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Content Warnings: This is one of my lesbian BDSM story, so there will only be girl/girl sex and none of the action will be non-consensual, although there will probably be some dub-con. This entry is about 2,500 words long and doesn’t contain a sex scene but does contain a lot of teasing and struggling through Sapphic desires.

The Bunordaen girl smiled slyly at her. “You have to let me stay here with you tonight, sleeping in the bed,” she told her, quickly adding, “and we both have to be naked.”

Bienya froze up. All night? In the bed? With her, naked?! Her mind flooded with images of the plump, slutty Bunordaen naked. She could ALMOST picture it. All that delicious, soft, curvy female flesh… She began to shake as the imagined images of the girl’s naked body filled her mind, bringing with them a powerful curiosity to feel her bare flesh against her own. All that warm, soft skin…

“Well? Do you agree to the terms?”

Bienya blinked, realizing she’d been standing there awkwardly staring at the girl for too long without answering. “I… I don’t even know your name,” she said, desperately trying to buy herself time to deal with the emotions she was feeling. She was panicked at the prospect of sleeping naked with the girl, a panic that came from a place of excitement she didn’t want to be forced to acknowledge.

“Cassie,” the Bunordaen told her as she got up from the bed. “So, do we have a deal?” she added, dropping the remains of her carrot onto the floor before beginning to undress.

A flash of heat spread through Bienya’s cheeks. She stared at the girl undressing just long enough to see she had nothing on under the shirt she was taking off. Fearing what the sight of the girl topless would do to her she spun around, banishing the enticing sight from view.

“I agree,” Bienya said, breathing heavily.

The panic had returned worse than before. Her heart was pounding so vigorously that she felt it as a deafening drumming in her ears. The heat in her cheeks was a fire so hot she could barely stand it. And as the thought of the Bunordaen stripping behind her filled her mind other parts of her heated as well, parts that, as an Elven woman who had not undergone her awakening, she was not used to feeling heated in such ways.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” the Bunordaen said in a sultry voice that increased Bienya’s confusing panic.

Bienya turned and realized she’d been standing paralyzed with her back to the girl for so long that the Bunordaen was now laying in the bed, the covers pulled up over her. At first she felt a moment of relief that the girl had covered herself up, but the moment ended when she noticed Cassie had left the blanket pulled down just enough to flash an enticing amount of cleavage.

She’s naked. She’s naked and in the bed I am going to sleep in tonight. And I need to be naked while I sleep in that bed, with HER naked as well. I can’t back out… can’t run away from this. I made a deal. I have to do this, no matter how panicked and confused it makes me feel.

“Get undressed and come join me,” Cassie demanded lazily.

“One moment,” Bienya muttered. She snuffed out the candles that lit the room, plunging it into near darkness with only the moonlight coming in through the small window in the room. Only then did she undress, and she did so with her back to the girl in the bed.

This amused Cassie, causing her to chuckle softly and say, “Such a bashful Elven maiden.”

The way the Bunordaen said the word “maiden” made Bienya bristle. There was mocking judgment in her tone as she said the word.

“So what if I’m not experienced in such things?” Bienya said as she turned to approach the bed, one arm draped over her small breasts and her other hand at her womanhood. Her cheeks flushed once more when she saw the girl staring intensely at her in the dim light, the expression on her face full of amusement by the way Bienya was covering her body.

“Don’t worry, pretty Night Elve, every day, and every night, is a chance to gain a little more experience,” Cassie said playfully as she scooted over under the covers and pulled the blankets open for Bienya to get into the bed with her.

Bienya quickly scrambled onto the mattress, throwing the blanket over her as fast as she could to cover her naked body. She immediately locked up, realizing she’d put herself into a position that made her panic more than standing naked had. Now she was under the covers with Bunordaen girl, the heat of their bare bodies mingling under the blankets.

“Goodnight,” Bienya said, turning her back on the girl. All I have to do is sleep in the bed with her. If I can just fall asleep quickly before her presence wakes things in me I don’t want to awaken…

“You’re cute,” Cassie whispered, sliding closer to Bienya. “Pretending you’re not as excited as you are by this.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Bienya mumbled, painfully aware of how her body was responding to the growing heat of the bunny girl’s body getting closer to hers.

“Your shaking with nervous excitement,” Cassie teased, her voice breathy and eager.

“I’m not excited,” Bienya lied.

“Oh? Do you know that Bunordaens have exceptional noses? I can SMELL how excited you are. But it’s okay to lie to me, I’m pretty sure you’re still lying to yourself about this stuff.” She paused then said calmly but firmly, “I’m going to cuddle with you tonight. That’s part of the price of me taking you to the Faun and her forest. You sleeping with me doesn’t count unless there’s physical contact all night long.”

“Alright,” the Night Elve replied, voice shaky. She bit her lip in anticipation as the Bunordaen moved closer. Her whole body tensed when the girl slipped one arm under her neck and draped the other around her narrow waist.

The tenseness filling Bienya from head to toe eased as the bunny girl’s soft, plump, warm body pressed into hers. Bienya had never felt anything as calming and alluring as all that softness pressed into her back. Not just the girl’s large breasts, but her soft belly as well. And then she pulled Bienya back into her body, increasing the amount of surface contact. Her body reacted on its own, wiggling back into her to feel even more skin against hers.

“Not so bad, is it?” Cassie asked as she pressed her face into the long black hair covering Bienya’s back. She nuzzled into it, her warm breath soaking through the hair to heat the back of the Night Elve’s neck.

It sent a warm shiver of arousal down her spine, heating her core in a way that made her want to whimper. She wiggled a little, pressing her body back into the Bunordaen.

“We’re just going to sleep together,” Bienya whispered, voice faint and even more shaky than the last time she’d spoken.

“Of course,” Cassie replied, voice breathy on the girl’s neck. “That’s the deal, we sleep together and that’s it. Even if you wanted more… I couldn’t give it to you now, that wasn’t part of the deal.”

“I wouldn’t want more,” Bienya replied, voice faint but firm. “I’ve too many important things to do, I can’t give in to THOSE kinds of distractions. Besides, you’re a girl like me.”

“What kind of distractions are you talking about?” Cassie whispered, nuzzling her nose against Bienya’s neck while slipping the hand wrapped around her towards the place her thighs met.

THOSE kinds,” Bienya moaned longingly, grabbing the girl’s hand and returning it to where it had been. “I don’t do those things, especially not with other girls.”

“But you WANT to,” Cassie teased, wiggling her body against Bienya. She rocked her hips, grinding slightly into the girl’s small, firm ass. “Even if you tell yourself you don’t.”

Bienya, deeply in denial about the desires that had been growing in her recently, refused to address the statement. Instead, after moaning softly for a moment as the girl wiggled and ground into her backside, she replied, “You don’t know anything about me. How could you?”

“The Faun told me all I needed to know about you,” Cassie replied, her voice suddenly serious. She’d stopped wiggling and had pulled Bienya close, not to further tease her but as if to comfort her. “She knows all about you.”

“How? Why?”

Bienya felt the Bunordaen shrug. “She just knows things when she needs to know them. You’re important to her, so she knows about you. The Faun knew you were looking for her. Knew you’d be here and when you’d be here. Knew to send me and have me wait for you. And most importantly she knew you’d need a guide to find her and that you’d be willing to pay any price to get to her.”

The girl paused, shifting the way she was holding Bienya. She wiggled her hips and moved her hands, caressing and teasing the Night Elve’s naked skin. “She knew you’d have paid a much greater price than a night naked in bed with another girl but instructed me not to demand more tonight.”

“Which is a shame,” she continued after a short pause. “You’re a delicious blue treat I’d like to devour like I devoured my carrot. Perhaps I can get away with a little chomp?” Before Bienya could ask her what she meant Cassie had used her face to push some of the Elve’s hair out of the way and softly bit her shoulder.

The unexpected bite caused a cascade of unexpected feelings to flood Bienya. A rush of heat flowed down her body and ended in her womanhood, causing a flash of warm moistness there. At the same time she felt a whole body shudder in response to the teeth clamping down on her flesh, followed by the most indecent helpless moan that had ever slipped from the Elve’s lips.

“But just a chomp, no more,” Cassie whispered after releasing her bite. She then shifted as she made herself comfortable for the night. “Goodnight,” she whispered, her body going limp as she prepared to fall asleep. The message was clear: she was done teasing Bienya.

The Night Elve tried to follow her lead and ready herself for sleep’s embrace but found she was too flustered to easily fall asleep. The longer she lay there in the bed with the sexy, plump girl pressed into her the harder she found it to think about anything other than her naked body.

As the night went on the heat of their bodies pressed together under the blankets caused them to grow uncomfortably sweaty. Cassie had quickly fallen asleep, but the panic and other confusing feelings Bienya was feeling kept her awake. Yet as uncomfortably as she grew under the covers it never occurred to her to try and pull away from the plump girl holding her.

Thoughts kept running through the Night Elve’s mind, thoughts she immediately suppressed as she was not ready to process them. I’m turned on. I’m aroused. I want to do more than let her touch me, I want to touch HER. Each thought came and, as if casting a spell to cure herself of how accepting the thoughts would change her life, Bienya dismissed them as if they’d never run through her mind.

It was a very restless night for her, one free of the normal dreams that has driven her to this place. She didn’t sleep enough to dream, and what little sleep she got was interrupted by every shift of her body. It would wake her, forcing her to dwell on how much she enjoyed the warmth and softness of the Bunordaen’s body against hers.

She had to fight urges she didn’t want to accept she had. I don’t want to roll over and kiss her. I don’t want her to slip her hand between my legs and touch me there. I don’t want to feel her playing with my breasts. I don’t want to roll over and play with hers, to press my face into their plump softness and suck on her nipples… I don’t. I don’t feel those kinds of things. I am not one of THOSE Elves who allow themselves to become distracted that way!

When dawn broke and sunlight began to shine through the little window in the room Bienya felt a new kind of panic. This is all about to end, she thought, admitting to herself that she wanted it to last forever. For a little while she stopped the lies. She stopped fighting against her desires and leaned into them. She luxuriated in the feel of the Bunordaen’s body against hers. She savored her softness and the sweaty heat between their skin. She concentrated on the sound of the girl’s peaceful breathing and the sensation of her breasts pressing onto her back with each breath she took.

“Morning,” Cassie eventually whispered.

The word crushed Bienya. It’s over, she thought sadly. And now life has to go on. My moment of weakness has to be left behind me and I have to fully suppress these desires again.

“Good morning,” Bienya replied, trying not to let any emotion into her voice as she slipped out of the girl’s arms and got out of bed. It had taken all of her willpower to do so, but once she was free of her touch leaving her behind had been easy.

“You paid the price just as you promised,” Cassie told her, sitting up and stretching.

Bienya flushed and turned from her, afraid of how she’d react to the girl’s naked chest in the dawn’s light. “We need to get dressed,” she muttered as she scrambled to put her clothes on as quickly as she could. “I want to get an early start.”

“As you wish,” the Bunordaen girl said lazily. “But can we eat before we leave?”

“Yes,” Bienya said. She stood in the center of the room, struggling not to peek over her shoulder and watch the girl dress. As she gave into the temptation she realized just how much the night had affected her. She was aroused in a way that she feared was going to leave her thoroughly flustered and knew that the girl’s presence was going to be a constant distraction.

Their morning meal in the tavern proved her fears were true. She was constantly zoning out, struggling not to imagine the girl naked. The memory of her body pressing against hers was always in her mind. And her lips! Plump, sexy lips. She stared as the girl ate, unable to keep her mind off fantasies of kissing her. Those fantasies shifted, becoming waking dreams of the Bunordaen kissing HER, but not on the lips.

“You’ve got a real struggle of a day ahead of you,” Cassie said lazily.

“What?” Bienya asked, realizing she’d heard the girl speak but not understood the words.

“Your day,” the Bunordaen said, “it’s going to be a struggle. And once we get to the Faun’s cabin… well, you’ll see. Are you ready to go meet your fate, pretty, flustered Night Elve?”

“I’m ready,” Bienya told her as she got up from the table. “Lead the way.”

What happens as Bienya is led to the Forest Witch’s cabin by Cassie? (Choose up to 5 options from this poll)

What is Cassie the Bunordaen? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

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