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The Last Night in Greenwell

By the time Thessalia returned to the inn in Greenwell it was time for the evening meal. She arrived to find her precious lambs sitting at a table waiting for her. She joined them hesitantly, afraid of what she’d discover.

Her mind was a mess. Memories kept fading in and out of it. They’d all had tasks she’d given them, she remembered that. But what were they? THAT was not so easy to recall. Her own task was clear, although WHO has sent her on it was less so. But I remember the Forest Witch. I remember the price I had to pay to get the map

The meal was a strange, confusing whirlwind of emotions for Thessalia made worse by the way she tried to hide her true feelings from her precious lambs. I need to try harder to protect them, she thought. I need to be the woman they THINK I am or at the very least convincingly pretend I am.

With Suzu it was easy. The Kittaran was calm for the first time since her ordeal with the Grangdrag. There was none of the head darting from side to side and loss of thought as she saw someone attractive. Thessalia had no doubt the girl was still in heat, she was becoming more feline by the hour, but her mind seemed blessedly clear of desire for once.

“I put what you sent me for in your room,” she told Thessalia. “I wasn’t sure if it was still a secret,” she added, pointedly looking at Mozi.

“Yes, still a secret. Thank you, Suzu,” Thessalia said, smiling at her. That’s right. I told them all to keep their tasks secret. Why? And what, exactly, did I send Suzu to get? What am I going to find waiting in my room?

“I put the things you sent me fore in your room as well,” Alva said cheerily.

What did she get sent to retrieve? Something magical, something powerful. But what? Something she had to steal? Yes… from a temple!

“I hope you didn’t run into any trouble on your task?” she asked Alva.

The Night Elve grinned. “None at all! Stealing them was easy. I did run into someone, but they were easy to deal with, although perhaps a little frustrating. But I worked my frustrations out with a little help from a friend,” she added, her and Vicki giggling conspiratorially.

Thessalia turned away from Vicki, refusing to acknowledge her till she had to. She didn’t like what she’d seen and hadn’t yet decided how to react to it. Quickly, before the little blond could take the opening to talk about her day, Thessalia asked Mozi and Ashling how their day had gone.

“We got the pack animals and all the provisions purchased. Everything will be ready for us in the morning.”

Ashling, not Mozi. It’s strange to hear her speaking in full sentences, to see her sitting and acting so… normal. Why does that make me so nervous? Someone told me it should… that the more Human she is the more dangerous she is. Was that the Forest Witch? What is WRONG with me?

“THAT’S what you were doing all day?” Vicki asked. “You were gone almost as long as Thessalia. I figured it had to be something more complicated than buying supplies.”

Thessalia did her best not to look at Vicki as she spoke. She’s even speaking differently. It’s like she’s a completely different person.

“Did you run into trouble?” Thessalia asked Ashling and Mozi, aware it shouldn’t have taken them all day to accomplish their task.

“No trouble at all,” Ashling said too quickly. She elbowed Mozi, causing the pretty Orc to blink and nod.

“Yes, Ashling dear, no problems. We…” she trailed off, looking confused. “I think maybe it was so boring I’ve forgotten the details.”

Something happened. Mozi’s makeup is gone, something physically intense that made it run and was sloppily cleaned up. Something happened that Mozi was made to forget. But not Ashling. She’s guilty looking. Agitated. Anxious. She keeps looking nervously at the door like she’s expecting someone she doesn’t want to see to walk in. And what is that look she keeps giving Mozi? Guilt?

“Are you not going to ask me about my day?” Vicki asked.

Thessalia heard the fear of rejection in the young girl’s voice. She’s not as different as she seems, Thessalia realized. There’s still plenty of the shy, scared girl there. Plenty of that little sweetheart so eager for my approval, so eager she allowed… No. I won’t think of it that way. She wanted it as much as I did.

“Of course I was going to ask you about your day, sweet Victorine.” What did I send her to do? Did she bring me something? No… No, she went somewhere. A temple? Thessalia forced herself to look at her. She saw her fingering her charmed necklace nervously. Saw it was different. Saw the coin. Recognized the symbol on it.

“That’s the symbol of the goddess Baenta,” She blurted out, pointing.

Thessalia saw she’d said the wrong thing in the wrong tone. Vicki had been waiting, eagerly and fearfully for approval. That fell away. The girl glared at Thessalia, the first look she’d ever given her that wasn’t some form of simpering adoration.

Vicki raised her chin and clung to the coin defiantly. “I converted to the Goddess of Prostitution today,” she declared. Alva was unsurprised, but all the others gasped.

Where did I send her? How could I have let that sweet, innocent, blessed girl convert to a goddess like THAT? Look at her, that innocence is gone! She’s as ruined as Suzu. No, she thought, the witch’s words running through her head. Not ruined. I have to be better for them, better TO them.

“I converted,” Vicki repeated, even more defiantly, “and I don’t give a damn if you don’t approve!”

“Victorine!” Mozi gasped, clutching her chest in shock. “You swore!”

“Vicki,” she snarled, staring daggers and both Mozi and Thessalia. “It’s JUST Vicki from now on.”

I don’t know what happened to her today but it wasn’t something that was easy. It doesn’t matter if her new goddess is one I know is tainted by The Corruption. I HAVE to be supportive of her. She NEEDS me to be supportive. She’s pretending she’s gone from being a scared little girl to a strong woman but it’s an act she just wants to be true.

“Okay,” Thessalia said, forcing herself to sound calm and accepting even though she was neither. From the look on Vicki’s face she could see the girl was not convinced. But she could also see Vicki saw she was trying. The sight of her little lip trembling nearly brought tears to Thessalia’s eyes.

“Thank you, Thessalia,” she said softly, clinging to her coin.

“This is still our Vicki,” Alva said, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her in for a reassuring hug. “She’s just a little… different.”

“And that’s okay,” Suzu said in a tone that left no one doubting she wasn’t just talking about Vicki.

“People change,” Ashling agreed, clinging to Mozi’s hand on the table. “People can always change. It’s scary but it can be for the best.”

It feels like I’m losing them, Thessalia thought. Doom. Doomed. I can’t get it out of my head. I should send them home, they aren’t safe with me. They—


She started. “What?! Yes, Suzu, what were you saying?” She blinked. The food was all gone. When did they finish eating?

“I was asking if you were okay,” Suzu said, concerned. “You’ve looked a bit off the last hour or so.”

An hour or so? No… No, we just sat down to eat. Didn’t we?

“I think I’m just tired,” she lied. “I think I need to head to bed early. You girls enjoy the last night in town but try not to stay up too late. We start the next part of our quest tomorrow.” She pulled the map out of her pocket and showed them. “I know where we’re going next and it’s going to take us deep into the wilds again.”

They all looked excited, even Suzu. My precious lambs, she thought as she got up. I must always keep them by my side

* * *

The first thing Thessalia did when she got to her room was lay the items her lambs had brought her on the bed. The second thing she did was undress. Her breasts felt more suffocated than normal, her nipples oddly sore. Undressing was the soothing relief it always was.

What is the grass for? Why did I send Suzu to get it? Was it just an excuse to get her out of town and away from so many distractions? It had to be more than that. But why can’t I remember?! And the gems… I can feel how powerful they are. But what do they do? Every time I can’t remember something, red sparking mist appears in them. Are they responding to me or has it been a coincidence?

With a sigh of frustration, Thessalia sat on the edge of the bed. She kept the fragrant grass nearby and held the two gems in her hands. She held them out before her, staring down at them, trying to remember WHY she’d sent Alva to retrieve them, trying to remember WHAT they did.

The more she concentrated on them the more their insides roiled with the sparking red mist. It grew thicker, stronger, eventually filling the gem. The gems even began to warm in her hands. “What does it MEAN?”

“It means I’ve arrived,” a feminine voice said as a huge, meaty, vein-covered, red-skinned cock was dropped onto the top of her tits. The offensively large member was so long it was left draped over both Thessalia’s huge breasts. The moment it struck her tits it began to swell, growing thicker and longer in response to the jiggling in her breast-meat the impact had caused.

Thessalia stared in horror at the offensively large member draped across the top of her breasts. She’d felt the weight of it landing on her not just in her tits but in her mind, the sight of the hated sexual organ unlocking countless memories. They rushed into her mind, forced and unwelcome, a mental violation as bad as anything the demoness Zyadresa had done to her physically.

“Did you miss me and my cock?” the demoness asked.

Thessalia was unable to answer. She only shook in fear and disgust as she stared at the demoness’ cock, watching it harden and thicken, hating the sight of the thick gross veins running down its length pulsing and throbbing.

“Your huge fat Elven tits always get me so hard, Thessalia. And so does the mix of hate, revulsion, and fear you always have on your face when you see it. Being sent to Alaria to torment you makes my immortal life worth it, praise Naserette for rewarding my service by allowing me to be the one to pull at your puppet strings.”

Thessalia groaned. “Can’t… move… Can’t even… look away!”

“I know, lovely, isn’t it? I am supposed to explain a few things to you before I begin having fun with your luscious, thick body. I’ve decided to make you suffer by building the fear and revulsion as you anticipate the horrible things I’ll do to you this time.”

“Just… fuck me… get it over!”

The demoness barked out a cruel laugh. “Oh, you huge-titted cow of a woman, now you’ve just ensured I take my time and make you suffer longer.” When Thessalia groaned in dismay at what her words had caused the demoness only laughed harder.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be all torture. I’ve some things I need to tell you about. Oh, who am I kidding, you know by now that EVERYTHING I tell you is some form of torture! I can’t help it, you Silver Elves just bring out the worst in those of us touched by The Corruption.”

Thessalia groaned again, struggling and failing to look away from the hard, throbbing demon cock resting across the top of her tits. The harder she tried to look away the more she felt her eyes forced open, unable even to blink to moisten her eyes.

“What are you waiting for?” Thessalia groaned unhappily. “Explain whatever cruel thing you’ve been sent to explain!”

“Not yet,” Zyadresa chuckled. “I need a few more moments to enjoy the sight and feel of your tits under my cock.”

Thessalia watched it flex and rise up, a bead of precum forming on the slitted opening. It flexed again, the bead swelling. One more flex and the bead was big enough that it dripped off the tip and landed on her breast. She hissed at the feel of the sticky fluid landing on her skin, hating the warmth of it and then hating how quickly it grew cold.

“Your hate and revulsion are nearly as delicious as the feel of your tits and fuckholes,” Zyadresa told her. “But now to business.”

Thessalia felt a flare of magic. The two gems and a handful of the grass floated into sight, both landing to rest on one of her breasts next to the demoness’ evil cock.

“I’ve unlocked most of your memories. Do you remember what these are?”

“No,” Thessalia told her. “You never told me what either was for. Just their names. Stag grass and Ydrs’ Gems of Warning.”

Zyadresa chuckled. “Oh, now, come on Thessalia, THINK about it. You’re a VERY well-educated Silver Elve, trained to fight The Corruption from birth and learned in all of Alaria’s lore. You KNEW what both were, I’ve just made you forget.”

Thessalia balked. “But why!”

“For fun. So I could enjoy the expressions on your face when I explain what both do. We’ll start with the stag grass. A powerful aphrodisiac for Orcs, although it does slightly different things to male and female members of their race.”

“That’s dangerous to have around Mozi!”

“Of course. The horny little kitten had a run-in with a big brutish Orc while harvesting it. Oh, don’t worry, SHE was the sexual aggressor. Poor good-hearted little thing wanders farther from her destiny as a great hero with every hour that passes. Thank you so much for your hand in altering the course of her destiny.

“Suzu kept half the grass for herself and is going to share it with one of her fellow party members. And now they know what the grass does to Orcs they plan on having a little fun with the pretty Orc. Why I bet right now it’s already begun.”

Thessalia gritted her teeth. “Torture and torment me but leave my precious little lambs alone!”

“No,” the demoness said firmly. “Tormenting you is just a fun perk of this little project. It’s the corrupting or destroying of your lambs that’s the whole point.”

“What do you expect me to do with the grass?” Thessalia demanded, trying to stare at it. The longer she did the stronger she felt the profane cock resting nearby pull on her mind, forcing her eyes to return to it.

“Nothing for now. The point was to get the grass in the hands of your lambs to help further corrupt them all. And to torment the Orc. She had a particularly troublesome destiny. If not turned from it at this early age she would have gone on to foil many of The Corruption’s greatest plans. But you’ll keep it around, sealed up nice and tight so no one gets a whiff of its fragrance.”

“But why!? Why make me keep it?”

“Just in case,” the demoness said slyly. “And now Ydrs’ Gems of Warning. Look at them, but only for a moment, I do not want your attention away from my cock for long. What is the roiling red mist? What does the angry sparking mean?”

“The Corruption,” Thessalia hissed.

“You’re smart. What do you think the gems do? Come on, you can figure it out.”

“They warn one when The Corruption is near, when it is influencing the world around you. They have been activated by your presence.”

“Very good! Silly Ydrs let the Night Elve take them, thought it would be a boon that would help you fight The Corruption. But we can’t have that. They were always meant to be another form of torture for you.”

Thessalia groaned as she felt heat in her mind. “What are you doing to me?!”

“I’m making it so you will ALWAYS know what the gems do no matter what else is done to your mind. But even knowing what they warn of you will be unable to tell anyone or even alter your actions. From now on you will walk knowingly into The Corruption’s hands, unable to do anything about it.”

Thessalia groaned in dismay as the grass and gems floated out of sight. “I’ll never use them then,” she vowed. “I’ll throw them in a river or if I’m compelled to keep them with me never look at them.”

“Oh, now, you think so little of me! Even if you hadn’t been dumb enough to TELL me your plan I’d have predicted it. No, when you wake you’ll find the gems inset on those gauntlets you so love to wear. Always there on your hands, a warning you can’t head. And from this day on you’ll find yourself compelled to try your best to keep them near and in sight even when you aren’t wearing them.”

As she spoke her cock throbbed and pulsed, flexing in excitement. The precum that had been beading up and dripping from her cock’s slit turned into a steady, thick trickle that oozed down onto Thessalia’s breast. The offensive stream of nasty fluids ran down the swell of her breast till it reached her nipple. The Silver Elve hissed as she felt the stuff heat, felt some foul perverse magic making it affect her body. Both her nipples hardened painfully, aching for attention.

“What did you do to Vicki,” she groaned, struggling to ignore not just her nipples but the swell of arousal she felt in her core.

“I did nothing to her,” Zyadresa said, voice full of innocence. “Orlana, Demoness of Baenta was to blame. Or perhaps blame Azeena for dangling such a corruptible treat before us. But don’t worry, I know she was your favorite. We’ve already done all we intended to do to her. Once turned away from Azeena’s awful light her great destiny full of goodness was averted. Of course, The Corruption may find further use for her as time goes on. But for now we’ll be keeping our sticky fingers out of her mind and allow her to find her own fate.”

“But enough talk,” the demoness said. “I can smell how fucking horny you’ve gotten, it’s time for some fun.”

“Just fuck my tits and get it over with,” Thessalia growled.

“Your tits? Oh no, you dumb bitch, you’re not getting off that easy tonight. As much as I enjoy them they were just a way to get me excited. Besides, you sound almost like you’d enjoy a good tit-pounding. We can’t have that.”

“Then what!?”

Zyadresa pulled her cock off Thessalia’s tits but the compulsion to keep staring at it continued. The Silver Elve felt her body lurch to the side as her gaze remained locked on the evil sexual organ.

“Up on the bed,” the demoness barked. “On your hands and knees like the fucking animal you are. Press those fat cow’s udders onto the bed and lift that great big ass up. And stop staring at my cock, you dick-starved slut. I know your time with the slutty Faun was lacking in cock, you’ll get your fix soon.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Thessalia whined as she got into position.

“Nothing yet,” Zyadresa said as she climbed onto the bed and knelt behind her. “Don’t look back here,” she barked when Thessalia tried to look to see what she was doing. “You can look forward or stare at the sheets but not at me. You only get to feel my cock, not see it.”

Thessalia groaned as the demoness dropped her thick, heavy cock on her. It landed in between her ass cheeks. The demoness grabbed Thessalia’s thick sides and leaned into her, wedging the throbbing member into her cheeks.

“I’m going to fuck you. This all ends when my balls are empty. But it doesn’t BEGIN till you beg for my cock.”

“Never,” Thessalia snarled.

Zyadresa patted her ass. “That’s a good girl. You fight it till the very end, always makes it more fun that way.”

“You CAN’T make me want it!”

“Oh? You think so?” She was silent for a moment, grinning as Thessalia began to moan and shift in confusion. “See? I COULD make you want it with just a thought. But I don’t want to or need to. Your body WILL betray you before long, it’s just how you Silver Elves are built.

“All I need to do is a little of this,” she said, beginning to rock her hips and slide her member up and down the canyon of her ass cheeks. She grabbed them, pressing them in around her shaft, and humped her ass a bit faster. “And no need to worry about lube,” she chuckled. “Your fat ass is already nice and sweaty. The sight of your huge cheeks pressed around my throbbing member has me leaking just as much precum as your jiggling udders did.”

“Disgusting,” Thessalia groaned. “I won’t beg for it,” she protested, sounding as if her resolve was already faltering.

“I’m sure you had plenty of fun with the slutty Faun on your little vacation from the horrors of your life,” the demoness told her as she continued to hump the Elve’s ass cheeks. “The predatory force of nature makes sure sexy things like you ALWAYS have fun visiting her. And they always come out changed, usually for the better. But you, poor Silver Elve, don’t get all the boons you earned from the horny Forest Witch. Your mind is not your own.”

Zyadresa leaned forward, still humping her ass, and placed two fingers on each of Thessalia’s temples. As she began massaging the Silver Elve she groaned.

“What are you doing to my mind?!”

“Whatever the fuck I feel like, you delicious piece of fat-assed fuckmeat. Hiding a few memories, altering a few others. Making sure you remember other things more clearly while ensuring those memories don’t help you become a ‘better’ person. The Forest Witch can be a useful tool of The Corruption but her power is often beyond its full influence. Even this one, a servant of a corrupted god, does what it is ‘meant’ to do not what others want her to do. Forces of nature are like that, sometimes beyond even the control of their masters.”

“Please,” Thessalia whimpered. “Just fuck me instead. Leave my mind alone! You already make me suffer so much.”

“Beg for it then.”

“Your cock!” Thessalia yelped. “I want it. I’m begging you. Put it in me. Deep in my needy cunt. PLEASE just fuck me! I WANT it. I ALWAYS want it no matter how much I pretend I don’t. Being dominated and abused makes me so hot. I NEED it. Fuck me. No! Don’t fuck me, RAPE ME. Rape my cunt with your too-big demon cock till I’m in tears from how many times you’ve made me cum.”

Zyadresa cackled in delight. “You surprise me, Thessalia! Such honesty. I blame the fucking Forest Witch. Damn dyke always making women know themselves better. Maybe that’s okay, maybe KNOWING you want to be treated this way is as good as being in denial. If I bore of it I can always just make you forget.”

“Please stop talking and fuck me! I need you filling me! I need cock in my cunt after all that in her cabin.”

“Ah, but see, the fact you NEED it so bad makes me think I shouldn’t give it to you.”

Thessalia balked. “No! Please, fuck me!”

“Don’t worry, I’m GOING to fuck you. But not in your needy little cunny. Besides, once I’m gone you’re going to have a visitor. Can’t have the little lamb eating you out and tasking demon cum in your cunt.”

“No! Not there. You’re too big!”

Zyadresa laughed cruelly, grabbing Thessalia and hefting her into the air as if she weighed nothing. She hopped up, flipping around and landing with her ass on the edge of the bed. She held Thessalia above her cock, lining her asshole up with the tip of her cock.

“Please,” Thessalia whimpered as the demoness lowered her body onto her shaft. “Please, not my ass!” She looked up and realized Zyadresa had positioned them on the bed facing the mirror in the rented room. She groaned in dismay, turning her head and shutting her eyes so she didn’t have to watch.

“Will you ever learn that begging me not to do something is the only way to ensure I do it? And I see you averting your eyes, none of that. You WILL watch.”

Thessalia grunted as her head was magically jerked forward and her eyes forced open. “Oh gods, no! It’s so fucking big! Is it bigger than the last time I looked?”

“Yes,” Zyadresa laughed. “And it will get bigger each time you look away. Each time you fucking blink.”

Thessalia groaned in dismay as the power forcing her to look faltered. She looked away out of instinct, groaning again as she felt the demoness’ cockhead swell against her asshole. She forced herself to look back at the mirror, forced her eyes to remain open.

“Ready?” the demoness asked. “Who am I kidding, I don’t care. Clench as tightly as you want, it will just make it feel better for me.”

Thessalia groaned in pain as the Demoness began lowering her body onto her throbbing member, pressing up into her puckered hole as she did. She winced and gritted her teeth as the woman forced her way into the tightest part, thankful at least all the precum leaking from her helped lubricate the entry.

Once she pushed past that tightest part of Thessalia’s hole the demoness’ massive length slid easily up into her anal cavity. Thessalia screamed from the feeling of the far too thick and long cock invading her body.

“Someone will hear, someone will come to see!” she shouted, not sure if she was worried someone would see her like this or hoping she’d be saved.

“No they won’t, you dumb cum-catch,” Zyadresa groaned happily as she bounced Thessalia on her cock. “I’ve ensured no one outside of this room can hear us. You can scream in pain or pleasure as loud as you want.”

Thessalia screamed in pain.

Zyadresa leaned around her body. “Grab your fucking tit and shove towards my face. I want to suck on your nipple while I pound your ass.”

As soon as the nipple was in her mouth Thessalia began moaning in confusion. “Why does it feel so good?” The demoness didn’t answer, she simply kept sucking. “You’re doing something to my body! Making it all feel so much better. I don’t want this, stop, please!” The unnatural heightening of her pleasure only increased. “STOP!” she screamed before her body tightened and twisted forward a moment before a torrential flood of fluid sprayed from her cunt.

The sight of being made to squirt while fucked up the ass was a devastating one to Thessalia. By the time the demoness came in her ass she was sobbing hysterically, forcing herself to keep her eyes open for fear the cock in her ass would grow larger.

“Off me,” Zyadresa growled cruelly, shoving Thessalia forward onto the floor on her hands and knees. “Can’t have you soiling the sheets with all the cum leaking out of your ass. Can’t have little Vicki finding those kinds of stains. Wet patches on the floor? Those will be easy to miss in the dark but not in the bed.”

The demoness grabbed a handful of Thessalia’s hair and jerked her up on her knees. Still sobbing, Thessalia looked up at her. “Please, no more!”

“Lick me clean and you can be done,” she said, swinging her cum-covered cock into Thessalia’s face. It landed with a wet “phwap” that made the Elven woman choke back a sob and groan in dismay. “Start with my balls.”

As soon as Thessalia’s tongue was on her she barked, “STOP! Not yet. I need to fuck your fat udders. I’m not going to see you for a while. I need a fix to hold me over.”

“I haaaaaaaaaaaate this,” Thessalia groaned as the demoness slapped her cummy cock on her chest and wrapped her massive tits around it.

“Oh, I know,” Zyadresa grunted happily as she started fucking her tits. “That’s why it’s so fun! All you Silver Elves hate it, till you don’t. It’s even better when your bodies betray you and you start to not just enjoy it but NEED it.”

“I don’t want to enjoy it,” Thessalia sobbed, already beginning to enjoy it.

“Then let’s make it worse. Reach down and finger your cum-leaking asshole. The more you like the feel of me humping your chest the deeper you plunge your finger into your filthy hole. If that starts to feel goof use two fingers, then three! Make yourself hate it.”

Thessalia sobbed, doing as she was told. The squelching sound of her fingers plunging into her gaping, cum-filled asshole drove the demoness wild.

“Already going to cum again! Quickly, in your mouth.” She began cumming before her cockhead was in the woman’s mouth, blasting an unnaturally large load of demon cum that eventually gagged her while ballooning her cheeks.

“Swallow it all,” Zyadresa sighed happily as she pulled away, her cock starting to go soft. “Then lick me clean for real this time. A few more moments to savor the feel of your mouth before I begin to wrap things up.”

Thessalia cried the whole time she licked her clean, hating the taste.

“Now go clean yourself up. You have a washbasin and rag, do your best to get rid of every trace of our encounter from your body. And throw a spare blanket on the wet stain your messy cunt sprayed on the floor. Then get in the fucking bed and lay down, you’re going to go to sleep now.”

“But you said Vicki would be coming to see me!”

“Oh, she will, and she’s going to find you deep asleep, so deeply asleep she’ll be able to slip under the covers with you and slowly wake you up. She’s going to come hoping to seduce you and win you over to the new her. She will deny it to the others, to you, to herself even, but she’s desperate for your approval. She’ll do nearly anything to earn it, let you do nearly anything to her as long as you pay the price. And your approval is the only payment she wants. You will give it to her. You will love it.”

Thessalia was in the bed under the covers by then. “Please don’t make me do all of that! She was so innocent.”

Zyadresa glared at Thessalia. “But you robbed her of that innocence. Oh, the gods and The Corruption have twisted the devote young woman, turned her away from a fate where she would have been her old goddess’ greatest servant. But where does the blame truly lie for that? With YOU, Thessalia Olaphine. You doomed the young woman the day you enlisted her. You doomed her when YOU stole her innocence, innocence you savored like the finest of sweet treats. Think on that, ‘hero’, as you cry yourself to sleep. You’re not the protagonist of some great tale of legend, you’re the antagonist of those trusting young girls’ stories. YOU’RE the villain of this tale.”

* * *

Alva yawned. “I don’t know about all of you, but I’m beat. I’m thinking Thessalia had the right idea turning in early.”

“We’ll need to decide who’s sleeping in which room tonight,” Vicki said, staring at the stairs up to the rented rooms. She’d been fidgeting nervously since Thessalia left.

Suzu stood up unexpectedly, grabbing Ashling’s arm. “Me and Ashling need to have a little conversation first. Come along, Ashling.”

The wild girl hesitated for a moment, not wanting to do anything anyone demanded of her after what she’d endured earlier that day.

“I’ll come along,” Mozi said, starting to stand up.

NO,” Suzu said firmly, lashing her fluffy tail into her face and using her free hand to shove her back into her seat. “Ashling and I need to speak in private.”

“But I need to be by my dear Ashling’s side!” Mozi whined pathetically, looking lost at the prospect of being away from the small girl.

Ashling’s curiosity to find out what the Kittaran needed to speak to her about won out. “You stay with the others,” she barked like she was giving a command to a dog.

Mozi had been getting up from her seat but immediately dropped back down. “Yes, Ashling, dear.”

“Come,” Suzu said quietly and firmly, “outside where there is no chance we can be overheard.” Once they were on the street Suzu pulled her to the nearest alley

“What is this about, cat girl?”

“I’m not going to attack you,” Suzu said, reading Ashling’s body language correctly. “I just need to make sure you listen.”

“Well?” Ashling demanded. “I’m listening.”

“You didn’t like me, did you?” Suzu asked.

Ashling hesitated for a moment. “I didn’t,” she admitted. “You were… weak.”

“But not so much anymore, am I right?” Suzu began Stalking towards Ashling, crouched slightly like a predatory animal.

It unsettled Ashling who was not used to other people acting so animalistic. She backed away from her, body tensing. Her encounter with her “old friends” earlier in the day had shaken her, left her uncertain and afraid.

“You’re a lot fonder of me now that I am in heat,” Suzu purred as she stalked closer. “Don’t lie, I see the way you sniff around me. You can smell I’m in heat all the time, it drives you wild. You’ve got a very sensitive nose for a Human, TOO sensitive. Something happened to you, changed you.”

Ashling let out a little hiss. “What is this? Blackmail?”

“No,” Suzu said, backing Ashling all the way into the wall as her tail lashed in excitement behind her. “My scent messes with you, doesn’t it? The others don’t notice but I do. You don’t like being this close to me. Every time we have to get close you pull away and go right to Mozi. I get it, she’s pretty and you have her wrapped around your slender little fingers. I bet she does anything you tell her, am I right?”

“What do you want?” Ashling demanded as the Kittaran loomed over her. She had her hands braced against the wall behind her and was shaking in fear as the scent of the girl’s pheromones messed with her sensitive senses.

“Everyone,” Suzu purred, pushing her hard against the wall and kissing her. Ashling groaned in surprise at first then leaned up into the kiss.

When Suzu pulled away Ashling hissed and gasped for air. “Your scent is too strong!” she whined, putting her hand between her legs. “You want me?”

“I wouldn’t mind, but that’s not what I came to talk to you about. I want Mozi.”

“Mozi is MINE,” Ashling said firmly, shaking off some of the submissive confusion Suzu’s pheromones were causing.

“I see that, so I’m asking permission And I want your help trying something out.” She pulled out a tightly wrapped leather bundle and opened it to reveal a bunch of teabags. “I made these up today from what I didn’t give to Thessalia.”

Ashling began sniffing, leaning down to sniff closer. “Chamomile mixed with… Stag grass?!”

“Do you know what it does to Orcs?” Suzu asked her.

“I’ve… heard. I know it puts Orc men into a sexual rage. But women… I’m not sure.”

“Want to find out?” Suzu asked devilishly “Me and you and pretty Mozi?”

Ashling smirked as her body eased. “Okay, cat girl. But I want the rest, whatever we don’t use tonight.”

“Agreed,” Suzu said.

Back inside Suzu told the others she would be sleeping in a room with Ashling and Mozi for the night.

“Sounds like you three are planning on some fun,” Alva said, winking at them. “Planning a little surprise for Mozi?”

“Something like that,” Suzu purred, lashing her tail towards Mozi who was sitting next to her.

“Stop it, Suzu! That tickles,” she giggled. “What ARE you two planning?”

“Some fun,” Ashling said from the other side of her, reaching under the table where no one could see her and goosing Mozi’s crotch.

The Orc hopped up and let out a little, “Oh!” She blushed furiously. “Wait till we’re upstairs!”

Alva got up, stifling another yawn. “You all have fun. I’m beat, I’m heading to bed.”

“Me too,” Vicki said as she got up to follow Alva.

Once the two were gone Ashling and Suzu grinned at each other behind Mozi’s back. “I could really go for some tea,” Suzu declared. “How about I go order us some, my treat?”

Ashling kept Mozi distracted as the Kittaran went to the bar and ordered two chamomile teas and one cup of hot water. She slipped one of the teabags with the stag grass into the third cup and returned to the table. “Here you go,” she said, putting the cup in front of Mozi.

The two conspirators kept Mozi distracted with conversation, both flirting with the pretty Orc and showering her with compliments. They watched in glee as the stag grass affected her more and more with every sip of her tea.

It began simply, a slight flushing of her cheeks most wouldn’t have noticed. Slowly, but steadily, her eyelids began to grow heavy. Her speech began to slur. Someone might have thought she was drunk, something Ashling made note of. She saw that passing off the use of the grass on her could be easily masked by saying she’d been drinking.

“You smell her?” Suzu said excitedly as her tail lashed behind her.

Ashling closed her eyes and inhaled slowly. “Fine Orcish arousal,” she whispered.

Mozi had been too groggy to hear what Ashling had said but she’d heard Suzu. “Shmell wha’ on me?” she slurred drunkenly.

“Come, Mozi-pet,” Ashling said as she stood up. “We go to the bedroom now.”

“But first finish the last of your tea,” Suzu said quickly, forcing the mug into the Orc’s hand.

They eagerly led her upstairs, both grinning evilly at each other. On the way up the stairs Mozi stumbled and fell. The other two girls had needed to half carry her the rest of the way, both letting her wrap an arm around them for support.

“Yoosh gals sooooooo ‘ice ta ee!” She slurred happily. “We ‘ave a girl’s night in the inn?” She laughed uproariously. “In the inn! Sho funnee!”

“I must spend more time with you, cat girl,” Ashling told Suzu as they half dragged the laughing Mozi to their rented room. “You know how to have fun.”

“Fun!” Mozi shouted. “We shwall allllllllll ‘ave ‘un toonit. Two nights? This time, now… Noooooo. I—”

“Shhhhh,” Ashling hissed. “You’re being too loud, Mozi-pet. You’ll wake the others up.”

“Ooooooohhhhhhh. Shwe no ‘ant that!” She looked from both of them, her head flopping from side to side. “I LIKE ‘oo both. Vwery shexy wild ‘irl,” she said, trying to stroke Ashling’s cheek. “Vwery pretty kitty,” she added, flopping her head the other way and trying to stroke one of Suzu’s ears.

“Get the door open,” Suzu chuckled.

Ashling led the way, allowing Suzu to take Mozi’s full weight. She stayed by the door, closing and locking it behind the other two. “I will stay back and watch for now,” she said from the door. “You’re getting very worked up and I am not sure I like the smell of your feline musk. It’s been getting stronger and more cat-like the longer you’ve been in heat.”

Suzu nodded in acknowledgment then slammed Mozi into a wall.

“Ow! Shwy so ruff, kitty?”

“Some Kittarans find that kind of talk racially insensitive,” Suzu said, purring slightly as she slipped her hand into the front of Mozi’s pants. “Some would feel like they’d need to punish a naughty girl speaking like that to a Kittaran. But you don’t need to be punished, do you? You want to show me how sorry you are.”

Mozi moaned and wiggled as the Kittaran rubbed at her. “Shooozooo! Yooos petting my kitty! Ha! Pushee petting pushee! I LIKE it! Don’ stop!”

“You’re so fucking horny, so fucking wet,” Suzu purred. “No way she normally gets this sopping wet. I want to lap it up like a bowl of cream.” She looked at Ashling. “Come here for a moment, taste this,” she said, pulling her hand out of Mozi’s pants.

She held two moisture-covered fingers up and slowly spread them, the slick arousal Mozi’s cunt had left on them stringing apart. “She always this wet?”

“No,” Ashling said, cautiously stalking towards them, nostrils flaring as the scent of the two other girls’ arousal drove her wild.

“Taste it,” Suzu demanded. “Does she taste different? I want to know what the stag grass is doing to her.”

Ashling hesitated for a moment then lunged forward, inhaling Suzu’s fingers and sucking them clean. She moaned in delight as she did, smacking her lips as she pulled away. Her eyes grew large and her face flushed. “That’s the best she’s ever tasted!”

Mozi’s head flopped from side to side. “Was oo doi’n me? Put hand back! LIKED that! More pwease!”

“Let us help you out of your clothes first,” Suzu told her. Both her and Ashling worked together to strip Mozi, groping and teasing her as they did.

Mozi giggled and moaned and wiggled. “Ish ‘ood, ish soooooo ‘ood!”

“I like her like this,” Ashling said darkly, thinking about how loopy she’d been earlier in the day. “I’m going to be using that tea a lot.”

As they pulled the last of her clothing off, Mozi threw an arm up in the air and shouted, “Too da bed!” She lunged toward the bed but was so disoriented she ended up stumbling backward after her first step forward. Suzu caught her and shoved her forward. She stumbled and crashed face-first into the bed, landing with her legs spread open hanging off the side of the mattress. “Ooo ‘ushed eee!” she pouted.

“Of course she didn’t,” Ashling told Mozi firmly. “Suzu is our friend, she’d never take advantage of you. NONE of your friends would, right, cat girl?”

“Right,” Suzu said as they both climbed up onto the bed. They flipped Mozi over and pulled her onto the bed. “We just want to play with you. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

Mozi grinned like an idiot. “Ooooh is ‘oth sooooooo ‘retty! Uh AWAYS ‘ant ‘ooo play w’t oo.”

Suzu crawled to the top of the bed and laid back, spreading her legs gracefully open. “Do you like the kitty’s pussy, pretty Orc girl?”

Mozi rolled over onto her belly and crawled between the Kittaran’s legs. “Werry werry ‘uch! Wanna pet da pussy.”

Ashling crawled on top of her and grabbed one of Mozi’s hands and reached it towards Suzu’s womanhood. “Then pet it, Mozi-pet. Stroke the cat girl’s pussy. And after you pet it go lick it. Make the kitty purr.”

“Yesh, Ashwing, ‘ear,” Mozi said happily, clumsily stroking the Kittaran’s pussy.

“Mouth now,” Suzu growled as she propped herself up on her elbows. She grabbed a handful of Mozi’s hair and pulled her face to her pussy. “Do what your owner said, make me fucking purr.” She shoved Mozi’s face into her crotch before she could answer and held it there, helping direct the loopy girl’s mouth as she began going down on her.

“Fucking hell she’s good at eating pussy,” Suzu moaned. She began to purr. Not a mock purr, but an actual feline purr that came from deep in her chest. “Is it the tea?”

“My Mozi-pet is very skilled,” Ashling said proudly. “And she gets even better when she’s loopy.”

When she saw Suzu wasn’t listening to her she slid down the back of Mozi’s body, kissing down her spine before spreading her green cheeks to lick her asshole. She delighted in the sound of the girl moaning into the Kittaran’s cunt and decided she wanted more.

Ashling picked Mozi’s back end up and repositioned her so she could eat her out. Once her mouth was on her pussy she became as lost in the pleasure of the moment as Suzu had become.

It was a shifting dance after that where the two girls used Mozi like a plaything. Sometimes they used her at the same time, sometimes one would watch as they passed her back and forth. Occasionally the Kittaran and the wild girl would come together to have their own fun. When that happened they’d use Mozi even more like an object.

Suzu and Ashling were insatiable. They went late into the night till the stag grass tea began to wear off.

When Mozi began to come to her senses she’d pushed Suzu off her, pushing herself up after bracing her hands on the bed. “Wha’s going on? Why I feel so funny? Know this ‘eeling. Read about it. Stag gwass!” Her eyes got huge. “You put it in mah tea!”

Ashling growled and pounced on her, forcing her down flat on her back and sitting on her face. “Mozi-pet reads too many nasty boring books.”

Mozi slapped at her thighs and tried to wiggle free, but only for a short time. Once the wild girl’s powerful feminine musk soaked into her face it subdued her. Ashling loved the feeling of dominating her and it helped push her over the edge. She gushed on her face, drenching it.

When she got off Mozi’s face the Orc lay passed out, face dripping. Ashling looked at Suzu nervously, wondering how the girl would react. Her nose was twitching and her tail was lashing as she lounged on her side of the bed.

“I would appreciate it if you never did THAT to me,” she said calmly but firmly. “Even from here the smell is messing with me.”

“Good kitty?” Ashling asked cautiously.

Suzu nodded. “Oh, yes, the best. I’m getting enough of whatever THAT was that I feel the need to do ANYTHING you want. Is she out for the night?”

Ashling looked from Mozi to Suzu. “Good kitty isn’t concerned?”

Suzu shrugged. “I get taking what you want when you can. I won’t tell anyone.”

Ashling grinned. “VERY good kitty.” She pounced on the Kittaran. As soon as she was worked up enough again to gush she planned on pinning her to the bed and cumming all over her pretty face. By morning she’d have TWO pets.

* * *

Thessalia felt herself woken from a deep sleep by the feel of a body joining her under the covers. A familiar naked body pressed up against hers. She smiled, rolling onto her back and allowing the small girl to cuddle up beside her.

The girl nuzzled into her neck, kissing her there. Thessalia moaned softly. When she felt the girl’s hand slide down her soft belly the Silver Elve spread her legs open slightly. The girl shifted, draping a dainty leg over Thessalia’s meaty thigh as she leaned more into her body.

When her hand reached her womanhood and began stroking her Thessalia moaned appreciatively and sighed, “Victorine…”

“Vicki,” the girl whispered firmly to Thessalia. Her lips were close to one of the Elve’s sensitive, hand-length pointed ears. Vicki’s breath tickled the sensitive flesh, making Thessalia moan and press her hips up. The girl took that moment to begin rubbing at her already moist hole. “Just Vicki now,” she added once she’d teased out that Thessalia was already wet enough to slip two fingers into her.

“Were you having dirty dreams about one of us?” she asked Thessalia, licking her ear and making her moan again.

Was I? No… No, it was a nightmare. And it was real. Even as she thought about it the memories began to fade, only those needed at the moment remaining.

“Vicki, stop,” she moaned, hips rocking as the girl’s fingers slid in and out of her.

“No,” Vicki cooed in her eat, nipping her lobe.

Thessalia arched her back and let out a shuddering moan. “Please,” she whined. “Stop.”

“No,” Vicki said again, forcing her lips against Thessalia’s. “You want me,” she whispered before forcing another kiss on her. “Admit it,” she added, trying again and this time finding the Elve’s mouth opening for her.

When she pulled away Thessalia whimpered. “I don’t, Vicki. Please, this isn’t you.”

She kissed her again, her tongue invading Thessalia’s mouth as she shifted and began grinding against her side while working her cunt. “It’s still me,” Vicki gasped between long hungry kisses. “I’m just better. More Honest. Freer.” She punctuated each sentence with another deep, wild kiss.

Vicki shifted again, using her free hand to play with one of Thessalia’s huge breasts. “You say no but your body says yes,” she cooed. “Such a wet pussy. Such hard nipples. You have always been so fucking wet for me when we had our secret fun under the bedroll.”

“It was different,” Thessalia moaned, rolling slightly to the side so Vicki could better play with her breasts.

“Yes,” Vicki said as she pulled her fingers out of her hole and climbed on top of Thessalia. After shoving her flat against the bed she said, “You were in charge then. Now I’m in charge.” She reached under herself and dipped her fingers into Thessalia’s sopping wet hole. “I think you like it better this way, don’t you? I’ve never felt you so fucking wet for me. You WANT to be dominated, that’s your secret.”

Memories fluttered into Thessalia’s mind. The Forest Witch. Zyadresa. Being dominated by them. The humiliation and pleasure she found in submitting to both. “Yes,” she gasped. The admission was freeing.

“Pack mother during the day,” Vicki whispered as she shifted on Thessalia to better reach behind herself to finger her. “Our fearless leader protecting the little lambs. But at night? In private? A helpless slut with a greedy dripping pussy.”

“Yes! Oh, gods, yes, Vicki.”

Vick pulled her fingers out of Thessalia and grabbed her tits with both her hands. “These are so fucking big,” she said, marveling at the feel of them in her hands. “Each one bigger than my head. Hell, almost as big as my fucking torso.” She jiggled them, gently slapping them together. “Your body is as indecent as the things you want me to do to you.”

“Yes,” Thessalia gasped when Vicki started playing with her nipples. “Yes, a body made to be fucked and used and abused.”

“No more playful secrets under the bedroll,” Vicki told her, grabbing a tight hold of her nipples. “From now on there will be dirty, nasty, shames under the bedroll and in inns like this one. And you will pay every time, won’t you?” When Thessalia didn’t answer she twisted her nipples hard enough to make the older woman yelp in pain. “I asked you a fucking question.”

“Yes!” Thessalia barked. “Yes, I’ll pay for it from you. I want you. I want you so bad even like this. Take me. I want you, the new you not the old one. I’ll pay any price.”

“You already have,” Vicki told her. “Thank you for approving. Now kindly shut the fuck up,” she said, lifting her body and then sitting on her face. “I didn’t know I wanted this till right now, but your face seems like the perfect seat. Eat me out, slut. Make me cum fast enough and hard enough and MAYBE I’ll return the favor. But even if I do I’ll remain in charge, right?”

Thessalia nodded, eagerly, feasting on her young pussy.

“Remember, Thessalia,” she groaned as she rocked her hips and rode the Silver Elve’s face. “I’m your obedient little lamb during the day. But from now on at night or when we are alone you’re my fucking bitch and you’ll pay for it. Say it,” she barked, lifting her cunt off her face.

“I’m your bitch,” Thessalia moaned. “And I’ll pay for it.”

“Good bitch,” Vicki cooed as she sat back on her face. “Very good bitch. Now let’s see how long we can go till one of us passes out. You can pay for it by starting the day tomorrow exhausted, your face reeking of my cunt.”

Thessalia moaned eagerly, prepared to pay the price.

On a dresser not far away were her gauntlets, Ydrs’ Gems of Warning set into the back of the hands. They roiled with sparking red mist that moved in sync with Vicki’s body as she rolled her hips on Thessalia’s face. When the Elve moaned in delight streaks like lightning shot out from the mist, making the gems glow, the gems warning that The Corruption was working its way through Vicki into Thessalia.

At one point Thessalia looked over and saw them. She saw the warning and understood it. She saw, she understood, and she could do nothing to heed the warning. She felt trapped, a prisoner in her own body. Her life had become a waking nightmare, a place of shifting memories where she was only occasionally aware of how much of a puppet she’d become. But she always felt the strings, even when she didn’t understand what was pulling at her mind and body.

The Corruption had a firm grip on her. It was working its perverse tendrils deep into her. But it hadn’t taken her the way it had taken Vicki or Suzu. It would NEVER take her that way. She’d always be left uncorrupted enough to want to fight against it.

It was more fun that way.

* * *

Dawn broke over Greenwell, the night over. Soon Thessalia and her lambs would wake and then they would continue their quest for the Box of Lila, the Silver Elve marching her precious lambs to their doom. Soon she’d lose one, the girl meeting her final doom. But she’d be replaced. Soon Thessalia would have two brand new lambs, two more she’d lead to their doom just like all the rest.

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