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Content Warnings: The entry is about 1,800 words long and features some female masturbation.

* * *

Naoka looked around the room, in awe of it. My bedroom, she thought. This is my bedroom for as long as I choose to remain here with these two women.

To her eyes the place was something fit for royalty, full of comforts and riches beyond her imagining. She suspected the room was one of the simpler ones in the mansion she was temporarily residing in but had no frame of reference to compare it to. Her experiences of “residing” in anything beyond what was little more than a hole in the walls of the city were nonexistent.

She’d had little time to marvel at the room or inspect the many treasures it seemed to hold till now. When she’d first been brought to the room it had been not by Madelynn and Selwyn, but by two of what they assured her were many servants.

The two girls, who she thought were about the same age as her, had been as much of a distraction as the two older women had been. Both were scantily clad in matching servant’s outfits, similar to the black and white maids’ uniforms that were fashionable for the rich to put their female house servants in. Only these uniforms were much altered from what was traditional, with the legs left bare and the skirts cut indecently short. So short that a few times, when they had bent the right way, Naoka had been able to see neither of the girls wore any underwear.

The tops of the maid’s outfits were cut low enough to make the Kittaran short of breath. Both girls were small things, with trim bodies and only small chests. Still, ogling their little breasts made Naoka aware of how attractive she found ANY breasts, no matter their size.

When they led her to her bedroom there was a large tub waiting, already filled with water that had been heated to a perfect temperature. The two had undressed Naoka, something that had left her nervous. She’d struggled to suppress her purrs but found herself unable to. Now that she was in heat it was a reaction to the world she had little control over.

Once undressed they helped Naoka into the tub. While they bathed her they barely spoke, only occasionally giving her commands so they could better clean her up. Naoka hadn’t minded, she’d been too focused on the feel of their dainty hands all over her naked body.

What had started out seeming like the beginning of a sensual encounter with the two sexy young girls quickly became something else. Naoka was covered in years worth of filth that had to be scrubbed off.

Her hair was particularly a struggle for the two girls. Filthy and matted with dirt and knots, it had needed multiple washings along with a painful brushing out that had for a time left Naoka hissing in pain as she dug her claws into the tub.

After cleaning her up the best they could they’d dried her off then dressed her in a soft robe so white she was afraid she’d end up staining it even though she’d just been so thoroughly cleaned.

“The Mistresses will send for you when they are ready to receive you next,” one of the servant girls told her.

“Till then you are to stay here,” the other added before they left the room.

Naoka had barely noticed them locking the door from the outside after they left. She’d been too distracted by everything in the bedroom. A bed so big and inviting looking she struggled to believe it was intended for just one person. Dressers and wardrobes, many hanging open to reveal they were full of clothing. Tables full of jewelry boxes and displays of pretty trinkets, along with an entire bookcase filled with more books than she’d thought existed in the world.

But the thing that drew her most was a standing full-body mirror in the back of the room directly across from the huge four-poster bed. As she walked to the mirror, like a moth drawn to a flame, she glanced at the fine details carved into its frame. Swords and armor and a long-haired, nubile young woman along with drops of what she thought was rain. She made a mental note to inspect the fine workmanship at a later point, but in that moment it was the sight in the mirror itself that drew her forward.

She’d seen herself many times in mirrors throughout her life. The face that had stared back at her had been one she’d never much wanted to look at for very long. It always looked too thin and too dirty to her, with hair that was always too soiled.

As she stood staring at the young woman in the mirror she struggled to believe it was her. The Kittaran she saw was still too thin but cleaned up she looked more like a woman grown and less like the “Alley Cat” she’d always been.

And the hair! Staring at herself, at the long thick hair and her furry ears, and even her tail she was anxiously holding and stroking, she saw it wasn’t the color she’d always thought it was. It had always seemed to be brown, but now she saw that after a thorough washing it was dirty blond.

Had it changed colors at one point in my life, or has it always been so dirty I’ve never seen the real color? She didn’t know nor did she care. What mattered was that she thought it was beautiful and adored it.

After a time she decided it wasn’t proper to stare so adoringly at herself for any longer. She turned from the mirror, hugging the robe she wore to herself. It was so soft and felt so good against her naked body…

Her eyes darted to the huge four-poster bed. She’d slept on piles of filthy blankets, over-used hay, and even a few ratty discarded mattresses. But never a proper bed.

She ran to it, leaping onto it and squealing in delight as she landed and bounced on the thick mattress. A moment later the Kittaran was rolling about, luxuriating in the bed’s softness and the even softer feel of the robes still wrapped around her.

When Naoka realized she was purring so loud it was vibrating the bed she sat up. There was something she needed to do, but it was something she’d never done so out in the open. The bedroom felt like a vast open field to her, and there was far too much light for her to feel she had any privacy even though she was locked alone in the room.

The room had no windows in it and had been lit by multiple candles spread around the room. She got out of bed and went about blowing them all out, once more in awe of the wealth on display. She’d only owned a handful of candles her whole life, possessions she’d treasured and only sparingly used. Yet in this room there were more than she’d ever seen in use at once.

Once the last candle was out the room was plunged into near darkness. Some light came in through the cracks in the seams around the door. The mirror she’d been using earlier seemed to also give off a faint glow, although she thought it might have been just a trick of the light.

A little light was all she needed. Her vision had always been sharp, especially in the dark. Since going into heat it had only grown sharper. If someone was in the room they’d be unlikely to see her, which was exactly what she wanted.

With the darkness enveloping her she finally felt like she had the comfort of privacy. In a flash she was back on the bed, rolling about and purring happily. She shifted and wiggled, rubbing the soft robes on the most pleasing parts of her naked body. Soft, warm pleasure filled her from head to toe, changing the tone of her purrs.

As she indulged in sensually rubbing herself all over the Kittaran’s mind filled with images of the two sexy servant girls. As she remembered their dainty hands on her she let the robe slip open so she could slip a hand between her thighs and start touching herself.

She pictured them in bed with her, touching her all over. Trying to imagine it was one of their hands she began to squeeze one of her breasts, gasping and moaning as she teased her nipple. Once it grew hard she started to pinch and twist it, yowling softly in carnal delight as she rubbed at her womanhood.

Her pleasure steadily rose, cresting slowly towards the explosion of delight she knew would soon come. She coaxed it out of herself with more slow ease than she was used to. Every other time she’d masturbated it had been in a place she barely felt safe in. She’d had to go fast, needing the release of pleasure to clear her sex-addled mind. But here she was safe. Here she could take her time and truly enjoy exploring her body.

Just as she was about to crest the final rise to orgasm something interrupted her, pulling her away from her pleasure and denying her the moment of release.

“You’re a horny little thing, aren’t you?” an ethereal voice said, sounding somehow both very close and very far away at the same time.

Naoka hissed in surprised alarm, grabbing her robe and wrapping it tightly around herself. She sat up, scrambling up the bed and slipping under the thick covers to further hide herself. After letting out another hiss she looked around the room to see who had spoken.

Her eyes stopped at the mirror. For just a moment she’d thought she’d seen the reflection of a girl in it, but once more she dismissed it as some strange illusion of the dim light leaking into the room.

“Who is there?” she demanded after looking all around her and not seeing anyone. “Show yourself!”

An eerie, faint purple light began to light up the inside of the four-poster bed. As it grew brighter Naoka looked up, seeing it was brightest about her near the top of the canopy.

Slowly a figure appeared there, ghostly and transparent. At first it looked to be a blur of billowing purple fabric, but as the figure came more into focus Naoka could see it was a thin, long-limbed Human girl wearing a semi-transparent dress. She thought the dress was white, but the girl’s ethereal glow was purple and only made it, along with the rest of her, look to be purple-colored.

“What are you?” Naoka asked.

“A ghost,” the girl replied, her voice faint and as ethereal as the rest of her.

What happens now that the ghost girl has revealed herself to Naoka? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

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