New “She Was Too Low Level” Poll Driven Story

And here begins a new “She Was Too Low Level” poll driven story. If you are unfamiliar with the series you can find the first collection of shorts HERE and the second HERE. These are generally short and dark tales My intention is to just start another one of these to take its spot in the story rotation until I have enough to publish another collection of them.

You can find the story in its current entirety HERE (it’s just a short opening passage to establish character and a bit of the set up). Or you can read it below the break.

Thuni Byrn, Level 2 Human Barbarian

“You’re too low level for this quest,” Thuni grumbled under her breath, imitating the Guildmaster’s voice in a mocking tone. “Stupid old fool. I might only be ranked level two by the Adventurer’s Guild, but I’m going to be unstoppable now!”

The scantily-clad Human girl drew the large sword she had hanging from her back. She was a small girl with a thin and flat body. She mostly wore a chaotic mix of leather belts and cords. Some were wrapped around her flat chest while the rest were around her hips with strips of brown cloth hanging from them to keep her womanhood covered.

It was a much more functional outfit than it seemed, designed to expand with her body as it changed. As a Barbarian she was able to tap into the “Barbarian’s Rage”. It would allow her to grow larger and stronger, although doing so came at a slightly embarrassing cost. Her breasts, normally so small they could barely be said to exist, would grow increasingly out of proportion with the rest of her body.

When she’d first tapped into her powers and become an Adventurer those side effects hadn’t bothered her much. But after a few adventures where she’d needed to push her strength further than she had before she’d discovered just how quickly, and how large, her breasts could grow.

Then she’d found the sword! It had been a miraculous find, especially as loot for a quest rated for a level two Adventurer. The blade was enchanted, sharper than it had any right to be as well as being magically lightened for easier use which meant she didn’t have to activate her Barbarian powers to wield the large blade!

On top of that, it could summon magical flames, the blade igniting at a thought with mage fire. But it was more than that, now that Thuni had begun to master its power she could use the blade to send out jets of mage fire, meaning she could attack foes from a distance.

Thanks to the blade I might not even need my Barbarian powers anymore, she thought. At least that creepy old Guildmaster was impressed by it, it’s the only reason he let me take on this quest.

She stopped and rested her blade on one shoulder while using her free hand to run her fingers through her long flowing red hair. She knew the orange-red color made her a distinctive figure, especially when contrasted by her pale-colored skin, but the recent addition of a side cut and a fresh tattoo along that side of her scalp helped her appear even more fierce.

I’ll be someone other Adventurers will sing songs about, she thought, trying to imagine herself as she stood there. Beautiful, fierce, and undefeated. My legend begins today with this quest I’m ‘too low level’ for!

The young Adventurer looked around at the forest the quest had taken her into. She’d been following a well-worn dirt road, one wide enough for carriages to travel down. The quest would eventually take her deeper into the forest and, if the information that had come with the quest was right, off the road she’d been following.

What happens to Thuni next as she begins her quest? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

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