New Poll Driven Forest Witch Story

I’ll be cycling through a few poll driven stories, so second up we have one centered on the recurring character The Forest Witch. This will be a story appropriate for the Amazon market place, so that means all the sex will be consensual. It also means the sexy stuff will all be girl/girl, with no men appearing in the story.

Those familiar with The Forest Witch know that each iteration of the character serves some kind of god/goddess. I’m going into this story with WHO she is a servant of undefined. I’ll let that be discovered through polls, either by directly establishing it or seeing where the story goes and letting the deity snap into place naturally.

You can find the story in it’s current entirety HERE, or you can read the opening passage below the break (it’s short, just a snippet to establish a bit about the main character).

Untitled Forest Witch Poll Driven Story

Bienya sat with a huff at a table in the back corner of the small tavern. It had been a frustrating day of aimlessly wandering through the wilds and she needed direction so as soon as she was sitting she reached into her satchel and pulled out a small, shallow stone bowl.

The blue-skinned young Night Elve stared into the bowl as she dug around in her bag for the small leather pouch that held her divination rune stones. After pulling the bag out she opened the drawstring and tipped the bag out into the stone bowl. She watched as the stones clattered and bounced around the bowl, settling noisily into position.

She silently read them. Bienya read them again, stroking her long black hair anxiously. Then she read them again, tugging at her hair and groaning in frustration.

My dreams, my stones… they are driving me somewhere, she thought as she stared at the stones. But the closer I get the vaguer they become. It’s maddening!

She tried to remember the most common parts of the special dreams she’d been having. There was a forest, a special one seeped in strange, deep magic. In it was a secluded cabin, covered and surrounded by odd, mesmerizing art made of forest detritus. And inside the cabin… girls. Always girls, young and attractive girls who she saw interacting with her in ways that made the blue-skinned Elve’s freckled cheeks flush pink.

And always THE woman. The same woman every time, only hidden in shadow. Older than the girls her age she would see. Tall, imposing. Not a Human or an Elve, but a Faun. She could tell even though the woman was always in shadow because she could make out her large deer-like antlers and ears.

The woman was the important thing, the reason she was been called on this journey. She had to find HER. Had to find her cabin so she could learn what it all meant, so she could discover why she was being called there.

She’d THOUGHT she was getting close. But the closer she got the harder the trail was to follow. And now she was exhausted after a long trek through the wilds and needed a rest. The inn would provide a filling, warm meal, and a soft, warm bed for the night.

What happens to Bienya at the inn? (Choose up to 4 options)

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