New entry for the poll driven story “A Night at the Drunken Crow Inn”

You can find the new entry below the break or read the story in its current entirety HERE. This starts the second character, excited to see what kinky perverse places this one goes!

Content warning: non-con anal sex.

Breondre, Human Battlemage


“Let’s see what I got,” Breondre said, eagerly pulling her hand out of the bag of holding. She held up a small ceramic jar that fit in the palm of her hand. “Ooooh, what’s in here?” She removed the lid and peered into the jar, sparkling rainbow-colored light shining onto her face.

“Sekaria, you’re a goddess! Where did you find this? Gods, it’s been a hot minute since I had essence of astral toad. You blue-skinned minx, this is gonna be a good night.”

Breondre dipped a finger into the jar and scooped out a dollop of the glowing, shimmering, rainbow-colored paste. After setting the jar down she wiped it onto the back of a hand and then licked it off with one long, slow drag of her tongue.

“Fuuuuuuuck yes,” she sighed, leaning back in her chair and going limp. “That’s some pure fucking shit right there. May the gods bless the toads pulled from the Ethereal Plane and slaughtered to make this mind-melting delicacy.”

She held her hand out with her eyes closed as she grinned contentedly. “Can one of you queens hand me a drink? I don’t care what it is, I just need some booze.”

“Um… maybe don’t?” Marnat the Human Shifter suggested. “I don’t think essence of astral toad mixes with alcohol well and you’ve already had a lot to drink.”

“Oh, let her make her own poor decisions,” Tisbelle the Dwarven Fighter barked, waving the Human’s concerns away. “Breondre is a tough girl, she’s seen more than any of us and that was BEFORE she became an adventurer.”

“Okay, have it your way,” Marnat said, putting her drink in Breondre’s hand.

“A divine angel sent from the gods,” Breondre told her as she took the drink.

Breondre spent the next half an hour floating in a happy, loopy high the essence of astral toad had given her. Through it all she kept drinking, none of the drinks her friends gave her quenching the thirst she felt. But just like Marnat had warned her, the alcohol did not mix well with the drug.

When her stomach began to hurt she knew what had to happen. She pushed her way out the back door of the inn, rushing to the privies out behind the building. Throwing the door of one open she dropped onto her knees, grabbed the toilet seat, and shoved her face into it just as she began to puke out the volatile mix of inebriating substances in her gut.

The privy was large enough for the door to have swung shut behind Breondre. She was too busy puking her guts out to put any thought into locking the door. By the time she was done she lay bent over the toilet, face resting on the seat as she floated in a half-conscious stupor.

She was so disconnected from the world that she didn’t hear the door to the privy swing open nor did she feel the presence of the large man who had stepped in then locked the door behind him.

“I know you,” the man said in a deep, gruff voice. “You’re one of them extra slutty adventurers that’s been spending all night getting fucked up, ain’t you?”

Breondre groaned and moved her head to look back at the man. He was one of the largest Humans she’d ever seen, not just tall but unnaturally muscular and with skin so black she was having a hard time focusing on him in the dimly lit privy. “Who’s yoo d’n,” she slurred, confused by his presence. “J’us et mee sleep et off,” she sighed, eyes fluttering closed.

“Sure, slut,” the man said, grinning and dropping his pants to his ankles. “You go ahead and sleep, ain’t no reason to wake up. But bent over like that, your fine ass just begging to be fucked? Well, not sure you gonna be able to sleep through what I’m going to do to you. Course, you so fucked up no way you can stop me.”

He flipped the layered green robes she wore up and whistled. “Damn, bitch, your ass is even finer than I thought it would be. Why you hiding it under all these robes? Especially wearing such tight-ass leather pants. Practically gotta cut you out of these,” he grunted as he struggled to tug them down over the shapely swell of her backend. “Damn good thing I ain’t got no intention of using your cunt, not sure I can get ‘em pulled down that far.”

“Mmmmm… cunt,” Breondre moaned happily. “Got’a et muh cunt ‘ucked en I feels betah,” she mumbled happily, half asleep.

“Sure bitch, but right now it’s your ass that’s getting fucked.” He grabbed her cheeks and spread them open before spitting on her asshole.

“Wha’s tha?” Breondre mumbled, shifting and waking up slightly. “Wet on my asshole…”

“Just a bit a lube,” the man told her, grabbing his cock and squatting behind her as he lined it up with her puckered hole. “Hope you are still fucked up enough to keep you loose cause I’m a big man and that ain’t braggin’. It’s gonna feel even bigger going in your shitter.”

He grunted happily as he started to press into her. “Fuck, you IS loose! Gods, woman, no way this is your first time taking it up the ass with a cock as fat and long as mine.”

Breondre grunted, eyes flying open. “No!” she gasped, arms weakly flailing at her sides. She was too weak and fucked up to do much aside from that. The drugs and alcohol had even left her body so relaxed she couldn’t even clench her asshole shut to try and prevent his entry.

As his painfully large cockhead pushed past her tightest point and slid into her the woman’s eyes rolled up into her head and her mouth fell open. “Fuuuuuuuuuuck,” she moaned and whimpered. “Stop! Too big. Can’t!”

“Shut the fuck up, you dumb drugged-up bitch. I can do whatever I want to a slut like you and you’ll love it. Besides, I know a tough broad like you can take it. Maybe not my FULL length but we sure as shit gonna try.”

He grabbed her hips and held her tight as he started to pound her ass. Each time he slammed into her backside her face was pushed into the toilet seat, the glowing arcane symbols etched into her skin smeared across the filthy surface. At first she grunted in pain and mumbled a steady stream of “no” and “please” and “too big!” but as time went on her groans of pain melted into moans of pleasure. “No” became “yes” and the “please” she said went from one of pleading to stop to one begging for more. Even the “too big,” went from a cry of pain to a moan of delight.

“Knew you’d love it, slut,” he grunted before slamming hard and deep into her one last time. He gripped her sides tight enough to make her yelp in pain as his cock pulsed and he emptied his balls into her.

He gave her ass a half-hearted slap as he grunted in satisfaction. He pulled his already softening cock out of her, holding her cheeks open to watch the thick load of cum he’d left in her come pouring out to trickle down her taint and onto her pussy. “Look at all that beautiful baby batter leaking out of your gaping asshole,” he said, admiring the sight.

What happens to Breondre next? (choose up to 4 options from this poll)

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