New Entry For The Poll Driven Story “The Two Temples”

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Content Warnings: The entry isn’t very long, only about 1,500 words. It should read like a continuation of the previous sex scene, with some cum play and masturbation.

Since beginning to work at the Temple of Ihena Elaina had a lack of faith in their goddess. The girl had kept this hidden, always humoring the Priestesses in the Temple of Ihena and praying with them whenever they asked her to. She’d never felt anything, no divine presence, no giving over of faith to a higher power. But this time Elaina felt something. It was an odd sensation, a disappearance of something she’d always had within her but hadn’t ever felt till it was suddenly absent from her.

The emptiness didn’t concern her. She knew the thing she’d given the goddess Naserette would quickly return. It was why the gods blessed mortals, their faith sustained them and there would always be more faith to give. Elaina also knew that as a Human the candle of her faith burned brighter than that of all other races. It was why Humans, with their short lives when compared to most other races, were the most commonly blessed devotees of the gods.

Elaina found herself humming happily to herself as she luxuriated in the dual feelings of being spiritually emptied while being physically filled with an impressive amount of cum. The feel of it slowly oozing and trickling out of her was particularly something the girl enjoyed, savoring every aspect of the sensation. The raw grossness of it came with an animal thrill that was as satisfying as the peaceful contentedness that followed sexual release.

“Are you truly so happy and sated after such a quick fuck?” Zarrea asked.

“It’s the feel of your cum oozing so obscenely out of me,” Elaina told her, grinning happily at the woman, her eyes darting to the beautiful sight of her flaccid but still impressively sized member hanging between her legs. “And I am finding great joy knowing the stuffy uptight women at the Temple of Ihena would be offended by the lewd display of me laying her after letting something so ‘wrong’ as you have your way with me.”

The Priestess of Naserette chuckled. “And what would they say if they were informed that I drove their blessing out of that pendent of Ihena you wear around your neck? Not only that but replaced what power it had with a pregnancy ward. I could ejaculate buckets of cum into you for a month and a child would never take hold in your womb.”

Elaina shivered at the phrase “ejaculate buckets of cum into you”, her hand slipping down so she could noisily finger herself. The squelching sound of her fingers rubbing them slipping in and out of her cum-filled cunt made her shiver again, moaning indecently as she reveled in the sounds.

“If only you COULD ejaculate buckets of cum into me,” Elaina sighed wistfully, trying to imagine even more cum than was already leaking out of her and struggling to picture it. She’d been under the impression a normal man ejaculated much, MUCH less than what the Priestess had pumped into her.

“With Naserette’s blessing many things are possible,” Zarra began.

Elaina could tell she was going to continue and was perplexed that she’d suddenly cut herself off. Intrigued, she sat up and looked at the Elven woman. “What is it?”

“I’ve just had an idea,” she said, a sly, almost evil-looking grin pulling at her lips. “Or perhaps it was a bit of divine inspiration. Put your small clothes back on and then come with me to the lectern where we’ve stored the tome you brought me,” she commanded.

Once there the Priestess began looking through the tome. Seeing the book was written in a language she couldn’t understand Elaina quickly lost interest in the book’s contents. While the Priestess flipped through the pages nearly all of Elaina’s attention turned to the feeling of the woman’s cum oozing freely out of her, enjoying how it was moistening her undergarment. She particularly enjoyed the way the little damp patch clung to her womanhood.

“Here is the incantation we will use,” Zarrea proclaimed, slamming a finger down on the open page. “You will stand by me as I read it. There’s a good girl, only come a little closer. Now pull your dress up and hold it there with one hand then with the other hold your small clothing open.”

“Are you going to admire all the cum leaking out of my pussy?”

“No, little one, I’m going to be adding to the mess in there,” the Priestess told her.

Elaina was going to ask what the woman meant then grew distracted. The girl gasped in surprise and excitement when she saw that the Priestess’ big blue cock was swelling once more in arousal. In moments it stood at attention, rigid and throbbing.

“How are you so hard again so soon?” Elaina asked, her voice breathy with excitement.

“I am blessed by my goddess, blessed with this cock, and blessed with the stamina to use it as much as I want. I can be hard whenever I want and cum as much as I want.”

Elaina looked up at the Priestess, awe on her face. “Naserette be praised,” she whispered reverentially.

“May her power and perversion ever grow,” Zarrea replied. “Now stand there and be silent while I read this incantation.”

Elaina did as she was told, standing awkwardly at first and feeling silly holding her dress up and her underwear open. The awkwardness left her as soon as the Priestess began reading the incantation. It was in an arcane language the girl did not understand but she could feel its power.

The world around her became charged with something she’d learned to recognize as the feel of divine magic, although as always the Priestess of Naserette’s magic felt VERY different from the magic she encountered at the Temple of Ihena.

She felt it flowing through the church into the Priestess, causing her to glow faintly with sparking, red-colored divine energy. That was another difference she’d noticed. Magic infused with The Corruption seemed to always manifest with that same red glow and sparking effect.

Elaina’s eyes fell on the woman’s throbbing cock. She held it as she chanted, the power flowing through the room into her gathering in it.

Elaina marveled at the precum building up at the tip. What started as a bead of delicious-looking moisture soon swelled to a glob so big it dripped from her cock to land on the temple floor, sizzling with sparking red light and soaking into the temple.

That was when Zarrea began jerking off. She kept reading the incantation but shifted her body, holding her big blue cock over Elaina’s open underwear and pointing her dick at the girl’s pussy.

She’s going to cum in my small clothes, Elaina realized, filled with a rush of perverse, carnal excitement. She’s going to jerk off and cum in my small clothes as part of some ritual! What will the ritual do? the girl wondered. Will it do something to me or just her cum?

Elaina struggled as the event played. As the Priestess jerked off and ejaculated load after load of cum into her underwear the girl fought against the impulse to touch herself. To rub the cum all over her pussy and gather it up in her fingertips so she could push it into her wet hole. To grab the Priestess’ cock and help her along, stroking and jerking her off. She’d never done that, but after watching Zarrea she was certain she could.

In the end Elaina lost track of how many times the woman came in her underwear. Looking down and marveling at the oozing mess the girl couldn’t help but be in awe of Naserette’s power. “There’s so much of it! I never imagined seeing and feeling so much cum all at once. And it all came from you!”

“It is a manifestation of Naserette’s might,” Zarrea said, voice faint and weak. “And it has drained me,” she added. “I must rest. And you must return to the Temple of Ihena.”

“Like this?” Elaina asked, excited. To walk into the place soiled the way she was would be an affront to Ihena and possibly despoil the sanctity of the temple. That was something that brought her great pleasure.

“Yes, but you need to keep the mess in your small clothing hidden from those in the temple.”

“What will happen when I bring so much of your cum into the temple? What did the incantation do?”

“I will not tell you,” Zarrea said firmly. “Have faith that Naserette will lead you. Now go, and remember, do not let anyone know. And enjoy it. Enjoy the feel of it pressed messily against your pussy. Enjoy the feel of the divine magic soaked into it as it soaks against your fleshy folds.”

Elaina nodded. “I will. I will be a good girl,” she quickly added. “And I will let Naserette guide me!”

What will the divinely enchanted cum do after Elaina returns to the Temple of Ihena? (Choose up to 5 options from this poll)

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