New entry for the poll driven story “The Fall of Almerry Keep”

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This is the final entry for this part of the series. The entry is medium length (about 4,500 words) and has some sex in the first half but the second half is all sex-free plot stuff. I’ll be getting the next and final part of the series started asap and once we’re a couple posts into that this part of the series will be taken down and published as an ebook.

Amoera held her hand out, preparing to send a wave of power toward the girl to wake her up. “No,” she said sadly as she lowered her hand down, “I don’t want to wake you up, Gwynee. I couldn’t take seeing the look in your eyes if you react as Resi has. And even if you’re not like her speaking to you one last time would make me too sad.”

With a heavy sigh she lifted both her hands into the air. A new plant tentacle pushed up from the dirt, one that’s surface looked much more flesh-like than the others and had a cock-shaped tip. The moment it pointed its tip at Gwynaetha thick honey-precum began to leak out its slit.

“Open up, Gwynee,” Amoera said lazily as she made a root wrapped around the girl’s neck shift and pull her jaw open. “Drink up, it will make everything better.”

The new cock-vine began pumping in and out of her mouth, spraying a thick load of honey-cum into her every few thrusts. Gwynaetha’s cheeks ballooned with each load before the sleeping girl greedily swallowed it all down. Each time she did her back arched and she moaned happily around the cock-vine fucking her mouth as it forced an orgasm from her.

“Keep cumming till there’s nothing left,” Amoera told her, voice full of sad disappointment. “This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. I was so excited to see you all again, to save you. I guess it was stupid of me to think you’d understand.”

She sighed in frustration. “Everything has felt wrong since Dunla led you all into the forest. My Faun has been so moody and there has been too much of the Forest Witch in her even in my presence. Our life here was so perfect. I was learning to control the forest. But now everything feels like it’s falling apart.”

The forest around the clearing grew silent and dark along with Amoera’s mood. She sat and watched Gwynaetha guzzle down load after load of honey-cum, the climaxes melting her mind. “I’ve lost nearly all my friends and soon I’ll lose Dunla. If something happened to my precious Faun…” Around her the forest roiled angrily.

“Don’t be stupid,” Amoera reprimanded herself. “Nothing can kill her. She’s a Forest Witch, they can’t die. They are forever. It was silly of Dunla to think she could kill her.”

Around her the forest calmed. She smiled as she thought about Dunla. “I hope I get to talk to her before I save her. I want to hear her admit how she feels. Maybe the witch will let her stay with us for a while or maybe I could hide her away with the Nymphs for a few weeks. They feel like they listen to me more than the witch now anyways.”

“How about you, Gwynee? You all gone yet?” She tilted her head and stared at the girl, making the cock-vine pull out of her mouth. It hung open, honey-cum oozing out. “Looks like it. You’re safe now. Now I just have to deliver your body to that nasty Gardner and head home. Once Dunla is dealt with everything will be perfect.”

* * *

“What are you doing back there?” Dunla asked, trying to twist to see the Forest Witch behind her. Moving her head so fast made her body swing in a manner that made her regret the motion.

She hung in the air with her feet secured to a metal bar that was suspended from the ceiling by chains. Her arms were tied behind her back as well, leaving her feeling incredibly vulnerable. And it doesn’t help that my legs are pulled so wide apart. She’s going to do something to my pussy, but what?

“I was just getting a toy I’ve very much enjoyed using with you.” The witch punctuated her comment by cracking a whip. It snapped close to Dunla’s head, making her squeal in alarm and twist away from it which caused her to begin swinging unpleasantly again.

“What are you going to do with it?” she asked, voice full of panic.

“I’m going to make my murderer’s pretty little pussy pay.”

Dunla heard the whip lash through the air. Her body tensed. Her fear became reality as the end of the whip snapped down on her cunt, biting into her with pain so intense she could barely process it. She screamed and twisted, her hands wanting to grab her abused pussy and hold it but unable to thanks to her arms being tied behind her back.

“Please,” she screamed as she began crying. “Don’t do that again, it hurt too much!”

“But the fun playtime is almost over! Soon this part of the story will end. Perhaps if there was more pleasure with the pain it would be able to endure the pain?” the witch snarled, her anger so strong the cabin shook.

Dunla felt a wave of warmth flow into her body and move to her womanhood. “What did you do to me?!”

“I’ll show you,” the witch barked, sending the whip flying at Dunla’s cunt.

It cracked into her flesh, the pain twice as intense as last time. But with the pain can an explosion of forced pleasure just as strong, forcing a mind-numbing orgasm from her. Dunla screamed, every part of her body that she could move twisting in anguished pain and pleasure.

“Please,” she shouted. “You don’t have to do this!”

“But I want to,” the Forest Witch growled, the lights in the room flaring and then dimming. “You are about to end my life and I need you to suffer for it.” Her voice boomed, shaking the world around them.

The whip cracked down and bit into her cunt again. Then again and again, each biting strike forcing a confusing forced orgasm from her.

“You will end me,” the witch snarled, cracking the whip into Dunla’s cunt again. “You will part me from my beloved Amoera.” Another biting lash as the cabin shook, the lights dimming even more. “And in the end I will use the last of my power to SAVE you! How cruel fate is.”

There was one final lash, one final forced orgasm. The world around Dunla twisted and churned. When reality snapped back in place she was laying on the floor, the constraints gone but her cunt still painfully aching. She curled up into a ball holding it as she sobbed hysterically.

When she felt the Forest Witch approach she forced herself to look up at her. “M-may I h-h-have aftercare?” she asked pathetically.

The lights were back to normal allowing her a clear view of the look of immense sadness on the Forest Witch’s face. “No, it will receive nothing else from me.”

“Please,” Dunla whined, reaching out to grab her ankle.

She moved out of reach. “You want comfort? There,” she said, pointing. Dunla looked and saw she was pointing to the mirror with her sword floating in it. “Let my murder be your aftercare,” she said as the reflective surface of the mirror rippled.

Dunla grunted in pain and began crawling towards the mirror, still holding her cunt with one hand. “You needed me to hate you,” she whimpered. “That’s why you did that. You want me to kill you.”

“No, Dunla Dhuarcain, this Forest Witch does not want to die. But she has accepted her fate. It is time, no more playful fun. We have only murder and fate left in this story. Will you accept your fate and murder me?” When Dunla told her yes she went to her and helped her up, laying a hand on her pussy and sending a wave of healing energy into it. “The sword will not be as easy to retrieve as you think,” she warned as she helped her to the mirror. “Go now, before either of us lose our resolve. And Remember, Dunla Dhuarcain, if you want me to be able to save you in the end you must remain at the keep.”

Dunla looked at her, lip trembling. She wanted to say something. Thanks maybe? That she was sorry?

She nodded at the girl. “I understand. Go, now. Into the mirror.”

Dunla turned and reached into the mirror. Her hand moved through the rippling surface of the glass. Whatever was on the other side pulled on her, yanking her through.

The Forest Witch stood, staring at the mirror with her hands clasped calmly in front of her. After Dunla had been pulled into the mirror all signs of her and the sword had disappeared, leaving only her reflection. She smiled when Amoera came through the front door.

“Hello, pet,” she said, staring at her through the mirror. “Are your friends all saved?”

“Yes. It’s over.”

“No, pet, one remains,” the witch said as she turned her back to the mirror and faced Amoera.

The girl narrowed her eyes as she approached. “Why do you sound so sad? And I know that look on your face. You KNOW something. What do you know? Where is Dunla?”

The Forest Witch smiled at Amoera. “I know my pet was happy. And so was her Faun. Remember that always, we were happy here. It was perfect. Remember the lessons you learned here and continue learning.”

Amoera shook her head and took a step back. “Why are you talking like this? Where are you going?” She saw something behind the witch, something in the mirror. A girl? No, how could there be a girl in the mirror?

“We will see each other again, I promise,” the Witch told Amoera, smiling as a sword plunged out of her chest.

Amoera screamed in terror as the Faun looked down and coughed up blood. When the sword was pulled back through her body the Forest Witch fell to her knees then collapsed on the floor, blood flowing from the gaping wound in her chest.

Dunla stood behind her, bloody sword in hand.

“What have you done,” Amoera screamed, dropping to her knees in tears as she grabbed the witch. “You’re fine,” she sobbed, shaking her. “Wake up! You can’t die. You’re not dead!”

But she was. There was no life left in her body.

“I’ve only killed her body,” Dunla told her. “But it’s not over, Amoera. Come on, we have to finish it. We have to burn the cabin.”

“Finish it?” Amoera snarled, still holding the witch. “This is my home, OUR home. You are NOT burning it down! She’ll come back.”

Dunla nodded. “Yes, in time she would. But there won’t be enough time. I have to be the one to do it, she told me so. Please, Amoera, help me do this thing. I— Amoera, what are you doing?”

Her tears of despair had become tears of rage. Her eyes and hands had begun to glow with crimson light, steaming with power. “You are NOT burning this cabin down,” she snarled, dropping the witch and getting slowly to her feet. “I’m NOT saving you, Dunla. I’m going to fucking kill you.”

Dunla shook her head, backing away from her. “No, Amoera, you don’t understand. She wanted this. She—”

Amoera screamed, leaping at her. As she flew through the air she moved her arms as if she were swinging a weapon at Dunla. Instinctively Dunla threw her sword up to protect herself just as she’d done hundreds of times in the training yard back at the keep.

The ring of metal meeting metal shocked Dunla more than the feel of the weapon impacting hers. She grunted and shoved Amoera back, confused by the glaive the girl was holding. Where had it come from? And what kind of metal was red like that?

“Amoera, how did you do that? What kind of magic are you using?”

“I’m NOT,” she snarled, attacking again.

Dunla swung her sword up, deflecting the blow and kicking the small Blood Elve to knock her back. “You ARE,” Dunla insisted. “Where did your weapon come from? Look at your hands! Look at how they are glowing, what kind of magic is that? Is this something the witch taught you?”

Amoera screamed and attacked again. She yelled at her, punctuating every word with another swing or thrust of her glaive. “I’m. Not. Using. Magic!”

Dunla grunted, counter-attacking and forcing Amoera back to prevent her from backing her into a corner. “Calm down,” she screamed. “Look around you! You’re shaking the place. Can’t you feel it? Look at the walls! The cracks are glowing with red light.”

“I can feel,” Amoera barked, thrusting at Dunla. “I feel anger. Rage. Sadness. I feel the need for revenge. I feel devastated you killed my love. I feel terror at life without her.” Every mention of an emotion sent the light filling the dark spaces around them flaring with brighter crimson light.

Amoera screamed again, thrusting hard towards Dunla’s center. The girl only barely avoided her blade, knocking a candle on a table over as she twisted away. The carpet ignited where it landed, the flames spreading quickly.

“Come with me,” Dunla said desperately as she began backing towards the front door. “Please, Amoera, it’s not too late!”

The door behind her flew open. “LEAVE!” Amoera screamed, coming at Dunla with a fresh flurry of attacks and forcing her out the door. “Leave my home and never come back,” she yelled at Dunla as they began fighting in the clearing in front of the cabin. “Go back to the Sisterhood. Leave us in peace. I never wanted you to come here, I didn’t need to be saved. I didn’t want to be saved!”

“I know,” Dunla told her, holding back a sob to try and hide how much the words had hurt her.

“And you don’t deserve to be saved,” Amoera snarled, attacking. Her rage was so great that given a little more time she could have landed a killing blow but just as Dunla began to falter she noticed the cabin was on fire. The surface of her glaive shimmered, the metal becoming light then disappearing altogether. She twisted to look at the cabin, dropping to her knees and screaming as she pulled at her hair.

Dunla lowered her sword, huffing heavily. “Amoera, it’s done.”

Before she could respond an explosion made them both start and twist to look in the other direction. They watched as jets of blue ice blasted in the distance followed by explosions of fire.

“The twins are here,” Dunla gasped. “Amoera, look, it’s dawn. That mean’s her power is gone. The twins are going to destroy the forest, she’s not coming back.”

“Kill me,” Amoera whispered. “I don’t want to go one without her.”

Dunla put a hand on her shoulder. “You know I can’t kill you.”

Amoera put a hand on hers, head bowed. “I know…”

“You have to leave,” Dunla said, suddenly desperate. “The twins and the rest of the Sisterhood’s army are coming. They won’t understand about you or the witch. They will want to know where the others went. You have to go before they get here. They might not even know you were still alive and if they do I’ll lie and say you were in the cabin.”

She knelt and helped Amoera up. “I’m sorry,” she told her. “But you have to leave.”

Amoera wiped tears from her eyes, lip trembling. “I DON’T forgive you and I WON’T save you. But maybe you can save yourself. Find a reason to leave. The keep and everyone in it is doomed. Something far worse than this forest is coming.”

Dunla bit her lip. Ask me to go with you, please. When Amoera pulled away she knew she wouldn’t. “I can’t abandon them,” she told Amoera.

Amoera nodded. “I understand.”

When she turned to leave Dunla grabbed her hand and held her back. “I loved you… I DO love you. I’m sorry I didn’t realize it soon enough to tell you.”

“I know,” Amoera said, not returning the hold but not pulling away. “I should save you just because of that but I can’t, not after what you’ve done.”

“It’s okay,” Dunla said, holding her hand to keep her from pulling away as she smiled at Amoera. “I heard from someone who knows things that you’ll change your mind.”

Before Amoera could ask her what she meant another explosion and eruption of ice and fire ended the moment.

“Go!” Dunla said, letting go of her hand. “They are too close. Maybe we’ll see each other again.”

Amoera ran off, stopping to look at Dunla one last time before disappearing into the forest.

* * *

Dunla sat in the back of a horse-drawn cart, blanket wrapped around her shoulders and her sword resting on her lap. Behind her the witch’s forest burned, a conflagration so intense she felt the heat even from the distance she and the army of the Sisterhood were at.

“It’s done,” she overheard one of the twins say. “Her power is broken and her forest burns.”

“The first battle won,” her twin sister proclaimed. “But this war against The Corruption has only just begun. The Great Corrupted Forest growing nearby makes this look like a mere thicket.”

A beautiful, thick-bodied Elven woman with striking silver-white hair and huge breasts climbed into the cart and sat next to Dunla. “Are you up to talking?”

“Sure,” Dunla said, looking at the woman. “Your daughter, Commander Eldenbrow, looks just like you.”

The Silver Elve smiled. “And you look just like your mother. And HER mother and her mother before her. I knew everyone one of them, but I wasn’t lucky enough to be there when they each killed one of those awful Forest Witches.”

Dunla looked away from her. “She was awful,” she said quietly. “But there was so much more to her.”

“What happened to the others?” she asked, ignoring Dunla’s comment.

“They… didn’t make it,” Dunla told her uncertainly.

“Dunla Dhuarcain, please do not ruin this moment of glory you’ve made for yourself.” Dunla winced at the wording but didn’t respond. “We both know a Forest Witch can’t kill. What happened to the Sisterhood members that went into the forest with you? Did you see any proof that the Forest Witch gave them to the Gardner, the woman who controls the Corrupted Forest?”

“I don’t know,” she told her honestly. “The witch mentioned the Gardner but… I don’t think she was working with her, at least not at the end.”

“And Blood Elve, Amoera?”

“She… she was in the cabin when it burnt,” Dunla said, voice devoid of emotion to try and hide the lie. “If she survived somehow I don’t think we’ll see her again.”

“And the sword?”

Dunla looked at the sword on her lip. Her sword but changed. The blade was more reflective, almost looking at times like it was made of glass. “What about it? I used it to kill the witch just like my mother and… Well, you know the rest.”

“I can feel it’s been touched by the witch’s power,” the Silver Elve told her. “But there is another power in it… a strange power. And no hint of The Corruption as I’d expected.”

“She wasn’t its servant in the end, not anymore,” Dunla told her.

“Whose servant was she?” the Silver Elve pressed. “The power in the blade, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt and I’ve lived far longer than you probably think. Nowhere on Alaria have I felt this power, a crimson light full of emotion.”

It’s Amoera’s power she feels, Dunla thought. “I don’t know,” she lied. “Are you going to take it from me?”

When the Silver Elve laughed she looked up, confused. “Oh, dear girl, you’re no longer a Sisterhood soldier in training that can be bossed around. You’ve killed a Forest Witch. When we return to the keep you will sit on the war council with me and the other senior members. We’ll need your experience if we are to wage a war of righteous fury against the perversion of the Great Corrupted Forest. I’ve no right to demand you give the sword up, you’re my equal now. Besides, I don’t know if the sword could be taken from you.”

“What do you mean?” Dunla asked.

“I can feel the magic in the sword is tied to you. These things are not an exact art, but I suspect should it be taken from you or lost you’d wake to find it at your side before long.”

“It was in a mirror once,” she told the Silver Elve.

“Then perhaps if lost your mirror sword would return to you that way. A magic sword with unknown powers seems a fitting reward for completing your quest.”

Dunla held the Mirror Sword tightly. “Will we go to the keep soon?”

“Yes. I’m sure you want to rest in safety.”

“Of course,” she lied. Nowhere is safe, she thought. But if I stay there the witch will be able to save me.

* * *

Amoera Crimsonsign stood in a sea of fire, the flames of the forest burning around her kept at a safe distance by a bubble of crimson light. She stood in silence, watching the cabin that had been her first true home burn.

“There’s almost nothing left of your cabin,” she said to the empty space beside her.

“It is,” her Faun replied, standing beside her as if she’d always been there.

“Those flames are another sword thrust through your chest,” Amoera told her.

“Even a Forest Witch can die,” she told Amoera. “It is just not an easy thing to accomplish.”

Amoera reached for her hand. Their fingers intertwined and they held each other tightly. “When it’s done burning you’ll be gone.”

“That is how it works,” the witch told her. “But while you saved your friends I was able to gather enough strength to keep a sliver of myself alive to finish two tasks. But yes, in every other sense I will be gone. I have already begun to fade from this world. I use what little I have left to protect the Forest Nymphs. Your time with them changed them, they deserve to survive. Will you take them with you when you leave?”

“Of course. They can stay with me or, if they want, I can bring them to another Forest Witch.”

“There are always other Forest Witches that serve other masters,” the witch agreed. “Always the same Forest Witch, always the same Faun.”

“No,” Amoera said, shaking her head. “You’re lying. It’s never the same Faun. I could spend my life hunting them down and meeting them and none of them will be MY Faun, none of them will be you.” She held her hand tightly. “Not the one I loved.”

“My Amoera can fall in love again. Emotions are easy for her now. They burn in her brighter than the flames that surround us. They ARE her power. A power that will grow till one day it will be a force to stand in opposition to The Corruption.”

Amoera ignored everything she said. “I want to go back to that cabin with you. Back before Teldy arrived. Life was perfect. I was your pet and you were my Mistress. It was simple and there was nothing but pleasure.”

“But Amoera Crimsonsign is not a pet anymore. She knows most things do not last forever. She looks at the fire around her and sees how the powers that control and shape Alaria, groups like the Sisterhood of Righteousness, the gods, The Corruption, she sees that their wars and games bring only suffering as they bring change. She thinks there must be a better path, that Alaria must change. And she begins to suspect she may have something to do with the creation of that power.”

“Yes,” Amoera whispered. “Everything is going to be different for me now.”

“Of course, my love. Alaria must change and with it you must change as well.”

Amoera looked up at the Faun. “That’s the first time you’ve said that to me. You’ve loved me this whole time, haven’t you? Even before I loved you. It was just lust for me at first, but not you.”

“Yes. From the first moment I saw the Amoera in my garden of delights I was in love. I hadn’t seen you coming, not really. You weren’t what my old master intended you to be. I do not think he realized what he was making when he made you. You were a surprise. And our time together has forged something powerful in you.”

“I can’t stay here,” Amoera told her. “I… feel it. I won’t be here to see the keep fall. I’ve played my part in that story. I saved my friends and now my story takes me elsewhere.”

“The Amoera that came to me is gone. This is her funeral pyre as much as mine. Except for me this is the end of a story with only an epilogue left. For you this is only a prologue. This Amoera standing here has other stories to write as she continues to change and grow more powerful and important. This Amoera will help reshape Alaria, can she feel it?”

“Yes,” Amoera told her, voice strange and distant. “I can’t see it yet but I can feel it. I don’t understand the power I have in me.”

“The Amoera always had more power than she thought. She had it over her Mistress. Do not forget your Faun when you ascend to your full power.”

“I’ll never forget you.”

“You say that now, love, but a goddess does not remember things the way a mortal does.”

Amoera’s eyes glowed red as she watched a wall of the cabin collapse. She could feel herself becoming more than she’d been while the woman holding her hand became less. “I will spend the rest of my life trying to have what we had in that cabin.” She spoke with fierce determination and great sadness, holding the Faun’s hand tightly to keep her from fading from the world.

“Yes,” the woman told her, her voice weak.

“But I’ll never have it.”

“Maybe. There is one who you could have this strong of a connection with. I could save her if you changed your mind about her.”

“Dunla?” Amoera thought. “Yes… I’m not mad at her anymore. And you don’t mean saving her in the way I saved the others, you mean actually save her?”

“Yes, but there will be a cost. There is ALWAYS a cost. Shall I save her?”

“This is one of those two tasks you saved your power for?”

“Yes. I need you to say the words.”

“Save her. Save Dunla Dhuarcain so I can see her again. But even if you’re right about me and her I will always want what we had in that cabin.”

“Yes,” the witch agreed. “And the desire will drive you to reshape the world and become a god. You shall radiate crimson light that will change Alaria, bringing light to the darkness The Corruption brings. But first the darkness must spread. Alaria must change. You shall be the dawn, it shall be nightfall.”

Amoera didn’t turn to look and see why her Faun had let go of her hand. She knew she was gone. Maybe not forever, maybe one day she’d have her love back, have their bliss in their little secluded cabin. But not now. The hope would burn in her till she was a force of nature the likes of which Alaria had never seen.

As the last timbers of the burning cabin collapsed she turned and began walking away. The fires parted for her, closing behind her.

She knew where she was meant to go next, knew where she was NEEDED. She’d go there. She’d do what was needed because Alaria DID need to change. All of it. Every inch, every soul. Even the gods. Not just the uncorrupted ones, but those already given over to the Corruption.

“Nothing lasts forever, not even them,” Amoera said. “The darkness of The Corruption falls and in time the crimson light shall rise. Alaria MUST change.”

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