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* * *

Sydnie had run as far and fast as she could, desperate to put as much distance between herself and the Feral Beastkin as she could. Naked and soiled, she’d turned off the road in front of the inn almost at once, hoping that an escape into the nearby forest would make it harder for the monsters to find her if they tried to pursue.

Eventually she had to stop. As she leaned on a tree for support she tried to block the memories of what had just transpired from her mind but she was finding it difficult. The things she’d seen and experienced had scarred her more deeply than any of the violence she’d seen when she was an adventurer. Only once had she encountered anything that felt as evil as what she’d just endured.

“Craxon,” she whispered as if the name were a curse not decent to speak. Thinking about the evil wizard always made her uncomfortable. He’d been the greatest foe her party had ever faced and in the end they’d only barely defeated the monstrous villain. They’d decided death was too good a fate for him and instead found a way to strip him of his powers.

Surely he’s long dead. Without the aid of his magic the old villain must have wasted away by now. If not his life must be the misery he deserves.

The thought of the villain suffering without his powers, turned into just a feeble helpless old man, helped refresh Sydnie. She found the strength to push away from the tree and look around.

“I’m lost,” she said, realizing she wasn’t even sure which direction she’d come from.

“Lost?” a commanding voice called out. A man dressed in finery rode into sight out of the forest on horseback. From the way he was dressed, and by the look of the two servants following behind him on horseback, it was clear he was a nobleman.

Sydnie dropped to her knees with hands clasped together as she pleaded for mercy. “You must take me to safety as quickly as possible. Please, ser, save me!”

“You heard the poor naked maiden,” the man said to his servants. “Let us help her to safety.”

The men jumped off their horses and approached, one drawing a sword. Sydnie looked from the blade to the evil grin on the nobleman’s face. “What is happening?”

“We’re taking you to safety,” the main replied, the menace in his voice making it clear there would be no safety for her wherever they were going.

The servants tied Sydnie’s arms behind her back and threw her over the back of a horse like a sack of potatoes. As the three slowly rode through the forest she tried to warn the man about the pack of Feral Beastkin and implored him to gather a force to not only kill them but save any of the women that were left.

“Oh, you huge-titted fool, why would I do that? The do-gooders that gather at the inn had become far too troublesome with their quests and interfering. I made a deal with someone of great power to deal with them. It was simple to get every adventurer in the area to the inn at the same time and then ply them with free food and drink till their guard was down. The man who commands the beasts assured me after they had finished their business with those in the inn none would survive. He even assured me the troublesome women would suffer the longest.”

Sydnie was shocked. “What kind of evil would condemn heroes to that fate?”

“The normal kind of evil, you dumb bitch. It was too good of a deal to pass up. All those heroes meeting such a deliciously awful fate with no way for me to be blamed. And all I need do for the man that commands them is gather a thing he desires. Find it, prepare it, then deliver it to one of his servants.”

“You’re as much a monster as those beasts!”

The nobleman smirked. “I have a feeling you’ll soon find out how right you are. We are almost to my secluded manor. You’ve come at a very special time. Tomorrow rich and influential men and women from lands near and far will be coming to take part in my hospitality and enjoy my Menagerie of Sexual Delights. I’m expecting an exceptionally large crowd this time so I can use another body full of fuck holes.”

It wasn’t long before they reached his secluded manor, the largest Sydnie had ever seen. The first thing they did was put a Dwarven Slave Collar on her. Made of gold and covered in glowing red runes, the hinged circle of metal would snap in place once put around someone’s neck. Instantly attuning to their body and mind, it would fill them with warmth that would make them follow any command given and prevent them from harming others unless directly commanded to. Although not locked the magic of the collar made it so a person wearing one could not remove it.

After that she was taken through the “Menagerie’s Pens”, horrifying slaves’ quarters under the manor where a dizzying number of enslaved women were kept. The looks Sydnie saw on some of the faces she passed made her wonder if she would be better off with the Feral Beast kin.

The “kennel masters” took her to be bathed and cleaned and commanded her to drink a series of potions that would heal her body and mind, temporarily dulling the memories of her recent ordeal so that the trauma of the event would not ruin her ability to be a “pleasant” sex slave at the event the next day.

After being put in a small cell she was allowed to rest till the morning. They woke her early and told her she would be taken to the manor’s master for inspection. Seeing almost none of the other enslaved women had any clothing on so she didn’t bother to ask for any.

She was brought to a bedroom where the nobleman who had captured her was waiting for her. He stood naked, grinning eagerly as she was brought in. “You’re much nicer without the reek of monster piss and cum hanging about you. Now come to me, I must inspect my new acquisition properly before you begin your training for tonight’s event.”

Sydnie went to the man, mind-dulling warmth spreading through her body the moment she began following the man’s command. The collar didn’t make her want to do as she was commanded but the physical and mental sensations felt when following orders were so great few could resist the desire to feel them again for long.

“Look at those fucking tits,” the nobleman exclaimed. He’d not addressed Sydnie but rather to the handful of male servants and attendants in the room. None of them had the Dwarven Slave Collars on, it seemed those were reserved solely for the sex slaves.

“Tell me, you huge-titted cow, do you have some Dwarven blood in you? Your tits have a bit of the huge wide heaviness those deliciously curvy women have.”

“No,” Sydnie told him curtly, hating how good it felt answering him. “I’m Human, not a drop of any other race’s blood in me as fat as I know.”

“Well then you’ve surely been wither blessed or cursed by Ynara, Goddess of Fat Tits because these are the fattest, biggest, heaviest fucking tits I’ve ever seen a Human woman lugging around. You do look like you’ve pushed out a few whelps, I suppose there is no need to probe further. You’re just a blessed woman whose body was destined to serve men.”

She’d expected him to grab her breasts, to begin feeling them up or maybe even to hurt them as he pleasured himself. But he’d yet to so much as reach for her even though she stood within arm’s reach.

“Grab them,” he commanded her, staring at her tits. “Lift them up, show me how heavy they are. Yes, just like that. Ah, and look at the anger in your eyes. To be able to express that through the stupefying pleasure obedience brings while wearing one of those collars? Hmm…. You must truly hate having to display your udders so. Does their size shame you?”

“Yes,” Sydnie said through gritted teach, hating her inability to refuse the man anything he wanted.

“How wonderful! Let’s let you revel in that humiliation. Lift one of those tits up to your face and suck on your nipple, you dumb slut. You will suck in the way you find most pleasing but be noisy about it! Suck and lick and slurp till your cunt is dripping wet and you’re in desperate need of my cock.”

Grinning evilly, he sat on the edge of the nearby bed and leaned back, lazing as he watched the show she put on for him. Sydnie had never tried to suck on one of her nipples and was intensely shamed by how easy it was. She hated the way her huge breast felt in her hands as she held it up, it felt less like she was holding a part of her body up and more like she was holding a disembodied sack of soft fat.

The worst was how good sucking on her nipple felt. She told herself it was just because he’d commanded her to like it, that the collar was ensuring it would make her as horny and wet as he wanted. But there was always a bit of doubt, a little voice in the back of her head that told her it wasn’t the collar. The same voice that seemed to be whispering that she’d enjoyed what the Feral Beastkin had done to her.

She’d expected the man to pleasure himself to the sight and sound of her sloppily and noisily sucking on her nipple. He quickly grew hard with arousal and she even saw a thick bead of precum building up at the slit in the head of his manhood, but he never touch himself.

Early on he’d clapped for one of his servants and had whispered something into the man’s ear, grinning evilly at Sydnie as he did. The man bowed and left the room. Sydnie forgot about him until he returned with something that made her heart sink.

“Ah, you are a smart one, eh? You can stop sucking now, cow. Bring the scale to the cow for weighing,” he commanded.

The servant brought forward a wheeled cart with a large scale like the kind a merchant would use to weigh bags of potatoes or rice. It was positioned in front of Sydnie, the height adjusted till the large metal tray of the scale was level with the center mass of her breasts.

“You know what I want,” the nobleman said, grinning cruelly at Sydnie.

Knowing what he wanted was enough for the collar to work its cruel magic. She fought for a moment against it, but every beat of her heart left her more desperate to feel the warm pleasure doing as another wanted her to do would bring. She made it barely ten seconds before she broke, lifting her huge breasts and setting them on the scale.

As the nobleman guffawed and applauded Sydnie’s face burnt red with anger and humiliation.

“You’ve used these scales to measure produce coming into the manor, yes?” he asked the servant.

“Yes, lord,” he replied, snickering at Sydnie.

“What would you say their weight is equivalent to?”

The servant looked at the weight displayed on the side of the scales. “Oh, two bags of potatoes for sure, my lord. How this woman lugs such huge heavy udders around is a true marvel. Truly the fat cow is blessed by Ynara as you said.”

Sydnie seethed. She knew the man was exaggerating to humiliate her and hated that it was working.

“Alright, take it away,” the nobleman told the servant. “I’m ready to begin. On your knees in front of me, slut.”

The nobleman grabbed Sydnie’s hair tight enough to make her yelp in pain. As soon as her mouth was open he rammed his cock into it, as deep as he could. He held her head in place for a moment then grabbed her skull with both hands and began pumping her head up and down his cock, fucking her face as savagely as he could.

Not long ago Sydnie would never have been able to handle such treatment from a man or take such an invasion of her mouth and throat without violently gagging and most likely vomiting. After what the Feral Beastkin had done to her with their massive, perverse, animalistic cocks the nobleman’s average-sized Human dick barely phased her. On pure instinct she’d been able to open her throat and take him in without a hint of a gag.

“Gods above, woman! Your throat is amazing. I’m not going to last much— Ngh!!!”

He’d pulled out of her throat and stopped in her mouth as his cock began to convulse, spraying his thick bitter-tasting load onto her tongue. “Don’t swallow,” he groaned as he was still cumming.

The command surprised Sydnie. At first she thought he simply wanted her to suffer through the foul taste in her mouth, a taste her ordeal with the Feral Beastkin hadn’t helped her hate any less. “Drool it all out in between your tits,” he commanded as he pulled out of her mouth.

She did as she was told, leaning forward and opening her mouth to let the cum and saliva pooled in her mouth ooze out. Knowing that feeling the mess would be bad enough, Sydnie averted her eyes and instead watched the nobleman. At least he’s gone soft. Maybe he’ll be done with me for now.

He held a hand up and showed her a ring he wore made of obsidian with a small red gem set in it. “Do you know what this is?” When Sydnie shook her head he smirked happily. “It’s always so wonderful when they don’t know. It is rather rare, especially in this part of Alaria. This is a Ring of Azel. Do you know the god Azel?”

Sydnie’s eyes grew large. “The cock god,” she gasped. “But that is not a decent god to worship!”

The nobleman laughed derisively. “I am not a decent man, nor are my friends. Someone like you considers this ring indecent while I find it a marvel. I’ve spent a great deal of money having them hunted down and purchased. I’ve nearly ten in my collection now, but I only ever wear one at a time.

“The rest go to my servants. I believe that one has one, hold your hand up. See? He wears it. But not as a boon from his lord. No, the ring’s power needs to be charged. To do that a man wearing it must go a full day without cumming. Each time they do the charge in the ring increases. I make them wear them, abstaining from cumming for weeks at a time to ensure I always have a ring full of charges.”

As he held it up the red gemstone on it glowed, sending a wave of red sparking magic flowing into his hand and up his arm. He shivered in delight then sighed happily. “Do you see?” he asked. When Sydnie shook her head he looked down.

She followed his lead and gasped. His manhood was not just hard again but harder than it had been, the veins running up it pulsing angrily.

“You see! I can fuck and cum as much as I want. And now that you’ve so helpfully lubed up your huge cow’s udders I believe I will cum-fuck them.”

Even though “Cum-fuck” was a term Sydnie had never heard before she understood what it meant. Remaining on her knees, he made her lift her tits up and press them around his raging hard-on, the messy mix of cum and saliva that had been running down her chest wetly surrounding his cock.

He braced his hands on her shoulders and began humping her chest, moaning in delight as he “cum-fucked” her tits. “Woman, these are perhaps the most indecent tits I’ve ever encountered! How has someone not turned you into a sex slave before now? What crappy backwater village have you been hiding in?”

The act itself of having her tits fucked was not one she objected to. Her husband had been very fond of it and although she’d never gotten close to climax from it with him it always made her plenty hot. What the nobleman was doing was not enjoyable. It did not feel like he was having sex with her, it felt like he was using her as a masturbation aid. Not even using HER, just her tits, like the body they were attached to was an inconvenience he was annoyed he had to deal with.

And then there was the lubrication he was using. She had been surprised at first by how good the semen and saliva had mixed together, making a lubricant that was silky smooth and far better feeling than any mouthful of spit she’d ever used to help her husband along. But it was the man’s cum! It was not just humiliating, it was intensely disgusting. Although her tits enveloped his cock she could feel the cum becoming a frothy mess that was being churned up into something that would leave her feeling far more soiled than a thick rope of cum splattered across her tits.

Matters got worse when he came. The explosion of thick moisture she felt between her breasts shocked her. The ring had done more than just make the evil man hard, it had increased the volume of his ejaculate as well.

The moment he’d finished cumming he’d activated the ring again, keeping himself hard. He kept fucking her tits, a fresh load of cum lubricating his thrusting motions. He went slowly at first, struggling happily past the post-climax heightened sensitivity. As it died down he pumped his cock between her tits faster, eventually pounding into them as hard as her husband would when he’d fuck her from behind. Looking down she even saw that with her tits pressed together the way they were they even looked a bit like she imagined her ass would look to a man fucking her from behind.

She was thankful that the nobleman seemed sated after cumming a second time. When he pulled away from her she refused to look down, not wanting to see what the mess on her chest looked like. She could already feel the thin velvety covering of churned-up semen beginning to dry. She knew it wouldn’t be long before it did dry and shivered in disgust as she imagined it begin to crack and peel off her skin.

“Suck me clean,” the man grunted sleepily, holding his soiled and softening cock up. As Sydnie looked at it she was shocked at just how messy it was. He was covered tip to balls with a foamy mess of white nastiness that looked exactly like she imagined the mess on her tits looked like.

She went about the terrible business of licking and sucking him clean. The churned-up cum tasted worse than it normally did. It was the texture, she decided. Velvety and tacky and sticking to her tongue and throat more than normal semen did.

To her horror she felt him growing hard as she neared the end of her task. By the time she’d cleaned him he had hold of her head again and was fucking her face. Her only solace was that he came quickly and his load was small.

“I didn’t even have to use the ring that time,” he sighed happily as he stumbled back and fell onto the bed. He clapped for a servant. “Clean the great cow of a woman up and prepare her for this evening. She is to be kept in reserve till tonight after everyone has gotten the initial rush of excitement out of their system. When her and her giant udders come out I want my guests to have clear minds so they can be properly impressed with my newest acquisition.”

* * *

When Sydnie was led up from the slave’s quarters she was not taken up through the manor. Instead, she was led outside and told that the lord of the manor wished her to see what others saw as they had arrived.

Out front of the manor she was stunned to see just how many carriages and horses were lined up. She’d thought the man had been bragging and exaggerating about how many guests he’d have but she saw now that if anything he’d been being modest. It was a very disheartening sight that so many wealthy and influential people were accepting of this level of evil.

The world must have become so much darker during the decade I remained blissfully ignorant of everything outside my happy little village. We heard rumors but dismissed them. There were always villains and monsters and corruption amongst the noble class. But this? How could the heroes and adventurers let this happen?

Her mind flashed back to what the nobleman had said about the Feral Beastkin, how he’d made a deal with their master to “deal” with the adventurers at the inn after enticing as many as he could to gather there. If even a handful of the other men and women inside the manor were as evil as this man surely other such tragedies had happened!

From what she’d seen of the lord hosting the gathering she knew what awaited in the manor would be something uniquely horrible and degrading for the women of his Menagerie of Sexual Delights. Her worst fears seemed to be confined as she was led through the front door and shown the “greeting mat”.

The poor woman was bound to the floor with her arms outstretched and her legs spread wide open, her wrists and ankles locked in place with metal shackles attached to the floor. She was unconscious, covered in and leaking so much cum it was obvious why.

“Only those the lord hates the most end up serving as welcome mats,” the servant leading her explained with great glee. “The collars keep the fuck-slaves obedient but many still manage some defiance even as they do as they are told. The lord enjoys this, it gives him a reason to punish them.”

He was licking his lips and rubbing his crotch as he stared at the woman secured to the floor. “Wait over there,” he barked, pointing to a nearby wall. “I do so love sloppy fiftieths.”

Sydnie averted her eyes as the servant began taking his pants off. She had no desire to see what the odious man would do to the helpless woman laying passed out on the floor.

It had become clear to her that the male servants in the manor were in no way slaves. Even those who seemed to be ill-treated, like those forced to wear the Rings of Azel and abstain from getting off for days or weeks at a time, seemed eager to be employed. Seeing the kind of “benefits” these men got she began to understand why. She also suspected the servants had near free access to the sex slaves when they were in the Menagerie’s “pens”.

The “greeting mat” was just the first of a seemingly endless series of disturbing sights.

Before being led to the parts of the manor where the lord’s gathering was happening Sydnie was taken through the wing where the visitor’s servants were staying. “The least desirable of the lord’s menagerie have been sent here for the evening. These servants have been told these are women the lord cares little about so they are allowed to be as rough as they wish as long as none suffer permanent damage. They’ve been given a supply of reinvigoration potions to share amongst themselves, ensuring they can enjoy the cast-offs as they please while keeping the slaves awake as the night goes on.”

She saw footmen and carriage drivers and attendants of all ages savaging the poor helpless women gathered in the rooms. She saw men simply grab naked women and bend them over, fucking them on a whim then shoving them away like they’d toss a rag they’d cum in.

One older servant was fucking a woman up the ass while making another lick his asshole. He cackled in delight, speaking to a younger man fucking another woman up the ass beside him. “These are the cast-offs? These are the finest fucks I’ve ever seen in my life. Just imagine what the women the master is fucking look like.”

“I’m plenty happy with these three,” the other grunted. “Once I cum in this one’s shitter I want to switch with the one eating your ass.”

“Oh, no worries, we’ll pass the three of them back and forth. No way we let anyone else have a go with them. They look too much like our master’s wife and daughters. Feels good imagining I’m raping those bossy cunts up the ass.”

“Reading my mind, old man,” the other said, gleefully slapping the woman’s ass. “The three cunts are up there, you think some nobleman with more influence than them has them cornered and is giving ‘em a good raping?”

“It ain’t like that,” a man nearby said as he kicked the woman he’d been fucking from behind to the floor.

Cum flew out of her cunt as she fell, the poor thing sobbing as she landed. She was given no time to rest before another man had grabbed her by the hair and dragged her away to have his way with her.

“The women that go up there are the equals of the men, only the slaves get treated like this. The gracious lord even keeps some male servants for the women that arrive.”

“Come on,” the servant leading her told Sydnie. “I think you’ve seen and heard enough.”

I have, more than I ever wanted to see! These men, the way they are treating those women, it reminds so much of the Feral Beastkin!

The rest of the manor felt like she was walking through a royal ball. Everywhere rich and influential men and women stood, dressed in their finest as they drank and laughed and conversed. She was led through two rooms that were ballrooms where elegant dancing was happening. Most of the manor seemed to be designed for gatherings like this one, less a home and more a resplendent social club.

In every room, even the hallways, there were things that made her want to look away. Things that made it clear this was no normal gathering even if most who were enjoying it acted as if it was at most times.

Sex slaves were everywhere. Some served drinks or carried trays full of food, but most were being used in so many sexual ways Sydnie was as amazed as she was horrified. Men and women were not just fucking the slaves, they were using them like… things! Sometimes literally. She saw many women bent at odd angles being used as foot rests or chairs. Some rooms were even filled with women locked in terrifying contraptions that turned them into living furniture.

In other rooms she saw women being spanked, whipped, and sexually tortured in ways she’d never imagined. There was a casual decadence to the indulgent cruelty that was in many ways more disturbing than what she’d seen and experienced at the inn.

At least for them it would have been over in no more than a few days, she thought, suspecting none of the other women had lived much longer after she’d escaped. How long have most of these women been here as slaves? How long will they be kept? I thought at first this gathering was a once a year thing but it seems this is just the largest of frequent gatherings like this.

As she entered every room she felt eyes turning to her and heard men and women whispering.

It can’t just be my tits! There are women here of other races with breasts as large or larger than mine and with bodies much slimmer. Could a plump Human with breasts my size be so rare and desired?

Her final destination was where the lord was holding court in a lounge where the most beautiful and desirable slaves were kept. When she was led into the room he’d hastily put a goblet of wine down and rose to his feet, calling for attention.

“And this is the indecent cow I’ve been talking about! Look at the fucking tits on her, have any of you seen a Human with tits that fucking big and heavy? But it’s not just here tits. You all know why she’s special,” he added tapping his nose and winking.

What the fuck does that mean? Why are they all looking at me that way? This is wrong… something else is going on here that I don’t understand. How and why would they all know who I am?

“To the Perverse Master!” they all said, raising their glasses and cheering.

“The Perverse Master has allowed us all to prosper,” the lord declared. “With his help we are reshaping this corner of Alaria into a heaven for like-minded people.”

A chill ran down Sydnie’s spine. Who was this Perverse Master they were celebrating? And what did he have to do with her?

“Come, cow,” the lord of manor told Sydnie. Every time he called her a cow or referred to her breasts as “udders” she winced. He’d picked up on it and used it as a tool to constantly humiliate her through the rest of the night.

Her ordeal began simply. She was made to sit on an exquisitely crafted ottoman in the center of the room. Over the next few hours she sat as another slave knees before her and ate her out nonstop. The women would need to switch out frequently as their jaws became sore, with a handful of slaves on hand just for this purpose. The women had impressive skill with their mouths and did things to Sydnie no man ever had, bringing her to climax more times than she could count.

It might have been nice if not for everything else that happened. The guests in the room, men and women, were always watching. Often they shouted cruel jests at her while others would come and stand nearby, jerking off as they watched her huge tits jiggle and shake as she moaned in delight from the girl between her legs bringing her to climax. When they’d cum they’d spray it all over her, usually on her tits but many aimed for her face or hair. A few cruel ones even sent their seed shooting towards her pussy where the girl eating her out would have to lick it clean.

Through it all no one other than the women eating her out touched her. Semen and even a few women’s squirting ejaculate was sprayed all over her but not a single man or woman put as much as a finger on her.

As the night went on they got more inventive. At one point a group of about ten men gathered around her, each having a slave kneel before them and suck them off. They made it a game, seeing which of them could last the longest before shoving the slave sucking them off to the floor so they could cum on Sydnie. Later another group of men did the same thing, only these ones raced to see who could cum the fastest.

It was a very different kind of violation and helplessness from what she’d endured at the hands and cocks of the Feral Beastkin. One that was in many ways worse. Maybe not physically so, but emotionally. She felt dehumanized, like an object that existed to pleasure others yet not even worthy of being touched.

Late in the evening a couple arrived in the room that caught her attention the moment they walked through the door. The man was an exceptionally tall Human who carried himself as someone with wealth and power that put him above even those gathered at the manor. Balding with an elegantly waxed mustache, He wore a monocle. He was also rather fat but carried the bulk of his huge stomach like a man who had once been powerfully muscled.

Always at his side was a Human woman just as tall as him and in many ways more imposing. Sydnie thought the woman was in her early forties but wasn’t sure. She looked amazing if she was. The more Sydnie looked at the woman the more she suspected her good looks were not natural, enhanced by magical means.

She wore a simple outfit that made her stand out amongst those gathered at the manor. It looked as expensive as anyone else’s clothing, but the red dress was practical and sturdy. It reminded Sydnie of something a Wizard traveling as an adventurer would wear, only the top was much lower cut to show off an impressive amount of pressed-up cleavage.

Although stunningly attractive there was a coldness to the woman that made the beauty seem beyond reach. She seemed to be the dominant member of the two and as the night went on Sydnie saw the woman was incredibly domineering, not just with the man she was with but with everyone. She barked orders and dismissed nearly everyone that approached them as if none were worth her notice.

The fact that neither took part in any of the “festivities” would have made them stand out even if their presence wasn’t so captivating. Sydnie saw them often pointing at others making use of the sex slaves, whispering and chuckling as if the sight they were seeing was pathetic and deserving of derision.

Mostly they watched Sydnie with disapproval. At first she’d thought it was disapproval of her but as the night when on she began to think it was what was being done to her that they disapprove of.

Eventually the two approached the lord of the manner and pulled him to the side to have a private conversation away from others. Even from across the room everyone could see the three were having a heated argument.

“Fine,” the manor’s lord eventually yelled. “Take her! But be gone with the cow quickly before I change my mind.” Confused, Sydnie watched as the nobleman stormed out of the room.

“Away from her,” the imperious woman in red hissed at the men and women around Sydnie. “And you! Little slut, get your mouth off her. Someone bring me a blanket!”

She handed it to the man who then draped it over Sydnie’s shoulders.

“Come, you poor woman, we’re taking you out of this vile place,” he told her.

“Quickly now,” the woman commanded. “And no questions till we are in the carriage and leaving.”

Thanks to the Dwarven Slave Collar Sydnie would not have been able to ignore the woman’s command even if she’d wanted to. But Sydnie hadn’t wanted to. She had no idea who these two were or why and how they’d saved her, she cared only that they had. It wasn’t until she was in the carriage being driven away from the evil manor that she began to wonder.

She sat across from them, wrapped in the blanket she had been given. Only after staring out the window to see the manor disappear into the forest behind them did she turn to the others to begin asking questions.

“One moment, you poor thing,” the woman said, holding a hand up to silence Sydnie before she began. As she pulled a wand from inside a well-hidden pocket the man hefted his bulky body and leaned across to take the Dwarven Slave Collar off of her. “Toss the vile thing out the window,” she barked at the man. “And now you, if you take that ugly blanket off I’ll cast a simple spell to clean your cum-soiled body off then another to put you in some simple clothing.”

Sydnie did as the woman wanted, noting it had not been a request. But perhaps the woman was just always so domineering, it seemed that way. I shouldn’t read anything into it. Even if these two seem menacing they must not be like the others back there. What other reason would they have for saving me?

Sydnie was soon cleaned and then magically dressed in simple, comfortable clothing that not just covered but supported her massive breasts. For the first time since coming upon the inn she felt herself relax.

“Who are you both and why did you save me?”

“I am Countess Merlind Haerig,” the woman declared haughtily.

“And I am Zelindo the Fourth of House Deutscher,” the man replied gruffly.

“We’d been looking for you for the last few days,” the countess told Sydnie. “There is a pack of Feral Beastkin terrorizing these lands controlled by some dark master that has remained hidden in the shadows. The normal monster hunters and do-gooders have all been disappearing or meeting mysterious and suspicious fates of late. I used my considerable skill as a magic user to divine the hero that could defeat the Beastkin and deliver this land from their hidden master.”

“Which led us to you,” the man added.

“You’re lucky we had an invitation,” the countess said. “Neither of us approves of those people but as their influence has spread we’ve managed to keep our real feelings secret. Zelindo here has been using his near-endless wealth to help finance those that can put an end to their corruption and perversion but, well,” she shrugged.

“We hope you will be the hero this land needs,” Zelindo said seriously. “And we plan to give you all the tools you need. We’re headed to my estate where I have the most skilled artificer money can buy crafting you gear that will allow you to defeat the Feral Beastkin single-handedly.”

“But you won’t have to,” the countess added quickly. “We’ve another champion who will be by your side. But you’ll meet that glorious man soon enough. Now you rest. We have a long ride ahead of us, plenty of time for you to sleep.”

Sydnie had not noticed the way the woman subtly waved her wand as she said the word “sleep”. Neither did she notice the ripple of faint magic that flowed from its tip. She only thought the exhaustion of her ordeal had caught up to her. She slipped into a deep sleep, convinced she’d found allies who would help her have her revenge on the Feral Beastkin.

* * *

“The foolish cow of a woman actually seems to believe and trust them,” Craxon said, laughing and hugging himself in delight. “The dumb bitch is making this all too enjoyable!”

He waved a hand over his seeing crystal and dismissed the vision of Sydnie asleep in the carriage. “I’ve had my fun,” he muttered, looking at the mess he’d made on the table. He’d jerked off for hours, spurting load after load of his seed at and around the seeing crystal. Sometimes he’d imagined he was there adding to the mess on Sydnie’s body while other times he’d just enjoyed watching her suffer.

With a weary sigh he stood, throwing a robe on and taking a small swig of a potion that would help refresh him. “Now it’s time for business. All my business these days just leads to greater fun, but it is still business.”

He chuckled as he descended the long stairs of his tower. The wizard could easily have teleported himself to his destination but he needed the exercise. His old body had barely been holding together when he’d regained his powers but now, after countless spells and infusions of magical energy, he was reversing the ravages of time. His fragile bones were quickly becoming less so and he was building back muscle mass.

Craxon even thought he looked a bit younger, although he wasn’t sure how far he wanted that to go. He liked the way women were repulsed by his ancient, wrinkled features. “There’s no rush to decide,” he muttered to himself. “My power grows every day. Before long I’ll be able to live for as long as I wish! I’ll have all the time I desire to change and alter my body as I please.”

At the bottom of the stairs he chuckled. If anyone stumbled upon his tower they would see a decrepit ruin barely standing, an ancient and abandoned structure in the wilds. No one would think twice about how it got there, Alaria was full of such ruins. The stairs he’d descended had been the “real” stairs of the tower and when he opened the door it would be the “real” door leading outside the tower.

But it didn’t have to be. He had cleaver enchantments woven into the world around the tower. Doors could lead where he pleased. His “tower” was in truth a portal to a sprawling keep larger than the nobleman’s manor Sydnie had so recently “escaped” from, the entire thing hidden safely in a pocket dimension only he could allow access to.

He opened the door, revealing the untamed wilds that surrounded his tower. There was only a small clearing in the forest around his tower, one that was occupied by his current favorite minions.

“By Feral Beastkin!” he called, holding his staff up and sending out a wave of magic that would help ensure the wild monsters remained loyal and obedient. “You have done very well. You’ve accomplished all you were sent to do and done so exceptionally. You’ve earned a boon from your master beyond the joys of violence and pleasures of the flesh you’ve so recently enjoyed.”

The Feral Beastkin brayed and stomped and growled excitedly.

“You are already ferocious foes but I desire you to be more so.” He held his staff up higher and began to mutter an enchantment in a language so old few even knew it had ever existed. Sparking red lightning forked out from his staff, striking the nearest Beastkin then arcing out into those nearby then out further till every monster was connected.

Howling in pain the creatures fell to their knees. They doubled over, clawing at the ground as their bones began to crack and their bodies began to transform. Limbs grew longer and more muscular. Fur and hair grew thicker and on more parts of their bodies. Their form became less Human-like and more ferocious.

When the monsters stood they stood taller, towering over Craxon. “Very good,” he cackled as he looked out at them. They reminded him of a transformed werewolf, only each resembled the “beast” they had looked like before he’d altered them. But unlike a werewolf these monsters would remain in this form.

Their strength and speed were enhanced as were their toughness. If they ever did face a real threat it would take more than a handful of adventurers to take them down. But those changes were incidental to his true goal.

The monster’s cocks had already been perversely animal-like and large. Now their hanging members were truly terrifying lengths of monster cock, each larger than his arm. He chuckled, already imagining what the monsters would do to Sydnie when they next met her.

“And she WILL meet them again,” he told himself gleefully. “It was so satisfying last time. But if she’s to face and fail against a greater threat she needs to think she has a chance, it will make her inevitable failure all the more enjoyable.”

He looked at his transformed Feral Beastkin, happy that as changed as they were the monsters were still recognizable as what they’d begun as. “Come, creatures,” he called imperiously. “Come through the door.”

The door to the tower opened on its own, but it did not lead into the stairs winding up the tower. Instead, it led to a large cell-like pen. “In, my beasts,” he told them. “You shall be penned in till Sydnie thinks she is prepared to face you.”

After the last of them was through the door it closed, sealing them in. Craxon began cackling. “The monsters will grow so frustrated locked up with no one to attack and fuck. When I unleash them it shall be a true whirlwind of enraged sexual violence. And this time it will ALL be pointed at that vile bitch and ONLY her!”

* * *

“Sydnie, I’d like to introduce you to Amenze Broadwinds, the best blacksmith and Artificer money can buy.” Zelindo stood out of the way, allowing the Orcish woman to step out of the forge she’d been busy working in.

Amenze was tall with a tough, wiry body. Judging by how little clothing she wore the heat of the forge was not something the green-skinned Orc enjoyed. She wore only a simple cloth held in place by a leather belt wrapped around her chest. She wore no pants but was covered below the belt by a thick leather apron she had tools stored in.

This left nearly all her green body on display, only her hands hidden under thick leather gloves. Her skin was covered in tattoo-like scars.

She sized Sydnie up, eyes lingering a bit too long on her massive breasts. “This is the one?” she grunted. “The tits will be an issue. I’ll have to rework the armor.”

“How long will that take?” Zelindo asked. “Every day it takes to get her prepared is another day those terrible beasts can terrorize the area.”

“Not too long,” Amenze grunted. “Come on, hero, I’ll need to get some measurements.”

The way the woman had said the word “hero” had made Sydnie bristle but she wasn’t sure why. Was that judgment and doubt that I could be a hero? Almost certainly. It’s my damned breasts!

Inside the forge Sydnie soon thought she understood why the Orc wore so little clothing. The heat was sweltering and oppressive, beyond what she’d felt in a forge before.

“It’s the arcane forge,” Amenze had grunted when Sydnie had asked. “Even when it’s not ‘lit’ it radiates heat like a fire elemental’s ass. Takes someone real tough to handle either the heat or the embers and sparks that come out of either of the forges. Only reason I can walk around nearly naked is because of these,” she said, touching some of her scars. “I don’t feel the heat and it doesn’t burn me.”

She demanded Sydnie strip for her fitting, something Sydnie was not fully comfortable with but did anyways. The Orc took her time measuring what felt like nearly every inch of her body, spending far more time than Sydnie thought necessary on her breasts and ass. If the woman hadn’t seemed so serious and humorless she might have suspected she was using the fitting as an excuse to feel her up.

“A few days and I should have it ready,” she’d finally said, waving Sydnie away.

“What a strange woman,” Sydnie told Zelindo after they were away from the forge.

The man chuckled, hands on his large belly. “She’s skilled enough to be as eccentric as she likes. You’ll see when your gear is presented, armor and weapons that are true masterpieces. But now it is time to meet your future partner in this quest you will soon be setting out on, Ashton Harding.”

Ashton was a Human Paladin that looked as though he’d just stepped out of a heroic legend. Tall and strong with chiseled good looks along with short blond hair and a well-groomed beard. He walked with the confidence of someone who had absolute faith in their god’s protection. Even his armor seemed like something that had come out of legend, gleaming silver full plate mail lined with gold and huge pauldrons, one sculpted into the shape of a lion the other covered in part of a lion’s pelt.

Sydnie was so impressed with the man and so won over by his charisma that she failed to notice no one mentioned what god the Paladin served. The fact he wore no emblem of his deity was strange as well and just one more thing Sydnie SHOULD have noticed but didn’t.

That evening she dined with the others, only the Orc not present. Sydnie still hadn’t been able to figure out the nature of Zelindo and the Countess’ relationship. She was nearly certain they were not married and yet they were often too physically intimate to not be lovers of some kind.

The next morning Sydnie had a hard time remembering the meal or any of the evenings after it. I must have drunk too much, she told herself. She DID remember feeling strange not long after the meal began. Did I pass out? I seem to remember falling over at one point… but that can’t be right. Why would they have just left me at the table like that?

No, she thought as the memory slipped away, that must have been just a dream.

She’d had other dreams that night, strange sexual ones that disturbed her. In one the heroic Paladin had ripped her shirt open and slapped her tits with his gauntleted hands till she was on her knees in tears, begging for mercy. The Countess had then used a spell to levitate her onto the table and hold her down while Ashton and Zelindo took turns fucking her.

Why would I dream something so awful? These people have saved me and done nothing to make me distrust or fear them.

Guilt that she’d thought these kind people were capable of such awful things haunted her for the next few days. Every night she found herself drinking too much and blacking out, waking up the next day having had more shameful dreams of her allies sexually using and abusing her in cruel and often very creative ways.

It’s because of what I saw in the nobleman’s manor, she told herself. It’s the only explanation for how my mind could come up with such awful perverse things.

When her gear was finished and presented to her she was amazed. Even the most expensive gear she or anyone in her old party of adventurers wouldn’t have compared, and the power of it was so great she felt each piece as it was brought into the room.

First she was presented armor the likes of which she’d never seen. It was sexy and revealing, doing much to highlight all her thick curves in pleasing ways while hiding the less visually pleasing parts of her plumpness. And even though it left a lot of skin exposed powerful enchantments were woven into it that made it even more protective than her lost bikini chain mail. Once she put it on she discovered it did more than protect her, it left her feeling faster and stronger.

Once she had the armor on she was presented with an enchanted shield and long sword. She understood why they had been presented after she had the armor on. With the added strength she was able to wield the large sword with only one hand. They also presented her with a bow along with twin daggers, allowing her the tools to fight from a distance or up close when she felt her sword and shield would not fit the challenge. She was given even more gear after that, amulets and charms and enchanted bracelets.

In the end she was so kitted out she felt like a one-woman army. “Those Beastkin won’t stand a chance,” she declared, feeling more powerful than she’d ever felt. “Ashton, I doubt I’ll even need you,” she added jokingly.

“Of course not,” the charming man said with a grin. “But I would be a fool to leave your side in your greatest moment of glory.”

* * *

Days later Ashton and Sydnie had managed to hunt down rumor of the Feral Beastkin and were certain they had discovered the forest they had their den in. They arrived just as the mid-day sun crested.

“We should leave our horses here,” Ashton said, dismounting. “Look how dense the forest is up ahead, and the beasts may make their den in a cave. That’s no place for our trusty steeds.”

Sydnie dismounted and looked into the forest. “Something feels wrong.”

“You’re just nervous. It’s understandable after what happened to you last time. You’re prepared to slaughter the lot of them on your own, but remember, I’ll be by your side just in case.”

“That does make me feel better. Alright, let’s do this.”

The two heavily armored figures advanced into the dense forest, leaving their mounts behind.

“There’s no way this fog is natural,” Sydnie said, struggling to see the way ahead through the dense impenetrable fog that had suddenly surrounded them. “Ashton, what do you think? Ashton?” She turned and found the Paladin was gone.

She fought the impulse to call out to him any louder knowing that might only make matters work. Something dark was afoot and she feared it was more than the Feral Beastkin. The mist had the taste of magic to it, and Sydnie was certain the Paladin and her had been separated on purpose.

“It doesn’t matter,” she muttered, pushing down the fear that had begun to swell inside of her. “Nothing could stop me as long as I have all this gear.”

She trudged forward, confident she was going the right way. Before long she pushed her way into a large clearing. As she walked out into it the midday sun began to burn through the heavy mist gathered in the field. When she saw the shadowed figures looming in the distance she tensed.

“It’s them,” she whispered, preparing herself for battle. But as the fog burnt away she began to have doubts. The creatures in the distance were too large and not shaped right, almost like Feral Beastkin but twisted into larger monstrosities.

Even after the last of the mist in the field disappeared the forest around the clearing remained shrouded in the fog, making Sydnie feel as though she were in a gladiator’s arena.

As the horde of monsters growled and began to advance towards her she decided they WERE the same Beastkin, only warped by some dark magic. She recognized too many of the beastly forms and many of their faces, although twisted and more monstrous, were painfully familiar to her. She had no fear even as the terrible memories of what had happened when last they met flooded her mind. She would slaughter them, putting an end to the terror they had brought.

Sydnie advanced slowly, planning on meeting the beasts in the center of the field. She cared little that she saw them spreading out to surround her. Let them. With her armor she was near invincible, and even made more monstrous she knew her enchanted sword would cut through them like butter.

In one moment everything went wrong.

Without warning her sword felt as though its weight doubled. Too heavy to hold up with one hand, it dropped to the ground. She stumbled, all her armor and even her shield feeling suddenly heavy.

“No,” she gasped, realizing but not understanding what was happening. It was like someone had flipped a switch and all the enchants on her gear had been turned off. Without the enchantment in the armor she couldn’t lift the sword with one hand. She abandoned her shield and grabbed the weapon with two hands, painfully aware that the Beastkin HAD surrounded her and were closing in their circle.

The sword was too heavy for her to lift even with two hands. Without the enchantments infusing it with power the thing had become as heavy as an anvil. Before she had a chance to reach for her bow or the twin daggers the nearest of the mutated Beastkin leaped at her.

“No!” she screamed as they grabbed her and yanked her into the air. They were so strong! They began ripping her armor off her. “Not again,” she sobbed as they brutally stripped her.

She’d been so certain walking into the field she’d easily slaughter them. To have things flipped on her so fast was a devastating blow that would make what was about to begin all the more worse.

It also dawned on her almost at once that this encounter would be MUCH different from the last. The last time the Beastkin had a whole inn full of women to entertain them. Even when it had seemed she was the center of attention most of them had been busy with other women.

There were no other women. Just her.

Once stripped she was forced onto her knees. Sydnie had intentionally avoided looking at the naked beast’s members, not interested in seeing if they too had been enlarged. Now, with a vile beastly cock inches from her face, there was no avoiding it. It WAS bigger. Longer and thicker and more beastly looking. And the smell! Not just the stench of unwashed cock, but a heavy animal musk that made her head spin.

Looking up she thought she recognized the face as the Beastkin that had first grabbed hold of her last time. It snarled down at her, grabbing a handful of her hair to hold her in place. It grabbed its terrifying cock with its other hand and swung it at her. The meaty appendage slapped into the side of her face, the fleshy impact echoing through the clearing.

She tried to twist away knowing she wouldn’t be able to. Still, she had to try.

It growled and snarled, annoyed at her defiance. It cockslapped her over and over again till she stopped struggling. Each meaty slap into her face made its monster cock harder, making each impact more painful and humiliating than the last.

After she went limp it forced its obscenely shaped cockhead into her mouth. She had to force her jaw painfully open to accommodate its increased girth. The discovery dashed a small bit of hope she’d been clinging to. She’d endured this once before, she could endure the same thing again. But this wasn’t going to be like last time. It would be worse in every way.

It grabbed her head with both hands and forced its cock first through the opening of her throat then deep down it. It stretched her insides out so much she feared they’d rip open. They didn’t, in fact the beast’s cock was sized perfectly just to push to the absolute limit of what her body could handle. As she’d soon find out ALL their monster cocks were the same.

The mutated Beastkin held her head in place, not fucking her throat but instead keeping its cock as deep in her as it could go. The smell and taste were indescribably worse than they’d been last time. The thing had her throat filled so fully she didn’t even feel like she was choking and gagging on it. It was worse than that, with the thing so tightly inside her the wild spasming of her throat muscles felt more like something that was massaging the beast’s cock.

As the lack of air began to make her see stars she realized the spasming was why the beast had its cock held in place. It was like her throat was a cock massager, a masturbation aid not even a hole it was fucking.

It came just as the world started to fade to black, exploding its huge load so deep in her that there was no physical sense of being able to reject the monster cum after it pulled out of her. As she gasped for air she felt her vision clear far too quickly.

She knew at once what had happened. The healing quality in the Beastkin’s cum had been enhanced as well. She felt more awake and aware of the world around her than she’d felt as she’d entered the clearing. Once more she realized how much worse this was going to be than the last time.

Two of the Beastkin grabbed her, one holding her wrists the other her legs, and hefted her into the air face down. The one behind her rubbed its cockhead up and down the trench of her cunt, braying eagerly. At first she thought the beast was so excited it had started cumming but realized it was just leaking so much precum it felt like it was cumming. Looking around at the monsters eagerly awaiting their turn she saw all of them were leaking so much precum that it looked as though they were ALL consistently cumming a steady trickle of beastly semen.

It can’t keep getting worse, it just can’t.

When the Beastkin began forcing its cock into her she knew it could. She screamed as her insides were stretched and filled. Just like with her mouth the size had been increased just to the edge of what her body could handle. When she was done screaming she went limp, head hanging low. Looking between her dangling tits Sydnie saw her stomach bulge as the Beastkin forced its way deeper into her.

Impossible, she thought as she stared. It can’t possibly be that big. It can’t possibly be stretching me out in that way without killing me! But she knew it WAS possible because it was happening. It can’t get worse, it just can’t.

After the monster got as deep into her as it could it began fucking her, proving things could get worse.

Every time it pulled back the space its massive cock left was so empty it felt like she was being deflated. Then when it rammed back into her it would stretch her insides to the near breaking point, each thrust into her a violation she was certain she wouldn’t survive but always did.

The two Beastkin held her body tight between them, making it so her tits swung under her. The Beastkin fucking her pounded her so hard that her swinging breasts flew so wildly back and forth they began slapping her in the face. When she tried to lift her head out to the way a Beastkin standing nearby grabbed her head and shoved it down, guffawing in delight.

Each slap of her heavy, meaty tits into her face was a fresh humiliation she thought she’d not be able to endure. But she did, telling herself yet again that it couldn’t get worse.

Then the Beastkin fucking her came. She almost passed out from the explosion of pressure in her and realized if not for the supercharged healing qualities of their cum she probably would have. Worse than the pressure was what she SAW. She only got a small glimpse between her tits as they swung wildly about, but it was more than enough to see her stomach visibly inflate as the monster’s load filled her.

It can’t get worse, it just can’t.

When the monster pulled out of her it got worse. There was too much cum in her. As soon as its cock was free of her hole the monster cum came spraying out, her swollen abdomen deflating as the explosive jet of cum eased to become a running river of monster semen oozing out of her.

“It can’t get worse,” she sobbed, head hung low and watching the cum oozing from her flow to the ground. She’d said the words but didn’t believe them. She knew it WOULD get worse, she just didn’t know how.

What she did know was that none of it made sense. It was like the monsters had been waiting just for her like they knew she’d be there. Her enchanted gear had failed at the moment most devastating to her. And as her ordeal went on she’d see the monster’s cruelty felt not random but intentionally directed at her in ways that prolonged her suffering. Even the size of their cocks seemed sculpted for her body! Just big enough to make her feel like she’d be torn open but not big enough to do any permanent harm.

Sydnie had a lot of time to think about it. Her ordeal had begun when the noonday sun was above. It didn’t end till the sunset.

During that time the Beastkin violated her without end. At first they only came at her one at a time, switching between holes. Each time she thought it couldn’t get worse they’d fuck her from a different angle that made her realize she’d been wrong.

The closest thing she got to a break during that initial stretch was when they’d fuck her tits, but they found ways to make even that an ordeal that was different or worse each time. The Beasts were smarter than when she last faced them and far more creative and VERY aware of her feelings. They saw that using her tits was a form of relative rest so always followed it by fucking her ass.

She had been sure that would kill her the first time it happened. If her cunt felt as though it would tear open surely her asshole WOULD. But the Beastkin took precautions. They only fucked her ass after it had been sprayed with cum, using it as lube that served to heal her as they stretched her body past the point that should have been its limit. And thanks to that same healing cum when they were done and her asshole was left gaping it would quickly shrink back down, a tight hole that would feel like it was being fucked for the first time when they chose to violate it next.

At one point they stopped using her one at a time. They started by fucking her two at a time. After spit roasting her a couple of times they added a third Beastkin to the mix. They took the time to carefully position her so they could fill all three of her fuck holes at once. That, surely, had been the worse it could get she had assured herself.

As always she’d been wrong. As the Beastkin came in and on her, switching out with another when they did, they eventually added a fourth monster to the mix. It concentrated on her breasts, fucking them or simply slapping them around. At one point one of the cruel monsters had grabbed them and dug its claws into them till blood trickled out. It pulled on them till she felt it would rip her tits from her chest.

It stopped just short. After that the next few that came made sure to pull out and cum all over her tits, the semen soaking into her wounds and healing them instantly.

By the afternoon Sydnie wished she could pass out or that the pain and humiliation would grow so great she’d blackout. There was no hope of either happening, their cum kept her senses keen and her mind sharp, able to experience every terrible moment with perfect clarity.

It went on and on, always getting worse till Sydnie wished for death. As the sun began to set she felt that was the only thing left they had to do to her that was worse. When they dropped her to the ground and began to slink away, sated and sleepy, she wondered why they hadn’t.

Then she realized why. If they killed her the suffering was over. But if they left her alive? If they left her alive there would be a way to make it worse.

It was the thought that consumed her as she lay limp in the middle of the field, stars appearing above her as the last of the sun’s light faded. The monsters had cum so much she was lying in a small lake of cum, so thick it was knuckle deep.

She was so traumatized she wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to get up. She wanted to lay there till she died. It was all too personal, too intentional. Whatever dark master ruled the mutated Beastkin wanted HER to suffer. If she got away it would just make her suffer more.

Ashton found her not long after the Beastkin left. As soon as he did he began using his divine power to heal her. Her body needed little healing thanks to the Beastkin’s cum, it was her mind that needed help. He gave it to her, not taking the memories of the event away but lessening the pain and trauma at least for the moment.

When he moved to pick her up and carry her to safety she’d sobbed, “Where? Where is safe from whatever all-powerful monster controls those beasts?” She explained it to him, that it was all too personal and intentional, that some power was making her suffer for a reason she didn’t understand.

He’d calmed her, using his natural charm and his divine power to soothe her fears and convince her they had been born of the terror of the ordeal. Of course it wasn’t personal. Coincidence, all of it. The beasts didn’t have the intelligence to humiliate her intentionally, she’d just imagined it.

“But what about all my gear failing?”

Coincidence again. That took more convincing and much subtle magical muddling of her mind. But in the end she allowed the Paladin to carry her away to safety, returning her to Zelindo’s estate before riding out with the Orc Amenze to retrieve her gear and try to “figure out” why it had failed.

Later they would explain to Sydnie that it had been the field. Ashton confirmed this, claiming his enchantments had faltered after he was in the field long enough.

As she recovered the Countess was always at her side to soothe her and nurse her back to mental health. Sydnie never noticed the subtle ways the woman used her magic to alter her emotions and memories. Always the horror of the ordeal was kept clear, but the details were shifted around. Before long any thought of being targeted was gone from her mind.

Her allies kept her “safe” as she “recovered”, awaiting the next command of their true master: Craxon.

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