New Entry For The Poll Driven Story “The Two Temples”

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Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: The entry is a little under 3,500 words. Includes a futa three-way sex scene.

Elaina watched in silence as the women in the room all started to grow drowsy. It was subtle at first, but with every minute that ticked by it became more pronounced. Eyelids grew heavy, limbs moved slowly, and hands acted as though they didn’t have the strength to lift cups anymore. Oddest of all was how no one seemed to notice either their drowsiness or that of the others around them.

Then, suddenly, the drowsiness became something else. The women fell into a trance, mouths falling open as their eyes lost all focus.

Elaina went about the room, carefully waving a hand in front of the women. None responded. She stopped and poked one of them in the cheek. Nothing.

What am I meant to do now?

The answer came through a compulsion she recognized as divine inspiration from Naserette. Elaina looked around the room, letting Naserette’s will guide her. Her eyes stopped on a Priestess, an older one who had been at the temple for a long time.

Elaina went to her, grabbing her by the shoulders and turning the woman to face her. “You will take me to who you have imprisoned here and help me release her,” she told the woman, putting as much command into her voice as she could muster.

The entranced Priestess nodded. “Yes,” she muttered. “I will take you to who we have imprisoned here,” she added as she stood. “And I will help you release her.”

Elaina had no idea who this “her” was. She’d never heard any talk about someone being imprisoned in the temple and had never seen any part of it that could serve as such a thing. But she trusted in Naserette and her power, following after the entranced Priestess and only momentarily wondering what would happen to the women they were leaving behind.

The Priestess led Elaina through the temple, taking her into a wing the girl had rarely entered. There the Priestess brought them into a small shrine, one of the many spread throughout the temple as places for the devotees of Ihena to stop and pray in private.

Elaina watched as the Priestess stood in the center of the little room and began to chant. Once the holy light of Ihena was flowing around her the Priestess knelt and started tracing arcane symbols on the floor. Wherever her fingers went glowing lines appeared, as if she was simply lighting up something that had been hidden there.

Once a complicated series of round shapes and glyphs were traced into the floor she got up and stood back, muttering one final prayer. The stone floor cracked as the glyphs faded from sight.

At first Elaina thought the floor was crumbling but realized it was being reshaped, sinking to form a spiral staircase descending below the temple.

“I will take you to who we have imprisoned here,” the woman said, voice free of emotion. “And I will help you release her.”

The room they descended into was large, cold, and lit only by the glow of countless runes and strange geometric shapes etched into the walls with divine magic. Elaina understood at once. The room was not the prison, the glowing shapes all around her were.

And so many of them! Whoever is imprisoned here must be incredibly powerful.

“That I am, girl,” a deep, raspy female voice called out. When Elaina looked around and could not find who had spoken the same voice laughed. “The Priestess must reveal me, it is part of the magic holding me here.”

Elaina looked to the entranced Priestess beside her.

“I have taken you to who we have imprisoned here. I will now help you release her,” the woman said in a slow monotone. She raised her arms and began an incantation that soon had her hands glowing with the divine power of Ihena. That power eventually pulsed along with the magical seals making up the prison, a sign the Priestess was gaining control over the magic of the prison.

Elaina felt the presence of the prisoner before she saw her. Power, like that of a god only smaller. Like a sliver of a god, removed and made flesh to wander Alaria almost as a mortal.

Her eyes were drawn to the center of the room. What had once been empty space now contained the strangest woman Elaina had ever seen. She had amethyst-colored skin like a Night Elve, but even though she had pointed ears it was clear this woman was no member of that race. Extending from her upper forehead just by her hairline were black horns, ribbed like a goat’s and curved back tightly against her head. Huge leathery purple wings extended from her back and those more than anything told Elaina what this woman was.

“You’re a Demoness,” Elaina gasped.

“Indeed I am,” she replied, looking at Elaina with great interest. “Imprisoned here for… well, far longer than you’ve been alive, little Human slut. The temple was built to help keep me imprisoned. I was once Naserette’s most powerful servant and it has taken much of Ihena’s focused divine power to keep me here, weakening me slowly over the many, MANY decades I’ve been held here.”

The Demoness had been a blur at first, then shifting oddly as though only partially part of reality. Elaina had been able to take in what she looked like but only after a time was she able to see clearly how the Demoness was positioned.

She was kneeling, her weight resting on her feet in a position that looked uncomfortable. The Demoness was forced to remain in the position thanks to a series of glowing chains connecting manacles on her wrists and ankles to the floor. The chains also kept the Demoness’ hands by her thighs but prevented her from moving them any closer to what hung limply between her legs.

The sight made the girl instantly wet. She has such a HUGE cock! Bigger than even Zarrea’s, and it’s not even hard.

“And can’t get so as long as I remain in this prison,” the Demoness growled. “And yes, I can hear your thoughts, girl. Few mortals can hide secrets from me.”

As they spoke the entranced Priestess continued to chant. Elaina noticed then that the glowing protections imprisoning the Demoness seemed to be dimming.

“It won’t be long before I’m free. Before I am gone from this vile place. Before I can once again grow hard with Naserette’s power and bring her will into the world by fucking someone.”

When she said this her eyes lingered on Elaina. The look made the girl both shake with fear and quiver with excitement.

“It’s happening,” the Demoness cooed. “The bonds are breaking!”

Elaina blinked. The woman looked different. More vibrant, the power radiating from her not stronger, but felt more acutely. And hadn’t she been naked a moment before?

She wasn’t anymore. The Demoness now was dressed in purple stockings and shoulder-length gloves made of the same fabric. She had on an ornate metal top that cupped and lifted her large breasts while leaving an indecent amount of her cleavage exposed. That metal extended out to her upper arms, curving up into pointed pauldrons.

Nothing had appeared to cover her crotch. Her mighty amethyst-colored cock still hung free, only now not as limp as it had once been. It was far from erect but had begun to thicken and rise slightly.

The chanting Priestess beside Elaina kept glancing at the Demoness, flashes of revulsion and terror appearing on her face each time she looked at the Demoness’ swelling member.

“That’s right, you frigid old cow,” the Demoness spat out. “Look upon Naserette’s blessing in all its glory. Oh, you might SAY it is an abomination, but I see into your mind, woman. It makes you wet. Were I to want to plunge it into your smelly old cunt once I was free you’d spread your legs for me and I’d find you sopping wet with desire.”

The Priestess was shaking. Elaina thought the Demoness’ taunts weren’t helping her escape attempt. If the Priestess was able to shake free of the trance…

Her worry was short-lived. With a roar of joy the Demoness’s bindings exploded. She leaped to her feet, her leathery wings unfurling as they were allowed to stretch for the first time in ages.


The temple shook, dust and small bits of the ceiling fell on them as the runes and glowing shapes forming the Demoness’ prison were broken.

Beside Elaina the Priestess stumbled back as if hit by an invisible force, falling onto her ass. “What’s happened?” she muttered, then seeing the freed Demoness screamed in terror.

“The girl, she comes with me,” the Demoness proclaimed, leaping into the air and flying to Elaina. She grabbed the girl as if kidnapping her. “Look for her at your peril,” she proclaimed as her wings closed in around them.

There was a flash of heat and a powerful blast of divine magic. Elaina felt herself being ripped from where she stood and transported somewhere else. For a moment another power had tried to keep her where she’d been, but that force was easily overpowered by that of Demoness. When the Demoness’ wings unfurled Elaina saw they had been transported to the Hidden Temple of Naserette.

Elaina stumbled forward out of the Demoness’ arms, into the waiting embrace of Zarrea. The Priestess had been waiting, prepared for this moment. She held Elaina, stroking her hair and cooing to calm her.

The girl was trembling. Only now that they were free did she realize how much the encounter had shaken her. The fear of being discovered. The awe of being used so directly by a goddess, something she only now realized was as draining as it had been. And then that terrible prison. It had been stifling and, once free of it, she was aware that The Corruption soaked into her would have meant that she too would have become a prisoner in that place had its power not been broken.

Elaina began to sob, all the intensity suddenly swelling up and bursting out of her.

“It will be okay,” Zarrea assured her. “Now that Rel’rylin is free EVERYTHING will be better for Naserette’s faithful in the surrounding lands.”

“You’ve done well constructing this temple in secret, Priestess,” Rel’rylin told Zarrea as she looked around. “Others will soon flock to it. We will need them, the women that kept me imprisoned must be punished.”

“What of the girl?” Zarrea asked, hugging the still sobbing Elaina to her. “Will they come for her to punish her for helping you escape?”

“No,” the Demoness said, turning to grin at Zarrea. “The cum-wine will ensure the women of the council have no memory of how they became entranced, with all trace of the drink being magically scrubbed from existence. Only the one who conducted the ritual to free me from my prison saw the girl with me, and only for a moment. I grabbed her and made it seem like she was an innocent I was stealing away.”

Rel’rylin paused, looking at Elaina intensely. The girl couldn’t see the Demoness, her back was to her, but she could FEEL her gaze.

“They WILL come looking for her, but to rescue her not punish her. Perhaps we will let some of them find her so we can entrap a few. Perhaps we’ll let the girl return to the temple to be lauded as a hero for escaping our grasp. I do not yet know what service she will provide beyond what she is owed today.”

“Owed?” Elaina sniffled, the word shocking her out of her crying fit. She turned, remaining in Zarrea’s protective arms. “What am I ‘owed’?” Her voice was full of fear. “I did everything that was asked of me! I FREED you!”

“Silly girl,” Zarrea cooed, stroking her hair once more. “It is not a punishment you are owed. You’ve been a VERY good girl. You are owed a reward. A treat. A blessing bestowed by Naserette’s servant, the Demoness Rel’rylin.”

She turned the girl and presented her to the Demoness. “Rather young and awkward and not yet grown into her beauty. But there’s still much to find pleasing about her, much to harden the cock. Still naive and inexperienced, but oh so eager to become further corrupted.”

“Yes,” Rel’rylin purred. “Much to harden the cock.”

Elaina’s eyes darted to the Demoness’ member. It was swelling, growing harder with every beat of the being’s heart. As it grew harder it increased the woman’s supernatural presence, bringing with it a magical aura along with an intoxicating scent of arousal.

“Go to her,” Zarrea told Elaina. She shoved the girl forward, grabbing her clothing and ripping it off her as she stumbled toward the Demoness. She was left only in her underwear as she crashed into the imposing Demoness.

“Look at me,” the tall woman demanded, wrapping one arm around Elaina’s back to pull her in against her body while grabbing her face with the other to force her to look up at her. “So much potential… You’ll be a VERY useful tool to carry out Naserette’s will here on Alaria. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Elaina stammered, overwhelmed by the Demoness’ supernatural presence.

She was also distracted by the feel of her mighty cock. It was wedged between them, hard and throbbing. The tip was leaking a steady stream of precum that was moistening her belly where the cockhead was pressed into her.

“Kneel,” the Demoness commanded as she let go of Elaina and took a step back.

The girl dropped to her knees. When she looked up the Demoness was looming above her, cock in hand and holding it over the girl’s head.

Elaina marveled at the erotic beauty of the underside of it. How hard it was. How thick the pulsing veins covering it were. And that delicious cockhead! She liked how different the shaft and cockhead looked from this angle. She wanted to rise to her knees and lick it. Kiss it. Suck on the shaft and maybe even balls.

“Will you submit to me as your new lord?”

“Yes,” Elaina said without hesitation.

The Demoness lifted her cock and then let it fall onto the girl’s face. It landed with a meaty “thwack”, a sound that made Elaina shiver with delight while she gushed between her legs.

“You’re a good little futa-cock addict, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Elaina moaned as the Demoness began rubbing her huge cock from side to side on her face.

The girl closed her eyes, indulging in the feel and smell of the Demoness’ member. She opened her mouth and started licking then sucking on the shaft.

“After all that time imprisoned I am in desperate need of emptying my balls,” the Demoness growled, rubbing her cock down Elaina’s face as if it shove it in her mouth. “But not in this hole. I need pussy.”

In a flash the Demoness had hold of Elaina. She flew into the air, taking the girl to a corner of the temple where there was a large table-like stone altar. As she landed she ripped the girl’s underwear off. “You will receive your reward now,” she declared, the temple shaking with her barely restrained desire.

“Take me,” Elaina moaned as the woman bent her over the altar. “Shove your huge Futa cock in my pussy. Fill me till it hurts. Pound me till I scream!”

“See?” Zarrea asked as she strode to join them. “Eager. Desperate for more.”

Elaina thrilled at the sight of the Priestess disrobing and revealing her cock standing at attention.

They are BOTH going to fuck me, Elaina realized.

The thought almost made her cum. Everything that had happened had been so tense and sexually charged. Her body was primed for release. But it was more than that, there was an aura around the Demoness that brought and heightened arousal.

Elaina DID cum when the Demoness rammed her huge cock into her tight cunt. It was not a gentle action, an expression of a loss of control. She could no longer hold back, she WOULD fuck Elaina and she WOULD drain her balls in the girl and NOTHING would stop that.

As she entered Elaina the Demoness grabbed hold of the girl’s long blond hair, wrapping it around her hand as she pulled her head back. Elaina rose onto her hands and knees, partially so the pain of the hair pulling was lessened, but more to better position herself for the fucking she was so eager to receive.

Elaina groaned in pain as the woman continued to pull on her hair, thrilled by the way it combined with the feel of the Demoness’ huge, thick member filling her to the point she felt might break her. She groaned louder when the Demoness pulled tighter on her hair to hold Elaina in place as she pounded her from behind.

The girl’s whole body shook, her little breasts bouncing widely under her. She felt ripples of plump flesh roll up her ass every time the Demoness pounded into her. She felt her cunt gush each time Rel’rylin almost pulled out only to slam deep into her once more.

Elaina grunted in delight. She moaned with pleasure. She gasped in ecstatic pain as the Demoness yanked on her hair. Elaina couldn’t imagine receiving any more pleasure than she was.

Then Zarrea stepped in front of her and slapped her in the face with her cock. Elaina came, her vaginal muscles spasming as the Priestess rubbed her cock all over the girl’s face. She reveled in the raw gross erotic beauty of it, moaning in delight then thrilling even deeper when the Priestess silenced her moans by shoving her cock in the girl’s mouth.

She lost herself for some time after that. The sexual bliss was too intense, too much for her to fully process.

She was next clearheaded enough to feel beyond the indecent pleasure of being double-teamed by the Demoness and Priestess when she was lifted off the altar. Her cunt was overflowing with thick, gooey moisture. She came in me! The Demoness came in me and now my pussy is drenched in her demon semen. Oh gods… to be defiled so deliciously! Naserette be praised.

“I desire to see your face, little Human slut,” Rel’rylin declared. She turned Elaina to face her while keeping her cock inside the girl. Elaina wrapped her limbs around the Demoness, awed by how large and firm and powerful the woman felt. The ornate armor was gone, allowing her large dense breasts to press into Elaina’s chest. The girl thrilled at the feel, at the perverse mixing of the feminine feel of the Demoness’ breasts pressed against her alongside the masculine feel of her cock filling her cunt.

Elaina tried to say something as she stared up into the Demoness’ lust-filled face. All she managed to do was pant in pleasure while her tongue lolled from her mouth.

“Join us,” Rel’rylin told Zarrea. “Grab the helpless little slut’s legs and hold them open. Use her asshole. Enough of my cum is oozing out of her front fuck-hole that you’ll have plenty of lube.”

The world became a swirl of overwhelming sensations once more, all intensified by the Demoness’ aura. Elaina faded in and out of it all, her mind too overwhelmed to process anything for long.

There was intense pain as the Priestess entered her asshole, but it was eased by the Demoness’ cum. And once past the tightest part of her puckered hole the pain lessened, eventually becoming only pleasure.

The sensation of having both her holes filled by such large cocks was incredible. The feel of cum squelching noisily out of her pussy and then oozing messily down to act as lubrication for the member pounding her asshole was so deliciously disgusting it pushed her over the edge to climax each time she was aware of it. And the warmth of the two women’s bodies around her, their divine power, their breasts pressed into her naked flesh, it all mixed into one confusing incredible sensation she’d never forget.

Elaina came till she thought her mind would break and then she came some more. The violent bout of orgasms was a holy revelation, a divine reward for carrying out Naserette’s will so obediently.

But it was a carnal joy the inexperienced, simple Human girl could only handle for so long. The intense pleasure was soon too much and before long she passed out. Her final clear thoughts were ones of joy and certainty she’d finally found meaning in life.

What happens next now that the Demoness Rel’rylin has been freed? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

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