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This is a medium length entry (close to 6,000 words) and has two full sex scenes.

* * *

“The pretty-pretty will sit in the chair, just so. Does it understand?”

Dunla nodded. “What are you going to do to me?”

“The pretty-pretty’s voice shakes with such excitement,” the witch teased. “It is eager to play and be punished, yes? Now that it has admitted how it feels for women it wants oh so much more. But this Forest Witch wishes to make it suffer. It will sit. It will remain sitting. And it will keep its hands to itself or it will be punished.”

Dunla sat, putting her hands in her lap then tucking them between her legs and squeezing her thighs closed to hold them in place. “But what are you going to do to me?” she whined with pathetic eagerness.

“Nothing,” the witch replied slyly as she sauntered towards Dunla, swaying her hips enticingly. “The scary Forest Witch will not touch the pretty-pretty and it will not touch the witch, not till they are in the bed together,” she said, pointing at the bed in the back corner of the cabin. “And they will not go to the bed till after the witch has stripped.”

Dunla’s eyes grew wide with excitement. “You’re going to strip for me?”

The witch nodded. “Stupid girl, it is not the treat it thinks it is. Remember, no touching or it will be punished. Severely.”

“I understand,” Dunla told her, squeezing her thighs tighter around her hands.

“Will the pretty-pretty answer the witch’s questions as she undresses?” she asked as she took up a place in front of Dunla just out of arm’s reach.

Dunla bit her lip, eyes darting from the witch’s cleavage to the mischievous look on her face. “The questions would be part of the game you’re playing with me, wouldn’t they? They’ll be chosen to torture me somehow?”

“The pretty-pretty is so very smart.” She tucked her hands under her hair and gathered all the wild tangled mess she had cascading down the front of her body, tucking it behind her shoulders. Dunla’s eyes practically bulged out of her head as her cleavage was fully exposed. “But the pretty-pretty is so easily distracted.”

Licking her lips and staring at the witch’s tits, Dunla asked, “And the torture will be… sexual?”

“Yes,” the witch said with a nod, grinning like a cat who had just cornered its dinner. “The pretty-pretty’s inner slut has been awoken. It hungers for anything, even torture and debasement.”

Dunla bit her lip again, looking up from the witch’s tits to meet her eyes. “Yes,” she said meekly. “Is this how you ensorcelled Amoera?”

“The pretty-pretty will leave my Amoera from her mouth or risk ruining the witch’s mood,” she snarled. She took a calming breath. “Please, girl. Let us keep the Faun present. Will you answer questions as I strip?”

Dunla had pushed herself back into her chair, eyes wide in fear as the Forest Witch had momentarily returned. Her chest heaved as she gripped the seat of her chair. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I won’t mention her again. I just want to…” her voice trailed off and her face flushed as she looked away in shame.

“You want to enjoy this?”

“Yes,” Dunla whispered. “I’ll answer your questions. I want you to… to do whatever you want to me.”

“Good girl,” the witch said, taking a step closer. “It will spread its legs,” she barked.

Dunla started, throwing her legs open. “But you said you wouldn’t touch me!”

“I’m not,” the Faun told her, putting a foot on the edge of her chair between her legs. “See? I do not touch the pretty-pretty. And she will not touch me,” she reminded as she saw Dunla’s hands begin to move to grab her ankle. “It wants to run its hands up the Faun’s leg but if it does it will be punished.”

Dunla began breathing more heavily and forced her hands away from the Faun’s leg, tucking them behind the chair. “I won’t let you trick me,” she told the Faun. Her eyes were locked on her leg as the witch began slowly pulling her skirt up.

“The pretty-pretty has already been tricked so many times,” the witch told her, punctuating the accusation with a pretty laugh. “What is one more?” She watched Dunla’s face with a predatory smile as she kept pulling her skirt up. “So hungry for female flesh. It wishes the Faun did not have her stockings on, yes?”

“Yes,” Dunla said a bit too quickly.

“It could take them off,” the witch told her slyly. “It could reach up the Faun’s skirt and pull the stocking down. Or it could wait till the skirts are above the stocking and do it with her teeth. The pretty-pretty would like that, yes? The thrill of her face being so close to pussy again.”

“I would be allowed?” Dunla asked as she pulled her hands out from behind her back. “I wouldn’t be punished?”

Her hands were almost to the woman’s legs when the Faun asked, “Why would the pretty-pretty think that? It knows it cannot touch. If it does it will be punished.”

Dunla scoffed, throwing her hands behind her back. “You’re trying to trick me!”

“Of course. But the pretty-pretty does not care now, does she? Now all she thinks of is the bit of thigh that has been revealed above the Faun’s stocking. It wants to run her nasty little murderer’s hands up their softness. It wants to press its face under the skirt and huff the Faun’s intoxicating womanly scent. Why doesn’t it? It will only be punished. It might ENJOY being punished.”

“No,” Dunla groaned, gripping the back of the chair so hard her knuckles turned white. “I won’t let you tempt me.”

“Not even for a whiff of pussy?” the witch asked. She pulled her skirts up to her waist, exposing her furry muff. “Oh my,” she said sadly, looking down at herself. “My corset is in the way. I will not be able to undress till it is off.” She let her foot slide off the chair and dropped her skirts, enjoying the little whimper of desire that slipped from the girl.

The brown leather corset the Forest Witch wore over her green dress had lacing running up its front with a leather belt secured tightly near the top of it. She moved closer to Dunla, stroking the belt. “Would the pretty-pretty like to help?”

“No,” Dunla hissed, leaning further back in her chair. “I won’t be tricked.”

“Then it will answer questions as it promised. The belt on the Faun’s corset, does it remind the pet of anything?”

“Yes,” Dunla said, biting her lip and looking up to meet the witch’s eyes. “You know exactly what it reminds me of, right? You ‘know’ things. So why even ask me?”

“The pretty-pretty will say the words. It will tell the Faun what the belt makes her think of. If it stops the Faun will stop undressing.”

Dunla hesitated for a moment. When the witch grabbed the belt and began to unfasten it then stopped she began speaking in desperation to keep her hands going. While Dunla spoke the witch slowly unfastened the belt then slowly undid the lacing running up the front of the corset.

“It reminds me of the leather straps and buckles on the training armor we use in the keep. The other girls would need help getting theirs on and I’d always volunteer to help, especially when it was Amor— er, the girl I liked the most. It was such a thrill being so close to them, getting the have my hands on their bodies. I’d always find excuses to touch them more than I needed to, always told them the straps and belts needed to be tighter. But even though it was a thrill to help put their armor on I was always most excited to help take it off.”

Dunla stopped talking when the witch undid the last of the lacing, letting go of the corset and letting it drop to the floor. The witch bent forward slightly and took in a long, deep breath. “Feels so nice to be free of it,” she sighed, enjoying the wild look in the girl’s eyes as she watched her breasts rise and fall. Without the corset on her cleavage was not pressed as far up but leaned over the way she was they hung more loosely in her dress, allowing Dunla a better look into the dark void between her breasts.

The witch leaned further forward, putting her tits in Dunla’s face. “Gods,” the girl moaned, throwing her hands up to push the woman away from her. Her hands brushed against her breasts only slightly before she hissed and moved them back to the side of the chair.

When the witch pulled away Dunla breathed a sigh of relief. My hands only lightly brushed up against her breasts, it wasn’t enough to count or she would have said something. It’s only fair with how she was shoving them in my face!

“The pretty-pretty is so flustered by being teased. It is impatient, it wants to see ALL of the Faun. It will see her body in all its glory, but only slowly.” She bent her knees to grab her skirts and stood, slowly beginning to lift her dress up. When she passed the top of her knit stockings she slowed, revealing bare flesh at a much more gradual pace.

“What is the pretty-pretty most excited to see?” When Dunla hesitated to answer she stopped pulling her dress up.

“Your breasts!” Dunla shouted, desperate for the witch to continue. “I NEED to see your breasts. Gods, I want them so bad and I don’t even know what I’d do with them. They seem so big compared to mine and all the other girls I’ve trained with, except maybe Teldy. But you’re older than us, I want to see what that means. I want to see if they are as soft as I expect. I want to see their shape, I want to see your nipples. I want to feast on the sight with my eyes so I can commit them to memory and compare them to the next woman’s breasts I see.”

As she rambled the witch pulled her dress slowly up. She’d gone a bit faster after passing her pussy, slowing once she revealed her belly button. She was a tall and slender woman yet much of her body had a pleasant softness to it that wasn’t quite plumpness. Her belly especially was soft looking, something that was accented by the lighter color of her skin that ran up the middle of her body.

When the dress was pulled up to her breasts the witch stopped, bunching it up around her breasts to keep them in her hands as she continued to lift. Dunla moaned in greedy anticipation, waiting for her breasts to be revealed. When they dropped free of the dress Dunla groaned in delight, grinding her thighs together as she watched the way they fell and bounced.

“So big and soft,” she moaned, leaning forward. “I know they aren’t huge, but gods, they seem like the biggest things in the world to me.”

The witch pulled the dress over her head and tossed it to the floor, shaking her head to settle her wild mass of hair. She stood with a hand on her hip and gently grabbed one of her breasts, lifting it. “They are lovely, aren’t they? Not all the pretty-pretties get to see them. I do not undress in front of many. This one should consider itself lucky.”

“Will we go to the bed now?” Dunla asked, starting to rise from the chair. Her eyes were locked on the Faun’s breasts so she didn’t see the evil grin on the woman’s face.

“But this Faun is not naked! She wears no small clothing under her dress yet her stockings are still on. They will need to come off.” She turned around and bent over, sticking her ass out with her legs spread slightly so Dunla could see her womanhood from behind. “I must peel them off slowly,” she told Dunla as she began pulling one down. “I must make the pretty-pretty suffer impatiently as she feasts on the sight of my backside. What does the sight make it think of?”

“How much I want you,” Dunla said quickly, not wanting to give the woman a chance to stop undressing. “I want to get up and slap your ass. I want to kneel behind you and press my face into your womanhood and do what you made me do to it earlier. I even want to stand behind you and grab your hips as I thrust my crotch into you like I was a man having his way with you.”

The witch stood, kicking the stocking bunched around her foot off. “Spread your legs,” the witch commanded as she approached Dunla. After she did as she was told the witch put the foot of the leg with the stocking on it on her chair between her legs, teasing her bare snatch with her toes.

“You said we wouldn’t touch till we got to the bed,” Dunla whined, rolling her hips and rubbing herself against the woman’s toes.

“The Faun changed her mind. The pretty-pretty’s wild helpless arousal has excited her. She needs the girl to touch her. She will not be punished for this. She will help the Faun remove her last garment. She will pull the stocking down but she must go slowly less she ruin things.”

“Thank you,” Dunla gasped, greedy hands grabbing the top of the stocking. She pulled it down slowly only for a few moments before losing patience and tugging it down the rest of the way in one quick motion.

The witch slapped Dunla hard across the cheek, sending the girl falling out of the chair with a yelp of pain and surprise. After landing she grabbed her cheek and looked up at the witch, eyes wide with confusion and fear. “You hit me!”

“You misbehaved,” the witch said firmly as she finished taking the stocking off. “You were told to go slow less you ruin the moment. Then you ruined it.” She tossed the stocking away and placed her hands on her hips, glaring down at Dunla. “This one ruins everything, doesn’t she?”

“No,” Dunla said, cowering on the floor. “I don’t!”

“It LIES!” the witch hissed. “It has ruined my peaceful happy life with my Amoera. It has led her friends into the witch’s forest when it knew they were not prepared and ruined them. It did not care what happened to them when it convinced them to come into the forest, it only thought of its own needs. And now its greed ruins this moment. Why does it ruin everything?”

“I don’t,” Dunla whispered, still holding her cheek. “I’m sorry,” she added, her expression hinting at an admission of guilt.

“Come,” the witch said, her tone of voice completely changed. She clapped and pointed to the bed. “The pretty-pretty will go to the bed. We will move on and it will try not to ruin this.”

Dunla went to the bed with her head hung low, her mind filled with confusing and painful memories. The witch’s wording had been close to things her mother used to tell her. “Why, Dunla? Why does your impatience and willfulness ruin everything?” The words had haunted her since she was young.

She always wanted more from me, she thought bitterly. I had to live up to the family history. So many brave warrior women who had done so many great deeds. I was ridiculed and punished for any moment of frivolity or distraction.

I resented it so deeply that I didn’t realize how much I hated it. I can see it now so clearly, I DID ruin things! My relationship with my mother, my training, everything. I sabotaged myself even at the keep. Never enough to not live up to what was expected of me but enough to disappoint and frustrate nearly everyone around me…

“You did that on purpose,” Dunla told the with, voice full of bitterness and self-loathing. “You chose your words just right to make me realize those terrible things about myself. Is this part of your torture for me?”

“No,” the witch said as she retrieved a red glass bottle. “Those that come to the witch’s cabin come for a reason. Killing me is only part of your reason, Dunla Dhuarcain. You, like most, come to learn about yourself. You know I know things. The knowing comes and goes and often I do not get to know the ‘why’ of a thing. Right now I know it is important you realize you ruin things but I cannot see why.”

She snapped and pointed at the bed the girl was standing by. “Up.” The witch climbed up after her, slapping the girl’s ass before flopping down in the middle of the bed on her back. “The sad look on the pretty-pretty’s face goes away so quickly. Was it the playful slap or does it perhaps see something it likes?”

“Both,” Dunla said as she sat on her knees beside the witch, her hands in her lap. She wanted to reach out and touch the witch’s body, to explore every inch of it with her fingertips. But the woman had gotten into her head. Will I ruin things if I grab her without permission? Is she sprawled out like that as another trap to try and trick me into doing something she can punish me for?

“The pretty-pretty will take the jar,” she said, handing it to Dunla. “She will pour the oil inside on her hands and then she will massage it onto the Faun’s tits. She will work the Faun’s breasts till every inch is covered and if she is enjoying herself she may continue.” She then put her hands behind her head and waited.

Dunla bit her lip, confused and trying to figure out what the trap was. She’s just lying there, vulnerable. I could do anything I wanted to her! Her eyes kept coming back to the woman’s breasts. The way their soft bulk had shifted to the sides of her chest as she lay down fascinated her. She’d never seen a woman with breasts so large topless laying in that position.

“They won’t bite,” the witch told her playfully. “Come, girl, you’ve always wanted to play with a pair of titties this big. The witch offers them freely. You can even pretend you are not fondling me. It can pretend the oiling is just a task, nothing more.”

Dunla poured a large amount of the oil into one hand and carefully put the top back on the bottle, leaving it on the bed nearby. Cupping her hands together to spread the oil between them, she got closer, shaking with anticipation. Just a task, she told herself. And she’s allowing me. This isn’t some trick, and if it is do I care?

She placed her cupped, oil-filled hands above the Faun’s breasts then opened them, letting the oil ooze and drip out. The sight of it glistening on her chest was too much. Her hands were on her, greedily spreading the oil about. Massaging it into her flesh, panting in excitement at the feel of her breasts in her hands.

“They are so soft, yet so dense,” she told the witch as she kneaded her breast flesh. “And so big. Gods, they FEEL so much bigger than they look.” Her eyes were locked on the woman’s breasts as she squeezed and rubbed at them.

“And your nipples! Your nipples are so different than mine. Darker and larger.” She started rolling the nubs between her oil-slicked fingertips, cooing in delight as they swelled and engorged further. “Slutty hard nipples,” Dunla growled. She pinched and twisted them, making the Faun gasp and moan. “Slutty evil woman,” she growled, twisting them harder.

The shift had happened so fast. One moment she was the scared girl, doing as the terrifying woman wanted, the next she was dominating her. Teasing and twisting her nipples, snarling and grinning evilly at her.

She threw a leg over the Faun and sat on her, pinning her to the bed as she leaned into her. “You made a mistake, witch. I’m the one in charge now. Oh yes, dumb woman, you’re MY plaything now!”

Dunla looked up, eager to see if there was fear in her eyes. The amused look on the woman’s face did much to dull the aggressive confidence she’d been feeling.

The witch cocked her head slightly. “The pretty-pretty thinks it is in charge? It thinks this witch helpless just because it paws so unskillfully at her tits?”

“I— No… I just… got carried away.”

“It ruins the fun,” the witch said firmly. “It will take its hands off the witch’s tits now. It no longer has permission. Or does it still think it is in charge?”

Dunla let go of her breasts and put her arms behind her back to show submission. She started to get off her but the witch clicked her tongue in disapproval and lifted a leg to signal she was to remain in place.

The witch smiled evilly at her. “The pretty-pretty thought this was fun? It thought this was a treat but this is a punishment. Did it remember it broke the rules?”

“What rules?” Dunla demanded.

“It TOUCHED the Faun while she undressed before the pretty-pretty.”

“No, I d—” She cut herself off mid-word. She HAD touched her but so slightly she’d forgotten about it. “You didn’t tell me I was in trouble!” She hated how much she sounded like a whining child.

“The pretty-pretty knew the rules. Now it will receive its punishment. It will suck on the oil-slicked nipples. It will keep sucking until told to stop, although it has permission to switch nipples. It WILL do as it is told or it will regret it. It will NOT stop till it is told it can. Does the pretty-pretty understand?”


“It lies,” the witch hissed. “It thinks this is no punishment. It WANTS to suck on the witch’s tits, yes? Go on, girl. Enjoy my body before you put an end to its sensual perfection. Experience what you are robbing the world of.”

Dunla leaned forward, bracing her hands on the bed beside her. She looked up, confused by the eager and cruel look on the witch’s face. Then, her face so close to the woman’s breasts she could feel the heat of the skin, she leaned closer and took one of her nipples into her mouth and started sucking.

“Mmmm… the pretty-pretty’s hunger for tits makes her a natural. Yes, girl, suck so. But use your tongue more. Yessssss, flick it like so. Now switch nipples! Good girl. Keep going don’t stop.”

She pulled her hands from behind her head so she could run her fingers into Dunla’s long orange-red hair. Once there she gently held her head, prepared to prevent her from pulling away.

“The pretty-pretty’s tit-lust is so great she’s already forgotten this is a punishment. She had not wondered what the oil was for but she does now. It should be feeling it soon. A slight warmth on her tongue. A tingling in her mouth spreading everywhere the oil has spread in her. She’s been sucking and licking so greedily, much of the oil is in her, surely it has swallowed much by now.”

Dunla looked up at her, brow twisted in worry. She moved to pull away from the witch’s breast to ask her a question but the woman held her head in place.

“Keep sucking. It is not allowed to stop unless it is switching tits. No speaking. No questions. But the witch will give answers. What does the oil do, it wonders? It will begin soon. When ingested it makes a woman cum.”

Dunla’s eyes grew large a moment before the first orgasm erupted from her core. She moaned as her eyes rolled up into her head as the climax was forced from her.

“Keep sucking,” the witch commanded. “But you may switch now.”

Dunla whined after switching nipples, looking at the witch and pleading with her eyes.

“The pretty-pretty did not like that. Such pleasure, but forced from her with no build up. A violation from the inside. It sees now how this is a punishment. And it is far from over.”

Dunla moaned, sucking on the woman’s nipple as she had another orgasm forced from her. They came in quicker succession after that, each hitting her sooner than the last. Each flash of pleasure forced from her body brought with it a confusing mix of sexual delight and disturbing violation.

Each time she came she did so a little harder and a little longer. It wasn’t long before the clenching of her vaginal muscles left her feeling tired and sore. As the orgasms went on longer she’d be left with her whole body shaking. Remaining upright as she sucked on the witch’s tits grew harder and eventually she would go limp as she came, face pressed into the breast she was sucking on.

Just as Dunla thought she’d pass out the next time she came the witch gripped her hair and yanked her head away from her body. “It has suffered enough for now,” she told Dunla, holding her head up and making the girl look at her. “Besides, we wouldn’t want it passing out, would we? It must remain awake to play.”

The witch yanked Dunla over, throwing her onto her back and straddling her face with speed and strength that terrified the girl. The discovery of how supernaturally strong the woman could be did much to wake her up.

“You’ve gotten me quite worked up, you vile little bitch,” the Forest Witch snarled as she straddled Dunla’s face. She fingered herself as she glared down at the girl, making it noisy to show how messy and wet she was. “It will submit to the Forest Witch’s cunt again,” she hissed, sitting on Dunla’s face. “The nasty little cunt-hungry murderer was surprisingly good with its mouth last time. It will be better this time. It will make the witch cum on her pretty freckles again and only after will we move on.”

Dunla groaned into the woman’s cunt as she wrapped her arms around her thighs. The groan was one of fear and carnal hunger. She was terrified of the woman’s drastic shift in mood and was painfully aware of how helpless she was. It excited her so much she was ashamed, and that shame only turned her on more.

“Good little slut,” the witch hissed.

Dunla moaned into her cunt, excited and eager to make her cum so she could find out what the woman would do to her next.

* * *

“What should we do,” Gwynaetha whined.

“I don’t know, Gwynee,” the slender Orc told the stocky girl clinging to her.

“Should we stay out in the open here in the clearing or try and hide in the forest?”

Resi grabbed Gwynaetha by her shoulders and squeezed till she groaned in discomfort. “Gwynee, I don’t know,” she growled. “I’m as scared as you are. I don’t have ANY answers!”

When she let go Gwynaetha pulled away, hugging herself. With her breasts enlarged she ended up mostly hugging them which caused her to stomp her foot. “I HATE this place! Why did we think we could do this?” She turned her back to Resi and hung her head as her mood turned darker. “Amoera isn’t coming back with Emiko, is she?”

“I don’t know,” Resi told her, copying the other girl and hugging her enlarged breasts.

“But you don’t think she is,” Gwynaetha said as she turned back around. “I can see it on your face!”

“Gwynee, please, just calm the fuck down. Let’s just… I don’t know, go to the center of the clearing. Maybe if we sit back-to-back we can get a little rest while watching out for whatever is coming for us.”

Both girls sat still hugging their breasts, their knees tucked up close to them.

“Do you think we’ll ever see Dunla again?” Gwynaetha asked. The building panic was gone from her voice, replaced with resigned sadness.

“Maybe,” Resi told her. “I think what Emiko said is right, if any of us survive the forest it will be Dunla. She’s kept her cool this whole time, kept us together. Maybe she’ll manage to kill the witch and all of this will have been worth it.”

“And if not?”

Resi leaned into Gwynaetha’s back. “Then maybe whoever comes looking for us is better prepared and has more luck,” she said, voice full of sadness and defeat.

They both sat in silence for a long time, staring nervously at the edge of the clearing searching for signs of anything approaching.

“My breasts feel funny,” Gwynaetha whined, eventually breaking the silence.

“Mine too,” Resi told her sympathetically. “I don’t like having them enlarged this big. I hope it goes away. I’d hate to live the rest of my life lugging these around.”

“No, Resi, my breasts feel even weirder. They feel warmer and… heavier. I was worried they were growing again but… Gah! I know this is weird, but will you come look at them?”

“Um… sure,” the Orc said bashfully. “Stand and turn so you’re in the moonlight. I don’t know, Gwynee, they don’t look bigger. They—” She gasped, hugging her breasts tight to her body. “I think I feel it to!”

Gwynaetha whimpered. “This is the thing. It’s not another tentacle monster. It’s not another evil temple. That would all be too obvious, we expect that. But whatever this is? This is how it’s getting us!” As she’d gone on her voice had grown more frantic, her eyes wilder. “We can’t run away from this! The threat IS us.”

Resi dropped her breasts, planning on grabbing the other girl’s shoulders to shake some calm into her. As her breasts fell and bounced little jets of white fluid squirted out of her nipples. She squeaked in alarm, grabbing her breasts and holding them to her chest again. “What the fuck just happened!”

Gwynaetha groaned. “I know what’s happening. I can feel it… We’re lactating Resi, but it’s unnatural! Can’t you feel it? Like pressure is inside my breasts, building up and needing to be released.” She grabbed her tits and squeezed them, two jets of milk squirted out and splashed into Resi’s face. “I’m sorry!” she called out, dropping her breasts. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

Resi wiped the fluid off her face. “It’s okay,” she said unconvincingly. “Just don’t do it again, that was gross. Gwynee? What now?”

“Try it,” she whined as she grabbed her breasts. She leaned forward slightly, letting them hang down, then squeezed them starting at the base and working her hands towards the tip. As thick streams of white milk sprayed out Gwynaetha moaned indecently. “It feels so good!”

Resi shook her head, stepping away from her. “No! Gwynee, get a hold of yourself. You look like a fucking cow being milked right now. That CAN’T feel good!”

“It does,” she insisted, squeezing her tits again. “Ngh! It helps with the pressure building up but it’s more than that… It’s making me REALLY horny. It feels goooooood.”

“I won’t,” Resi insisted, still shaking her head and backing away. “I can’t,” she added more quietly before groaning in discomfort. The pressure in her breasts had built to the point it was beginning to hurt. Her body was screaming for release. “Just a little,” she told herself. “But I’m NOT bending over like her, I don’t want to look or feel like a cow!”

As soon as she began squeezing thick jets of milk sprayed out of her nipples. She moaned in delight at the feeling of relief. A moment later she squeezed her breasts again, rubbing her thighs together as she did and moaning in arousal.

“Resi, I need help,” Gwynaetha whined. “It’s not good enough doing it myself. Please, come help me and I’ll help you. I know it’s weird but… I mean, no one else is here to see. No one ever needs to know!”

“Okay,” Resi said, far more open to the idea than she would have been before she had experienced how good being milked felt.

The two were uncertain and bashful at first, averting their eyes as their hands grabbed the other’s breasts. That all changed the moment they both started milking each other. The burst of pleasure the milking brought was twice as intense with someone else doing it. Their bodies heated with intense arousal neither girl had ever expedience. They had fallen to the grass-covered ground of the clearing and sloppily kissed while grinding against their bodies together as they kept milking each other.

“This is wrong!” Resi gasped, pulling away from Gwynaetha.

“I know,” the other girl replied, shoving her mouth against the Orcs as she squeezed more milk out of her tits. “But I don’t want to stop.”

“Me either,” Resi moaned. “I want more. I want YOU.”

“I NEED you,” Gwynaetha hissed. She shoved the pretty, slender Orc to the ground and pushed one of her legs up so she could straddle her.

“What are you doing?” Resi gasped as Gwynaetha began rubbing her pussy against hers.

“I don’t know but it feels good,” the girl moaned. “Squeeze your tits while I do it. Squirt me with your milk!”

“Yes, gods yes,” the Orc cried, sending jets of milk spraying up at Gwynaetha.

They were a whirlwind of wild sloppy mouths and hands, of dripping holes invaded by each other’s hands and tongues. They rolled around on the ground, one on top of the other and then the other. They milked each other. They sucked mouthfuls of milk out of each other’s tits, the heat building till they felt their minds begin to break from the wild wet pleasure.

And still they kept going. They went till they lay side by side on their backs, eyes vacant and wide grins on their faces. Both their tits were back to their normal size, although a bit of milk still trickled from their nipples.

“Poor girls,” Amoera said as she walked out of the edge of the clearing. “Staring up at nothing, drooling like your mind is gone. But it’s not, you’ll both recover from this. You still need to be saved. This was just my way of taming the forest so what it did to you wasn’t as horrible as it could have been.”

She put a bare foot on Resi’s pussy, teasing it with her big toe and making her moan. “See Resi? Even though you pissed me off I still made it nice. I’m your friend, I always have been and always will be. It’s why I’m going to save you and Gwynee. But not until your minds clear up.”

Amoera sat cross-legged at the two girls’ feet, smiling serenely and waiting. “We’ll choose who’s next as soon as you both are awake enough to help me decide.”

What does the witch do to Dunla the next time we see them? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

Who does Amoera “save” next and how? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

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