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Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: The entry is of middling sized at about 5,000 words. It contains a lot of mini sex scenes as the main character walks through a large orgy scene. It is all futa centered sex.

* * *

Several Months Later

The pleasant soreness Elaina felt between her legs was the first waking sensation the girl felt as she clung happily to the last of sleep. She rolled over, wiggling to get more comfortable in the pile of blankets and pillows on the ground she slept on.

Zarrea must have carried me in here after I passed out. The girl smiled at the memories of what had been being done to her before she passed out, then grinned wider as she thought about the Priestess’ part in the group sex. She takes such good care of me. Letting me sleep in her room. Doting on me, always telling me I’m the best temple pet she’s ever encountered.

She shifted again, lazily reaching up to touch the leather collar around her neck. Even since the day she’d helped the Demoness Rel’rylin escape she’d worn it. They’d collared her, declaring her a pet of the temple, a woman whose sole purpose would be to attend to the spiritual needs of those blessed by Naserette by helping them “pray” through sexual release.

It hadn’t seemed like it would be a demanding job those first few days. Zarrea was a woman filled with strong sexual needs, but once Rel’rylin was freed she’d become so busy she’d rarely had time to make use of Elaina’s services. And after her “reward” for saving the Demoness the imposing woman had not once touched Elaina.

Elaina had just begun to fear the life she’d chosen would end up being a lonely one when everything changed. Other followers of Naserette began flocking to the city. The hidden temple became a place that was constantly crowded, eventually growing even more busy than the Temple of Ihena had been.

And nothing like that place, Elaina thought happily. There was happiness there, even joy in their worship. Yet it was always a place where even the happy moments were restrained. And more often than not the business of the temple was carried out with stern diligence. There was much quiet, secluded worship and meetings where serious matters were discussed with studious solemnity.

The Hidden Temple of Naserette was nothing like that. It was a place of constant joy and nonstop perversion. Often it felt more like a brothel than a temple, with the worship of Naserette almost always being carried out through sexual acts. The sounds of vigorous orgies filled the temple nearly every hour of the day, a beautiful cacophony of moist, sloppy couplings Elaina had grown to revel in.

The girl buried her face in the mound of pillows and blankets under her, grinning in delight at the memories of the last few months. The loneliness she’d feared had never manifested for her with her life being the opposite. She’d had only a few rare moments when she was alone, and most were like the one she was in then: a short respite before or after sleep as she was allowed to recover to better serve Naserette’s faithful.

Her life had become a thing of constant, joyful, indulgent sexual perversion. Her waking hours were spent being passed around the temple, servicing those blessed by Naserette. She’d become more than just a temple servant. She was a temple pet and fuck-shrine, collared and leashed, anybody’s to use. And when someone wasn’t making use of her services it was expected that she’d proactively offer them to anyone in need of prayer or release.

Thinking back on how sexually naive she’d been amused her greatly. That naivety had been quickly shed as she had everything imaginable done to her along with a great many things she’d never have been able to imagine on her own.

Through it all she’d learned. Learned how to please a woman blessed by Naserette. How to make her cum. How to prolong her pleasure if that’s what she wanted. How to read such a woman’s body and intuit her desires so she could please her in the most satisfying ways possible.

Months of learning. Months of practice. Why, I bet I could give every whore in this city a run for their money! The thought made her glow with delight. And unlike THEM, I don’t do this for money. I do it because it makes me happy, and because serving this way is a form of worship to the goddess I’ve devoted myself to.

Her mind returned to how long she’d been happily living out her new life. She thought it was months, but she wasn’t sure how many. There were no windows in the temple and she was rarely close enough to the door when it opened to see what time of day it was outside. She’d go days or even weeks without having any real sense of whether it was day or night outside the temple.

There was no way to judge it by the activity inside the temple either. Naserette’s faithful conducted their business in hiding which them to be as likely to have business in the temple in the dead of night as they were in the middle of the day.

She’d thought little about what was going on outside the temple these last few months. She heard snippets of conversations but never paid much attention to them. Her life was one of service and religious devotion expressed through the serving of these women’s blessed cocks.

Still, she DID know some things even if she felt they weren’t personally meaningful to her life. The escape of Rel’rylin had started a conflict between the faithful of the two temples that sounded almost like a war to Elaina. It wasn’t a war being fought on open battlefields; it was something more subtle. Fought in shadows, a thing of sexual corruption as Ihena’s faithful were tempted away from their faith or, when that was not possible, “disappeared”.

Elaina didn’t know what that meant and hadn’t bothered to ask. That was part of the world OUTSIDE the temple. Her world was only that of the world INSIDE it.

“This is my world,” Elaina purred, stroking her collar. She found the leash attached to it and rubbed it lovingly against her cheek. “This is all I need,” she added with a satisfied sigh.

Since being collared it had been the only thing she’d worn. The lack of clothing had been something she’d needed to adjust to, especially since she found her body so lacking when compared to the others in the temple. But over time she’d come to feel being unclothed was how she was meant to be and now hoped to never be forced to wear anything other than the collar and leash.

The door into Zarrea’s small bedroom swung open. “I sensed you were awake, little one,” the woman said as she strode into the room. As she closed the door behind her she snapped her fingers, using a bit of her divine magic to make the lights in the room turn on. Purple flame erupted into life in the sconces on the walls, filling the darkness with the sensual light that Elaina had come to love so much.

“Good morning, Priestess Zarrea,” Elaina said, sitting up and yawning as she stretched. “Are you here to help me with my morning prayers and to give me my breakfast?”

“Of course,” the woman said, stopping to run her hands through Elaina’s blond hair before walking past her towards the recliner in the far corner of the room. On the way she shrugged off her robes, leaving her naked when she sat.

Elaina eagerly scrambled onto her hands and knees and crawled to the woman. Once there she bowed, holding the end of her leash up. “I submit to you, Priestess. I submit to Naserette’s might. I beg that you allow her lowly servant to pray with you. And I hope my service and prayer will be rewarded with cum blessed by Naserette, the only sustenance this lowly servant now needs.”

Only after Zarrea took the leash and tugged on it did Elaina rise and look up at the woman. She practically squealed in delight at the sight of the woman’s legs spread open, her magnificent, thick, veiny blue cock already swelling in anticipation.

“Begin your worship and earn your breakfast, little one,” Zarrea said, smiling kindly at the girl.

Elaina moved closer, grabbing hold of the woman’s cock and holding it up like it was a holy relic. She nuzzled her face into the underside then shifted her face so she could kiss it. Moaning indecently, she began licking and kissing down to the woman’s balls then back up to attend to that strange, lovely place where the skin of her shaft met in a fleshy tab under the tip of her cockhead.

“Naserette be praised,” Elaina sighed happily between wet kisses and sloppy drags of her tongue up and down the woman’s cock. “May her power and perversion ever grow,” she added before rising to take the end of Zarrea’s large member into her mouth.

She sucked vigorously, letting herself drool profusely on the woman’s meaty member. Every few bobs of her head she pulled away, gasping for breath then shoving her face into the place under the woman’s cock where her balls hung. She’d move her face back and forth, licking, sucking, and slurping on her as she inhaled the potent scent of her cock. Sweaty maleness that shouldn’t be along with the strong smell and taste of old semen mixed with the scent and flavor of other women’s cunts.

The tastes and odors were intoxicating to her, a potent reek and flavor she was always eager to savor. It was something Elaina could never get enough of and would have selfishly indulged in for hours without pause.

But even though she enjoyed her morning worship it was not something she did for her own pleasure. She was worshiping her goddess, and that meant pleasuring Zarrea.

As she sucked her off, putting all the skills she’d learned the last few months to use, she prayed to Naserette in her mind. She knew that wasn’t necessary, just pleasuring the cock of a woman blessed by the Futa Goddess was a form of worship. But she liked repeating the words in her head, and the more vigorous her prayers were the more delicious and filling the woman’s cum would end up being.

She was always most hungry in the morning. That first load of cum, usually provided by Zarrea, would do much to make her belly feel full. By the time she was ready to pass out from exhaustion she’d have sucked down enough cum to feel full to bursting.

It was the only substance she’d had since beginning her service in the temple. She took in no other drink and ate no other food, only cum. Through Naserette’s blessings it was all she needed. It had even helped her put on a little weight which had helped her awkwardly narrow figure fill out a little, although not by much.

When Zarrea came Elaina sucked and gulped it down with thankful religious devotion. When she slurped the Priestess’ cock out of her mouth she bowed her head, resting her forehead against the underside of it, to say a quick prayer of thanks to Naserette.

“Feeling refreshed?” the woman asked Elaina.

“Very,” the girl replied, letting go of her member as it went limp and smiling up at the Priestess. “I’m ready to begin my day! I assume there is need for me in the temple?”

“I’m sure there is,” Zarrea said as she rose from the chair. “My robes, little one, put them on me.”

Elaina did as she was commanded, holding the end of her leash out for the woman to take once she was done.

Zarrea took it and headed for the door. “Come along, I’m sure we’ll be able to find a use for you. After all, it is rather busty out there today.”

When they left the small bedroom, Zarrea leading the girl as she crawled on all fours, Elaina saw what she meant. She’d never seen the temple so full! Everywhere she looked women were busy fucking.

So many women blessed by Naserette… So many huge, thick, beautiful hard cocks. And so many women like me servicing them.

Many of Naserette’s faithful arrived at the temple in groups, twos, threes, or sometimes more. If they came in groups at least one of them would be like Elaina: a devotee of the Futa Goddess, but one not destined to be blessed by her in the way the others were. Some acted as servants, others partners of equal standing. But all worked to serve their partners’ sexual needs, which served as a form of prayer to Naserette.

Most of these women took on roles like the one Elaina had once they were at the temple. They spent their waking hours helping those blessed with cocks, indulging in their every sexual whim as a form of worship to Naserette.

Sometimes Elaina struggled with issues of jealousy. She was the temple’s only permanent, dedicated fuck-shrine yet these other women were all so exotic and more sexually appealing than her. She envied their beauty and their womanlier bodies. Even though she’d filled out a bit she was still so narrow, with her small imperfectly shaped breasts more than anything something she felt self-conscious about.

Zarrea stopped to admire a group worshiping nearby. Elaina wanted to groan in dismay. The sight seemed to have been summoned from her worst insecurities.

A servant of Naserette was stretched out on a bench, laying on her back with her head hanging over the end. The woman was a beautiful, tall Night Elve with gorgeous purple skin. She had a narrow, well-muscled body, but it was her breast that drew the attention of anyone looking at her. Impressively sized and perfectly shaped for a woman with as thin and fit a build as she had, they were an inescapable presence.

One woman blessed by Naserette was standing at the end of the bench, her cock in the woman’s mouth. Elaina took a moment to admire the sight of the woman’s cock visibly stretching out the other woman’s throat. The sight left Elaina longing to have her throat filled the same way, to endure the pleasure of struggling to breathe as her throat is stretched out while a pair of big sweaty balls slap against her face.

It was the others crowded around the woman on the bench that left Elaina feeling self-conscious and jealous. One blessed by Naserette had just finished fucking the Elve’s magnificent breasts and had shot out an astoundingly large load all over them.

Two servants of Naserette were busy licking the Elve’s chest clean, attending to every inch of her breasts with their tongues in a display she knew was at least a little performative. If they did a good job, and the Elve’s cum-covered breasts were enticing enough, the woman who had just fucked them would grow hard once more and take another turn with either the Elve or one of the other servants of Naserette.

As skilled as Elaina had become she was rarely the center of so much attention. That Elve… All she has to do is just lay there and let them ravish her. She’s even earning the attention of the other servants. My body is just too lacking compared to these other servants of Naserette… I’d never be the center of attention like that.

“Come along,” Zarrea said as she tugged on Elaina’s leash. “This way.”

Elaina looked up at her, realizing it had been no accident they had stopped to watch. She’s trying to teach me something. Zarrea had done that a lot in the beginning, although it had grown rarer as time had gone on. Most of the time it had been so she could learn some new sexual technique, making her watch someone more experienced before being told to try it out afterward.

Then there had been times like this, times it felt the Priestess could see into her mind. Lessons where Elaina was forced to confront an insecurity or was faced with something that challenged the way she’d viewed the world till then. These lessons were often ones she had to figure out mostly on her own, a thing of the mind and not of the body.

So what is she trying to teach me today?

The girl’s anxiety increased when they turned to approach the seat of power that was often the focus of all in the temple. It was a large ornate chair, like a throne only much more comfortable. The seat was reserved for the most powerful and important member of the congregation. At one point that had been Zarrea, but since Rel’rylin’s arrival at the temple only she had sat upon the throne.

The Demoness spent most of her time there. Elaina understood she was weak after her imprisonment, something that she’d struggled to believe at first. The Demoness was so powerful, her presence suffocating at times. But over the last several months the girl had felt the Demoness’ power increasing and in hindsight now could see how weak she’d been when first rescued.

Recovering her power, that’s what everyone says she’s doing. And to do that she needs rest, rest and plenty of devoted worship of the goddess who created her. There’s almost always a servant at her feet or on her lap, servicing her mighty cock. Sucking or riding it.

But never me, Elaina thought, feeling a mix of bitterness and inferiority. Always it is only the most beautiful, sexiest, and most pleasing to fuck that are called to ‘pray’ with her.

The girl had to struggle not to glare at the woman kneeling before the Demoness as they approached, only barely keeping her jealousy and envy in check.

She was a pure-blooded High Elve, her beauty and sexual appeal so perfect she seemed more goddess than mortal. And unlike Elaina’s narrow and imperfectly shaped body the woman was all thick, full, exaggerated perfect curves. And her tits! Huge mounds of perfectly shaped breast flesh that seemed so firm they defied gravity yet were perfectly soft to the touch.

Zarrea stopped, nodding for Elaina to watch. The girl did so unhappily. The High Elve was on her knees between the Demoness’ feet, her back arched away so the Demoness’ cock could better rest on her chest.

Look at the eagerness on Rel’rylin’s face as she grabs hold of the Elve’s huge tits and wraps them around her cock… It’s leaking so much precum in anticipation that she’s able to use it as lube as she fucks the fat-assed slut’s tits.

Zarrea clucked in disapproval.

“I’m sorry, Priestess,” Elaina muttered as she hung her head in shame. She wasn’t sure if the Priestess could read her mind or simply pick up on her emotions. Either way the meaning of the disapproving sound was clear: she was not to think so negatively of fellow servants of Naserette.

“Do not look away,” Zarrea said firmly.

“Yes, Priestess,” Elaina replied, looking back up and watching.

As the scene played out before her Elaina found herself playing with herself. It was often impossible not to when it came to watching the Demoness, she had a supernatural aura of arousal that surrounded her that was impossible to ignore.

One of Elaina’s hands sneaked between her legs so she could finger herself, while the other played with her meager breasts. She longed for a body as curvaceous and perfect as the High Elves and tried to imagine what it would be like to have breasts large enough to pleasure a woman’s cock in that way.

“Do you know who and what that servant of Naserette once was?”

“No, Priestess,” Elaina replied as she watched the Elve and Demoness. The servant read Rel’rylin’s body language and knew when she was about to cum. She had the Demoness’ cock in her mouth just as she started to cum.

“She was once a member of the Sisterhood of Righteousness, a powerful and feared commander. Have you heard of them?”

“Yes,” Elaina replied, burning with jealousy as she watched the Elve gulp down the Demon’s impossibly large load of cum. “They are an all-female order of warriors dedicated to fighting The Corruption.”

“Indeed. And once that woman led warriors to hunt down Naserette’s faithful and slay us like we were no more than vermin. Now look at her.”

Elaina watched as the Elve climbed onto Rel’rylin’s lap, turning to lower herself onto the Demoness’ cock with her back to the Demoness. The girl watched as the Elve shivered in delight, wiggling and working the length of the Demoness’ huge member deep into her till she looked as though it might break her.

“Look at her,” Zarrea repeated. “Look at the joy as she rides Rel’rylin’s cock. Everything she once was forgotten, now giving herself with such enthusiasm to a greater demon of a goddess whose worship she’d once tried to put an end to. And she’s doing more than praying and pleasuring her, she’s letting Rel’rylin siphon off the magical Elven strength within herself so the demoness can continue to grow more powerful.”

“Is that why she’s never touched me after that first day? Because I’ve no power to offer her?”

Zarrea did not answer. Instead, she turned away from the sight, tugging Elaina’s leash to let her know she was expected to follow.

“What two kinds of women are in this temple?”

Elaina knew the answer and recited it without hesitation. “Those blessed by Naserette and those who serve Naserette. Women like you, and women like me.”

“Just so,” Zarrea said with an approving nod. “Tell me, do you think you could tell them apart were they dressed?”

“No,” Elaina replied. In the beginning she’d thought she could but had quickly discovered who were the servants and who were the blessed were not always obvious.

As if to show an example they stopped to watch a couple engaged in lazy worship. A sexy middle-aged woman was lounging on a couch. Elaina was used to seeing her and always admired her exotic beauty. She was a member of the Bunordaen race, which meant she had adorable furry bunny ears sticking up from her head. Her hair and fur were jet black and her skin was dusky colored.

When Elaina had first seen her and the small woman who had arrived with her she’d been certain this woman was the one blessed by Naserette. She was older and carried herself with mature certainty that Elaina had only seen in older women. She’d also had a deliciously thick body, the kind Elaina had seen Naserette seemed more likely to approve of.

But it was not the Bunordaen woman blessed by Naserette, she was the servant.

The girl she’d arrived with, one who looked only a few years older than Elaina, was the one blessed. The girl was a Kittaran, a race of normally submissive cat girls. With her small frame and cute cat ears and fluffy tail she seemed to be the Bunordaen woman’s servant or ward.

As Elaina discovered this was just an act the two put on when traveling Alaria. Like nearly all servants of Naserette they had to keep their true selves hidden from most of the world as worship of the Futa Goddess was often banned in most places. Once they’d relaxed in the comfort of the hidden temple their roles had reversed. The young Kittaran had revealed her huge, blessed member and began indulging in using it to dominate others.

Even now as Elaina stood and watched the small Kittaran sat on top of the lounging Bunordaen, purring happily as she lazily fucked the bunny-eared woman’s large soft breasts. From the multiple loads of cum covering the woman’s face and upper chest she’d been doing so for some time.

“You’re just a sloppy, sloven slut, aren’t you?” the Kittaran purred to the Bunordaen.

“Yes, Mistress,” the woman replied, leaning back and licking some of the thick gooey cum from around her lips. “Just a sloppy slut who lives to serve your cock. Naserette be praised for blessing you with such a meaty, girthy, member!”

“Naserette be praised,” Zarrea said with a nod then moved on, pulling Elaina along with her. As they moved along the Priestess gently tugged at the girl’s leash to draw her attention. “What do you think separates those blessed by Naserette and those chosen to serve?”

“Their glorious, blessed cocks,” Elaina sighed lustfully, looking longingly at the dicks of the women they passed by.

“No,” Zarrea said firmly. “You’re normally admirable cock-lust has led you to misunderstand my question. Let me reword the question: what do those that are blessed by Naserette have that the women who serve do not?”

“I don’t know,” Elaina told her after thinking for a moment.

“What makes these women stand out? You’ve met and serviced many of them and although you’ve mostly been busy helping them worship our glorious goddess you have learned some about them. What kind of women are they?”

“Most seem to be Adventurers,” Elaina said. “Or at least masquerading as them as they go about on the tasks Naserette wishes them to. And those that aren’t Adventurers are women who share many of the same skills as those kinds of people have.”

“Just so,” Zarrea said, patting the girl on the head. “And what allows Adventurers and their ilk the ability to tap into their special powers? Those special abilities Rogues, Barbarians, Paladins, Clerics, and even Priestesses have. What makes it so some people can tap into that special magic and learn to wield it while others can’t?”

Elaina shrugged. “I don’t know, Priestess.”

“They call it ‘the hero’s spark’, a special inherent potential only some have. It gives them the ability to become more. Those blessed by Naserette all have this spark, while most of those chosen to serve lack it.”

 “So it’s something I lack,” Elaina said sadly, hanging her head a bit as she continued to follow after Zarrea on all fours. “There’s nothing special about me…”

Zarrea stopped and knelt before the girl. “Listen to me, little one,” she said as she put a finger under the girl’s chin and lifted her head so they were looking into each other’s eyes. “Even IF you are missing the hero’s spark, which you may not be, you ARE special. You made Rel’rylin’s escape possible and there is something else to you… something unique.”

“What?” Elaina asked. “What is special about me?”

The Priestess smiled kindly. “I don’t know. But Naserette still intends great things for you. In time we’ll discover what special destiny she has planned out for you. You yet have some great purpose you are meant to accomplish, and I sense that one day you will look back at your time here in the temple and see it as only a momentary stop on your way to greater things.”

She stood and offered the handle of the leash to the girl. “It is time to begin your daily duties now. Go, find women to serve. Help them worship. Pleasure them. Put all those skills you’ve learned to good use. And enjoy yourself as you indulge in the glory of Naserette’s blessings.”

* * *

Zarrea watched as the girl rose to her feet and anxiously moved away.

She’d seen this play out day after day. The girl was painfully aware of how plain she looked compared to most of the other servants who spent their time in the temple. Even with all the skills she’d learned she still lacked the confidence to attract the attention of those blessed by Naserette.

But it wouldn’t be long before a woman would snatch the girl up and make use of her. Perhaps it would be someone whose cock was hard and whose balls needed draining and Elaina would be the closest set of warm moist holes to use. But there would be others who WOULD find the girl’s youthful awkwardness as attractive and alluring as any of the other beauties in the temple.

She’s still growing into the woman she’s meant to be, the Priestess thought as she watched Elaina find a partner to worship with. Good. Look how happy she is. Now that there’s a cock in her face all her self-doubt is gone. She’ll drain that woman’s balls as well as any other servant in the temple is able. She’s always been eager, and now she’s as skilled as any of the others.

“You’ve grown too fond of the girl.”

Zarrea didn’t need to turn to see who had spoken. She’d felt Rel’rylin’s approach even when the Demoness had still been half the temple away. Even if she hadn’t she’d known her by her voice. A voice I’d heard in my mind for years. Drawing me here, leading me to found this temple. Helping me find Elaina, leading me in my corruption of the girl.

“She… is dear to me,” Zarrea said carefully. A temple of Naserette was not a place for romantic affections, Naserette was not that kind of goddess. Romantic love was not something her followers were forbidden, but it was discouraged, especially in those blessed by the Futa Goddess.

“I’ve watched her more closely than you know,” Rel’rylin said, voice low so only Zarrea could hear her. “You were right about her, the girl’s enthusiasm is remarkable. And I’ve never seen a Human learn so many sexual skills so quickly. She had a truly perverse heart even before we dug our claws into her mind.”

“Just look at her,” Zarrea said proudly.

Elaina had undressed the woman and led her to a bench. Once she was on all fours the girl had knelt behind her where she began licking and eating her ass till the woman’s cock was thick and hard. Elaina had then pulled out a bottle of oil hidden under the bench and slathered the slippery substance all over the woman’s member to better work it.

“Look at how lovingly she fondles that woman’s balls while eating her ass with such enthusiasm. Look at how skillfully she works her cock, twisting as she strokes her. The woman won’t be able to last long, Naserette be praised.”

“Naserette be praised,” Rel’rylin repeated. “She’s learned much in a short time. I dare say she has little left to be learned here in the hidden temple.”

“It’s time then?” Zarrea asked.

“Yes, time for her to be put to more important use. I know you’ve enjoyed having her as a temple pet and fuck-shrine, but she has the potential to be oh so much more. Naserette has plans for her…”

What happens next now that we know Elaina is destined to be put to more important use? (Choose up to 8 options from this poll)

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