New entry for the poll driven story “A Night at the Drunken Crow Inn”

You can find the new entry below the break or read the story in its current entirety HERE.

It’s a pretty short entry just finishing off this “chapter”.

“Alright boys, we need to get the fuck out of here before anyone finds out what we did tonight.”

“What are we going to do with them?”

The leader looked at both used and abused women. “Since the barbarian bitch’s mind is never going to recover it would be cruel to leave her behind. I mean, who is going to take care of her? We broke her, the least we can do is bring her with us and ‘take care’ of her. We’ll keep her as a living fucktoy. I suppose she’ll have just enough of her mind left to be aware of her fate and sure, that will be horrible for her, but it’s what the bitch deserves.”

“And what about the Elve? Might be fun to take her along, too.”

“No way. Too much trouble keeping her in line after the drugs wear off. And she’s part of a party of sluts, they’d come looking for her. We leave her behind she’ll probably be so ashamed of what she ‘let’ happen to herself she won’t even tell them.”

“So we just leave her to be found like this by whoever comes in to clean the room in the morning?”

The leader nodded. “Yes, but that gives me an idea! Grab the Barbarian and start getting her out of here. You, roll the Elve over and spread her legs. I want her cum-leaking cunt pointed at the door so whoever comes in here next sees it first thing. We’ll leave a little note on her for whoever that is.”

“Saying what, boss?”

He grinned. “For the cleaning staff. Feel free to take a turn before you clean the filth off it.”

The next chapter will feature Broendre, the Human Battlemage. How does her story begin? (Choose up to 8 options from this poll)

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