New entry for the poll drive story “The Fall of Almerry Keep”

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This is a medium length entry around 5,000 words long with two full sex scenes. Content Warning: Mind break.

* * *

“The nasty little murderer will come and stand here before the Forest Witch.”

Dunla went to where she was pointing, eyes downturned as she did. “Do you have to keep calling me that?” she asked meekly.

“Does it not like being reminded of what it will do? To murder one like me IS nasty. My death will set many things in motion that cannot be undone, nasty things the nasty little murderer will regret she was responsible for.”

When Dunla looked up to meet her eyes she had tears running down her face. “Then let me go! I don’t want to kill you anymore. You’re terrifying but I think I understand why you exist. And you don’t serve whatever evil master you served before Amoera arrived, let me leave you and her here alone.”

The witch raised an eyebrow, judgment on her face. “It does not mention her friends. It speaks only of saving itself.” Dunla looked down, ashamed. “It ruined them when it brought them into the forest, it knows this. Their lives were doomed yet they had more time. This one robbed them of that time, it RUINS things.”

Dunla put her hands over her ears and forced her eyes shut tight. “STOP! Just stop, please! I didn’t want any of this, I don’t want any more of it! I get it, I should have never come here. Amoera didn’t need to be saved, she didn’t WANT to be saved.” She dropped her hands and looked at the witch, face twisted in anguish as tears flowed freely down her face. “I won’t kill you! I’ll refuse to, what happens then?”

The Forest Witch clicked her tongue in disapproval. “It knows it’s too late. It will kill this one, it MUST kill this one.”

“No,” Dunla said, shaking her head and backing away. “I won’t.” She looked to the mirror in the back of the cabin and saw the sword floating in the reflection. “I won’t take the sword out of the mirror, I’ll refuse even when I can.”

“Madness,” the Forest Witch hissed. In a flash she had a hand around Dunla’s neck and had lifted her into the air as if she weighed no more than a rag doll.

Dunla was so shocked by the sudden and unexpected display of terrifying strength she didn’t bother to struggle. She just hung, gasping for air as the witch slowly tightened her grip staring into the woman’s eyes.

“We have come too far,” she hissed, quiet voice full of rage. “We are so close now. I know so many things I did not know even minutes ago. You MUST kill me. You MUST set these things in motion. It will forge Amoera in the fire of rage, it will propel her to a destiny I now understand. Alaria needs her. You will understand one day if, when the time is right, you let me save you. But first you must kill me Dunla Dhuarcain, you must fulfill YOUR destiny.”

The witch’s grip had grown tight enough that Dunla began to claw uselessly at her fingers, trying to pull them away. It was like trying to move the fingers of a stone statue, there was no give. “You- can’t- kill-” she rasped.

“No, I can’t,” the Forest Witch said with narrowed eyes. She held Dunla and choked her till the girl was about to pass out. Only then did she release her grip and drop her to the ground.

“I will help,” the witch declared, turning her back on Dunla and going to a chest on a shelf nearby. “I will help it rediscover its desire to murder this one.” She returned as Dunla was getting to her feet, rubbing her neck and still catching her breath. “We will begin with these,” she said, holding out a ball gag and a blindfold in one hand and rope in the other. “It will allow the Forest Witch to put them on or it will find just how close to killing the witch can get.”

Dunla bit her lip, staring at the items in the witch’s hands and not bothering to hide her excitement.

When her hands wandered to her crotch the witch laughed. “It is excited even knowing it is about to be tortured so pleasurably. It ruins the somber mood with its needy desires. We shall make it so it can’t ruin anything else for a little bit,” she said as she put the ball gag in Dunla’s mouth, securing it in place behind her head with the leather straps connected to it. After putting the blindfold on the witch made her hold her arms behind her back, tying her wrists together tightly.

Dunla couldn’t see, not even a sliver of light around the edge of the obviously enchanted blindfold. The terror of only hearing the witch as she moved about the room around her heightened her arousal and excitement. She moaned something at the witch, grunting in annoyance at the inability to communicate clearly through the ball gag.

“It does not get to speak. It does not get to see. It only gets to obey and feel,” the witch said as she scooped Dunla up and carried her across the room, setting her down on her back on an empty table. “It is scared but excited. What will the scary Forest Witch do to it? Will it hurt it now? No, there will be pleasure first, THEN the hurting.”

She grabbed Dunla’s legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the table, kneeling and burying her face in the girl’s cunt. “So wet and tasty,” the witch purred as she licked and feasted on her pussy.

Dunla moaned through the ball gag, wrapping her long legs around the witch’s back and pulling her in closer. She knew this was just a tease to make her put her guard down and to make whatever came next worse. I didn’t care, the woman is just so damned good with her mouth!

“That’s enough,” the witch said, pulling her face away from Dunla’s sex moments before she came. She whined and tried to pull the Faun back, using the legs still draped over her shoulders. “Release me,” she said coldly.

No, Dunla thought. She can break free if she wants, she can easily overpower me or simply teleport herself to somewhere else. If she doesn’t it’s part of this game and I am enjoying playing it now that we’re back in it.

When the witch grabbed Dunla’s thighs she thought the woman was going to force her legs open. Instead, she repeated herself. “Release me.” When Dunla didn’t she began digging her nails into her thighs. “Release me,” she repeated sounding annoyed as she steadily increased the pressure.

Dunla groaned and wiggled as the woman’s nails bit into her flesh. She’s annoyed with me. I like making her angry. I like frustrating her. This is a game I’ll play with other women.

She repeated the thought. Other women. There WOULD be other women, she was sure of that. Now that she’d tasted such pleasures she would not be able to go without them even if it ended up driving her from the Sisterhood.

“Brat,” the witch hissed, digging her nails deep enough into Dunla that she broke the surface of her skin.

Dunla grunted as she felt the blood begin to trickle down her leg, finally relenting and pulling her legs off the witch.

“It was already going to suffer so enjoyably, but the brat has incurred further punishment.” She flipped Dunla over so she was face down on the table. “Lift your ass, murderous little brat,” she snapped, slapping Dunla’s ass. “Such an eager little slut. Look how fast it raises its backend.”

Dunla groaned in frustration when the woman walked away. Where is she going! Is she getting something?

When the witch returned she slammed something down on the table next to Dunla’s head. “Feel,” she commanded, pressing the thing into Dunla’s cheek and rotating it. “A small jar, but what is inside?” She kept it close to Dunla while she opened it. “The Forest Witch dips her fingers into the jar, her thumb and her two forefingers. She coats her fingers in the oil in the jar, but what does the oil do? Where will she put it?”

Dunla was fairly certain she knew and was unsurprised when she heard the woman move to her backend.

“In here the oil will go,” the witch explained unnecessarily as she slid her two forefingers into Dunla’s pussy. “So wet and so easily entered. What will the oil add? What will it do?” As she asked she worked the girl with her two fingers, curling them inside then thrusting in and out.

Dunla moaned and pressed her face against the table. She could feel the oil affecting her, spreading heat inside of her. Making her more sensitive. Making it so every sensation felt better and knowing instinctively that every pain would be felt more painfully.

When the which began rubbing against her asshole with her thumb she was shocked. “Do not clench so,” the witch commanded. “Relax and you will enjoy what this finger does more than if you don’t.”

Dunla moaned, shaking her ass and trying to pull away from the woman’s thumb. The witch grabbed her wrists where they were tied together to hold her in place.

“It will happen whether the nasty little slut wants it or not.” When Dunla kept her asshole clenched tight the witch shrugged. “So be it. I like it better this way.”

Dunla gasped then screamed through her gag as the witch worked her thumb into her asshole. The oil came with it, heating her hole and making it more sensitive. Once her thumb was in past the first joint she began wiggling it, curling the fingers inside her cunt to press her insides together as she further worked the oil into her. The sensation would have been novel and intense without the oil, with it Dunla felt faint from how overwhelming it was.

“That will be enough,” the witch said as she pulled her fingers out of Dunla.

She clapped her hands and the world jerked and twisted around Dunla. When reality snapped back into focus the blindfold, ballgag, and ropes behind her back were gone. She stood in the center of the cabin which had all the furniture pushed to the walls, leaving most of the cabin open space.

The Forest Witch sat on a well-worn couch, reclining back with her legs spread wide open. Dunla swooned at the sight of her naked in all her glory. She wanted to go to her, to drop to her knees in front of her and beg to be allowed to use her mouth on her pussy.

“It does not have permission,” the witch said firmly. She held up a long black ribbon, stretching it tautly out with both hands. “Does it know what this is?”

Dunla blinked, confused, and distracted by the throbbing sensitivity in her cunt and asshole. “It’s just a black ribbon,” she said dumbly, knowing the answer was wrong.

The witch held it up and looked at it. “Looks can often be deceiving.” She let go of one end and lashed the ribbon out like it was a whip. As it flew through the air it shifted, becoming a whip that stretched out towards Dunla. The witch yanked it back, sending a wave running down its length that cracked perfectly onto one of Dunla’s nipples.

She howled in pain, dropping to the ground while holding her breast with both hands. “That hurt!” she whined.

“That hurt,” the witch repeated back, cruelly imitating whine. “It is about to kill this one and it whines about a little pain? It can suffer a little before it draws its nasty sword from the mirror.”

Dunla got up on her knees, holding her small breasts protectively. “I won’t let you do that again,” she whimpered. The witch lashed the whip out again just as she’d expected. She kept her hands firmly planted over her breasts, prepared to endure the biting pain of a whip crack on the back of a hand.

The pain never came. Instead, the witch sent the whip lashing around her neck. It wrapped around her neck, twisting together and constricting. Dunla’s hands flew up to grab the whip just as the witch yanked her forward, making her gag as it constricted around her neck.

She fell to the ground, confused by what she felt. The whip had shifted and only after she got back to her knees did she understand. Around her neck it had become a leather collar. The whip connected to it had changed too, becoming a leather leash the witch held in her hand as she grinned eagerly at Dunla.

“It will not think it has become a pet,” the witch said menacingly as she stood. “Pets are treated well in this cabin. It is a nasty little murderer. A vicious animal that cannot be tamed so it must be punished.” She jerked the leash, pulling Dunla onto all fours. “It will remain so. It will crawl like a dog. Come, dog, come to me.”

Dunla whimpered, crawling to her. “What are you going to—”

“It will not speak,” the witch hissed, yanking on the leash. “It is like a bitch in heat and that’s how it shall be treated. That’s how it will act. It does not get words.

Dunla whimpered, too scared to disobey. As the sound left her she was painfully aware of how much it sounded like the pathetic whimpering of a kicked puppy.

“Come to me, horny little bitch, and turn to show your backend.” Dunla did, raising her ass into the air. “It wants the feel the witch’s hands on it, it wants her fingers in it?”

“Yes,” Dunla gasped eagerly. “Oh gods, yes.”

The witch let the end of the leash she was holding fall slack in one hand then used it to lash Dunla’s ass. As the girl dug her nails into the carpet and hissed in pain the witch reminded her, “Bitches in heat do not speak. If it must verbalize it is only to bark. Bark, bitch, show the scary witch you understand.”

Dunla barked, ashamed but intensely thrilled by the shame.

“Beg for what you want,” the witch commanded her. “Beg like a bitch in heat.”

Dunla raised her ass a bit higher and started shaking it from side to side, barking as she did. She tried to make her barks sound like pleas for attention, desperate to be touched as the oil further warmed her insides. I’d even settle for her fingering my asshole right now, she thought, deeply ashamed of herself but beyond caring.

When the witch grabbed her cunt and slid two fingers into her sopping wet hole she began panting happily. When she teased then forced her thumb into her asshole she yelped and panted more happily, waggling her ass as though she had a tail.

The witch barely had to finger her to make her cum. She groaned and pressed herself to the floor, unable to think past the intense sensation of climax. The oil made it feel different, forcefully more pleasurable and not completely in a good way.

“Up,” the witch commanded, pulling her fingers out and slapping Dunla’s ass. “I will walk the bitch in heat now, it needs exercise.”

The witch led Dunla in slow laps around the cabin as she crawled on her hands and knees after her. The witch showered her with humiliating verbal abuse, always using some form of “bitch” in her cruel taunts.

As they made their laps around the room she’d reach down and fingered her. She’d slap her ass. At one point she stopped and made Dunla suck on her toes. The witch used verbal and physical humiliation to work Dunla up near the point of release then grab her cunt and use her fingers to push her over the edge.

Each time she came was worse than the last. The oil was always warming her insides, always making her more sensitive. Eventually the climaxes become so overwhelming she stopped feeling any of the pleasure. After cumming that way a few times Dunla was too broken to go on. She lay on the floor, sobbing and overwhelmed while expecting to be punished for her inability to continue.

She was immensely confused when the witch sat beside her and took her into her lap. The collar and leash disappeared as the witch cradled her head and lifted it to hold against her breast. “Shhhh,” she soothed Dunla, lightly stroking above her pussy. Warmth spread down from her fingers and Dunla felt the effects of the oil fade away.

The unexpected tenderness made her lose her composure even more. She sobbed hysterically, her whole body shaking as she pressed her face into the witch’s breast.

“It needs aftercare,” the witch said calmly. “It can cry. It can let its guard down. It will not be harmed for now. The witch will soothe it till it is better.”

Dunla wrapped her arms around her and clung to her. “W-w-hy?”

The witch was silent for nearly a minute, holding Dunla and stroking her to calm her. When she finally began speaking it was with slow, calm, deliberate words. “In the witch’s cabin this is how it works. The forest can be unforgiving but not the witch. The witches have rules they must follow. No… not rules. It is more like an instinct, a force of nature we obey. That is what happens when you become like me.”

She paused and made a sound of understanding. “I know it now, that is what much of this has been about. My old master and the force that control him, he wishes to create another like me, but one that only serves The Corruption.”

The witch made Dunla look up at her, wanting to ensure she heard and understood her words. “In another forest nearby a powerful woman tends to a garden, creating a perverse obscene place full of perverse obscene monsters. Powerful the Gardner is yet still mortal. She hungers for more and the gods who have given themselves to The Corruption wish to give her what she wants. She will not understand the price till it is too late. She will choose eternity and suffer for her choice. There must always be great sacrifice and the mortal life must end in pain and despair.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Dunla asked, wiping a tear from her eye.

“To warn you. If you remain at the keep I will be able to save you as my Amoera will wish. But if you go into the Great Corrupted Forest I will be able to do nothing for you. They will ask you to come along with them on their doomed quest to clear the forest the way they cleared mine. Do not go, Dunla Dhuarcain. Remain at the keep no matter what.”

* * *

“You’re both awake now,” Amoera said, smiling serenely at the two girls laying naked on the ground in front of her.

They both blinked and sat up, confused and disoriented. Both looked down at their breasts and were happy to see they were back to their normal size. Gwynaetha hugged her chest with her eyes closed, lost in the joy of having her body returned to its natural state.

Resi had only been happy for a moment. She’d looked up and saw Amoera sitting there and glared. “What fresh torment do you have for us?” she snarled. She slapped Gwynaetha’s shoulder. “Gwynee, pull it together. The monster is back.”

“Monster? Resi, that’s Amoera, not a monster. We decided it really was her.”

Resi looked from Gwynaetha to Amoera, glaring at both. “You’re doing something to her,” the Orc accused Amoera. “Stop it! Get out of her mind.”

Amoera tilted her head, looking quizzically at Resi. “But I’m not in YOUR mind, am I Resi?”

“Of course you are,” she replied bitterly. “I can feel it. I’m angrier than I’ve ever been and I feel the fear more intensely now that you’re back even though you’re just sitting there. And you know what? I don’t think it’s something that came from the forest or the witch. Maybe all of this made it stronger, but I think you ALWAYS did this to people. It’s why we all cared so much about you, isn’t it?”

Amoera shook her head. “I truly do not know what you’re talking about. Why are you mad at me, Resi? Why are you afraid of me? I just want to save you both like I saved Teldy and Emiko.”

“Then where are they?” Resi demanded. “Show us, show us how you ‘saved’ them! Because I think you DIDN’T. I think your mind has become sick and twisted in this awful place and you only THINK you’re saving us. But you’re not, you’re doing something terrible. You did something terrible to Teldy and Emiko and probably Peare too. And you’re going to do something terrible to us.”

“Resi… stop,” Gwynaetha whined. “You’re freaking me out and you’re making her mad. I don’t want… I…” She started looking around the clearing as the panic built in her. “I need to get away,” she gasped, starting to get to her feet.

“This could have been so nice,” Amoera said sadly, lazily waving an arm towards the two girls.

Gwynaetha screamed as roots and vines began pushing out of the ground and wrapping around her feet. More shot up, grabbing her arms and wrapping around her neck. They pulled her to the ground on her back as she screamed and struggled.

Beside her other roots and vines pushed up to wrap around Resi and hold her in place. She didn’t struggle. She didn’t scream. She just sat and glared at Amoera.

“The monsters have me again!” Gwynaetha screamed as she thrashed about.

“Calm,” Amoera said, waving at the girl and sending a wave of faint crimson light flowing towards her. When it hit her Gwynaetha whimpered then fell limp. “Sleep,” Amoera added, sending another wave of crimson light her way.

Amoera got to her feet and loomed over the slumbering girl. “She looks so peaceful,” she told Resi. “I always liked her. Such a stocky tough little Human girl overcompensating with all that pink and girlishness she could never quite pull off. A pretty, false persona over a tough girl that was just covering up a soft scared little girl underneath. This really is better. You think she was scared and panicked here? If she’d been at the keep when the doom came for you all… You all deserved better than what’s going to happen. It’s why I have to save you all.”

“Even me?” Resi asked coolly. “It’s my turn, right? That’s why you put Gwynee to sleep, so she wouldn’t see what you’re really doing. What happens now? How do you ‘save’ me?”

Amoera kept staring at Gwynaetha. “We were never close, were we Resi? Oh, we got along, but we were never really friends. Innocent Emiko loved everyone. Peare and Gwynee here, they acted tough but they just wanted friendship and love and I’d like to think I gave them both in some little way. Teldy… well, I think nearly everyone could see how Teldy felt about me. And Dunla…” She trailed off, deep in thought.

“I think Dunla liked me the way Teldy did. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. How she’d always find reasons to be close to me, it’s why she always wanted to spar with me on the training grounds and help me get my armor on and off.”

She turned to look at Resi. “Do you think Dunla knew she was in love with me? I don’t think she did. I think that’s why she came out here, to save the girl she loved. But I didn’t need or want to be saved.”

“You’re talking about her like she’s already dead,” Resi pointed out.

“You’re all doomed,” Amoera told her, kneeling to meet her eyes. “I’m just helping ease the pain before the doom reaches you.”

Resi groaned and wiggled as the vines and roots twisted further around her limbs. She gasped and gritted her teeth as others began rubbing at her pussy and teasing her nipples.

“I want it to feel good for you before it’s over. Even though you’ve done nothing but piss me off I’m going to make sure you enjoy being saved. It’s better this way, I promise.”

Resi winced as one of the plant tentacles began easing its way into her. “What’s leaking from them?” she asked. “Slippery like oil, I can feel it oozing out of them wherever they touch me. And the one in me— Ngh!”

“It’s going to make it feel better. It’s going to make it feel good till there’s nothing but the pleasure and then it will feel even better till there’s nothing left of you.”

“You’re mad,” Resi barked, moaning a moment later as the vine thrusting in and out of her cunt pounded her harder. “You’ve gone insane! You’re going to make these plant tentacles fuck me into madness! Is that how you’re saving us? Making monsters fuck us till our minds are gone?”

Amoera smiled serenely. “You do understand! But why are you still fighting it? Emiko didn’t fight it. Teldy didn’t either. When they stopped being them they were soooooo happy. Let me make you happy, Resi. What would do that?”

“Explain it,” she groaned as she arched her back as the first of many orgasms was forced from her. “Why are we all doomed, what’s coming for everyone at the temple?”

Amoera’s face grew dark, her smile gone in an instant. “The Corruption, Resi. Everything the Sisterhood told us about it is true but it’s so much more powerful than they think. It will enjoy the terrible perverse things it does to the members of the Sisterhood gathered at the keep. It’s a game to it, a game we’re all just pieces of.”

“Help us fight it,” Resi demanded. She started to say something else but was interrupted as the plat tentacles forced another orgasm from her. “Gods, Amoera, it’s so intense. Each orgasm stronger and longer than the last.”

“You can’t fight The Corruption,” Amoera told her. “There is no power in Alaria great enough to stand against it. It’s won over and twisted so many of the gods. And those it hasn’t tainted yet are too easily distracted and fooled to understand the threat closing in on them. There isn’t a power that can meet The Corruption’s perversion and not be corrupted by it. No god exists that’s powerful enough and as open to sexual perversion in a way that The Corruption wouldn’t corrupt it.”

“There should be,” Resi moaned. Her eyelids were heavy and she was starting to look drained. “Amoera… there should be,” she whined. “This feels so good! Why does this have to be a bad thing?”

“It’s not bad, not on its own,” Amoera told her, reaching out and stroking her cheek. “It’s just too easy for The Corruption to use it to twist people. But how great if there was a power to challenge The Corruption, one that could take all these sexual things, all these delightful perversions, and let them be a good thing? A warm light where passion and even hate could be good things that heat and grow the soul instead of corrupting it.”

Resi’s head lolled to the side. She tried to say something but could no longer form clear words.

“See? It was nice in the end, wasn’t it Resi?”

The Orc grinned and nodded then began convulsing as she had another orgasm forced from her.

“And now you’re safe. There’s no more of you left to be hurt by them.”

Amoera stood and held her arms up. The gateway she’d had Emiko’s body thrown through pushed out of the earth. Once in place its center rippled and a portal opened.

The Gardner was there on the other side, waiting this time. “You bring my Grumplocs more wombs?” she demanded, glaring at Amoera. “Give them and be gone. I do not like the taste of the magic you use to open these portals.”

“I’m not using anything different than what the Forest Witch uses,” she told her as the vines and roots began taking Resi’s grinning, drooling body to the portal.

“I do not know why you lie, little girl, but your games do not amuse me.” She pointed to the portal. “This is not the witch’s power, at least not wholly. It’s a power I’ve never felt before and I’ve traveled to nearly every corner of Alaria doing the bidding of those that command me. It should not be. YOU should not be.”

Amoera glared defiantly at the imposing woman. “But I am. Be glad I have my love, the Faun, to keep me here. If you’re scared of me now you can’t imagine what I’d be like if someone or something took her away from me.”

The Gardner ignored her threat and pointed to Gwynaetha. “I will have that one too. She looks sturdier than the dainty Orc you’ve just given me. She’ll last much longer. Give her to me, girl, NOW.”

“No,” Amoera said firmly. “I need to save her first. You’ll have her soon.” Before the Gardner could respond she waved a hand and closed the portal.

After it sunk back into the ground Amoera knelt by Gwynaetha. “Gwynee, time to wake up. Time to be saved.”

The story will just continue the scene we are in without a jump back to the witch.
How does Amoera saving Gwynaetha play out? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

How does the final bit of play time between Dunla and the witch play out? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

These will be the last set of polls for this story. After the two encounters being voted on here play out we’ll go into the end of things which close up story lines from this part of the series and prep the next one. It will probably end up being a bigger entry since I have a lot of stuff planned out surrounding the final confrontation between Dunla, Amoera, and the Witch (which just like the end of the last part of the series will end up light on sex).

There won’t be any poll attached to that final entry as I already know how I want the next story to start. I’ll begin work on it pretty quickly and get it posted before long to get the ball rolling on that. As with the last part of this series this one will remain up and free till we’re at least two entries into the new part, then it will get taken down and published as an ebook.

The next story will be the last in this series. It should take a while to get through, there’s a lot that needs to happen. If you’ve been reading my other most recent Alaria stuff you’ll probably know a few of the main characters from this series “survive” in some way and go on to play larger roles in other Alaria stories. I know when I finish this project I want to do a project that takes place not long after this one but I haven’t decided whether to focus on Amoera (who won’t appear on screen in the last part of this story) or Dunla (who will be a main point of view character in the last one) and whether to make it a poll driven story or not. Since all of these have taken a month or two to complete I’m not in a rush to decide.

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