New Entry for the Poll Driven story “The Fall of Almerry Keep”

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The surface of the mirror shimmered then the glass faded from existence. The mirror had become an open portal that the swarm of tentacles quickly reached out through. Dunla screamed, swinging her blade up at the tentacles coming for them.

Glowing, the blade cut through the first of them. Those that had been cut quickly pulled back through the mirror and retracted out of sight, the severed parts of their appendages shriveling up on the floor till they disappeared. The room responded, shaking as if it had felt the pain the tentacles had felt. In response the roots that had wrapped around their feet and ankles retracted.

“With me!” Dunla called out as she held the long blade up and prepared to fend more of the tentacles off, hoping her friends had been able to shake free of the trance they’d been in.

“There’s so many coming out of the mirror,” Gwynaetha screamed, voice full of panic as she waved her wand wildly about, sending blasts of pink energy at any tentacles that got too close to her.

Beside her Resi was swinging her staff through the air, trying to bat tentacles away. “I can’t use any of my Druidic magic, this place is overpowering my control over any of the plant life.”

Emiko was close to her, swinging her staff about even more wildly. “I don’t like this! I can only focus on some of them, on the ones with normal tips. But the other ones, my mind won’t let me look at them.”

“Stay near me,” Dunla called out before grunting as she slashed her sword through the muscley length of a disturbingly thick and cock-like tentacle. As the severed end of the appendage fell to the ground it began to flop and twist like a fish out of water. Dunla snarled in disgust, kicking the severed dick away from her. When her foot hit it the thing split apart, becoming a swarm of smaller penis-snakes that began slithering up her body.

While Dunla was distracted Emiko was drawn away from the others. Once alone one of the larger, thicker, most cock-like tentacles came after her. It used her inability to focus on it to push her further from the others, eventually backing her into a wall.

Many of the tentacles that had come out of the mirror had plunged down, disappearing into the twisting roots that made up the temple’s floor. The girls had all been so busy fending off the other tentacles they’d not noticed them. Emiko was caught completely off guard when red tentacles erupted from the walls and floor around her, wrapping tightly around her wrists and ankles and pulling her tight against the wall.

She opened her mouth to scream for help only to be silenced by the huge throbbing cock-tentacle that had backed her against the wall. It rammed into her open mouth, so girthy it painfully stretched her jaw open as it began thrusting into her, working its way deeper into her.

When it hit the back of her mouth it started thrusting into her throat, stretching the Kittaran’s throat open the same way it had forced her jaw open. The “gak gak gak” sounds the thrusting monstrously sized cock had been causing her to make become more wild chokes as her body convulsed, trying desperately to force the fleshy appendage invading deep into her back out.

It was happening on pure instinct. By that point the sight and feel of such an offensively huge sexual organ had shut the Kittaran’s mind down. Her body had gone limp and her eyes had rolled up in her head. The only sign she was still conscious was the wet gagging sounds as she choked up thick vomited saliva that coated the cock as it savaged her face and throat.

Without the aid of her magic Resi hadn’t been able to fend the tentacles off for long. Tentacles had quickly wrapped around her limbs and hoisted her up in the air. They held her body facedown parallel to the ground so her enlarged breasts hung and dangled below her. Her panicked thrashing about only left her huge green breasts swinging and flying about which drew the attention of the cock-tipped tentacles.

The sight of her wildly undulating breasts drove two of them into a mad rush of lust and they flew at her, forcing themselves into her mouth and cunt at the same time. They thrust in and out of her in perfect rhythm to make her hanging tits swing back and forth so hard they eventually began slapping her in the face.

Gwynaetha had fared better, but not for long. The pink blasts of magic she was shooting at the tentacles coming for her kept them back at first but just like Emiko she’d failed to notice the appendages coming from the mirror that had plunged into the floor. They erupted out from under her in a mass that caught her off guard, quickly enveloping her legs and yanking her off her feet.

When she slammed into the ground she dropped her wand. Before she had a chance to reach for it other tentacles were wrapped around her arms, keeping her from retrieving the weapon. The tentacles holding her to the ground began rubbing and probing her naked body. She groaned in disgust and tried in vain to wiggle free of their ever-tightening grasp.

The roots making up the floor under her began to shift, pulling away to reveal a mass of thick tentacles making up the ground under her. “No,” she screamed, more terrified than she’d been of anything in her life. “They are going to pull me down into them!”

“I’m coming to save you,” Dunla called out. She’d just cut herself free of the cock-snakes and turned to rush towards Gwynaetha. So focused on her friend she failed to see the fresh barrage of tentacles coming at her from behind.

They managed to grab the tall red-haired girl’s legs, yanking her back off her feet. She slammed face-first into the ground, stunned and dropping her sword. As the tentacles began dragging her towards the open portal Dunla screamed and thrashed to break free, desperately clawing at the roots that made up the floor to try and pull herself back towards her sword.

As strong as the thick tentacles wrapped around her thighs were Dunla was so driven by fear and righteous anger that she managed to begin to make progress, pulling herself inch by inch closer to the blade. She reached out with one arm, her fingertips brushing against the handle. “Almost have it,” she groaned as she strained to reach a bit further.

Just as she wrapped her fingers around the handle she felt something pushing against her asshole. Her eyes flew open. The girl let out a whimpered gasp of pain as a cock-tipped tentacle began pushing into her tightest of holes, its way lubricated by ample flowing precum oozing from its tip.

As it pushed its way into her the tentacles wrapped around her thighs yanked her off the floor, hefting her up into the air. They hung her upside down, legs pulled wide open as the cock-tentacle began fucking her in the ass. She groaned in pain, the anal invasion so unexpected and unsettling she was momentarily stunned.

Yet she managed to keep a tight grip on her sword. As her ass was violated the long blade began to glow ever brighter. Only after the thing in her ass convulsed and pumped a thick load of cum in her did and it pulled out did she snap out of the daze she’d been stunned into.

Dunla, sword glowing brightly, snarled and twisted her body up. Her blade flew through the tentacles holding her in the air, severing them like they were blades of grass. She landed with a graceful tuck and roll before springing up onto her feet. She crouched in a combat-ready stance, blade held flat before her in an on-guard pose.

“Alright you perverse red fuckers, I’ve had enough.” Not just her sword was glowing but the long red hair that ran down past her ass as well. “This is over,” she snarled, swinging her blade and cutting through all of the tentacles nearest her no matter how thick and muscular they were. She became a whirlwind of slicing doom for the tentacles, moving through the room with her blade flying from one severed appendage to the next.

She reached Gwynaetha first, the top half of her terror-filled face and one arm all that was left above the swarming mass of tentacles she was being pulled down into. Dunla plunged her blade into them, sending a wave of magic that caused them to convulse in pain. As they began to pull away Gwynaetha was able to pull herself out. Dunla slashed at the mass on the ground, cutting it into pulp until the roots of the floor retracted, covering the pit of shriveling tentacle bits.

Gwynaetha retrieved her wand and joined Dunla as she turned her focus to saving Resi. With the fierce redhead doing most of the work they cut the helpless Orc free, chasing off the tentacles they didn’t slaughter before turning their focus to Emiko. Although Resi had retrieved her staff and came with the others she was far too shaken to be of much aid, but that didn’t matter. Dunla was all they needed.

The sight of the poor pink-haired Kittaran pinned to the wall, the huge cock-tentacle forced into her mouth and down her bulging throat, pushed Dunla into a rage beyond what she’d already been in. After cutting her free she turned and charged the mirror, leaving the others to comfort the freshly traumatized Kittaran.

What remained of the tentacles fled back into the mirror as Dunla charged. As the last pulled through the surface shimmered, becoming glass again as if trying to prevent her rage from following them into whatever perverse pocket dissension that had spawned them.

Dunla simply thrust her blade into the center of the mirror, shattering it. She plunged it deeper, sending a wave of arcane power that shattered the mirror’s magic as well. The remains of the mirror crumbled to the floor, the glass convulsing and shattering further till all that was left was glittering powder.

It began to move, rolling around on the ground and trying to sneak into the cracks between the twisted roots that made up the floor. “NO!” Dunla snarled, thrusting her blade above it to pull the dust into the air. The shimmering powder that was all that remained of the mirror flew up and twisted around the blade. Dunla groaned, focusing the power of the sword, and sucked the powder into it. The blade glowed intensely as it burned the remains of the mirror from existence.

Once the last trances of the mirror were gone Dunla turned to face the others as they approached. Gwynaetha and Resi were supporting Emiko between them, the poor Kittaran looking as though all she wanted was to lay down and never get back up.

“Dunla, look at you,” Resi whispered.

“What about me,” she snarled at them, body drenched in sweat and freckled chest heaving as the rage from the battle still coursed through her.

“You’re scaring us,” Gwynaetha whispered.

“I’m doing what I need to do to protect you,” she spit back. “The three of you are useless!” When they all winced and took a step away from her she blinked. “I’m so sorry,” she said, the fierce expression on her face and mean tone of voice melting away. “Oh, girls, please, I didn’t mean that!”

“It’s okay,” the freshly traumatized Kittaran whispered. “We have been useless… You saved us, that’s all that matters.” She looked up, eyes full of tears. “You keep telling us we can do this but we can’t. But YOU can. You and that sword, you’re going to kill the Forest Witch.”

“I swear I am,” Dunla declared. “And you’ll be there when I do.”

Emiko smiled weakly. “Sure we will, Dunla,” she said, convincing no one she believed the fierce girl.

What happens to Dunla and the girl squad now that the tentacle mirror has been defeated? (Choose up to 7 options from this poll)

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