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Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: The entry is a long one, at nearly 9,000 words. This is one of my lesbian BDSM romances, so it contains only girl/girl sex and all the action is consenting. There is some orgasm denial, rope bondage, and a prolong scene where the main character has to “suffer” through repeated orgasms brought about by an intense vibrator.

“Help me,” Naoka whined to the ghost girl. “You CAN help me, can’t you? I don’t know if you can touch me… or maybe you can do something, something exciting and I can watch and touch myself? Or maybe you can just talk dirty to me while I lay in bed and-”

“No,” the ghost girl said firmly, crossing her arms and smirking at Naoka.

“No?” Naoka asked, her furry ears turning down. Her tail lashed around her body so she could anxiously stroke it. “No you can’t do any of those things or no you WON’T do any of those things?”

The girl just floated there, arms crossed as she grinned cruelly at the Kittaran. “No,” she repeated, taking great joy in flustering Naoka by not making clear what her answer meant.

“Then what about her?” Naoka snapped, turning to look in the mirror. “I saw her! She was pretty, she made my insides purr. Is she another ghost like you?”

“No,” the ghost girl said, the mirth gone from her voice. “She’s… not like me at all. And she’s not going to help you right now either, are you?” The ghost floated closer, narrowing her eyes as she glared at the mirror. “If you did I’d tell on you and then you’d be in trouble.”

Naoka hissed in frustration. She had no time for ghosts talking to each other through mirrors. She HAD to get off. “Then leave!” she screamed, waving her arms at the ghost girl.

She floated back, not letting Naoka come in contact with her semi-transparent body. “No,” she repeated, the joy back in her voice. “I won’t leave.”

“But I don’t want to do THAT with you floating around and bothering me!”

“That’s good,” the ghost girl said, giggling in glee, “because I’m not going to LET you do that.” As she spoke she floated around the Kittaran, keeping high and far enough away to prevent the girl from trying to touch her. “I’m going to ensure you can’t so much as touch yourself.”

“You can’t stop me! You can’t even touch me, you’re just a ghost.”

The ghost girl raised a pretty eyebrow. “Oh? And what does a stray cat know about ghosts? How many have you encountered out on the filthy streets of this city? How many have you conversed with? Tell me, you dumb little twit, tell me ALL the things a gutter stray like you knows about ghosts.”

Naoka snarled at the girl. “Why are you being so mean? Just go away!”

“No,” the girl repeated happily.

“But why?”

“I have orders.”

Naoka pouted and stomped a foot in frustration. “Whose orders?”

The door to the bedroom flew open, light from the hall temporarily blinding Naoka. She threw an arm up over her eyes, hissing in surprise and jumping back.

“Our orders,” a familiar voice called out.

Naoka’s body language changed completely at the sound of the voice. She dropped her arm and stood tall, her ears perking up as her tail lashed in excitement behind her. When her eyes adjusted to the light she saw Selwyn striding towards her, a candelabra in her hand. Madelynn was a few steps behind her, carrying a single candle.

The Kittaran hungrily drank in the sight of them. Both women were dressed only in corsets that pushed their large breasts up and a pair of silk blank panties. Her eager eyes darted between each woman’s breasts, lingering for a moment to admire the way they jiggled each time they took a step.

“I was a VERY good girl,” the ghost declared, abandoning Naoka to go to the two sexy, imposing women. “I kept her from getting off just like you told me to and I made sure she got even more worked up than she needed to be.”

“All on your own?” Madelynn asked.

“No,” the ghost girl said as if not wanting to admit she’d had help. “The Girl in the Mirror helped a little.”

“You did very well,” Selwyn assured the floating apparition. “You’ll have your reward later but for now you will leave us alone with our new special guest.”

The ghost girl nodded, rotating to face Naoka. As she began to fade from sight she stuck her tongue out at the Kittaran then erupted into laughter, the sound of her mocking laughs fading as the rest of her disappeared.

“Lights, Madelynn,” Selwyn commanded.

Naoka glanced at the fairer-skinned woman as she started lighting the candles around the room. “Please,” Naoka whined as she looked back to Selwyn who was standing closest to her. “I’m… struggling. That awful ghost girl, she-”

“Hush,” Selwyn said as she stepped up to the Kittaran, placing a finger on the girl’s lips. “We know all about your troubles and are here to help you get the relief you need.”

Naoka struggled to follow her words. The sight of her cleavage so brazenly on display so close was a huge distraction. The feel of the woman’s finger on her lips was even more distracting, especially because she left it there so she could caress Naoka’s lips. The Kittaran found herself moaning softly and leaning into the woman’s touch.

“I’m proud of you for behaving,” Madelynn said.

Naoka looked at her and realized the woman hadn’t been talking to her. She’d stopped at the mirror that had shown her such arousing images and was speaking to it. No, Naoka thought. Not to the mirror, to the girl I saw in the mirror.

“Never mind The Girl in the Mirror,” Selwyn said firmly. “You’ll be a good girl for us, yes? If you are we’ll ensure you get the relief you need.”

“Yes,” Naoka sighed when the woman stroked her cheek with the back of her hand. She purred, closing her eyes and leaning into her touch. “I’ll be a good girl. I’ll do whatever you want me to, just please help me. The frustration… it’s almost painful.”

“We’ve just the tools stashed in this very room,” Madelynn said as she strode up to the others. She’d finished lighting enough of the candles in the room to provide decent light and had left the candle she had behind. “But first, you must be prepared. You’re all bothered, a wild animal barely in control of herself. You must be contained before we can provide the relief you need.”

“I’ll get what we need,” Selwyn said.

When she walked away Madelynn took over stroking the Kittaran’s face. Naoka leaned into the woman’s touch, continuing to purr softly as she caressed and stroked her.

“These will do,” Selwyn called out. Naoka didn’t bother looking. She was enjoying being touched too much and had closed her eyes to better focus on the sensations.

“I think so, yes,” Madelynn replied. “Stand,” she commanded Naoka. “Look what Selwyn has, is it familiar to you?”

Only after the woman stopped stroking her face did the girl look. Selwyn had set down the candelabra on a dresser and was holding a few bundles of rope. The soft purrs that had been drumming in Naoka’s chest erupted into body-shaking sounds of expectant delight. “I saw rope like that in the mirror. And I saw you both-”

“We know,” Selwyn interrupted. “We know very well the things we’ve done in this room with and to our special guests, and we know The Girl in the Mirror is always watching. She remembers very well and excels at replaying her memories for others.”

“Had you seen rope used like that before tonight?” Madelynn asked, moving behind Naoka and placing her hands on the girl’s shoulders.

“No,” Naoka said nervously. She wasn’t sure if the answer was a good one. It seemed these women appreciated how naïve she was in these matters, but she worried her lack of experience might eventually frustrate them and lead them to lose interest in her.

“Seeing them used that way excited you, though?” Madelynn asked, slipping her hands into the back of the girl’s robe and slipping it off. Once Naoka was naked Madelynn began caressing the Kittaran’s upper arms, her calming touch helping the girl feel more comfortable being naked in front of the two women. “The way we bound those girls up… you wanted that to happen to you?”

“Very much,” Naoka gasped when the woman leaned closer to slip her hands down the front of the Kittaran’s body. Her fingertips tickled her upper chest, caressing and dancing down to the swell of her small breasts. “Don’t stop,” Naoka moaned, shuddering slightly when the woman gently cupped her breasts in her hands.

“Cum without permission and you’ll be severely punished,” Madelynn whispered in the girl’s ear as she lightly played with the girl’s nipples. “You’re close, aren’t you? Of course you, our fiendish specter did her job well. If I keep going you’ll cum. If I tried I could work you up slowly, help build you to an orgasm so explosive it would feel like a holy revelation.”

“Yes, yes, YES,” Naoka panted and gasped.

“But that’s not what I’m going to do,” Madelynn said, her voice suddenly cold and free of the warm sensuality that had filled it moments ago. She let go of the girl and took a step back away from her. “You CAN be a god girl, can’t you? If you want us to help you you’ll have to behave.”

“Do what we say,” Selwyn added.

Naoka jumped, caught off guard at the woman’s sudden presence. She’d been so lost in the feel of Madelynn’s hands all over her she hadn’t noticed the other woman had drawn so close. “I’ll be good,” Naoka promised. “Just please… help me! Touch me some more,” she pleaded in a desperate whine.

“Being good means following all of our orders,” Selwyn explained. “Arms out, stand up straight,” she barked. The woman began artfully tying the girl up, making first a harness around her torso then securing her upper arms to it.

“If you can’t follow orders one of two things will happen,” Madelynn declared as she watched her partner tying the girl up. “The first option is that you’ll be asked to leave our mansion.”

“I don’t want that,” Naoka blurted out.

“Is this too tight?” Selwyn asked, ignoring the comment and tightening the straps now securing her upper arms to her body.

“I like it,” Naoka purred.

“Good,” Selwyn said. “Then come along to the bed. Yes, lay here right at its edge, get that pretty perky little ass right at the foot of the bed. Legs open, there’s a good girl. What a pretty pussy! And so wet, what a mess it is right now.”

Naoka turned her head to look away from the women as they stared at her most private of places. Her cheeks and chest were on fire and her pussy was throbbing from the feel of their eyes on it. She wanted the attention yet was struggling to endure it.

 Instead of puzzling out the confusing mix of feelings she concentrated on Selwyn’s hands. Once on the bed the woman had continued to tie her. Soon Naoka’s wrists were bound in rope that was connected to more that wrapped around her thighs, locking her hands at her sides. More rope was attached to her wrists, stretched out and secured to the bedposts. Other lengths of ropes were added to the harness on her upper torso, pulled over the edge of the bed and secured to something under it.

When the woman was done Naoka was left completely helpless, unable to move except for a slight wiggle.

“You feel safe?” Selwyn asked as she ran a finger down the center of Naoka’s naked body. “You trust us?”

“Yes,” the girl gasped. “I feel… oddly free,” she added when the woman pulled away.

“Such things ARE freeing,” Madelynn agreed. “And distracting. Do you remember what we were talking about?”

Naoka closed her eyes, struggling to remember. “What happens if I can’t follow orders, if I’m not a good girl.”

“What is the first thing that could happen?”

“I would be asked to leave,” she hissed, hating the thought.

“Right. But there’s another option.”

“What?” Naoka asked, eyes flying open. She lifted her head, looking at the two women standing at the end of the bed with desperation in her eyes. “What is the other option?”

“You can stay and be punished for being a naughty little kitty,” Madelynn declared. She turned away from Selwyn and bent over slightly, sticking her ass out.

“Bad girls get punished to prove they are just good girls who made a mistake,” Selwyn said, punctuating the sentence by slapping Madelynn’s ass.

The sound of the fleshy impact echoing through the room made Naoka shiver in fear and delight. “If I am ever a bad girl I’ll take my punishments,” she proclaimed bravely, confused by how eager she was at the prospect.

“And do you remember the first rule we’ve given you?” Madelynn asked. When Naoka stared blankly at her she smiled kindly in response. “I said no cumming without permission. That is not just a command for now, that is a rule you are to follow the entire time you stay in our home. Understand?”

The near pain of needing release that was eating away at Naoka gave her pause. But they promised to help me! And the way they touch me… the way they’ve tied me up. I’m being worked up to a height of release I’ve never imagined possible.

“I understand,” Naoka told her, purring uncontrollably. “When do I get to cum?”

“Soon,” Madelynn promised.

“First, another treat to help you control yourself,” Selwyn declared, moving around the bed and opening a nightstand drawer. She pulled out a red ball gag. “You will wear this. It will help keep you quiet while we bring you the relief you need,” she explained as she crawled onto the bed. “You give me permission to gag you?”

Naoka stared at the red ball and the leather straps extending from it. “Yes,” she panted. “I want to be gagged.”

“Even though you won’t be able to speak?” Madelynn asked.

“Yes,” she said without hesitation.

“But if things became too scary, too extreme, how would you tell us we need to stop?” Selwyn asked. “You’d be able to speak no word of safety.”

“The kitten doesn’t even have a safe word yet,” Madelynn reminded her partner.

“Well, that’s no good,” Selwyn replied. “Tell me, kitten, a word. One of power, one that when spoken will stop everything, no matter what games we are playing. One you know you can use so you always feel safe with us. One you’d never speak by accident.”

Naoka’s mind darted about, desperate to think of a word she’d remember but would have no reason to say under normal circumstances. “Emberstone,” she spit out. The orange rocks glowed as bright as a lantern with steady light that lasted for years or even decades in some cases. The Kittaran had always seen them as a sign of wealth. The city used them in streetlights in the better neighborhoods while the rich used them to light their homes. But she’d seen few in use in the mansion. It was like these two women were so wealthy the glowing rocks were below them.

“A good safeword,” Madelynn said with a nod. “But what will the kitty do when her pretty mouth is gagged?”

“I know,” Selwyn said. She stroked the Kittaran’s furry tail and lifted it up. “When she cannot say her safeword she shall use her tail to get our attention. Wave it about, slap us with it, anything to show she needs safety. Agreed?”

Naoka nodded. “I agree.” The whole thing seemed so unneeded, yet she liked it. It made her feel like no matter what these women did to her she would, in some way, be the one in charge because she had the power to stop it at any time.

“Good,” Selwyn said. “Then it is time to gag you.”

Naoka decided at once she loved being gagged. It added to the vulnerable sense of helplessness that she found so exciting and arousing by restricting her words like the ropes restricted her body.

“The gag is needed because we will be talking as we bring you relief,” Madelynn explained to Naoka as Selwyn crawled off the bed. “You seem a smart young thing, but a life on the streets has left you ignorant even of yourself. We see you are struggling to understand what you are going through. We wish to share what we know about Kittarans.”

Naoka furrowed her brow. That wasn’t what she wanted. They had promised her relief, it was all she cared about. Learning could be done some other time.

Both women laughed at the Kittaran’s expression.

“You’ll have your relief,” Selwyn promised, accurately reading the expression on the girl’s face. “But we’ll make a game of it. You must try and focus on what we are teaching you as we bring you relief. It will be a struggle, I promise, for I will ensure it is. You will have to struggle through-,” she cut herself off and elbowed Madelynn. “Look at the kitty’s pussy. I mean REALLY look at it!”

Naoka flushed as both women’s full attention turned to her womanhood. With her legs pulled open the way they were she was on full display in a way she’d never imagined she’d be with another woman.

“Needs a little grooming,” Madelynn observed. “The servants can take care of that in the morning. But still, yes, I see. Such a pretty young pussy. So enticing… So fucking delicious looking.”

“Let us have a taste before we continue,” Selwyn said. “You first, my dearest love.”

“You treat me so well,” she told the woman, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her in for a long, deeply passionate kiss.

Naoka watched, wiggling and moaning in appreciation at the display. It was a raw moment of intense sexual desire, mixed with an equal amount of romantic affection. It was a moment that did much to make the two women’s relationship clearer to her.

She’d been so lost in the moment, lost in appreciating it, in wanting to be part of it, that she forgot what they had been talking about doing. It was only when Madelynn dropped to her knees at the end of the bed and shoved her face between Naoka’s legs that she remembered.

A kiss. Soft, gentle, and surprisingly wet on her womanhood. After the kiss there was a little flick of tongue, just firm enough to slip into the Kittaran’s moist, fleshy folds and sample her wetness.

Naoka moaned. Her eyes rolled up into her head. She nearly came. She’d not imagined a mouth would feel so good there.

“Delicious,” Madelynn moaned, licking her lips, as she got up. “And now you, my love.”

“It will be just a quick taste,” Selwyn said as she knelt at the end of the bed. “Any more and the poor thing will cum and get herself in trouble.”

No kiss this time. Instead, the woman moved her face close to Naoka’s pussy, lingering there for a few moments as she inhaled the heady aroma of the girl’s arousal. The feel of her hot breath on Naoka’s womanhood made the Kittaran moan and wiggle once more. And then the tongue! The glorious, wet, rough yet soft tongue slipped through her labia just fast enough for the woman to taste her. The girl was so worked up that anymore and Naoka WOULD have cum.

“Let me taste her on your lips,” Madelynn demanded as Selwyn stood. Once more they kissed. It was a sloppy, wild thing this time. A tangle of open mouths and sliding tongues as they licked and sucked the taste of Naoka’s pussy off each other’s lips.

“She looks as though she can’t take much more,” Selwyn chuckled. “It’s time I get the toy.”

“The wand,” Madelynn suggested. “The one with the red orb.”

“You don’t think it will be too intense for the girl?”

“Oh, I think it will be FAR too intense for her. But you did such a good job gagging and binding her up so beautifully. It would be a crime to not make the eager little slut in training suffer. We promised her relief, let’s give it to her till she drowns in it.”

“It WILL make the game we’ve promised her more difficult,” Selwyn pointed out.

Madelynn crossed her arms and made eye contact with Naoka. “She wants to be a good girl. She’ll focus on our words, no matter how overwhelming the pleasure is. Won’t you?”

Naoka nodded eagerly, moaning her enthusiasm to begin. She knew she didn’t really understand what was about to happen, but she didn’t care. She needed it even if it ended up being too much.

Selwyn had gone to the far side of the room, returning with something that only at first glance looked like a magic wand. A large orb was set in the top of a short wooden handle. Naoka had seen many wizards with wands like that, yet none had been the same. It was the orb at the top, it was too big. Too smooth. Something about it just felt… off.

“This IS a magic wand,” Selwyn told Naoka as she returned to the bed, holding the item up for the girl to see. “Just not the kind you are expecting.”

The woman rubbed the wand just under the orb. Glowing red light began to flow and dance in the orb, spinning and growing till the thing hummed with magic.

“It can do many things, many MAGICAL things, but only to women’s bodies.” As she spoke she half climbed onto the bed beside Naoka, bracing a hand on the bed while moving the magic wand to hold it over the girl’s belly.

With her head lifted awkwardly Naoka watched as Selwyn caressed the wand with her thumb. Tendrils of red energy began to flow out of the orb, snaking like billowing mist toward Naoka’s belly.

The girl gasped when the first of the tendrils reached her. Pleasure. Subtle but undeniable pleasure. It soaked into her skin, feeling like a caress that was working its way deep into her core.

Her entire body tensed in a way that made her thankful she was tied up the way she was. If her arms had been free they would have jerked up so she could grab the wand. The impulse to both push it away from her body and pull it closer was overwhelming.

“And so the struggle begins,” Madelynn observed with a chuckle. “The magic of the wand always feels so wrong, yet is so enticing and right. One wants to push it away while desperately needing more. And you, sweet Kittaran, have felt but a tickle.”

Naoka was vaguely aware of Madelynn walking around the bed as she spoke but it wasn’t till the woman sat beside her head that she made proper note of it. The feel of the magic tendrils caressing and licking their way up and down her stomach was too engrossing.

Move further up my body, she found herself whining in her head. Reach up and touch my breasts… wrap those red tendrils of pleasure around my nipples. Go down further, explore what lay between my legs!

Madelynn made herself comfortable on the bed, sitting close enough to Naoka that she could rest a hand on the girl’s forehead. “Stop teasing the poor thing,” she cooed, stroking Naoka’s temple. “Stop teasing and start tormenting,” she added, flashing an eager, sinister smile down at Naoka.

“Her little nipples are so hard,” Selwyn said. “Perhaps a taste of the wand’s pleasure there before we begin the true torments?”

“Oh, yes, I think the eager little slut in training would love that. Wouldn’t you?” Madelynn asked, stroking Naoka’s face lovingly.

The girl moaned and nodded, thrusting her chest up as much as she could.

She went to lift her head to watch but Madelynn pushed it down. “No, you watch me,” she commanded. “You watch me and listen to my words. Understand?”

Naoka nodded her head just as the first tendril of magical pleasure reached one of her nipples. She moaned through her gag as she threw her head back into the bed. The sensation was incredible. Ethereal, like vapor wrapping around and licking her nipples, yet with so much pleasure soaking into her the tendril felt as real as a finger or tongue would have.

The tendrils of red magic licked her nipples. They wrapped around her hard little numbs and writhed, coiled, twisted, and tightened. Before long Naoka was gasping around her gag as she wiggled, her body struggling to deal with this new rush of pleasure. It was flowing through her, making the simmering fire she’d been struggling with turn into a bonfire that was about to explode.

 “Remember,” Madelynn cooed as she ran her fingers through the girl’s long hair, “no cumming without permission.”

Naoka shuddered, trying her best to pull herself back from the edge she had been about to tip over. She wanted to sob in frustration. She NEEDED to cum, yet more important was being a good girl. If she came now they might send her away, it might all be over before she’d been able to begin it.

“Show her what else the wand can do,” Madelynn told Selwyn without looking away from Naoka. “Just a touch on one of her nipples. You’ve permission to cum when you feel it,” she added to the Kittaran.

Naoka didn’t understand what she meant. Then many things happened, nearly all at once, that led her to understand.

The tendrils and the pleasure they were bringing disappeared. Before Naoka could so much as whimper in dismay a loud sound of a violent shaking erupted into life. The Kittaran thought it was the wand, that the orb at the tip had begun to vibrate. Confirmation came when Selwyn gently touched the vibrating wand to one of Naoka’s nipples.

She was thankful she’d been given permission to cum, for she wouldn’t have been able to hold back. The pleasure tendrils of the wand had left her nipples unnaturally sensitive and primed for more pleasure. The intense vibrations would have been enough to push her over the edge, but there had been more. Just before the moment of contact the tendrils had returned, only now the pleasure they brought was as intense as the violent vibrations of the wand.

Naoka howled in pleasure through the gag in her mouth, going limp the moment Selwyn took the wand off her nipple. It had only been a few brief moments of contact, a few moments that had been a confusing mix of explosive pleasure and overwhelming release. The climax had come all at once, an explosion of pleasure bunched together instead of being drawn out over lingering moments of delight.

It left her drained. She lay limp, panting through her gag while barely aware of the world around her.

“Purring so loud it’s shaking the bed,” Madelynn laughed. “A true delight this one will be.”

“You should begin educating her,” Selwyn told Madelynn. “Focus on her words, kitty, and try your best to endure what I’m about to do to you.”

Naoka nodded weakly, looking up into Madelynn’s beautiful, dark eyes while doing her best not to think about what the other woman was doing. It was easy at first as the wand had stopped vibrating but grew more difficult as the moments slipped by and the tendrils of pleasure began reaching out of the wand to caress and work her body again.

“I need not look down to see she’s nearing that most delicious slit between your legs,” Madelynn cooed. “The purrs, darling, they are growing louder. Deeper. Shaking the bed more. They disturbed you at first, didn’t they?”

Naoka nodded as the licking tendrils of pleasure reached out to caress and tease her inner thighs. Others snaked between her legs, coming close to her womanhood but not quite touching it.

“You’d always just been a girl, yes? Furry cute cat ears and a tail, but other than that not so different from the others your age on the streets. Maybe a bit faster, maybe a bit more agile. But just… a person. And then you became a woman. And THEN you entered heat. Suddenly you began acting like the feline. The purring. The urge to go about on all fours. Feeling more primal, more animalistic.”

Naoka was surprised by how focused on the woman’s words she’d become even as the tendrils of pleasure had begun to tease and lick at her womanhood. How did she know what she’d been going through so well?

“I know a great deal about many things,” Madelynn explained. “About all the races of Alaria, especially those whose origins are as interesting as the Kittaran race. Tell me, have you ever met or even heard of a male Kittaran?”

A tendril of pleasure had just begun licking Naoka’s clit while another had started slithering up and down through her moist folds. The pleasure had almost been enough to consume her focus but the question shocked her into refocusing her attention on Madelynn.

Naoka shook her head, realizing for the first time in her life how strange that was.

“No, of course not,” Madelynn went on, stroking the girl’s hair and stopping occasionally to scratch behind her furry ears. “That’s because there aren’t any male Kittarans nor have there ever been. An entire race of sexy little cat girls. If some icky man were ever to put a baby in that belly of yours it would be born a full-blooded female Kittaran with no hint of that brute’s race.”

“But that WON’T happen to you, not while you’re under our protection,” Selwyn said firmly. “No men will ever enter this mansion. We detest them so much they are magically prevented from so much as stepping foot on the grounds of the estate.”

The revelations would have given Naoka much to think about for the rest of the night, but they were far from over. And at that moment just taking in the meaning of the words was a struggle. The pleasure tendrils were working her quickly towards another orgasm, yet she sensed them holding back from pushing her all the way there. Once more the frustration built, threatening to consume her focus.

“There are other races like yours found across Alaria,” Madelynn continued. “Each race’s origin shrouded in mystery, rumor, and legend just like yours. Some say the Kittarans are cursed, but any exploration of the legends surrounding your race’s history will reveal it is much worse than a simple curse that created them.”

She paused, smiling down at Naoka. “You have permission to cum as much as you want till we are done, but ONLY if you focus and continue to listen to my words.”

The sudden comment confused Naoka but that confusion only lasted till the moment Selwyn touched the rounded top of the wand to Naoka’s womanhood.

“Cum for me, my pretty little kitty,” Selwyn commanded as the tip of the wand began vibrating.

Explosive pleasure overtook all of Naoka’s senses. She came fast and hard, the intense vibration of the wand pressed into her prolonging the orgasm. It was so intense and disorienting that she wasn’t sure if she’d had a third orgasm that had blended with the second, or if the second had just gone on far longer than she’d thought was possible.

The pleasure didn’t end. Selwyn kept the intensely vibrating wand pressed against Naoka’s pussy. It ensured that even as the crest of pleasure subsided Naoka could feel herself already beginning to rise to climax again.

“Focus, kitten,” Madelynn told the girl. “Open your eyes. Meet mine. Not just listen to my words but HEAR them as Selwyn torments you with such delights. Even if you feel you’ll break you WILL endure, and you MUST listen.”

Naoka nodded, whimpering slightly through her gag. She convulsed, cumming again. She rode the waves of pleasure and then, once she was able to, refocused her attention on the woman leaning above her.

“Not a curse,” Madelynn said, picking up where she’d left off. “But created to be the perfect slaves. When not in heat you Kittarans are amazingly clear-minded. Natural learners, agile and diligent workers. When like that you’re free of distracting sexual desires, so free you can’t even understand that kind of affection.

“But once in heat sex is all you can think about. It drives you more than it drives members of other races even when they are their horniest. You need constant sexual release and will find it increasingly meaningless when brought about by yourself. You must have discovered some of that, yes?”

Naoka nodded in agreement just before she came again. The powerful, unstoppable orgasm washed quickly over her. When she came down from the carnal high she shivered in delighted release.

It wasn’t just the intensity of these orgasms she was enjoying so much. It was what Madelynn had just said, getting herself off had been growing more and more unsatisfying. Having someone else bring her to climax was different. It helped more and for the first time since entering heat she could focus, only now realizing how cloudy her thoughts had grown.

“I see it in your eyes. You can think clearly again! But don’t get to used to it, as long as you remain in heat you’ll quickly become foggy-brained again. The desire for sensual pleasures will never end, and will always soon turn back into a desperate need to be fucked and to cum. As long as you are in heat this cycle will dominate your world, that’s just how you Kittarans work.”

The word “cycle” lingered in Naoka’s mind as she was brought to climax again. She was stuck in a cycle, a wonderful dream-like cycle of rising and crashing waves of pleasure. And even though they were exhausting, even as she felt herself growing sore and more drained with each orgasm, she didn’t want it to end.

“Eventually it will run its course. You’ll stop being in heat. Maybe in a few days, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months at most. If left as it is it always ends. But you Kittarans, made to be the perfect slaves, often aren’t left to let things run their ‘natural’ courses.

“There are herbs, spices, fragrances even that can put Kittarans into heat and, more importantly, keep them there. There are also ones that can make this glorious state of being end, too. Do you see? The perfect slaves. When one needs their servant to be clear-minded and free of distraction they are, and when one needs an insatiable bed warmer who is biologically conditioned to be submissive and want to be dominated they can have that as well.”

Naoka moaned and wiggled feebly as she came again. Her body was weak and she barely thrashed about through this climax. The waves of pleasure weren’t something she was riding now, it was more like they were flowing over her. It was draining. Exhausting. Too much pleasure. It WAS a kind of torture, although one she didn’t want to end even as her body screamed for respite from her ordeal.

“The poor thing is about at her breaking point,” Madelynn told Selwyn as she pet the Kittaran reassuringly. “Too much pleasure for her poor little mind, and see how she shakes? It is time to be done.”

“A few more orgasms,” Selwyn growled. “She can suffer through a few more. We must test the girl and make sure she can take what we plan to dish out.”

Naoka was so exhausted, her body so sore and weak she couldn’t tell when one orgasm began and the next ended. The pleasure had become background static, still enjoyable but something she was struggling more and more to process properly.

“Enough, Selwyn,” Madelynn eventually said, her voice cold and disproving. “We don’t want to break the poor thing before we’ve made proper sport of her.”

“You’re right,” Selwyn said with a resigned sigh. The magic wand stopped its relentless vibrating and the magical pleasure tendrils pulled back into it. “Finish up what you were telling her, I’ll work on untying her. We can’t leave her to sleep like this, not alone.”

Naoka lay limp, breathing heavily. She was sore. Numb. Drenched in sweat. Her pussy ached and she still felt the ghost of the intense vibrations. She could tell they would linger for some time, a kind of numb ache that would leave her thankful the ordeal was over but eager to endure it once again when her body had recovered.

As Selwyn untied Naoka Madelynn kept petting the girl, picking up where she’d left off. “We’ve plenty of the right herbs and spices to keep you in heat. As long as you remain here we will ensure you stay the way you are now. That will be part of the arrangement. We’ve only interest in you as our sexy little plaything, we’ve no need of a non-sexual servant. But you will not be a prisoner here, you can leave whenever you want. And if you choose to go we will give you what you need to end being in heat if that’s what you wish.”

Selwyn had just taken the ball gag out of Naoka’s mouth. The Kittaran stretched her mouth and swallowed then whispered, “Thank you.”

“The choice is nice to have, isn’t it?” Madelynn asked her.

Naoka nodded. “I’ve felt so helpless since it began. Knowing I could control it if I wanted, end it or keep it going…”

“And how does knowing WE can control it make you feel?”

Naoka thought about it. “It makes me feel the same way the ropes and gag make me feel. Scared. Helpless. But safe because I trust the ones making me feel so scared and helpless.”

“Foolish girl,” Selwyn said happily as she undid the last of the rope. She sat on the other side of Naoka, stroking the girl’s front, caressing her chest and running her hands down her belly. “Foolish to trust us. You have a sampling of what we’ll do with you now, what we’ll do TO you.”

“I loved every moment of it,” Naoka purred. She realized she’d not been purring for some time. Once the orgasms had begun that had ended. She thought that curious and wondered if the reaction was less about physical pleasure as she’d once thought. Perhaps it’s more about intimacy of another kind, she thought, purring louder as she indulged in the feel of both women stroking and petting her naked body.

“You’ll need rest now,” Madelynn told Naoka. “You’ll need to sleep. As Selwyn said, you’ve had a sample of what we plan to do with and to you. You’ll find our demands tend to only grow over time.”

“And time can move very strangely in our estate,” Selwyn added. “This is an ancient place, a powerful place. There was power here before the estate was built. We’ve spent a great many years weaving powerful enchantments into its walls and seeding it into the very earth of the grounds.”

“And filled our rooms and halls with rare, unique magical treasures,” Madelynn said.

“Like the mirror?” the girl asked. It had frustrated her at the time, but she HAD enjoyed the marvelous things it had shown her. And then there was the girl she’d seen in it…

Both women laughed. It was a conspiratorial laugh, one that said they knew things others didn’t and had no intention of sharing those secrets.

“A Mirror of Dhuarcain is a singularly powerful item beyond value,” Madelynn said slowly. Naoka could tell the woman was choosing her words carefully which only further intrigued her. “The mirror and its inhabitant are very useful servants, more useful than any in the city besides Selwyn and I know.”

“But the way it protects the city is NOT part of your story, little one,” Selwyn assured Naoka.

“That Mirror of Dhuarcain lives in this room,” Madelynn said, glancing over at the item. “We have our reasons for keeping it here where our most special guests stay. We will say no more.”

“Mysterious build power,” Selwyn added cryptically.

“But we will give you one warning about the Mirror of Dhuarcain and its inhabitant: trust NOTHING The Girl in the Mirror tells you.”

“She’s a spiteful little brat whose anger at the world leads her to cause mischief whenever she is able,” Selwyn declared.

“And now we must leave you for the night,” Madelynn said before leaning down to kiss Naoka gently on the forehead. “In the morning our servants will come to prepare you for the day.”

“Perhaps help with a little much-needed grooming,” Selwyn said, teasingly running her fingers through the girl’s bush before pulling away.

“Till then you are to remain here,” Madelynn explained as she and Selwyn got off the bed. “Sleep well, little Kittaran, for you will need to be rested for tomorrow.”

Both women blew Naoka a kiss then strode towards the door. Madelynn opened it for Selwyn. She paused before leaving, turning back and waving an arm. A wave of shimmering magic rippled out through the room, blowing out every candle.

“Till the morning, kitten,” Madelynn said with a nod as Selwyn left the room. She followed after her, closing and locking the door from the outside and leaving Naoka alone in the dark.

* * *

Naoka had expected to fall asleep almost at once. Her body was exhausted and she was sore in ways, and in places, she’d not imagined one could be sore in. Then there had been the way the women had stroked and soothed her after the intense ordeal… like they knew she needed some kind of care after the event to help bring her down and make her feel safe in their hands.

Her body hungered for the blissful rest of sleep but her mind refused to submit to its demands.

She’d learned so much that left countless thoughts running through her mind. But no matter where her thoughts brought her the girl’s mind always came back to the same place: the mirror.

The Mirror of Dhuarcain, that’s what they called it. Or was it “a” Mirror of Dhuarcain, like it was only one of many? What had that mean ghost girl called it? Did she say “the” or “a”?

When Naoka felt able she sat up. Her eyes had adjusted to the near dark again and just like before the mirror seemed to be glowing slightly, proving enough faint illumination for her to see clearly.

Although sore, and momentarily regretting her choice when she first stood, Naoka got up and went to the mirror. The glow coming from the mirror increased as she drew near, an eerie green glow that allowed her to see herself as if the room were brightly lit.

Naked and for the first time in her life not caring. Exhausted looking, but also more content and happier than she’d ever seen herself look. She was a different girl than the one who had seen her reflection previously in the mirror. The ordeal with the women had changed her, and that made her wonder how much more she’d change.

“You think you’re special, don’t you?”

The voice was strange, distant and distorted like being heard through a wall. It reminded Naoka of how the ghost girl had sounded at first. But that had been ethereal, like sound traveling through mist. This had the feel of a more solid barrier between her and wherever the voice was coming from.

Naoka’s reflection faded, replaced by that of a tall, slender, freckle-faced, pale-skinned Human girl with long orange-red hair flowing down her back. She was positioned exactly as Naoka was, the perfect mirror image of the Kittaran.

The girl was as naked as Naoka, something that distracted the Kittaran from the ominous question she’d asked. Her body was narrow and her long limbs were well-muscled. There was an untouched beauty to the girl and a pure feminine sensuality accentuated by her long flowing hair and pretty features. Naoka thought the innocence was strongest in the girl’s face. Like her, the girl looked to be barely of age, a woman but only just.

“We’ll you’re not,” The Girl in the Mirror declared, raising her chin haughtily at Naoka. “I showed you only a fraction of the girls those women have had as their ‘special guests’. You’re one of countless girls, you’re NOT special even if you are the first Kittaran they’ve lured into their trap.”

“Madelynn and Selwyn said not to trust anything you tell me.”

The girl flashed a fiendish grin that melted away the youthful innocence she’d been displaying. Her body shifted along with the grin, her skin growing paler and the color bleaching from her hair. She looked the same, yet completely different. “And why do you trust THEM?” the transformed girl asked slyly.

The change unsettled Naoka and caused her to step back. “They took me in,” she snapped. “They are helping me deal with my… changes.”

“And getting to have their way with a pretty, horny young girl in the process,” The Girl in the Mirror replied, her skin and features shifting back to what they’d been leaving her once more looking innocent. “They have a thing for young girls if you hadn’t noticed. All their servants are young like you. Even the spirits they’ve shackled to their home are young girls.”

She paused, looking around nervously as if fearing she would be overheard, then looked back at Naoka with pleading eyes. “You’re not safe here!”

Naoka cocked her head to the side, intrigued. She didn’t trust the girl but wanted to hear her out. “Why? I FEEL safe. This place is a little scary but… comforting.”

“That’s part of their evil magic!” The girl rushed forward, slamming her hands against the inside of the mirror. The impact shook the mirror as if she had slammed into a pane of glass that separated them. “You should run! They mean to do terrible things to you.”

Naoka was unsettled but kept reminding herself what Selwyn and Madelynn had said about the girl. “They said you were a ‘spiteful little brat’ and that you are always up to mischief. This feels like mischief.”

The girl bit her lip in an adorable display of anxiety. “It’s not mischief! I don’t want to see what happened to me or the ghost girl happen to you. Even the servants have met dark fates! We’re all trapped here, enslaved by those terrible women. You HAVE to get out while you still can!”

Naoka looked at the girl skeptically. “Are you suggesting they trapped you in that mirror?”

“Of course,” The Girl in the Mirror said.

She took a step back, the world in the mirror around her fading. The bedroom was replaced by a tranquil hilly landscape, a keep rising in the background. The girl stood proud, no longer naked. She was dressed in full place mail from the waist up with a long green skirt below. The skirt and her long orange-red hair whipped wildly behind her in a heavy breeze.

The Girl in the Mirror had become a noble warrior. She drew a long sword from a scabbard hanging at her side and held it up, revealing the blade was glowing with green magic.

“I was once a Knight of the Sisterhood of Righteousness, a warrior trained from a young age to fight against evil in all its forms. I was brave, strong, and most importantly innocent. I had to be to wield this blade.” She closed her eyes, concentrating as the glow coming from the blade intensified.

Translucent green butterflies made of smoke-like magic began to flutter out of the blade. They surrounded the girl, wrapping a protective spell around her.

“My innocence protected me. It fueled the magic of the sword, making me powerful enough to slaw some of Alaria’s most powerful evils.” She opened her eyes, the butterflies turning to sparkling magic that floated away with the breeze. “That’s why I was sent to this city, to root out an ancient, sinister evil that had taken root here. Two monsters hiding in the form of Humans.”

She paused, the world around her changing once more. Behind her was a scene Naoka knew: the estate. The Girl in the Mirror turned to face it. “I followed the trail to this place. Bravely, and naively, I entered. Like you, I was taken in by Madelynn and Selwyn. They offered me things… things I hadn’t known I’d wanted till then.”

The girl turned back, the world around her returning to the reflection of the bedroom. As that reappeared the armor the girl had been wearing faded, replaced by a long white gown that was just see-through enough to offer a tantalizing glimpse of her naked body.

“But in the end I was able to shake free of their spell. I tried to retrieve my sword, knowing only it had the power to slay the monsters masquerading as women. But they’d corrupted me too much, stolen the innocence that allowed me to use the blade’s magic. I failed to slay them and to punish me they imprisoned me in this mirror. Now I’m forced to watch as other young girls are corrupted and enslaved.

“And it’s more than that. They corrupted me, turned me into a perverted shadow of my former self. I want what you want, for those women to do indecent things to me. I even want to join them in their sexual torments of other girls.

“But I can’t,” she said with a forlorn sigh. “I’m trapped in here, locked on the other side of this mirror. Cursed only to be able to watch and never to touch or be touched.”

She paused again, looking so crestfallen it nearly brought Naoka to tears in sympathy. “They took everything from me,” she said, voice full of regret. “Even my name. I don’t even remember it. Whoever and whatever I once was is gone. Now I’m just ‘The Girl in the Mirror’.”

Naoka stared, engrossed by the girl’s story. “I want to believe you,” she said nervously. “But they said not to…”

The Girl in the Mirror stepped up to her side of the glass separating them and leaned forward. “I can prove it,” she whispered, her muffled voice barely audible through the mirror. “Just come closer. I promise I can prove everything I’ve said is true and then you’ll know the truth while there’s still time to escape. Let me just share one little secret with you.”

Naoka went to the mirror, swept away by everything the girl was saying and having forgotten all about the warnings not to listen to her. She was just so sincere, so convincing. “What’s the secret?”

The Girl in the Mirror placed her hands flat against her side of the glass and leaned in till her forehead rested on the glass as well. “Closer,” she whispered. “Press your ear against the mirror and close your eyes.”

Naoka did what the girl asked.

“I’m a lair,” The Girl in the Mirror whispered. The words sent a shiver down Naoka’s spine, a feeling that was intensified by the feel of the girl’s breath against her ear. It was cold as if having blown through ice to reach her. “I’m a spiteful brat and I love nothing more than causing a little mischief,” she added.

Naoka yowled in pain, jumping back from the mirror and grabbing her breasts protectively. Her nipples were throbbing with pain, something that took Naoka a few moments to understand. She’d felt cold fingers grab and painfully twist her nipples.

“You hurt me,” Naoka blurted out, glaring at The Girl in the Mirror.

The girl erupted in cruel barks of raucous laughter, falling back onto the floor and rolling around in delight. “You should have seen your face,” she said when she sat up, wiping tears of mirth from her pretty face. “Oh wait, I can show you!”

Naoka’s tail puffed up in surprise as the girl disappeared, replaced by her reflection. Only it wasn’t her current reflection but instead what should have appeared in the mirror moments before. She was pressed up against the glass, waiting for the girl to share her secret. Spectral hands appeared, reaching out of the glass to grab and twist her nipples.

Even as angry as Naoka was it was impossible not to admit the look of surprised pain as she hopped back away from the mirror was a bit comical.

“That was mean,” she huffed, still holding her breasts while glaring at the girl. “Was anything you just told me true?”

The girl stood and moved so she was standing in the same place Naoka was. Her gown disappeared, leaving her as naked as the Kittaran. Once naked she grabbed her breasts, putting herself into a perfect mirror image of how Naoka stood. “Who knows?” she said, voice full of mischievous delight. “Mysteries build power, and nothing is as ripe for mischief as a mystery.”

She smiled as she began to fade from sight. “I’ll leave you with this thought, with the biggest mystery of all here in this place filled with mysteries. Some mysteries are better left unsolved, but how to tell which ones are better left alone and which ones need answers if you’re to remain safe? Because I promise I AM speaking the truth now: this IS a place filled with dangers.”

And with that she disappeared from the mirror, replaced by Naoka’s reflection.

What happens to Naoka next? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

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