New Poll Driven Story “Stray Cat”

This will be the fourth and final poll driven story I’ll be starting. I’ve chosen to do four at once hoping that cycling through them will lead to a good amount of time with the polls open before I close them and begin writing the next section. Early on I’ll probably be cycling through stories pretty quickly, but as each of the stories develop the entries usually grow longer which takes longer to write. Hopefully once I’m fully in the swing of things it will take me just under a week to cycle through all four stories.

Going forward the plan will be to replace each story with a new one once it’s done. In the past when I have been in the zone to work on my Alaria stuff, especially the poll driven stuff, I’ve managed to keep up a steady output for a while. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride a heavy creative wave for at least the next few months and get a lot of stories finished. Also, just a heads up: these will all eventually get taken down from here to be turned into ebooks, so if you only enjoy my stuff for free make sure you get your enjoyment while its up!

Now, on to THIS story. It will be another I’m planning on writing for the Amazon market, which means only consensual sex and only girl/girl sex. This particular story will be centered on a Kittaran (think cat girl) street urchin who has just come of age and entered heat for the first time. The story is at least initially going to have an urban setting, although it is possible the choices might take us elsewhere.

You’ll be able to find the story in its current entirety HERE. You can also read this first entry below the break. Like the other starts this is a short passage just introducing the main character and location of the story.

Stray Cat

Naoka slipped through the narrow, crowded back streets of Grayburn. She’d been a street urchin in the city for as long as she could remember and knew the streets better than the back of her hand.

Her life on the streets had been a tough one where she’d had to fight, lie, and steal to stay alive, with no one other than herself caring if survived to the next night.

Those of her age that had grown up on the streets with her should have been her compatriots and allies, but they never had been. They’d often complained that her life was easier than theirs because of her race. Most of them were Humans, while she was a Kittaran.

“You’re cute,” they’d grumble. “Those furry cat ears and that tail! People give you scraps and pet you like you’re a stray cat. You’re NEVER as hungry as us if you’re willing to debase yourself a little and act the kitten.”

After that they had all mockingly called her “Stray Cat” even though she always tried to correct them, but no one seemed to care that her real name was Naoka.

Life had been tough growing up on the streets and she’d known it would only get tougher once she came of age. She’d seen her fellow street urchins change as they got older, watched them slowly grow into the physical urges and needs that came with growing up. She’d struggled to understand the changes she saw in them, knowing she wouldn’t understand till the change came for her.

As a Kittaran it would happen differently, she knew that thanks to a few brief interactions she’d had with older Kittarans throughout her life. Her race didn’t hit puberty like most others did, allowing them to ease turbulently into their sexuality. Once of age she’d be able to go into heat, although what caused it was a mystery to her. She just knew when NOT in heat anything sexual would be a mystery to her, she’d be biologically unable to understand such feelings while seeing them expressed in others would just confuse her. But once she entered heat… she’d understand. And it would be all she’d be able to think of.

The day she’d both dreaded and looked forward to had finally arrived. She was of age now even though she still looked much like the rag-covered street urchin she’d been up till that point. But now she was a “woman grown” as was often said, with her sexual needs exploding and overtaking her as she entered heat for the first time.

It had been a week since it started. She’d been struggling to deal with these new needs and urges alone so far. She’d not liked the others she’d grown up with and they’d not liked her, so Naoka avoided them more than normal, not wanting to give in to her urges with one of THEM.

Besides, most of them were boys and she’d quickly discovered that she had no sexual interest in them. It was girls that interested her. It was the women she watched from hiding places that made her purr with excitement.

That purring was something else she was having to get used to. Before she went into heat she’d always acted and felt like any other person. Sure, she had furry cat ears and a long tail that often betrayed her emotions, but she never acted like the animal most expected her to act.

But the blossoming of her sexuality had brought other changes. When happy or excited she purred like a cat. Her ears and tail were more expressive. And she often found herself wanting to run or crawl on all fours, something that had felt odd at first but had become more natural as the days had passed.

She’d become more agile as well, finding it easier to leap and climb farther. The Kittaran had also discovered that her nails were claws that could be extended. That had surprised her most of all as she’d not known that Kittarans could do that.

The discovery had left her wondering what else she didn’t know about her race. She’d only met a few other members and only interacted with each for a few brief conversations.

What happens to Naoka as her story begins? (Vote for up to 3 options)

One response to “New Poll Driven Story “Stray Cat”

  • Norah

    Maybe my last was too prying and wordy, but a suggestion of epic level, it involves drug trips, as you know are really great plot devices outside of visions, dreams and foretelling, so it spares the need for anything concrete written in stone while allowing author and reader a side plot with no strings attached, it wasn’t on the poll and “no do this comments” are patronizing but I must insist and maybe this will provide a shift in setting for a bit from a terrestrial storyline.

    Naoka sneaks in a well to do drug orgy party to do some ‘borrowing’ being naïve about substance use, eats a fish cake laced with some and starting to trip hard seeks refuge in a tree,
    (this is where the trip starts) imagines after swiping a pearl necklace is chased until she goes into the sewer, following the outflow to the docks.

    Naoka is a Kittaran in heat, leading to craving fish and clams,
    in an effort to get some from the docks stows away onboard a fishing boat unknowingly as it departs and is in real trouble as the rocking about and drugs and seafood meal all make her check every door for the head, leading to an encounter with surprised but welcoming crew member.

    As I wrote it I lost the reason I started so maybe only work in the drug orgy party to stealing pearls part, my apologies.


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