New Entry For The Poll Driven Story “The Forest Witch Servant of Alodrena”

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Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: The entry is a little over 2,000 words and only includes building of Sapphic heat/one sided kissing. This is one of my lesbian BDSM romances, so please read with the proper expectations.

* * *

As Cassie led the way through the forest Bienya wanted to forget about the encounter she’d had with the terrifying woman. The more time that passed, and the less clear she was on whether it had even happened, the more unsettling she found it. She just wanted to put it out of her mind.

The forest helped a great deal. It once more became a place of sensual magic, the cool summer night air filled with gusts of warmth that heated Bienya in the same way Cassie’s flirtatious smiles warmed her.

That warmth was consuming Bienya’s mind. She was struggling to think of anything but it, and the way Cassie pranced around making all her most curvaceous parts bounce and jiggle wasn’t helping.

I don’t know what happened back there. But regardless of whether it was real, a dream, a vision, or something else I know this: it’s left me worked up. I feel… THINGS. Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t need to keep hiding, not from myself. I’m horny! I’m horny and having Cassie so close is just making it worse.

A desire for release was bubbling up in her, drawing near the boiling point. Bienya hated it. It was distracting and becoming more all-consuming the longer she went without having the release her body was demanding. She KNEW what her body wanted and hated it. She’d changed a lot since finding Cassie in her rented room at the inn, but she wasn’t ready yet to ASK someone to help her with THIS kind of problem.

Bienya’s thoughts were interrupted when Cassie unexpectedly threw an arm out and barked, “Stop!”

“What is it?” Bienya asked. She looked around, suddenly afraid there was some danger. Why else would the girl have called on her to stop so abruptly? When she saw eerie bobbing lights in the distance in every direction Bienya panicked, scrambling to grab the hilt of the sword hanging from her hip. “Danger? Should I prepare for a fight?”

“Danger,” Cassie agreed, taking a step back and moving closer to Bienya. “But not THAT kind,” she added, turning to face Bienya. She put a hand on the one Bienya was using to grab the sword and gently pushed it away. “NOT that kind of danger,” she assured her, moving closer.

The Night Elve was painfully aware of how close the girl was standing to her. If Cassie were to move any closer the Bunordaen’s breasts would end up pressed into Bienya’s front. Imagining her doing so was something that filled her with the kind of panic she was starting to expect from interactions with the girl.

Cassie was shorter than the tall, slender Night Elve, something she was thankful for at that moment. If the girl had been a little taller than their lips would have been level with hers. She was already struggling to pull her focus away from them. They looked so plump and soft… Bienya wanted to feel them pressed against hers so badly it pained her.

Stop it. Get a hold of yourself. Pay attention. There’s danger, and I don’t even know what kind! Out loud Bienya asked, “Then what kind of danger is it?”

“The unexpected kind,” Cassie said softly as the bobbing lights in the distance moved closer. “But the kind you’ll learn to expect while you’re in the witch’s forest.”

Bienya’s chest rose and fell as her breathing grew heavy. She was struggling not to panic, not because of the lights moving ever closer, but because of the way Cassie had been moving slowly closer. The girl had even risen onto her toes so her lips were even with Bienya’s.

“Everything here comes at a cost,” the Bunordaen continued, only now Bienya could feel the warmth of the girl’s breath on her lips. “And there’s ALWAYS another cost to be paid.”

Part of Bienya thought it would be best to pull away from Cassie, to put some space between their bodies. There was danger and she needed her mind clear to face it. But even knowing that Bienya couldn’t will her body to move. Worse, she had to struggle not to wrap an arm around the girl and pull her closer.

“What are those lights?” she asked, her voice faint and shaky. “Are they dangerous?”

“No, they aren’t dangerous,” Cassie replied, voice lower than when she’d last spoken. “Just wisps come to witness. Spies of The Forest Witch ensuring I do my job.”

The feel of the girl’s breath on Bienya’s lips was driving her mad. “What job is that? To make sure you keep me away from danger?”

Cassie flashed an amused, charming smile that made Bienya want to whimper.

Sexy, cute girl, she bemoaned in her head. Why is she doing this to me? She has to know being so close is driving me wild!

“You’re shaking,” Cassie teased. To prove it she gently grabbed hold of Bienya’s hands. “Are you afraid? I think you are. And panicked. You can feel it, can’t you? How close the danger is? That it’s getting even closer?”

As she said this she used her grip on Bienya’s hands to pull the Elve closer. She pressed her chest into the Elve’s, wiggling her torso a bit to ensure Bienya felt the full, firm softness of breasts.

Then she moved her face. Bienya was certain the girl was about to kiss her. She froze in panic, unable to move, unable to speak. Wanting it but not wanting to admit how badly she wanted it.

When Cassie turned and averted her lips from meeting Bienya’s the Elve’s stomach dropped. She wanted to shout in frustration or burst into tears, but the feeling was quickly forgotten. Cassie rose and leaned in, brushing her cheek against Bienya’s as she moved to whisper in the girl’s ear.

Bienya shivered at the feel of their cheeks rubbing together momentarily. The Bunordaen’s skin was even softer than she’d imagined.

The lights had drawn close enough for Bienya to see them. They were floating balls of beautiful glowing energy about the size of her head. They bobbed and flew about, circling the two girls and drawing slowly closer to fill the world around them with twinkling, enchanting multi-colored illumination.

“The danger can’t possibly get any closer to you,” Cassie whispered into Bienya’s ear.

The Elve shivered. The girl’s breath tickling her ear felt amazing. It filled her with confusing warmth that left her weak at the knees.

“Don’t you get it? I’m the danger,” Cassie continued. “Because if you want to go on, if you want me to finish taking you to The Forest Witch’s cabin, there’s one final cost to pay.”

“What?” Bienya whispered, barely able to speak.

“Ten kisses,” the girl replied, leaning in a bit closer to nuzzle her nose against the Elve’s elongated ear. “I’ll get to give you ten kisses before we reach the door of the witch’s cabin.” She paused, shifting her head slightly so her hot breath would better tickle Bienya’s inner ear. “Do you agree to pay the price?”

“Yes,” Bienya gasped without hesitation.

In the blink of an eye Cassie’s lips were pressed against Bienya’s. The girl had her arms wrapped around the Elve, pulling her into the kiss. It was a soft, tender kiss that seemed to both last ages while also being so brief that it felt like it was over before Bienya had even known it had begun.

“One,” Cassie giggled as she pulled away and happily skipped off into the forest.

Bienya remained where she was, panting heavily and unable to move. I just kissed a girl! It was incredible… magical even. The perfect moment that was only spoiled by how suddenly it had ended.

She reached up, gently brushing her lips as her mind lingered on the feel of the kiss. Nine more. She’s going to give me nine more…

Bienya suddenly realized Cassie had run off. She looked around, feeling an all new kind of panic when she didn’t see the girl. Only the sight of the glowing wisps all floating off in the same direction allowed Bienya to feel any sense of calm.

She took off after the wisps, certain they were either following Cassie or leading the way to her. “Wait for me,” she called out into the forest.

“I am,” Cassie replied, voice a low sultry purr as she stepped out from behind a nearby tree. The glowing wisps turned and began circling the tree, lighting up the sexy, inviting look on the girl’s face.

Cassie turned her back to the tree and leaned on it, slouching slightly to press her chest out. “Do you want number two?”

YES,” Bienya blurted out as she dashed to the girl.

Cassie sprung up from the tree and grabbed Bienya’s upper arms when the girl reached her. “Somewhere different,” she told the Elve. “Each kiss has to be different, although I CAN return to places I’ve already kissed, but ONLY if the kiss is done differently.”

“Kiss me anywhere,” Bienya gasped. “Please,” she added a moment later, the word coming out as a desperate, breathy whine.

Cassie released one of Bienya’s arms and reached up to run her fingers through the Elve’s long black hair, brushing one of her pointed blue ears as she did. When she saw how it made Bienya shudder and moan she giggled. “You’re a delight, do you know that?”

“Please,” Bienya moaned, closing her eyes so she could better concentrate on the sensual delight of the girl stroking her hair. “The second kiss… PLEASE!

The Bunordaen pushed Bienya’s head to the side then leaned in and moved her lips to her neck. She stopped, lips almost touching Bienya’s skin. “Two,” she whispered, breath hot on her skin.

Bienya shuddered and moaned as Cassie softly pressed her lips into her neck. She felt her pucker them and press in a bit harder. The feel of their flesh connected made her eyelids flicker and her eyes roll up into her head.

And then, once more, it was over too soon. “I want more,” she said, the words carried out on a soft exhale of breath as Cassie pulled away.

All that bubbling tension that had been building in her was eased, yet at the same time it had been replaced by something even more tumultuous, something reckless and needy and just as ready to boil over. Something Bienya was eager to embrace.

“Soon,” Cassie promised, grabbing Bienya’s hand and pulling her along. “I have a job to do, one you’re paying the price for. I’ve got to take you to the witch’s cabin. The kisses must be spread out as we make our way there.”

“Then let’s go faster,” Bienya told her, voice breathy and full of desperate eagerness.

She felt like she was floating behind the girl as she pulled her through the forest. Everything was so perfect, so magical. The night sky above, filled with bright beautiful stars. The moon enchanting lighting their way. The wisps bobbing and floating after them, filling the dark forest with shimmering magical light.

Bienya was just starting to worry it WAS a dream when Cassie unexpectedly grabbed her and slammed the Elve against a tree.

“Time for number three,” she said with an eager, lascivious grin. “Remind me, where were the first two?”

The smaller girl’s hands were planted firmly on Bienya’s upper chest by her shoulders, keeping her pinned to the tree. The Elve was surprised by how much she liked that. Something was thrilling about the domination and even more thrilling about how happily she was submitting to it.

Slowly Bienya lifted a hand to her face. “Here,” she said, gently touching her lips with a finger. She then turned her head to the side and touched her neck exactly where Cassie had kissed it. “And here.”

“Then we’ll start where we left off,” Cassie cooed before leaning in and brushing the tip of her cute little nose against the place she’d last kissed.

Bienya grabbed the tree behind her, digging her nails into the bark as the girl used her nose to caress her way down the Elve’s slender neck. As she did Cassie moved her hands from the girl’s shoulders to grab the top of her shirt and pull it slightly open.

It was low cut, showing off her upper chest and exposing just a hint of the meager cleavage Bienya had through the loosely laced front. The feel of Cassie ever so slightly pulling her top further open left Bienya once more panting.

The way the girl dragged her nose down her neck and onto the Elve’s chest made Bienya gasp and cling more desperately to the tree behind her. Cassie stopped in the center of Bienya’s upper chest, twisting her head to kiss her there.

Once more Bienya’s eyelids flickered as her eyes rolled up into her head. The kiss was longer this time, and wetter too. Yet even though it lasted longer than the last kiss it too was over far too quickly for Bienya.

“Three,” Cassie sighed happily as she pulled away. She met Bienya’s eyes as she pulled away. “Only seven more to go before we reach our destination. And then…”

“And then what?” Bienya asked when the girl trailed off.

Cassie smiled playfully and shrugged. “I guess we’ll have to go on to find out. But remember,” she warned playfully, “there is ALWAYS a cost.” She then laughed, the sound of playful joy echoing through the forest around them. “Come along, pretty Elve, we have a long way to go!”

Bienya chased after the Bunordaen girl, unable to keep herself from laughing in joy along with her. She knew she should be thinking about what would happen when she reached the witch’s cabin, but she wasn’t. Her mind was fixed on the next kiss. Where would it be? How would it be different? She didn’t know, but she was VERY eager to find out.

What happens As Cassie gives Bienya more of her kisses? (Vote for up to 2 options from this poll)

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