New Entry For The Poll Driven Story “Stray Cat”

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Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: This is one of my lesbian BDSM stories, so there is NO non-con and only girl/girl sex. This entry is a little over 2,000 words long and features the main character watching, but not taking part in, a number of partial BDSM scenes play out.

“A prisoner here in this mansion, just like you,” the ethereal ghost girl added.

“Prisoner? I’m not a prisoner,” Naoka said, confusion helping her think past the haze of extreme arousal and sexual frustration she was feeling at being interrupted so close to finishing. “I came here willingly and can leave whenever I want.”

The ghost girl raised an eyebrow. “Oh? But WOULD you leave? I’m a prisoner bound to the building through the magic that has allowed me to continue to exist in the world as a shadow of my living self. But you, you horny little thing, are making your own prison chains with every moment that passes. Bound by lust and desires you don’t even understand, agreeing to be THOSE women’s pet without even understanding what that means.”

Naoka stared up at her, peering out from the blankets she was covering everything but her face with. The girl was so otherworldly and beautiful, with her youthful, soft, and round features immensely pleasing to Naoka’s eyes. Her beauty was distracting Naoka from the conversation, especially that flowing dress of hers that seemed to be blowing in a breeze only the girl felt. It was almost see-through, enticing shadows revealing where her small nipples were.

“Distracted, horny little kitty,” the girl teased. “Perhaps you’d like to see what it’s going to be like for you here in this prison you’re making for yourself? Come on, I have a ‘friend’ that can show you,” she said before turning in the air and floating out of the bed.

After the ghost girl floated away Naoka realized one of her hands had slipped down between her legs and she’d been lightly playing with herself as she stared up at the beautiful ghostly apparition. With a quiet hiss of frustration she threw the blankets back and got out of bed, wrapping herself tight in her soft white robe to hide her naked body from the ghost.

The ghost girl was floating by the strange full-body mirror that had so often drawn Naoka’s attention, positioned as if standing by it but hovering a few inches off the ground. The eerie purple glow she radiated illuminated the mirror and the room around it. “Come along and see what the Mirror of Dhuarcain has to show you.”

As Naoka approached, feeling suddenly apprehensive, she noticed there was no reflection of either her or the ghost in the mirror. Instead, a third girl was reflected in the mirror, one Naoka couldn’t see in the real world. She was a tall, slender Human girl that was all long limbs. Her orange-red hair was perfectly brushed and draped over her shoulders hanging down past her butt.

Naoka stared at the mysterious girl in the mirror, taking in first her pretty face while admiring the freckles spread cutely across it. Her eyes darted down to the girl’s chest. She wore a simple white dress that was almost as transparent as the ghost girl’s only cut much shorter, leaving her upper chest exposed and revealing the top of the girl’s small breasts. Her chest was even more covered in freckles, something Naoka found thrillingly attractive. She couldn’t help but wonder what other parts of the girl were covered in freckles.

“Show her,” the ghost girl commanded.

Naoka saw the girl in the mirror flash a mischievous, predatory grin as she beckoned Naoka forward. She then disappeared along with the reflection of the dark bedroom.

For a moment the mirror was black then the reflection returned, but all wrong. It was the same room, only lit by flickering candlelight. Naoka glanced around to confirm the light was only in the reflection. Looking back she noticed something else different: on the bed there was a naked girl. Her limbs were stretched out and pulled towards the four corners of the bed where they were held in place by ropes tied around her wrists and ankles.

The way the sight made Naoka erupt into deep, loud purrs confused her. She was less confused by her reaction to two figures walking into the scene. She understood why the sight of Madelynn and Selwyn strutting into sight dressed in sexy underwear that left all their best parts exposed aroused her the way it did. Their bodies, especially their womanly curves, left the girl’s heart pounding and mouth watering.

She watched as the two women strut up to the bed and crawled onto either side, saying something she couldn’t hear to the girl tied there. Naoka’s tail lashed under the robes and her purrs grew louder as she thrilled at the prospect of whatever she was about to see.

Then, just as they reached to begin touching the girl, the image faded to black. “Bring it back!” Naoka blurted out angrily, hissing in frustration. “I want to see them play with her,” she demanded, turning and growl-yowling at the ghost girl. It was a sound she hadn’t been aware she could make but she felt it expressed her emotions better than any words could.

The ghost girl chuckled. “I’m not afraid of you. You’re just a horny little alley cat who hasn’t been tamed yet. But you’ll have what you want, LOOK!”

When Naoka looked back at the mirror the reflection had returned, showing the room once more only brightly lit now. A young blond Human girl was sitting cross-legged in front of the mirror, naked with her arms bound behind her back.

Is that the same girl? I don’t know… The one in the bed was too far away to see clearly…

Naoka’s furry ears perked up as she looked at the girl’s expression. Her pretty face was flush and she looked dazed with arousal. She understood a moment later why as Selwyn and Madelynn stepped into sight. Naoka was disappointed that both were fully dressed, but her excitement returned when they knelt on either side of the girl and began touching her all over.

She purred and let her robes fall open so she could touch herself while she watched the two older women caressing, teasing, and kissing the girl. They licked her neck and sucked on her hard little nipples. They stroked her trim belly and slipped their hands down between her legs, teasing then fingering their girl’s pussy.

Just as the girl seemed about to cum the image faded. “Stop doing that,” Naoka hissed, turning to glare at the ghost girl.

“I’m not the one making the images appear in the mirror,” she said lazily. “The magic of the Mirror of Dhuarcain is FAR beyond me. Now pay attention or you’ll miss the next bit.”

Naoka snapped her head back to the mirror. Madelynn and Selwyn were standing close to the mirror, a naked girl between them with her arms bound behind her back with layers of artfully tied red rope.

It was a different girl, although she looked very much the same. Human, barely of age, blond, and even more lost in lust and pleasure than the last one.

The two older women had her pinned between them as they sloppily kissed and licked her. While one would work her way up from the girl’s neck the other worked her mouth down the other side of her neck. They passed her head back and forth, licking and sucking on her ears while the other kissed her. Sloppy wet kisses that were more tongue than lip.

Naoka found herself moaning softly, touching herself with one hand while she stroked her lips with the other. She wanted to be that girl. Wanted to be bound and helpless with the two women doing as they pleased to her.

The image disappeared, replaced by a reflection of herself. It was shocking. Her face flushed, the indecent sight of her touching herself openly as she stood beside the mirror with the ghost girl watching beside her.

Her reflection only stayed in the mirror long enough to shock Naoka. It faded, replaced by one of a brown-haired Human girl sitting on the floor in front of the mirror. She was naked except for a pair of sexy black thigh-high stockings.

The way the girl’s arms were tucked behind her back made Naoka suspect they were tied there. It was something that brought a fresh rush of confusing carnal desire to be bound similarly.

Madelynn was sitting behind her, the girl leaning back into her. Naoka watched as the woman caressed and then squeezed the girl’s small, plump titties. The Kittaran purred, caressing her own small breasts, as she watched the woman teasing the girl’s nipples to make them hard. She did the same to her nipples, wanting to feel what the girl was feeling.

Without warning Madelynn had hold of the helpless girl’s nipples. Naoka watched as the woman pinched, tugged, and twisted them. The girl threw her head back and soundlessly howled in what Naoka thought was pain at first but, when she shifted so Naoka could better see her face, looked more like pleasure.

The idea that pain could feel so good excited and intrigued Naoka. She tried pinching and twisting her nipples. It caused her to let out a sound that was part yawl of discomfort and moan of pain. She LIKED it, although she suspected she’d like it MUCH more were someone else doing the same to her.

When she returned her attention to the mirror she saw the scene had changed again. Still a reflection of the bedroom, but the lighting was different. Dim and tinged with a red light setting a mood Naoka very much wanted to feel in person.

The bed in the background was covered in strange items, whips and paddles and many things the Kittaran didn’t recognize. Front and center was a large wooden x, a naked Human girl with jet-black hair tied to it. It left her legs spread open and her arms stretched out above her head.

In the girl’s mouth was a large red gag, leather straps running from it and around her head to hold it in place. The girl was so helpless… so vulnerable… Anyone could do anything they wanted to her!

The sight left Naoka breathless and purring so loudly that the ghost girl giggled at her. Naoka didn’t care, she was transfixed by the image and barely aware of the specter.

Selwyn walked into sight, speaking to the girl. Naoka wished she could hear… but she happily settled for being able to watch.

The woman tightened the straps holding the girl in place while Madelynn walked into sight holding something Naoka had never seen before. It had a handle like a leather whip, but instead of one long leather thong it had a bundle of short ones each only a foot long.

Naoka’s mind raced as she tried to imagine what was about to happen. It looked like they were about to torture the girl. Instead of looking fearful the girl seemed excited, even eager for it to begin. She strained at her bindings, her eyes pleading with both women to do things to her.

Just as Madelynn raised the item in her hand the image disappeared, replaced instantly by a dusky-skinned Elven girl who looked no older than Naoka. She was naked and tied up, her bindings contorting her body into an odd position and holding it there.

Naoka marveled at the sight. It looked as though she’d started with her back to the mirror then been pushed so far forward and down she was left looking back between her legs at the mirror. Rope was tied around her waist, more extending up out of sight tied to something above her. This seemed to be lifting her just enough to force the girl on her toes.

Her legs were tied in place, ropes connecting her ankles to something out of the mirror’s frame. Naoka stared, admiring the way the girl’s arms were bound together at the upper forearms and wrists then pulled between her legs. They disappeared out of sight under the mirror, perhaps bound to something behind it. It left the girl’s womanhood on full display, with her full firm breasts hanging down to rest on the underside of her arms.

Naoka’s eyes fell on the girl’s pussy and lingered there. She’d only seen glimpses of other women’s privates. The Kittaran found the sight as arousing as she found a woman’s bouncing breasts. The outer mounds of flesh… the inner lips… the fleshy hood above that hid that oh-so-lovely bead of pleasure… The sight made her want to lean through the mirror so she could shove her face in the girl’s pussy and begin lapping at it like it was a saucer of milk.

She’d heard Elves were hairless there and knew it was fashionable for many women to shave themselves in the “Elven way”. She found the way the hairlessness allowed her to see the girl’s womanhood in all its glory most pleasing.

I will need to ask to be shaved in the Elven way, she decided instantly. The thought made her realize the other girls she’d been shown in the mirror, when she’d been able to see their womanhoods, had either been shaved or at least well groomed. This made her a bit self-conscious but felt certain if she asked the women she was staying with they would help her groom herself down there properly.

The image faded once more, replaced by her reflection. Seeing herself flush and panting with arousal made her realize how desperately she needed to get off. She felt if she didn’t have that release soon she’d go mad!

How will Naoka hopefully get the sexual relief she needs so badly? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

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