New Entry For The Poll Driven Story “The Two Temples”

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Content/Kink Warnings: The entry is another short one, only about 1,300 words. There’s no sex scene, but there IS women unknowingly drinking cum.

* * *


When the first moment of divine inspiration arrived it shocked Elaina. In a flash she’d felt clearly what she was meant to do, but the compulsion had felt nothing like she’d expected. It had been subtle yet inescapable, a feeling she KNEW came from without yet felt as natural as deciding to turn a corner.

Go about my normal duties, that’s what Naserette wants me to do.

The girl had expected doing so to be a challenge after all that had happened in the other temple. But once she began her normal daily duties of cleaning and attending to the needs of the Temple of Ihena she felt herself fall into familiar patterns, moving almost on instinct.

I’ve become something more than I was, she thought. A spy at best here in the Temple of Ihena, and something much darker at worst.

Yet the realization of that reality easily fell to the back of her mind as she took on the persona she’d lived the last few years in the Temple. She moved passed Priestesses and Paladins with abilities she knew should have betrayed her for what she had become, but none seemed any the wiser.

It’s the enchanted cum in my small clothing… that disgustingly joyous erotic feeling of it clinging so grossly to my womanhood. It’s infused with Naserette’s divine blessings and protecting me. But there’s more at work here… I can feel that soon I’ll be called on to DO more. I’m being positioned for something, I can feel it.

For what, she did not know. But she was exhilarated to discover what she was needed for, hoping whatever it was led to depraved perversions the likes of which she was as yet able to imagine.

A few hours after her return to the temple she was called to attend the Holy Council. The council consisted of the most important members of the Temple, the most powerful devotees of Ihena who led the other women of the temple and all Ihena’s faithful in the nearby lands.

When Elaina arrived the women were just sitting down at a meeting table to begin a planning session. What the girl overheard revealed the meeting was one the women considered most urgent and would be going on for some time.

The gathered women paid no attention to Elaina. As a servant she was part of the background of the temple, no more worthy of note than a chair or pitcher of water till you required its use. She took advantage of the way they barely noticed her, standing to wait for a command while listening closely to their every word.

“We’ve all sensed it,” the High Priestess declared. “The growing presence of The Corruption in the city. Threats to us and everything decent in this world beginning to fester and grow stronger.”

“We need to act soon,” one of the most imposing Paladins declared. “We need-” the woman began but cut herself. “We need refreshments,” she said, with a nod to the others. “Wine,” she declared. “You, servant girl,” she added, snapping her fingers before pointing at Elaina. “Bring us wine.”

Elaina bowed. “As you wish, your holiness,” she said before quickly leaving the room. She wanted to get their drinks and return as fast as she could. Overhearing their planning session and being able to pass on what she learned to Zarrea seemed important, although it wasn’t the thing Naserette was positioning her for.

Still, it MUST be important, she told herself.

When she entered the larder where the wine was kept and found no other servants there she felt a rush of rightness. Once more she felt driven by divine inspiration and, letting the feeling lead her, closed and locked the door to the room.

Alright, she thought looking around. What am I meant to do?

Again, she felt the thing to do was whatever the women of the temple expected her to do. She grabbed an ornate tray and placed enough stemless wine glasses to serve up wine to each of the women in the meeting. She then chose a bottle of one of the fancier wines to add to the tray but stopped.

The divine inspiration had returned. She let it lead her, letting the power flowing into her control her actions.

Elaina grabbed the corkscrew she would have brought with her and used it to open the bottle of wine. Then, shocked at what she was watching herself do, she tipped the wine bottle over and poured the entire contents on the larder floor.

After shaking out the last drop of purple-red wine she held the bottle up. “I have to refill it,” she whispered. “I have to refill it with what’s in my small clothing.”

Even though she doubted she could get much of the cum into the bottle she tried. It was awkward pulling her underwear open and trying to dip the wine bottle into her soaked small clothes to collect the semen. She had more luck scraping the bottle’s opening against her womanhood, but even after that there was barely any cum in the bottom of the bottle.

Elaina feared what would happen to her if she failed to carry out Naserette’s will. She set the wine bottle down and prepared to strip out of her clothes and try to squeeze more of the cum out of her underwear. But before she could the contents of the wine bottle began to glow with sparking red energy.

The girl stood transfixed as the magic soaked into what cum was in the bottom of the bottle. As soon as the magic dissipated the cum started to expand. Slowly, but steadily, the wine bottle filled with cum.

“A holy miracle,” Elaina whispered as she stared at the thick, gooey white substance filling the bottle. “Naserette be praised and may her power and perversion ever grow.”

Once the bottle was full she understood what she had to do. I have to serve them the cum-wine. I have to ensure they drink the whole bottle. But how? They will see it’s not wine as soon as I bring it into the room…

She couldn’t imagine how she’d accomplish her task but the divine inspiration that had brought her to that point pushed her on, reassuring her all would go to plan.

“Finally,” one of the Holy Council said as Elaina nervously entered the room carrying the tray of cum-wine. “I’m parched. Planning how to save an entire city is thirsty work. Drinks girl, pour them out and don’t stop till each of us has a glass in our hands.”

They aren’t looking at the cum-wine! Every time one of them starts to look my way they avert their eyes just before seeing the bottle. There must be some enchantment keeping them from seeing it! This is going to work, Naserette be praised this is going to work.

Elaina set the tray down on a side table and picked the bottle of cum-wine up, admiring the thick gross white substance filling it. As she poured the gooey fluid into the cups she had to fight the urge to dip her fingers into a glass of cum to taste it, but she didn’t dare. The same divine inspiration leading her to pour out the cum-wine was warning her against sampling even a taste.

Once the glasses were full she began handing them out. She watched, still in amazement, as none of the women seemed to notice the glasses they were being handed were full of cum!

Then they began drinking them. Sipping as though they were savoring a fine wine. None seemed to notice the taste and consistency were nothing like the wine they were expecting. Elaina watched, stunned, as the women began to moan their appreciation.

“This may be the finest wine I’ve ever tasted,” one proclaimed.

Another tipped her glass back and drained it, gulping down mouthfuls of thick cum. “More,” she declared, holding her glass out to be refilled.

Elaina rushed to the bottle, fearing the spell keeping these women from realizing what they were drinking would be broken once she poured out the last glass or two of the cum-wine. Her worry melted away when she saw that the bottle had refilled itself when she wasn’t looking.

Excited and no longer nervous, the girl went about moving from woman to woman, refilling their wine glasses as they held them out and demanded more.

But what will it do to them?

What will the cum-wine do to the women of the Holy Council? (Choose up to 5 options from this poll)

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