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The Hunting Lodge

The doors to the hunting lodge were thrown open by two large, armed and armored men. Everyone in the lodge’s common room turned and stiffened when they saw the two men were wearing the uniforms of Baroness Basinger’s guard, fear flashing across most of their faces.

“Stand for the Honorable Nydris Basinger, ward of Baroness Basinger and heir apparent to the Barony of Kraimore,” a well-dressed attendant declared as he walked through the open doors.

Everyone rose to their feet then bowed slightly as the attendant was followed in by a slender young woman with grayish-purple skin. Her skin color suggested she was at least partially Night Elve but her thick, jet-black bobbed hair hid her ears leaving her race a mystery. It was said none who had seen her ears had lived to tell what they’d seen.

Nydris was dressed in luxurious riding leathers that hugged her slender form and gentle feminine curves. She held a riding crop in one hand and was slapping it into her other hand as she looked at the people bowing to her.

“As you were,” the young woman called out lazily. The crowd returned to their seats, many murmuring about the unexpected arrival, although none did so loudly enough to be overheard.

She snapped her fingers to draw the attention of her attendant. “Have the horses seen to and stabled, I want them well-rested for the hunt tomorrow. Then have my normal room prepared and ensure the ‘play’ room is as it was left. But first, tell that simpering fat man that runs the lodge I do not wish to see his face during my stay. Then take a look at the serving wenches currently employed. You know my type, pick one you think I will enjoy and send her to me with a drink. If I send her and drink back send me another till I’ve claimed a toy for the night.”

“As you wish,” the attendant said with a bow, quickly hurrying off to do as he had been commanded.

“You two,” she snapped at the two guards still holding the door open. “You can stay wherever the servants go when their betters are enjoying the comforts of this lodge and inn. I won’t be needing your protection from the kind of effete noble suck-ups I see around me.”

“But Lady Basinger,” one of the guards began.

She slapped his cheek with the riding crop. “I know the Baroness is worried about the disappearance of her Huntsman but I am not. Surely one of the riffraff he terrorizes finally got the best of him. There will be no such threats in a place like this. And although I am but her ward do not forget I am as capable of protecting myself as she is.”

“Yes, Lady,” the man said, bowing and retreating out the front door.

Nydris looked to be in her early twenties but carried herself with deadly confidence far beyond her apparent years. As she stalked across the common room to choose a place to get comfortable she eyed those she passed, smirking as she saw men and women flinching away from her.

“I’d enjoy breaking each and every one of them,” she said to herself, loud enough to be overheard. “But they need not worry,” she added a bit louder, “for it will be a pretty young girl I’m going to be breaking tonight.”

* * *

Kiki took a moment to straighten her outfit, giggling at how silly she felt in the slutty serving girl uniform the lodge had their staff wear. “Should at least get her attention if everything that bastard told us about her is true.”

Birgitta grunted, arms crossed as she stood with her back to Kiki. “I don’t like it. This is all too dangerous. I know you think we can trust the fat man that owns this place, but I’m worried he’ll betray us. And things never go well when we split up.”

“Ugh! Birgitta, we’re not splitting up. After you take care of the girl’s goons you’ll go to the room next to the one reserved for her. The reason no one ever wants it is because they say people can hear her victims’ screams. If it sounds like I’m in trouble in that pervy little play room she has set up you just do your muscle woman thing and kick down the door or burst through the wall and save me.”

Kiki spun, making her short skirt fly out, then fell into Birgitta’s arms. When she spoke the confident strong tone of voice she’d been speaking in was gone, replaced with the mock tones of a scared girl. “Will the big scary Herald of the Crimson Light be willing to save such a helpless little tavern wench like me? Just think of how WET it would make me if you saved me! I’d be willing to let a big brute like you do anything you wanted with my poor helpless body.”

Birgitta dropped Kiki, letting her fall to the ground with a surprised squeak. “Kiki, I’ve spent far too much time with you to be able to think of you as helpless. You’re not just the most dangerous woman I’ve ever met, I think you’re the most dangerous THING I’ve ever encountered. But if this girl is everything our poor deceased friend Raold says…”

“I’ll be fine,” Kiki said grumpily as she got up and dusted herself off.

“You won’t even have your lute.”

Kiki shrugged. “I barely need it anymore. I don’t rely on my Bardic magic like I once did. We’ve both become expert emotionalmacers. With the Crimson Goddess’ light our emotions are all we need. Neither of us even bother to carry proper weapons anymore. Now stop worrying like an old crone and help me straighten up. And help me get my tits right, I want to catch her eye first try.”

“Old crone? Hmph. How many centuries old are you?”

“A lady never tells,” Kiki smiled up at Birgitta as the large woman helped adjust her breasts so as much cleavage as possible was showing. “Mmmmm… shame there’s no time for a little fun before I head out,” Kiki purred as she leaned into Birgitta’s touch.

“If your plan goes well you’ll get to have plenty of fun tonight,” Birgitta said, crossing her arms turning her back on Kiki again.

“Don’t be a sulky jealous bitch,” Kiki barked. “We’ll find time to have fun once we get what we need from the pretty little monster. And if things go REALLY well you’ll get to join me and have some fun with her.” She turned around and stuck her ass out. “Come on, give it a slap to get me in the mood before I head out. Nice and hard so I can feel the sting for at least an hour.”

“Kinky little slut,” Birgitta grunted as she turned around and slapped Kiki’s ass hard enough to make her yelp in pain.

She skipped happily forward, holding her ass “Thanks, love! See you soon.”

Once out of the backroom they’d been hidden in she entered the kitchen and joined the other serving girls Nydris’ attendant was gathering up. As soon as he saw her he pointed to her. “You, what’s your name?”

“Sarnae,” Kiki said in a bubbly, giggling voice as she gave the man a little curtsy. She stood and opened her eyes, looking as awed and dumb as she could. “Is the Baroness’ ward REALLY out there?”

He narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously. “Yes…”

“It’s just that I’ve only recently come to Kraimore to work off my family’s debt. I’ve heard so little about the Baroness and her ward, only that they are both very beautiful. I was hoping to see her.”

“Working to pay off your family’s debts?” the mas asked her.

Kiki blushed and looked at her feet. “Aye, ser. My father owed a terrible man a lot of money. I didn’t want to go with him but… it was my duty. And when he grew bored of me he sold me to the man who owns this place. At least HE doesn’t touch me the way the last man did. But he has said I may need to let the clients touch me that way.” She looked up, eyes sparkling. “Although I suppose letting a woman touch me that way might be exciting! She’d at least not be as cruel as a man.”

The attendant grinned. “Oh, you’ll be perfect. Come, let’s get you a drink and take you to her. I’d bet money she’ll take a liking to a dumb, naive little slut like you.”

Kiki curtsied again and followed the man. “What does nigh-eev mean?” she asked dumbly.

“You’ll be perfect,” he said again.

* * *

“Come sit in my lap, Sarnae,” Nydris said, putting her drink down and patting her legs. “I want a closer look at you.”

Kiki giggled and hopped into the young woman’s lap. “Like this?” she asked, acting as though she were too shy to keep eye contact for long.

Nydris stroked Kiki’s cheek then grabbed her face and twisted it towards her. “Look me in the eyes,” she demanded, her violet eyes pulsing with a flash of magic. Kiki went rigid, eyes locked on the girl’s in a trance. “How strange, I can’t see into your mind. You must be a truly vapid, empty-headed girl.”

“What… does… vapid… mean…” Kiki asked slowly, eyes open wide and locked onto Nydris’ glowing eyes.

“It means you’re a dumb slut that’s too dumb to realize she’s such a dumb slut.” Nydris looked to her attendant. “She’s perfect, good job as always.” Louder, so everyone in the room could hear her, she proclaimed, “I claim this dumb little slut for the rest of my stay.”

The other staff members and most of the patrons showed no surprise at the proclamation. Those daring enough looked at the serving wench perched on Nydris’ lap with sadness, a few looking at her as though she’d just been given a death sentence.

“Is my room and the attached play room prepared?” Nydris asked, keeping her eyes locked on Kiki’s and stroking her face. When the man confirmed it was she told him to watch over “Sarnae” and send her up in ten minutes. “It won’t take me long to prepare,” she said eagerly. “I’ve already a full evening of fun planned.”

What happens once Kiki is alone in the room with Nydris? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)

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