New Entry For The “She Was Too Low Level” Poll Driven Story

The entry can be found below the break or you can read the story in its entirety HERE. This finishes off this story, but once I come back around to it in the rotation it will be replaced by a new “She Was Too Low Level” poll driven story (with voting for how that starts at the end of this entry).

Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: The entry is super short, just under 800 words. It contains HEAVY non-con, along with total mind breaking of the main character.

Those closest to Thuni enjoyed a few more rounds of fucking the helpless Barbarian, making sure to rub their stinking cocks all over her face while leaving plenty of cum in her. Thuni moaned through it all, the pleasure the only thing getting through to her muddled mind.

After those last few waves of Goblins had their way with her they pulled back, no more Corruption Goblins replacing them. Without the constant miasma of their throbbing green cocks rubbing in her face and their enchanted cum being pumped into her Thuni’s head slowly began to clear.

She was able to look up and realize they had pulled away and left an empty ring around her. Her mind, still muddled, struggled to process what was happening. Unable to process WHY things had stopped her mind turned to dwell on how she’d gotten to such a perilous point.

No one warned me how dangerous adventuring could be… They warned about the threat of death, but this? Why!? Why wouldn’t they tell an inexperienced young woman THIS could happen to her?

This quest… this specific quest. The Guildmaster… he KNEW. He KNEW what these Goblins really were! He HAD to, that’s why it was ranked as so high level a threat. And if he knew WHAT they were he must have known what they would DO to me. Oh gods, it was all a setup!

After her horrifying realization the circle of Corruption Goblins around her parted. She looked up and saw the Goblin Shaman approaching, chanting a spell that was sending glowing red magic flowing down to wrap around his evil green member.

Thuni watched as his hard cock swelled in size, growing longer, and thicker. She wanted to look away but found she couldn’t. She found herself salivating at the sight, trying to get up on her hands and knees to crawl towards it.

She could smell it. It was like the other Goblins, only magnitudes more powerful. That vile, arousing, stupefying musk! The same overpowering cock stank yet smelling so strongly even from the distance the Shaman stood.

Gods! What is that going to do to me when he gets close enough to put it in my mouth?

Part of her knew, part of her could already feel it happening. She felt herself becoming stupefied, growing dumber with every breath of that powerful rank odor. It would be like before, but worse. The things happening to her mind wouldn’t go away once the Goblin Shaman was done with her.

Even knowing what would happen to her Thuni was unable to stop herself from opening her mouth and taking in the Shaman’s over-sized green cock when he stepped up to her. The disgusting taste and texture of the thick string of precum oozing from its cockhead was like pure ambrosia to her, even as she swallowed it and felt it melting her mind.

A moment later her head was bobbing vigorously as she sucked and slurped on the little monster’s green cock, desperate to coax a load of cum out of him.

The enchanted miasma around his cock was so powerful… assaulting all her senses, even making her eyes burn. She had to close her eyes to banish the stinging pain which only left her to feel her other senses more acutely. The taste. The smell. Even the sound of her sloppily sucking him off. All so clear yet with every beat of her heart each sense grew harder to understand.

Sucking my mind away… but can’t stop. Becoming… impossible… to think… In one valiant final struggle her mind rose for a last clear thought. I’m doomed. Doomed because I was too low level.

There were no clear thoughts after that. The novice Adventurer that had been Thuni Byrn, level two Human Barbarian, was no more. Her body would go on, being used by the tribe of Corruption Goblins, but there would never be a mind in that body again.

And once it gave out? Well, there was a Guildmaster in a nearby town who knew how to track such things. By the time the Corruption Goblins needed a new woman to keep them sated within their cave he’d have found a new Adventurer who was too low level to send them.

That brings this story to an end! My intention is to leave it up till I have enough of these to package as an ebook (the first two volumes can be found here), so enjoy the story while it’s still up for free!

In the meantime I’ll be starting a new one to replace this in my rotation of poll driven stories. Here is the winner of the poll for who the main character of the next story will be:

A mother/daughter duo. We’ll see they are a queen and princess who have hidden their identities and traveled to a distant land to accomplish good by becoming Adventurers. The mother, taller and thicker of build with purple hair, is a mage while the daughter is shorter and more fit (although she still has large breasts, just not as big as her mother) and thinks herself a fighter. Both think they are more highly trained then they are, AND that their identities are more well hidden then they will turn out to be.

How will this mother/daughter duo’s story of them being too low level begin? (Choose up to 9 options from this poll)

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