New Entry For The “She Was Too Low Level” Poll Driven Story

You can find the new entry below the break, of find the story in its current entirety HERE.

Content Warnings: The entry is fairly short, at just a little over 1,000 words. It’s a combination fight/sex scene with HEAVY non-con.

As the savage beating of her breasts continued Thuni found her fears fading into the background of her mind. The pain was all she could feel. It was all that existed to her and the more intense that pain grew the less she cared about anything beyond ending it.

“I submit!” she howled, hoping they would understand her. “Do whatever you want to me,” she sobbed, at that moment thinking even her darkest fears would be better than the continued beating. “Just stop hitting my breasts!”

As soon as the Goblins stopped attacking her Thuni went limp, collapsing into a sobbing heap of hard muscles and soft breast-flesh she clung to protectively.

The beaten Adventurer barely heard the excited chattering of the Goblins that had beaten her into submission. She’d pulled away from the world around her, disconnected from the cave filled with evil little monsters. For a few blissful moments her whole world was one of relief where she thanked the gods her breasts, aching deeply in pain, would not be hurt further.

She was brought back to the world around her by something heavy, hot, and greasy falling into her face. The Barbarian gasped and recoiled in disgust as she realized one of the little Corruption Goblins had dropped its foul, oversized green member on her face.

Her eyes crossed as she stared at the offensive thing resting on her face. It ran from her forehead down the bridge of her nose, hard and throbbing. She flinched when the beastly little thing flexed its member, lifting it and letting it drop back down onto her face.

It chattered a command at her. She didn’t understand the words but there was no need for her to because a moment later the little monster shifted and was forcing its throbbing member into her mouth.

She let it happen, gagging from the foul taste of the thing’s dick then gagging again when it pushed deep into her mouth making her gag further. Thuni had no fight left in her, the most she could do was lay there on the cave floor hugging her over-grown breasts protectively in the hopes they’d at least leave them alone.

Seeing she was offering no resistance the Goblin with its cock in her mouth grabbed Thuni’s head and started fucking her face, plunging its member into her maw deeper and faster.

At the same time other Goblins crowded around her, ripping her clothes off and then grabbing her lower body to roll her hips to the side. Two of them pushed her legs open and rubbed their vile cocks all over her pussy and asshole.

The Barbarian shuddered in disgust at the feeling of their members being rubbed all over her most private of places. The little monster’s pricks leaked a steady stream of thick, slimy precum. It was a disgusting feeling that only added to her dismay at what they were doing to her. Yet she still didn’t do anything to stop them, she just continued to lay limp without resisting.

Once her holes were covered a mess of slimy precum they pressed into her, their large members sliding painfully into holes that were both far too dry.

They didn’t remain dry for long.

The first two Goblins fucking her came quickly, flooding her insides with an uncomfortable amount of Goblin cum. They quickly pulled away, two more Corruption Goblins taking their place. Their entry into her holes was much easier and their thrusting actions were much less painful. The cum the first two had left behind squelched noisily as the Goblins used it as sickeningly gross lubrication to heighten their pleasure.

When the one fucking her mouth came he did not do it in her mouth. Instead, he pulled out and let a staggeringly large load of semen spurt out all over her face. It kept coming, the little monster sliding his cock around her face as it spasmed and spewed forth more and more cum.

It was when the monster slid his cock to the side of her head and covered her sidecut in his final spurts of cum that Thuni’s disgust and repulsion began to turn into burning rage.

Till that point she’d been laying passively on the ground, letting them have their way with her. In a flash that was over. She found the strength to fight and, with a roar of anger, she let go of her breasts and backhanded the Goblin that had been cumming on her. The blow sent the Goblin flying back into the crowd of his compatriots waiting for a turn at her.

She rolled over to try to get up, but the Goblins had been prepared. They piled on her, trying to use the weight of their numbers to keep her down on all fours. As some slapped and punched at her others climb onto and clung to her to keep fucking her.

The violation did much to throw her off. She fought at first to knock the ones with cocks in her away, which only let the others better pull her down. It was only when she accepted she’d have to endure their vile members thrusting into her holes for a little longer so she could concentrate on the others that she was able to start regaining the upper hand.

For a moment the young Barbarian felt she would soon break free. Her strength was swelling, her muscles growing even stronger. And the little monsters seemed to have forgotten about her breasts once they’d begun fucking her. She needed to only throw a few more off and she’d be able to get to her feet. Then she thought she’d easily be able to fight her way out of the cave and run to safety, knowing once she was in the open their little legs would never be keep up with her massively muscled strides.

Then everything changed.

There was a flash of red light as the Shaman slammed his staff on the ground. A blast of sparking red magic flew out, swirling and moving its way through the mob of Corruption Goblins. Thuni saw the tendrils of magic connecting with the little monster’s hard green members, soaking into them and leaving behind some kind of enchantment.

Almost instantly she had a terrifying sense of what the spell had done. All around her she could SMELL it. Their evil dicks were all now surrounded by a thick cloud of almost visible odor, a miasma of cock-stank that assaulted her senses from all directions.

Three Corruption Goblins jumped on her head, each rubbing their cocks on her face. The smell was overpowering, rank and reeking of over-ripe male musk. It made her dizzy and faint. She felt herself sway in disorientation as she lost all the momentum she’d gained. A moment later she fell helplessly onto her hands and knees.

The one clinging to the front of her face shoved its throbbing, stinking member into her mouth. The miasma around its cock overtook her completely as it fucked her face, the taste in her mouth further stupefying her.

Then they began cumming in and on her. The stupefying effect this had on her made the smell of their stinking cocks seem like nothing. After a few rounds of being gangbanged by the Corruption Goblins Thuni’s eyes were crossed and her grunts and moans of dismay had melted into indecent sounds of pleasure. Her mind was so befuddled all she could process was pleasure.

Thuni was left dazed and helpless and her mind so muddled she could no longer process the danger she was in. Her escape attempt ended as she submitted fully to the Goblins.

What will happen now that Thuni has been defeated by the Goblins? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

The next entry to this story will finish it off, but after that I’ll be starting a new “She Was Too Low Level” story. I’m viewing this as a short “warm up” story for my return to this series and am planning on the next one being a bit longer and more fleshed out. With that in mind…

Who should the next adventurer destined to meet a dark fate be? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

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