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Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: This is a short entry at just a little over 1,000 words. This is one of my lesbian BDSM stories, and contains only girl/girl sexual action. It contains some breast play to build heat leading into a more explicit sex scene.

* * *

“Catch me, I dare you,” Cassie called out playfully as she disappeared behind a huge, ancient tree.

Bienya chased after the girl, breathy and recklessly eager. When she made her way around the tree the Elve stopped, confused. She’s disappeared again, she thought, groaning in dismay.

The game they were playing was as fun as it was frustrating. At first she’d thought Cassie had some magic she was drawing from the forest that was allowing her to disappear and reappear seemingly at will. But Bienya had begun to think she’d been reading the situation wrong. It was starting to feel less like Cassie was drawing something from the forest and more like she was part of the place.

“You’re terrible at hide and seek,” Cassie called out, punctuating the playful teasing with a charming giggle.

Bienya looked up and saw the plump girl crouched on a thick branch above her. The Bunordaen hopped down, almost landing on top of the Elve. Bienya had to struggle not to ogle her breasts as she landed, finding the way the impact with the ground made them jiggle most appealing and distracting.

“You have a stubborn eye for my breasts,” Cassie accused, grabbing Bienya’s shoulders and slamming her into the trunk of the huge tree behind her.

Bienya locked up, the then familiar rush of panic the girl’s more direct advances brought on overtaking her. I’m about to get my fourth kiss! Where will it be? Where do I WANT it to be?

The kind, but predatory, way Cassie smiled up at Bienya made her weak at the knees. “It’s not proper to stare at a young girl’s breasts the way you do, or as MUCH as you do,” she continued playfully. “Such visual liberties need to be punished,” she added. “A price MUST be paid.”

“And how will I pay this price?” Bienya asked, voice shaking a little. The idea of being “punished” by the sexy Bunordaen had excited her in ways she’d not expected.

Cassie slid her hands down the front of Bienya’s chest, tenderly stroking the exposed blue flesh of the Elve’s upper chest. Her fingers stopped at the top of her shirt where she began fingering the lace cord holding it closed.

“For a woman who claims to have little interest in sex you sure do dress provocatively,” Cassie purred. “Those tight leggings showing off that perky little ass. That waist corset, keeping your midsection so thin and accentuation the small but enticing curves you have here,” she said, running a hand down Bienya’s side to slip it behind her so she could lightly cup one of her ass cheeks. “And here,” Cassie added, cupping one of Bienya’s small breasts with her other hand.

Bienya shivered and cooed softly as she enjoyed the girl’s touch. “It’s the fashion where I come from,” the Elve told her. “Especially for those that travel,” she added. “Sturdy leggings are more practical for traveling. And it’s not a corset, it’s more of a waist belt that just happens to-”

“Press these up?” Cassie suggested, cupping and lightly squeezing both of Bienya’s breasts. When the Elve didn’t answer she let go of them and started unlacing her shirt. “Not much compared to mine. Just enough to push up, yet more than enough to grab and play with.”

Bienya remained silent as the girl continued to unlace her shirt down to the corset-like leather waist belt below her breasts. She moaned quietly when the girl slipped her hands into her top to grab her breasts.

The Elve leaned her head back into the tree, closing her eyes and concentrating on the feel of the girl’s hands on her breasts. When Cassie pulled them out of her shirt the added sensation of the cool night air added deliciously to the sensations she was losing herself in.

“I’ve decided how to punish you for your slutty ways, sexy Night Elve,” Cassie whispered, standing on her toes and moving in as if to kiss Bienya. “Two more kisses,” she whispered as she fondled the girl’s breasts. “But NOT on your lips,” she added, turning her mouth away from Bienya’s lips just before they met.

Bienya felt a rush of disappointment that left her wanting to groan in frustration. The feeling melted a moment later, turning into sexual panic as she realized Cassie had averted her lips from her face so they could move southward.

“Such cute little nipples,” Cassie sighed lustfully.

The feel of the girl’s breath on Bienya’s bare flesh made the Elve shiver. Her mouth is drawing so close to my nipple… Is that where she’s going to kiss me?

 “Such small areolas. And these cute little nubs! Already so swollen and engorged.”

“It’s cold,” Bienya told her reflexively.

“And my breath is oh so hot,” Cassie replied, ensuring her voice was breathy and directed it at Bienya’s left nipple. She paused, moving her mouth till her lips brushed against the Elve’s nipple. “Time for kiss number four.”

Bienya pressed her eyes closed and reached down to grip the tree. Her lips are so soft and warm. They feel so good puckered against my nipples… and the way she’s pressing them into the softness of my breast!

The kiss lingered, Cassie’s lips eventually slipping open. The kiss became something wet, something that enveloped Bienya’s hard nipple. Soon the nipple was in the girl’s mouth. Bienya moaned and wiggled, overwhelmed by how intense it felt. How perplexingly rough yet soft her wet tongue was. How incredible having her nipple sucked on was, and how much the flicking, twisting, and curling of Cassie’s tongue on and around her nipple increased that pleasure.

When the girl eased away Bienya had to fight the urge to grab the girl’s head and force her mouth back onto her nipple. She wanted more, NEEDED more while the moment she realized she was about to get more left her wanting to melt into a puddle of warm joy.

“Yes, Cassie, like that,” she moaned out when the girl’s lips found her other nipple. Again came a soft, lingering kiss that became so much more. She sucked, her mouth becoming a dance of moist warmth that brought such sensual delights!

Bienya found herself rubbing her thighs together, amazed at the amount of moist arousal between her legs. It felt like she was gushing from the attention. It was so satisfying, yet at the same time left her desperate for more.

“Please don’t stop,” she gasped, realizing at once the words were a mistake. This was just a kiss, and every kiss had to end.

“Five,” Cassie sighed happily as she pulled away from Bienya’s breast. “Oh my, would you look at your face,” she chuckled as she put Bienya’s breasts back into her shirt and laced it up. “So flush with arousal. Such a turned-on, horny Elve you are. You want more, yes? NEED more?”

Bienya nodded vigorously. For once the panic she normally felt from having the girl so close was gone. She moved to wrap an arm around her and pull her in for a kiss but Cassie, with astounding speed, responded by taking a step back and putting herself out of Bienya’s reach.

“I get to kiss you, you DON’T get to kiss me. But don’t worry, number six isn’t far away. And I promise I’ll be continuing my journey southward.” She smiled, eyes flashing suggestively below Bienya’s waist. “Now come on, the sooner we make some more ground the sooner you can have your next kiss.”

Bienya followed the girl feeling breathless, weak-kneed, and her mind fixated on where she’d be receiving her next kiss.

What happens As Cassie gives Bienya more of her kisses? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)

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