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Content warning: HARD non-con and pissing.

The pleading look of despair on the woman’s face knocked Sydnie free of the shocked daze she had been in. Sydnie tightened her grip on her sword and prepared to strike but before she could she was attacked from behind.

A Feral Beastkin larger than any of the others had come in from outside and seen Sydnie standing just inside the door. With as distracted by the horrors before her as she was it was easy for the beast to sneak up on her. He grabbed her face with one huge, muscular hand while gripping the wrist of the arm she held the sword in with the other. The hand over her mouth muffled her scream of terror and the monstrous grip on her wrist prevented her from moving her weapon. The monster tightened its grip on her wrist, squeezing until the pain was so intense Sydnie dropped the sword. The Beastkin growled a warning into her ear as it kicked her sword away.

The hand over her mouth dropped to her neck where it grabbed tight hold of her. Perhaps ten years ago Sydnie would have been strong enough to break free of the monster’s grip, but not now. She knew the creature was far stronger than her and that without a weapon in hand she had no chance of escape as long as it had hold of her neck.

Worse, she could feel this particular Beastkin was so strong that it could easily snap her neck if she angered it. A quick terrified look around the room at the bodies strewn about made her realize not all the women were being savaged. Some had put up too much of a fight and had been slaughtered along with the men.

The monster let go of her arm, confident she could do nothing of meaning with her hands now that she was disarmed. He grabbed the front of her chainmail bikini and tried to rip it open. For a moment Sydnie thought the monster would not be able to overpower the magic that held the enchanted armor together. The moment passed and metal links snapped open, a small ripple of broken magic flashing as they did. Every link on the chain mail broke, showering the floor with a rain of metal clinks as she was left naked.

Sydnie whimpered in dismay at having her precious armor destroyed. The whimper became a gasp of fear when the monster grabbed hold of one of her huge, exposed tits. It growled happily in her ear as it lifted and squeezed it, nails digging painfully into dense soft breast-flesh.

Her fear that the monster would throw her to the ground and begin fucking her was misplaced. Instead, the monster only fondled her huge breasts while holding her in place and making her watch what was happening to the Human woman before her.

The Beastkin let go of the poor woman’s head allowing her to pull away from its foul, monstrous beast-cock. She half vomited up thick strings of saliva as she doubled over, gasping for air. The monster gave her only long enough to gasp in a few deep breaths before it gripped her head and yanked her back up onto her knees before ramming its cock back into her mouth and down her throat.

Sydnie had to watch as the Beastkin pumped her head up and down the length of its massive beast-cock. The “gak gak gak” sound filled her with terror and made her own throat clench up as she feared what it would feel like to have one of those unnatural and foul monster’s dicks invade her that way.

When the Monster groaned and held the woman’s head in place Sydnie knew it was cumming. The spasming of its huge hanging balls and the woman’s wild flailing arms confirmed what she already knew.

The Beastkin holding Sydnie barked something at the one cumming in the woman’s mouth. It wasn’t a language, but it was something that conveyed enough meaning for the other to understand. It brayed out a laugh, holding the woman’s head in place as she gagged desperately for air.

With a growl the Beastkin holding Sydnie forced her onto her knees beside the choking woman and squeezed her neck. As she opened her mouth to gasp for air the other Beastkin pulled its cock out of the woman’s mouth, turning her head the moment it was free and shoving her face into Sydnie’s just as she vomited up a huge load of monster cum.

It blasted into Sydnie’s open mouth, a vile mix of beast semen and stomach bile that her body instantly tried to reject. The Beastkin holding her slammed a hand over her mouth, preventing her from spitting the foul mix back out. It held its hand there, growling at her until she forced herself to swallow.

The Beastkin let go of her mouth and grabbed a handful of hair then dragged her away from the woman as another Beastkin grabbed her. Sydnie forced herself to look away, not wanting to know what the woman would suffer next.

She yelped in pain as the monster, holding her only by the hair, jerked up and held her a few inches off the ground. She reached up and grabbed its muscular arm, not to break free but to hold on and get some of the pressure off her hair before it was ripped out of her scalp.

The Beastkin growled and shook her, forcing her to look at the sight it had pointed her at. A thin, young Human girl was pinned to the wall by a Beastkin. She looked barely of age and her terror-filled, tear-stained face made it clear she’d been no adventurer. Perhaps she’d been a barmaid or even the innkeeper’s daughter. Regardless of what she’d been, Sydnie could see that even if the poor things survived this physically she’d be broken and ruined for life.

She kept passing out, her small body going limp as the Beastkin rapping her slammed its huge cock into her over and over again. Every time she passed out it would roar in her face and wake her up with a blow. Once Sydnie saw it slap her awake, another time she saw it punch her in her side.

When the Beastkin came in the poor girl her eyes shot open and she screamed. Sydnie didn’t understand at first, but she could tell the Beastkin holding her in the air intended her to see this.

The Beastkin that had just cum in the woman stepped away from her, letting her collapse to the floor. But the abused girl did not pass out as Sydnie had expected. Instead, she tried to scramble away, full of energy. At first she thought it was pure terror that was fueling the girl’s futile escape attempt but then she remembered the physical abuse the girl had suffered.

Sydnie realized many of those monstrous blows should have nearly killed the young girl. The one to her side almost certainly had shattered a rib or two. Yet she saw the girl franticly crawling away, showing no sign she had suffered any meaningful physical harm.

Another Beastkin grabbed the girl and pinned her to the ground, flipping her over and sitting on her face. As it ground its hairy asshole onto her face it spread her legs open and pulled them back, exposing her cum-leaking pussy.

The monster holding Sydnie thrust her forward, forcing her onto her knees and shoving her face into the woman’s cunt. It rubbed her face from side to side, not letting her pull away till she lapped up some of the cum oozing from the woman’s abused hole.

After it jerked her head away it slammed a hand over her mouth and nose and held it there till it felt her swallow. As the disturbing taste of monster cum mixed with the woman’s juices ran down her throat Sydnie’s eyes opened wide. She felt a rush of energy and a tingle through her body like what she always felt when drinking a healing potion.

The Beastkin holding her forced her up onto her feet, twisting her arms behind her back and painfully pinning her wrists together. It jerked her around and forced her to look at another woman being raped.

Sydnie knew at once the huge muscular woman was an adventurer able to tap into the Barbarian’s rage. The ability allowed a woman to grow larger and stronger but came at the cost of their breasts growing out of proportion with the rest of their body. Judging by the massive size of the hulking woman’s breasts it was clear the Barbarian had grown large enough to put up quite a fight before she was subdued.

The only thing that made sense to Sydnie was that the Beastkin had beaten the huge woman into unconsciousness. Once helpless they had twisted her legs up till her thighs were nearly level with her torso. They had then hooked her knee behind her arms and tightly bound her wrists to her ankles, keeping her legs twisted back in that painful position.

Sydnie wasn’t sure if the woman was awake or not as she was made to watch what was being done to her, but by the choking and gagging along with the heaving of her chest she knew the woman was alive. She’d been thrown onto a table and one Beaskin had an oversized beast cock in her ass while the other had one rammed down her throat.

The sight of the huge, pink, veiny beast-cock slamming in and out of her stretched asshole was a horror Sydnie would never forget, especially the way the knot-like base had to be forced into the far too small hole every time the monster slammed into her.

But it was the sight of the woman’s neck that would haunt her the most. The Beastkin fucking her throat had her head positioned so its huge cock could slide straight into her mouth and down her throat. Its length and girth were so massive Sydnie could see the bulge in her throat as it fucked her. She had no idea how the woman was breathing and desperately wished to be allowed to look away lest she be forced to watch the poor warrior literally suffocate on monster cock.

Sydnie regretted her wish moments later. The Beastkin fucking the Barbarian’s ass grunted in release, cumming in her asshole. The monster holding Sydnie forced her forward and shoved her face into the woman’s ass as the other Beastkin pulled out of her hole. She was forced to seal her mouth over the woman’s gaping asshole and take in the foul mix of semen and anal discharge that came pouring out of her.

She thanked whatever gods were responsible for the fact the Beastkin didn’t hold its hand over her mouth and make her swallow that vile mixture. She was allowed to vomit it out as she was dragged, once more by the hair, to another woman being raped nearby.

A tall Beastkin stood holding a woman by the thighs and pumping her body up and down his beastly cock. Sydnie was made to kneel under them, face twisted up with the monster’s hairy, cum dripping balls inches above her face. The sight of its monstrous beast-cock slamming in and out of the poor woman’s stretched cunt was so terrifying Sydnie didn’t notice at first that the woman had a long furry cat’s tail extending out from just above her ass.

When she realized the woman being raped inches above her was a Kittaran the true horror began to sink in. The all-female race with their cute furry cat tails and ears were biologically incapable of understanding anything sexual unless in heat. The poor woman wasn’t just being raped, she was being raped at a time when her body and mind would be unable to process what was happening to her.

She had to dwell on that thought as she was made to watch the monster’s cock pumping in and out of her furry pussy till the creature came in her. It slowly lifted her off its softening cock till it fell free, slapping wetly onto Sydnie’s face and letting it slide off as a small river of cum poured out after it. It oozed onto and down Sydnie’s pretty face, getting in her eyes and blinding her.

Unable to see, she was unsure what was happening when she was yanked into the air. Only when she was slammed onto a table on her back did she realize her time watching had come to an end. With her legs hanging off one end of the table and her head dangling off the other she knew exactly what was going to happen to her, she was going to be spitroasted much as the Barbarian had been.

The Beastkin that had been forcing her to watch everything grabbed her legs and forced them open. As it began rubbing its foul cock up and down her slit another Beastkin grabbed her head. Eyes still stinging with cum, she was unable to see what kind of beastly cock was about to be shoved in her mouth, but that didn’t stop her from smelling it. The odor was so thick and foul she couldn’t help but gag, an unfortunate thing as it left her mouth open just as the monster decided it was time to ram its cock in her mouth and down her throat.

As Sydnie had been thrown onto the table she thought having watched the other women being savaged had prepared her for what she was about to endure. She was wrong and quickly realized nothing could have prepared her. The first two that spitroasted her would only be the first of many.

The Feral Beastkins’ cocks were all too large and misshapen, each a twisted animal mockery of a proper man’s member. Every time a new one was shoved down her throat or rammed into her cunt it was a new horror, the shape of each forcing her to imagine what kind of animal their cock looked and felt most like.

The feel or size left her fearing she would be torn open, yet it was often the taste and smell that was worst. The Beastkin seemed to be able to keep fucking for as long as they liked, each able to grow hard and cum another maddeningly huge load after only a few minutes of rest. Each cock rammed in her mouth left its balls hanging on her nose, forcing her to inhale the pungent odor soaked into them. It was an ever-shifting potent reek of beastly sweat and pheromones covered by the stench of animalistic semen. And always present under all the other smells and tastes was that of the other women being raped around her lingering on the monster’s cocks.

Sydnie had no idea how long the Beastkins spent taking turns spitroasting her. Hours at least, but perhaps much, MUCH longer. The beast-semen pumped down her throat kept her healed and awake but that constant state of being revived left time feeling meaningless. Multiple times her belly had felt so full of monster cum she’d ended up vomiting it up in the rare moment’s her throat wasn’t being stretched by another beast’s cock.

The creatures only ever shoved their cocks into her mouth and cunt but that didn’t mean they ignored her huge breasts. At nearly all times she could tell the monsters using her were slamming into her body in a way that made her tits swing and wobble about, their constant and often painful shifting of weight adding a level of shame to the ordeal she had not expected.

Till then she had not accepted what a true liability such huge breasts were as an adventurer. Sometimes the sight of her huge flopping tits would be too much for a Beastkin to handle. It would begin slapping her tits about, grunting happily as they showered them with abuse. It made her realize that if she escaped with her life she’d need to find a way to hide their size or she’d always be a tit-slap away from being forced to mentally relive the traumatic event she was enduring.

Then there was the cum. The Beastkin fucking her cunt ALWAYS pulled out and blasted their thick ropes of foul-smelling monster jizm up her belly and onto her tits. Often they would pull out early to jerk off beside her while another took its place so it could better cover her tits in cum. Even those fucking her throat would sometimes choose not to increase the foul mixture of semen in her gut so they could add to the ever-growing mess on her chest.

Three separate times during her long ordeal Sydnie was pulled from the table and dropped to the floor onto her back. The first time this had happened she had thought she was being given a break. She’d opened her eyes and seen the crowd of Beastkin standing around her holding half-erect cocks aimed at her chest.

The sight had confused her. What were they doing? Why had they let their erections die? She’d seen most of them would only go partially soft after cumming and even those that went flaccid would be able to get hard again with less than five minutes rest. What reason could so many of them have for pointing mostly limp cocks at her?

When the first stream of warm piss began spraying onto her tits she’d gasped in disbelief. It had to be a mistake, why was one of the monsters pissing on her breasts? Then another began pissing on her, and another and another till every monster standing around her was sending a powerful stream of hot urine blasting onto her.

Most aimed for her tits, moving their stream from side to side blasting off the cummy mess that had built up. Others delighted in aiming for her face, trying to get piss in her open mouth. When she’d close her mouth they’d shift their stream to piss into her eyes or hair or against her nostrils until she opened her mouth to gasp for air allowing them to piss into her mouth again.

When they’d thrown her back onto the table and began spitroasting her again she’d understood. They’d done it to “clean” the cum off of her. It left her feeling far more soiled than any amount of semen would have. The reek of their piss would assault her senses till the stench of semen eventually overpowered it.

There was more to the foul stench than just the smell of piss. There was an animal reek to it, one that was slightly different in each “breed” of Beastkin. And under all of that was the pungent odor of the pheromones they all exuded, something that forced her body to respond to the rape marathon with shameful arousal. It was soaked into their semen as well and often when one would cum in her throat it would force an orgasm from her. The shame those made her feel was nothing compared to the bout of repeated orgasms the three piss showers forced from her.

After the third piss shower Sydnie had begun to wish for death and she knew she wasn’t the only one. Amongst the sobs and screams from the other women many had begun begging to be killed, either by the Beastkin themselves or the other women. Thanks to the monsters’ cum they would all be kept awake and healthy to be raped as long as the monsters kept going.

The Beastkin had seemed insatiable but as time went on they began to tire. When Sydnie noticed some of the Feral Beastkin had begun to stumble off and slump into chairs or against walls to fall asleep she realized she might have a chance to escape. And thanks to their cum keeping her healed and energized she might even be able to outrun the exhausted monsters.

She had a moment of doubt when an opening to leap from the table and run for the door presented itself. If she could find a weapon she could maybe begin killing the monsters. Once a few were dead perhaps some of the other women could join her. But she remembered the female corpses she’d seen spread across the floor of the inn and knew the women being raped had only been spared because they had been unable to fight back earlier. The moment they began killing the Beastkin those left awake would slaughter the remaining women. After all, they’d gotten to rape for what might very well have been days, surely by then they’d nearly had their fill of them.

When given the opening Sydnie leaped from the table and ran towards the open door, trying to tune out the screams of the other women. As she ran from the inn she told herself their begging to kill “them” had been referring to the Beastkin. She tried to convince herself it wasn’t their own lives they’d been pleading to have ended.

* * *

Craxon groaned in delight as he came to the sight of Sydnie fleeing from the inn, her massive cum-covered tits flopping wildly about as she ran in terror. His load splattered onto the crystal ball he was viewing her torment through, adding to other messy ropes of cum oozing down its glass surface.

The old wizard sighed in satisfaction, letting his arms fall limp at his sides. He eyed the reinvigoration potion he’d been using to allow him to keep jerking off to Sydnie’s rape and knew he’d need to take a small swig in a few moments. The old wizard had drunk far too much of the potion for far too long of a time. Soon the exhaustion he’d been magically postponing would begin catching up to him and if he didn’t carefully ween himself down the rush could be deadly.

It was for the best. He’d decided the moment Sydnie stepped into the inn that his original plan to have his Feral Beastkin bring her to him was too light a punishment. He’d always intended them to rape her, but he’d decided right then he needed to use his control over his minions to ensure she endured more than even what the horny, brutal monsters would have done without his lead.

And then he’d ensured she was given the chance to escape. One massive monster gang rape was not enough. She needed to endure far worse before she could be brought to him.

“Maybe I won’t even have her brought to me,” he mumbled as he took a small sip of the potion. “Perhaps as my minions haunt and torment the vile fat-titted slut I’ll push her towards my tower, ensure she flees right into my clutches. But if I want the game to continue for much longer she’ll need to be given some respite from her horrors. She’ll need weapons and allies so she’ll feel safe as well as time to recover from whatever her latest trauma was. I can’t have the woman driven mad before I have her under my power.”

He sat up, revived mind and body already at work planning what he’d do to Sydnie next.

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