feast laid out on the table and once more wondering why she felt no desire to eat any of it.

“Oh, these nibbles?” Selwyn asked. “They are more for their looks and smells. We only ever pick. Mostly they are for our servants, they get their fill once we are done. It is not this food we intend to feast on.”

Naoka didn’t understand and said as much.

“You’ll understand soon enough, now come onto the table.”

Naoka looked and saw much of the food spread out before them had been moved when she was looking away. A space on the table had been cleared off for her to climb onto it and lay down. Plates of food had even been arranged so there were spaces for her to stretch her arms out.

And ropes! Ropes tied to the underside of the table piled up and waiting. They mean to tie me down to the table. But why?

The why didn’t matter. She found herself climbing onto the table before she realized what she was doing.

“Lay the kitty out flat on her back,” Selwyn told Madelyn.

“You heard your Mistress,” Madelynn said, helping lead Naoka into the position they wanted her in. She stopped at one point to stroke the girl’s bare chest, her fingers lingering to tease her nipples and get them nice and hard. “And I’m your Mistress too, aren’t I?”

“Yes,” Naoka purred as she luxuriated in the feel of the woman playing with her breasts. “Both of you my Mistresses.” She purred louder when Selwyn began tying rope around one of her wrists.

The rope was both elegantly soft yet had a special coarseness to it that mixed pleasingly with the softness. It gave the rope a delicious bite when the coils were tightened around her wrist. The bit of pain heightened the thrill that being helpless brought.

“My Mistresses,” she sighed as the two women tied her wrists and ankles up. With her eyes closed to better concentrate on the sensations of being tied up her mind dwelled on the two women. She felt so safe when she was with them. They’d taken her in, helped her so much in such a short time. Even their little torments and games felt safe.

“There,” Selwyn said as she finished tightening the bindings Madelynn had worked on. “I think we’re ready for our breakfast now.”

Naoka was still lost in the pleasure of being bound when both women placed their hands on her naked thighs. She’d barely been aware of how they’d tied her up, with her legs spread wide open in a way that left her pussy on full display. Opening her eyes and looking up at them to see the look of hunger in their eyes as they stared lustfully at her womanhood made her delightfully aware of the position they’d tied her in.

“A true feast to break our fast,” Madelynn said, licking her lips hungrily.

“Me,” Naoka blurted out, realizing what they were talking about. “You’re talking about me. I’m your breakfast?”

“Oh yes,” Selwyn said with a devious grin pulling at the corner of her lips. “Or more accurately that freshly shaved pussy of yours.”

“You dine first, my dearest love,” Madelynn told her partner. “And while you feast I’ll tell our new pet some things.”

Naoka watched as Selwyn bent over the table. She had wild hunger in her eyes and for a moment the Kittaran’s mind was filled with the comical image of the elegant, dusky-skinned woman slamming her face messily into a plate of food. It was close to what she did, only there was no plate of food, only Naoka’s pussy.

  As soon as the woman’s mouth was on her Naoka dropped her head to the table with a thud. She closed her eyes and purred loudly, overwhelmed by the feel of the woman’s warm, moist lips kissing her most intimate of places. She purred louder when the woman’s tongue darted out, quick little licks turning soon into long, lingering drags of her wet, rough tongue up and down her slit.

“She’s just warming up,” Madelynn told Naoka as she leaned across the table to run her fingers through the Kittaran’s hair. “Just enjoying your taste before really devouring you. It feels good, yes?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Naoka purred. “So very good! I… I won’t last long. I woke up so horny! Do I have permission to cum?”

“As many times as you want,” Madelynn told her. “Which brings us to what you need to be told. See, this a special place. We’ve told you this. We’ve worked hard to turn the estate into our perfect little sliver of paradise, a little world exactly the way we want it. No men. So many pretty young girls to serve us and have our way with.”

Naoka struggled to follow her. The things Selwyn was doing with her mouth were, at that time, beyond description and understanding to the girl. There was only the ever-increasing waves of pleasure, bringing her quickly to orgasm.

“As many times as you want,” Madelynn told her as she came. “For this is your breakfast as well.”

Naoka moaned softly as Selwyn’s mouth eased her down from one orgasm before working to build her to the next. Her head fell to the side and her eyes fluttered open. Beside her was a plate piled with delicious-looking pastries, yet she still felt no hunger for them.

Madelynn played with the girl’s hair, stroking and soothing her, adding sensation to all the others Naoka was feeling. The warm air on her naked body, with just a slight cooling breeze through the room. The tight bite of the ropes. Selwyn’s mouth. Her lips. Her tongue. The wet pleasure of it working her. The noisy wetness of it.

“Cum again,” Madelynn told her.

Naoka came, a long soft, gradually rising climax that left her whole body shaking.

“Filling, isn’t it? Each little or big orgasm leaving you feeling less hungry. Oh yes, little one, I see how you looked at the food. I saw your confusion, so much and none had any draw. You’ve been here long enough that the magic of this place has worked its way into you. As long as you reside here food will neither appeal nor sustain you. Till you leave orgasms will be the only sustenance you need to survive, and they will be the only sustenance you CAN survive on.”

Naoka moaned and shuddered, cumming again. Past the pleasure she could feel what the woman was talking about. She felt the sexual climaxes sustaining her.

“But we wouldn’t want our sexy little stray cat we’re trying to domesticate growing fat. So your first rule. Remember, little one? No cumming without permission. You’ll be given all the sustenance you need, but you won’t be allowed to overindulge on our watch.”

Selwyn pulled away from Naoka, leaving the girl whimpering and muttering for more. The two women ignored her for the moment.

“I’ve eaten my fill,” she declared, wiping the Kittaran’s juices from her face with the back of her hand. “She’s even more delicious than last I tasted her. You were ripe about letting the dreams marinate her. And now it is your turn, my love.”

Naoka watched as the two women switched places, stopping when they passed each other to share a long, passionate kiss.

“You still have permission to cum as much as you want,” Selwyn told Naoka as she leaned over and placed her hands on the girl’s chest.

“Thank you, Mistress,” the Kittaran gasped as Madelynn shoved her face into Naoka’s pussy.

The woman lacked some of the skill Selwyn had, but her greedy enthusiasm more than made up for it and she too soon had Naoka cumming multiple times.

“Feast as we feast on you,” Selwyn told Naoka. “You, pet, will thrive off orgasms. But we, the masters of this place, thrive on something else. We thrive on our pets’ and servants’ pleasure. It fills us, makes us strong. Understand, little one?”

“No,” Naoka said. She was barely following what the woman was saying, the pleasure was too much. Too distracting, too overwhelming.

“That’s alright,” the woman said as she caressed the girl’s chest. “We like it better when our pets don’t understand. When there are mysteries surrounding them. Mysteries build power, after all.”

* * *

Naoka lay happily exhausted on the table, purring contentedly and feeling fuller and more sustained than she’d ever felt in her life. And after cumming so many times her mind was clear of the fog that had been muddling it all morning.

With her mind clear it was free to wander. It went almost at once to the story the Girl in the Mirror had told her. These women… they are more than simple noblewomen. But they aren’t monsters in disguise! They can’t be. I feel too safe and they are showering me with such wondrous pleasures.

After deciding the girl was a liar and it was best not to listen to anything she’d said Naoka’s mind moved to her future. Hadn’t these women said she could stay with them as long as she wanted? As long as she followed their rules or, if she broke them, took her punishments?

She felt a little unsettled when she realized she wasn’t certain if that was what they had said. Trying to remember the previous day suddenly felt like trying to remember her dreams that morning. The harder she tried to cling to them the more the memories faded and slipped between her mental fingers.

Yesterday doesn’t matter. Only now and what comes next. More of this, I hope! More sensual magic. I want to be lost in it, lost in this place, submit to it and let it consume me!

“Will I be your feast every morning?” she eventually asked.

“Perhaps,” Madelynn said with an amused chuckle.

“But perhaps not,” Selwyn added quickly. “No two days are ever the same in our manor.”

“Keep being such a good girl and your life will be bliss,” Madelynn promised as she began untying the girl.

Selwyn joined her, helping untie her other limbs. “And remind us, little one, what is your one rule right now?”

“I do not cum without permission,” Naoka told them.

“And if you do?” Selwyn asked.

“I must be punished,” Naoka replied.

“That’s right,” Madelynn replied as she undid the last of the rope. “Submission, obedience, and punishment. It is what this place thrives on, it is what binds everyone and everything here together.”

With breakfast over what is going to happen to Naoka next? (Choose up to 5 options from this poll)

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