New “She Was Too Low Level” Poll Driven Story

You can find the beginning of the new story below the break or you can read it along with the previous (and now finished) “She Was Too Low Level” story HERE.

Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: The entry is a short one at just under 1,000 words. It’s just setting up the story and has no sex scene.

Celestine and Bellarosa Charbonnier, Level 1 Battle Mage and Fighter

“Dear esteemed Guildmaster, your reputation is one I’ve heard is most esteemed, especially in certain circles.”

He’d thought it a good opening to the letter, saying what it needed to say but not in a way that would have meant anything if intercepted and read by the wrong eyes. They know who I REALLY am, and it is the REAL me they are enlisting, not the jolly Guildmaster most encounter.

The letter revealed that a couple of novice Adventurers that would soon be coming through his Adventurers’ Guildhall were not who they claimed to be. The two women, a mother and daughter presenting as a Mage and a Fighter, would be claiming they were nobility from a far-off land wanting to better the world by living the lives of Adventurers. The story was mostly true, the main lie being their identities. They were not nobles, but rather a queen and her daughter.

Why the letter revealed this intrigued the Guildmaster far more than the revealed secret. By the time it had arrived so had the two women and it had been clear to the Guildmaster that they were not simple noblewomen. They aren’t even using assumed names, he’d thought. The kingdom they rule isn’t even that far away, I can’t be the only one who either recognized them outright or at least suspected who they really are.

When the letter got to the point he’d almost laughed. With careful wording it offered a small fortune to use his power as Guildmaster to ensure the two women took on quests that helped ensure they met a “dark end”, thus preventing them from ever returning to their homeland to reclaim the crowns the two had temporarily abandoned.

The offer amused him greatly as he’d already decided to see the two haughty women met dark fates, and sooner than later. They were female Adventurers, a crime in his eyes even if he had to keep that opinion to himself. But they were worse than most of their ilk, entitled bitches even more deserving of punishments for daring to enter a field that should belong solely to men.

And the two arrogant sluts are barely skilled enough to have managed to gain membership to the Adventurers’ Guild. The mother, Celestine, thinks a simple understanding of magic is enough to make her a Battle Mage. But I’m not even sure the tall, overly curvaceous queen in hiding knows any spells that would help in combat!

Meanwhile the daughter, Bellarosa, who only seems thin and in shape compared to her fat-ass of a mother, fancies herself a Fighter. Ha! The little plump-titted harlot probably couldn’t handle a one-on-one duel with one of the local gang members the town guard find below their notice.

They’d been in no rush to take on their first quest, something he’d been thankful for. It had given him time to watch the sluts flirting, and he assumed sleeping around, as they enjoyed the party-like atmosphere of the Guildhall. It further deepened his hate for them and gave him time to start planning out their doom.

Convincing them they didn’t need to join a party of other Adventurers had been the first step, he thought. If they’d joined up with others, even other low level fools like them, they might have learned the skills they needed to survive in this life long enough to return to regain their crowns. But by convincing them to work on their own I’ve assured they’ll be easy to manipulate.

It hadn’t been much of a hardship. They had the misplaced confidence of women who had been given everything they wanted their entire lives. They already thought themselves great worries able to take on threats beyond the meager levels they had been rated when joining the Guild, why wouldn’t they believe the Guildmaster when he told them the same thing?

But what quest to send them out on? What quest they are too low level for that will ensure their careers are cut short, they never reclaim their crowns, and I earn that promised small fortune?

After flipping through the book he kept all the active quests logged in several times he thought he’d found the perfect dark fate for them. A band of Pigtrulls had taken root along a northern road. The brutish pig-men had been attacking all that came that way, taking what they wanted from all passing by including most of the women.

Simpleminded but strong, a single Pigtrull was a ferocious enemy, deadly to men and offering perils most women would care not to imagine. A quest to fight one was something no right-minded Guildmaster would offer to two women ranked as low level as Celestine and Bellarosa. And to send them off to face a whole bandit’s gang worth of them?

The Guildmaster chuckled. The perfect quest to damn the two sluts.

What happens next to Celestine and Bellarosa? (Choose up to 7 options from this poll)

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