New Entry of “The Two Temples” Poll Driven Story

The formally untitled Alaria poll driven story is now “The Two Temples”. You can find the new entry below the break or find the story in its current entirety HERE.

The new entry is about 3,000 words long and has one sex scene. As a general content warning this story will heavily feature “futa” characters and although there is no non-con yet I expect it will lean heavily in that direction.

As a general reminder, if you go to vote ono one of these poll driven stories and find the poll is closed/locked that means I’m working on writing the next entry. Generally only one of them will have voting closed at a time, but sometimes there might be some overlap with two having their voting closed at once.

* * *

Elaina knew the worry that someone from the temple was following her was silly. She’d taken the book without being seen and left the temple at the same time she left every day for her “meditative walk”. Besides, none of the Priestesses, Paladins, or Clerics that lived in the temple paid much attention to her. She was a simple temple attendant that was little more than a poorly paid servant, doing menial tasks the others couldn’t be bothered with.

I’m a part of the background to them, nothing else, she thought slightly bitterly. She’d never been embraced as a member of their sisterhood in the way she’d hoped. I’m just a thing they take for granted…

Still… she knew that IF someone noticed the tome was missing there would be a search for it. The thing held forbidden knowledge the followers of Ihena, Goddess of Tradition and Stability, wished to keep suppressed.

Elaina wasn’t sure why they hadn’t destroyed the book. The temple’s reliquary had far more of these “forbidden” or “cursed” items than it did the holy relics of Ihena. The goddess’ followers hoarded these “evil” and “perverse” relics, like they all suffered some strange compulsion to gather them but do them no harm, only limit access to them.

Always be wary of The Corruption and its potential influence over an uncorrupted mind. The words had been repeated to her so many times since she’d come to the temple that she practically heard them in her sleep. Elaina thought them silly at first. These holy women and their obsession with some perverse force supposedly working to alter all of Alaria had been laughable to her.

Then she’d met Zarrea, Priestess of Naserette the Futa Goddess.

The Priestess had known all about Elaina, about her secret hidden desires, the ones she was so ashamed of she barely admitted them to herself. And as the beautiful, imposing, blue-skinned Night Elve had pulled Elaina into her hidden world the girl had discovered that everything the women in the temple of Ihena said was true.

Yes, it’s all true, but they have it all wrong, the girl thought as she clawed anxiously at her bare arm while gripping the tome tighter. They are the ones fighting against progress, fighting to eradicate ‘deviant’ sexuality, fighting to suppress any kind of sensual pleasure that isn’t ‘traditional’. Those stuffy women think any sexual act that can’t lead to creating or growing a family is wrong, and they think that any person who steps out of traditional gender norms is some evil that the world needs to be rid of. THEY are the sick ones!

She’d wanted to leave the temple of Ihena but Zarrea had convinced her to remain. “You can be useful there, be useful to me,” the woman had explained. “You want to be a GOOD girl, don’t you? Want to make me happy?”

Then she’d done that thing that always made Elaina weak in the knees. The tall Elven woman bent down and put her hand under Elaina’s chin and stroked her there. “You want to be a good girl for me, don’t you?” she’d asked again, leaning down and almost touching her lips to Elaina’s.

So Elaina stayed at the temple. The girl watched and listened, telling Zarrea about everything that happened at the temple. She told her about the Priestesses, the Clerics, and the Paladins. Told her their names, when they came and went, and what they talked about. And finally, after Zarrea had asked about the items they had in their reliquary, she’d even agreed to steal the book that the Elven woman had somehow known they had.

Elaina stopped by the entrance to a backstreet that was little more than a narrow alleyway, looking nervously around one last time to make sure she wasn’t being followed. As certain as she could be, she left the main street and disappeared into the shadows of the narrow street.

She curled her thin lips up at the state of the place. The cobblestone hadn’t been cleaned in some time and she had to step around puddles of gross-smelling water. She passed a few doors with wooden signs hanging over them with vague names that did little to reveal what manner of business was inside. They were the kinds of places the owners didn’t want to be found unless a customer knew they were there, places that sold things most would like to pretend couldn’t be found in the city.

Further down the dark narrow street was a door with no sign above it. It was there that Elaina stopped, once more looking around nervously. When she was sure there was no one within sight she knocked, tapping out the secret code Zarrea had taught her. After doing so the door shimmered for a moment, the magic keeping it locked opening for her.

She took in a deep breath as she reached for the door handle. Her hands were shaking. Beyond the door was a temple, a hidden temple. One only a few in the city knew existed. She’d only been inside a few times, and then only briefly. But Elaina expected today to be different.

I’ve been a good girl, she told herself as she opened the door and quickly slipped in. And good girls get treats.

Elaina stepped into the hidden temple of Naserette, the Futa Goddess. Although only a fraction of the size of the Temple of Ihena, the place was nearly as awe-inspiring.

It’s the lack of natural light, Elaina thought as she stood awkwardly by the door and looked around. In the Temple of Ihena there are all those large panes of glass built into the upper walls and ceilings. The place is bathed in sun and moonlight at nearly all times. But not here… there are only emberstone torches, enchanted to give off vibrant purple light. I know all the floors and walls are white, but it all LOOKS purple.

“Hello, little one,” a woman said in a sultry voice that send a shiver of arousal running down Elaina’s spine. “Have you brought what I’ve asked for?” Zarrea asked as she stepped out from behind a large column.

“I have it right here,” Elaina said, holding the book up for the woman to take.

As the Priestess of Naserette approached her the young girl drank in the sight of the woman. She was tall and slender like most Night Elves, with blue skin and long, pointed ears that stuck out of shoulder-length white hair.

Elaina had never been able to tell the woman’s age, in her mind she always just thought of her as “older”. Part of that was her white hair, which to her Human eyes made the woman look old. But she knew enough about the Eleven races to know they aged slower, and differently, from Humans like her. The woman often looked to be in her late thirties, but Elaina knew she could be significantly older than that.

Much of the woman’s blue skin was on display thanks to the skimpy, tight purple sleeveless robe she wore. The front was cut so her cleavage was displayed, a sight that drew Elaina’s eyes.

They didn’t stay there for long. Her eyes darted down to look between the woman’s legs, to see if she could get a glimpse of the “blessing” of Naserette that the Priestess carried. When she stood right or moved in certain ways Elaina would be able to make out the outline of it through the fabric of her robes.

“Let me see the book,” Zarrea said greedily as she stepped up to Elaina. She took the tome slowly, reverentially stroking the cover then carefully opening it up and flipping through its pages.

Elaina watched the Night Elve’s eyes sparkle with devious joy. She’d not told Elaina what she wanted the book for, only that she’d come to the city and set up the hidden temple BECAUSE the book was in the city and needed liberation from the Temple of Ihena.

In one smooth motion Zarrea closed the tome and turned to begin walking away from Elaina. “Come with me,” she commanded, using the same domineering tone the Priestesses at the other temple used. Yet here in THIS temple she didn’t mind, the tone even excited her.

“This must be stored safely,” Zarrea told Ellaina as she led the girl through the temple. “Then… Well, you’ve been a good girl. And what do good girls get?”

Elaina, her heart pounding with excitement, kept up with the Priestess. “They get treats?” she asked hopefully.

“Yes, they do,” Zarrea told her as she stashed the tome on a lectern. “Come,” she commanded again, leading Elaina to a bench set against a large column in the back of the temple. “Sit.”

Elaina sat, hands in her lap as her fingers fidgeted with each other.

“No one saw you take the book?”

“No one,” Elaina told her.

“And no one followed you here?”

“Not that I could see,” she told the woman. “And I’ve been making my ‘meditative walks’ gradually longer over the last few weeks. If anyone at the temple notices I’m gone they won’t think anything of it for some time.”

“Such a good girl,” the woman purred, stroking under Elaina’s chin.

The girl closed her eyes and leaned into the touch, moaning softly. When Zarrea pulled her face up Elaina opened her eyes to find that she was leaning down. Elaina spread her legs, grabbing her thighs through her dress, digging her nails into her flesh to keep her excitement from overwhelming her.

Kiss me, she thought. Lean down further and kiss me!

“What do good girls get?” the Priestess asked, moving her face close enough to Elaina’s so the girl could feel her breath on her lips.

“Treats,” Elaina answered, her voice a whimper of pleading desire.

She started to close her eyes and move closer to kiss the woman, but Zarrea placed a finger on the girl’s lips and pushed her back down. “Not that,” the Priestess said firmly. “This is not a place for tender romances. This is a place of deep perversion, the very thing that makes those stuffy bitches at the OTHER temple want to faint or rage with ill-placed revulsion and hatred. No kissing here, at least not lip-to-lip. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Priestess,” Elaina told her. She sounded only a little chastened and disappointed. Romance was at best a distraction and more often an excuse or lie to allow one to indulge in one’s true sexual desires. Romance was to be refused, and raw sexual desires embraced. THAT was something the Priestess of Naserette had taught her.

“You were a good girl. You are owed a treat. So, what treat do you think you will receive?”

Elaina’s eyes were locked on the woman’s. The divine power in them… it held her gaze hypnotically. There was a connection she felt, one she’d felt many times since meeting the woman. Like she was using the power of her goddess to reach into Elaina’s mind and see everything she was, see her better than she saw herself. It left her feeling more naked than when she was undressed.

She shivered in delight. Elaina adored the feeling of helplessness this woman made her feel.

“The blessing of your goddess,” she finally told Zarrea. “Not bestowed upon me like it’s been bestowed upon you, I’m not worthy… but felt through you. Use what Naserette has given you, use it on me!”

“You were much more nervous the first time I shared the blessing with you,” Zarrea told her playfully. “A blessing I earned for being a good girl as well.”

Elaina furrowed her brow, pushing past the hazy lust stupefying her mind. She thought there had been an implication there, one she didn’t care for. “I don’t want the blessing to be bestowed upon me,” she said quickly. “Even if I WAS worthy. I… I only want to experience it through others.”

Zarrea stroked Elaina’s cheek with the back of her hand. “I know, little one. Naserette has made it very clear to me that you will only serve her in this way. You will never become like me, a woman but more than woman. Tell me that you want what my goddess has blessed me with. I want to hear you beg for it.”

The girl’s eyes darted to the Priestess’ crotch. “PLEASE,” Elaina whimpered.I want it, it’s all I’ve thought about since you last shared it with me. I want it so bad it hurts! I’d be satisfied just to SEE it.”

“Liar,” Zarrea teased as she stood up and shrugged her purple robes off. As they fell to the floor around her feet she asked, “Is this what you desire?”

“Yes,” Elaina gasped, inhaling in joy at what was revealed. With the girl sitting and the woman standing beside her the thing that had so consumed Elaina’s desires was level with her face. The girl stared at it, licking her thin lips hungrily.

“Born a woman,” Zarrea began, “and transformed by the blessing of Naserette into what I am now. Still a woman, but no pussy between my legs. What am I now, girl? What hangs between my legs?”

Elaina stared, chest heaving as dizzying lust overtook her. “A woman with a… a…” she stuttered and verbally tripped over the word she knew the Priestess wanted her to say. It was such a filthy word, one she still wasn’t used to saying.

“Say it, girl. Say the word.”

Elaina still couldn’t answer. She stared, admiring the thing that shouldn’t be between the woman’s legs. It was so grotesquely arousing. That long blue vein-covered shaft, swelling, lengthening, engorging in response to the way Elaina was staring at it with such open desire. That mushroom-like head swelling and growing larger too! She thrilled at the sight of it, at the way the blue skin was pink around the rim.

And then there was the bit of clear fluid building up at the tip. A sign of her arousal, proof that the balls hanging from the shaft were as functional as they would be on a man. Elaina licked her lips, wanting to taste that bead of precum but knowing she wouldn’t dare.

“Say it, girl,” Zarrea repeated. “Tell me what it is, say the word!”

“Cock!” Elaina blurted out. Her voice became a pathetic whine of desire as she continued. “Your cock. Your long, thick, veiny cock.”

“My cock, Naserette be praised,” the Priestess said happily. “You want to touch it? To kiss it, perhaps? That would be allowed. Perhaps to lick it? Maybe even to suck on it?”

For a moment Elaina started to move her head closer to the swelling member inches from her face but then her pale cheeks flushed intensely. She turned away and stared at the floor, frustrated but unsurprised she’d suddenly lost her nerve.

It’s those damn priestesses at the temple of Ihena! They’ve gotten into my head… I want this so bad but all those sermons on the evils of “indecent and unproductive” sexual acts. I have to work my way up to using my mouth on it…

“You have to work your way up to experiencing Naserette’s joy with your mouth,” the Priestess said kindly, the words reminding Elaina that the Priestess’ divine powers let her see her thoughts as clearly as an open book. “I understand, so you shall receive your treat in a more ‘traditional’ manner. Slip your small clothing off,” she commanded.

Elaina reached under herself and lifted off the bench to slip her small clothing off. Once they were around her ankles she kicked them away. “Now what?” she demanded, her voice full of mad, barely restrained lust.

“You can’t yet handle taking it in your mouth, but you still need it in you, don’t you?”

YES,” Elaina moaned greedily. “Oh, goddess, yes. Please!”

“Pull your dress up. Lift your legs and spread them wide open. Grab those deliciously thick thighs and hold them open. Show me that pretty, young Human pussy.”

Elaina did as she was told, too full of lust to feel any shame at exposing her womanhood in such an indecent and open way.

Her eyes were locked on the Priestess’ member. It stood fully erect, a rigid shaft of delicious, cunt-moistening cock that made her insides ache to be filled.

“Fuck me,” she whined. “Ram your cock in me. Fuck me till you finish. I want to feel your seed in me, feel it oozing out of me when you pull out!”

Zarrea stroked the insides of the girl’s thighs then stepped close. As she did she reached down and grabbed her throbbing member and lined it up with Elaina’s opening.

Instead of shoving it in as Elaina expected and desired the woman rubbed her swollen blue cockhead up and down the girl’s slit, smearing the moisture leaking from her opening up and down her. It made Elaina moan, wiggle, and shiver appreciatively as her eyes rolled up into her head.

Only when Zarrea began to press her cock into Elaina’s opening did the girl’s eyes fly back open. She grabbed hold of her thighs tighter, pulling her legs further back and open while she craned her head forward to better watch as the woman’s member entered her.

She’d never seen a more beautiful sight than that thick, vein-covered shaft slowly disappearing into her!

As Elaina watched it enter her she noticed for the first time the Elve was hairless around her member. She liked that, it let her see ALL of it. She decided then that she’d shave off her tangled bush of coarse blond hair as soon as she could so that her womanhood would be as unobscured.

“Deeper,” she moaned. When the Priestess was buried to the hilt inside of her she moaned out, “fuck me!” When the woman began thrusting in and out of her she added, “Harder, faster!”

She needed the speed of the thrusts, needed to feel that cock pounding into her insides. It was coaxing a burning inferno inside of her that was about to explode. Moments later it did. Elaina threw her head back into the column behind her and howled in pleasure as she came.

The Priestess grunted out an echoed groan of pleasure as the young Human’s cunt tightened and convulsed around her member.

“Give me your cum,” Elaina demanded, all bashfulness forgotten. “I’ve been a good girl! I deserve it!”

Zarrea slammed a few more times into her then grunted in orgasmic release.

The explosion of internal moisture and pressure pushed Elaina back over the edge and she came a second time, hard enough this time that she felt for a few moments as though she’d blacked out. When the world came back into focus she was slumped back against the column, her arms hanging limply at her sides and her legs open. She could feel the Priestess’ cum oozing slowly out of her opening and the gross, erotic feeling was just as delightful as she’d imagined.

“Thank you,” the girl sighed contentedly.

“Not me,” Zarrea corrected her. “My goddess. Thank Naserette. Praise her, give unto her your nourishing faith as thanks.”

Elaina closed her eyes. “Praise be to Naserette,” she sighed, willing all the faith she had in her to flow out into the Futa Goddess to nourish and strengthen her.

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