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Content Warning: The entry is short, at just under 2,000 words. There’s no sex scene, but there is some heat building/groping/Sapphic panic. And as a reminder, this story in only feature girl/girl action, all of which will be consensual (although some of that consent may, at times, be a bit “dubious”).

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Even as being a Kittaran seemed to become more of a boon Naoka strove to keep her race hidden. Over her rags she wore a thick, tattered cloak with the hood pulled up over her head. The outfit hid her race, allowing her to blend into the background of the city. With her furry cat ears obscured and her tail tucked away she was just one of the countless street urchins or paupers that filled the streets and alleys, filth in the background of the lives of the city’s more affluent members.

The city had taught Naoka a lot of hard lessons, one of which was that it was always best to be as unobtrusive in the wealthy citizens’ lives as possible. That was why she stuck to the back alleys and side streets as much as she could when traversing the city. If the poor got in the way of the rich, or even just dirtied up their streets, there would be consequences.

It wasn’t always possible for Naoka to get where she needed to go without having to pass through the main roadways that ran through the heart of the city. Normally she was good at doing so quickly, ensuring her presence was barely noticed. She knew that if she WAS noticed there would be a good chance one of the town’s guards would hassle her.

But on that day Naoka was distracted. Her mind was flitting between thoughts and feelings she was struggling to deal with. Flashes of women she’d passed on the streets that had left her flustered with desire.

Many women in the city wore outfits that accented and showed off their most feminine curves and since coming into heat the Kittaran had discovered she had a lustful weakness for large breasts. When her mind dwelt on mounds of jiggling soft flesh pushed up by corsets and almost overflowing out of dresses she would find her mouth watering.

She wasn’t sure exactly WHAT she’d do with another woman’s breasts should she have access to them. Her breasts were rather small, just barely enough to feel. When frustration and arousal had overtaken her and she’d been in a private enough place she’d spent many, MANY hours recently toying with her small breasts as she tried to imagine all the indecent things she’d do to a more well-endowed woman.

One particular memory was stuck in her mind as Naoka left a back alley and moved out onto a main road. She’d been perched atop a building, watching the outdoor dining tables in front of a tavern. From her hidden spot she’d watched a plump serving wench with prominent breasts bending over to place two tankards of ale on a table. The black void between her cleavage had sucked in all of her attention and heated her insides in a way she found enjoyable but alarming.

As the vivid memory played through her mind she had intended to cross the road once there was a space between the carriages and horses filling it. But the distracting memory had only allowed her to see the road ahead of her and NOT the busy walkway full of pedestrians on the side of the road she walked distractedly into.

The young Kittaran ran right into someone, slamming into them hard enough to knock them over onto their back. Caught off guard, Naoka tumbled down on top of them, landing on them and pinning them to the ground.

Her focus was pulled instantly back to her immediate surroundings. As she landed on top of the woman she took in the fine clothing she was wearing. It was a noblewoman; she’d just knocked a noblewoman down! Naoka felt a flash of panic knowing that if the woman interpreted the accidental impact as some kind of intentional assault things could grow dire for her. Even if the woman recognized the impact as an accident she could still call the guards and have Naoka punished!

I have to get off her. I have to get up and apologize. Grovel. Debase myself and beg for her mercy.

Before she could do any of that she realized how she’d landed on the woman as they’d fallen to the ground. The woman was laying on her back, with Naoka on top of her. The Kittaran loomed over her, hands braced on her chest. On her breasts.

Naoka blinked, staring at the overlarge mounds of dense, soft, breast flesh she was leaning into. To her horror she realized she was purring loudly and massaging the woman’s over-large breasts, almost like she was kneading them.

The Kittaran was horrified by what she was doing but found herself unable to stop. She couldn’t even pull her eyes away from the woman’s cleavage which, if not for the way Naoka was grabbing and kneading them, might have fallen out of her corset thanks to the way she was pinned on the ground.

“I think you’ve got something on your chest, Madelynn,” a woman looming above the two on the ground said with an amused chuckle.

Naoka glanced at the woman who had spoken and saw she was dressed similarly to the woman she was on top of.

“It seems I do, Selwyn,” the woman Naoka was on top of said with an equally amused laugh. “A horny little kitty who seems quite taken with my bosom.”

The word “kitty” brought Naoka back to herself. She’d always HATED being referred to as “kitty”, “cat”, or “feline”. She was a person, NOT a cat. She did all she could hide she was a Kittaran most of the time, keeping her long tail tucked uncomfortably into her pants and hiding her furry ears under the hood of her tattered cloak.

Naoka realized that when she’d bumped into the woman and knocked her over her tail had slipped out of her pants and her hood had fallen off. She was now painfully aware of her tail lashing and vibrating behind her in an open display of agitated excitement for anyone who knew how to read such feline body language.

“I’m so sorry,” she muttered, finally releasing her hold on the woman’s breasts. “I wasn’t looking where I was going and-”

“Hush,” the woman standing beside them said, kindly but firmly grabbing hold of Naoka’s upper arm and helping the Kittaran off her friend. “It was an accident, nothing more.”

“And perhaps it was I, not you, who was not watching where she was going,” the other woman said as she got up from the ground.

Naoka’s eyes darted between the two women, barely noticing that the one who had helped her up had NOT released her grip on her arm.

They were the most stunning, beautiful, and sexually arousing women the young Kittaran had ever seen. Both were tall Humans with curvaceous builds. Wide hips. Thick, meaty asses revealed by tight pants. Over-large breasts pressed up and displayed prominently by tight corsets.

After a moment of ogling both women’s mouthwatering curves Naoka forced herself to turn her attention to their faces. They looked “older” to her, perhaps at most in their early forties. The one she’d knocked over, Madelynn, was a pale-skinned woman with long black hair that hung down past her shoulders. The other, Selwyn, was dusky-skinned with short dark brown hair and spoke with a hint of an exotic accent the Kittaran couldn’t place.

“Look at you,” Madelynn said, picking distastefully at the ratty cloak Naoka had on. “Poor thing… grew up on the streets, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Lady,” Naoka replied, averting her eyes and hating how her ears turned down to reveal her emotional response to the simple statement of fact.

“Barely any meat on her fragile little bones,” Selwyn added, giving a squeeze to the upper arm she still had a firm grip of.

“Tell us, are you of age?” Madelynn asked.

“Yes,” Naoka replied. “Just barely.

“Just barely,” Selwyn said, flashing a grin at her friend that, if Naoka had been less distracted by the women’s bodies, might have left her wanting to wriggle out of the woman’s grasp.

“You poor thing,” Madelynn said, stroking the side of Naoka’s cheek with the back of her hand.

The Kittaran’s eyes fluttered closed for a moment as she leaned into the gentle touch, purring softly. She’d yet to feel the soft caress of a woman since entering heat and this simple touch was enough to make her weak at the knees.

“And such a pretty little thing,” Selwyn added. “Perhaps a little malnourished… but a few weeks of good food and there will be some pleasant meat on these bones. I’ve always wanted to add a sexy little Kittaran to our collection. And this one is clearly in heat! We both know it wouldn’t be hard to ensure she stays that way.”

Madelynn had continued to stroke the girl’s cheek, slipping a finger into her tangled, messy hair. “She’ll need a LOT of cleaning up. Her hair is filthy. But these ears…” She trailed off as she stroked one of Naoka’s furry ears, lighting up with joy at how loud her purring became. “Yes… I think we could have a LOT of fun with this one.”

“We just need to bring her back to the estate and clean her up,” Selwyn agreed.

“Would you like that, pretty little kitty?” Madelynn asked. When it was clear the girl was too lost in the pleasure of having her ears stroked Madelynn stopped petting her. She cupped the girl’s face in both hands and made her look up to meet her gaze, forcing her to stop staring at her cleavage. “Would you like to come home with us? We’ll clean you up and feed you. You’ll be able to stay for as long as you like.”

“And for as long as you are a good girl,” Selwyn added.

“Yes,” Naoka purred. “I think I’d like that very much.”

The girl was overcome with the intense pleasure of the simple, tender touch of the woman looming over her. She was barely thinking and had not been listening to anything they had been saying. Everything she’d learned over her short life about NOT trusting the rich of the city was forgotten. She just wanted the woman to keep touching her…

“And you’ll be a good girl and do as you’re told?” Selwyn asked, voice firm and commanding in a way the Kittaran found confusingly arousing.

“Will you keep touching me?” Naoka asked Madelynn. Her eyes darted to Selwyn. “Will YOU touch me as well?”

“Yes, pretty little kitty,” Selwyn told her as she stepped closer to caress one of her furry ears. “We’ll touch you all you want and then some, but only if you promise to be a good girl.”

“Will you be a good girl for us?” Madelynn asked, caressing and stroking the girl’s cheeks.

“Yes,” Naoka sighed lustfully. “I’ll be a VERY good girl.”

“Well then,” Selwyn said, “let’s get our new pet back to the estate.”

What will happen to Naoka now that she’s agreed to go with Madelynn and Selwyn? (Choose up to 5 options from this poll)

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