New entry for the backer drive story “The Flesh Crafter”

You can find the new part of the story below the break or you can read it in its entirety HERE.

* * *

She was soon graduated from a sex object with just a mouth to use to one that “got” to use its ass cheeks. The morning of her “graduation” to this new level of object the Flesh-Crafter had her turn around and brace her hands on the wall beside the door to her cell. He’d then cut the ass off her leather outfit.

Cecilia had gotten to see clear impressions as he cut the outfit. He wouldn’t be using any of her holes yet, just her ass cheeks. Except he found her ass lacking. He found it flat. Ugly. Visually Unappealing and too small to be of proper utilitarian use. He would change her oh so lacking backend, sculpt it into something he found pleasing.

Forehead against the wall. Eyes closed.

She did as she was commanded, hating that she wouldn’t get to see what he was about to do to her body. When he pressed into her backside she was unsurprised to feel he had taken his pants off. What did surprise her was that he was flaccid. She’d seen the man could get hard whenever and as often as he wanted and knew if he was flaccid while pressing himself against her it was by choice.

Gross flat small ass.

There it was. His soft cock was a judgment of her inferior and unattractive backend.

Needs to be bigger.

She yelped as his hands slapped onto both her ass cheeks at once. She’d been given the impression the spankings were coming and the moment of anticipation had made the sting of flesh into flesh all the more impactful, as did the swelling of flesh that came with the blows.

He slapped just one cheek next, causing it to swell in size. Cecilia had to stifle back a sob of despair and disgust, hating the feel of her body being violated and changed this way. That feeling of bodily violation was made more intense by having her ass inflated unsymmetrically.  When his hand slapped into the other ass cheek to even them out she kept sobbing, but in relief.

Both hands slapped her ass, the stinging more intense now that her ass was larger and softer. Things don’t cry. A clear command. He could make this worse, make it hurt, turn it into a punishment.

She choked back a fresh bout of terror-driven sobs, not wanting to discover how he could turn something already so awful into a “punishment”.

Cecelia had always had a very average body. Not too thin and not too thick with unremarkable curves she’d easily hidden under baggy clothing. As he spank-crafted her ass it swelled, not just increasing in size but density as well. It was not a gradual, steady increase towards a predetermined destination. The Flesh-Crafter was trying out the look and feel of different shapes and sizes.

First her ass had swelled to one perfectly firm and toned. Then it had gotten wider, softer making her feel like just her ass was out of shape. Then it had gotten bigger, even wider and denser. It reminded her of the family of celebrities who were famous for their large asses and a moment after having the thought she was given a flash of one of those women, the Flesh-Crafter letting her know her ass HAD been momentarily crafted to look just like that woman’s.

His member had begun to swell as it rested between her swollen cheeks. But it wasn’t hard yet and that meant her ass wasn’t fully crafted.

More spankings, more swelling of her backend along with more changes in its shape and density. He made it bigger, fatter, wider, denser. So big the edge of the leather outfit around her ass began to dig into the enlarged flesh.

Cecilia was trying to imagine what her ass must look like. She knew it had to be comically huge, both far too wide and fat for her small body. It felt gross and heavy. But what SHE thought of it didn’t matter. The emotions of a thing didn’t matter, only how it could be used. And with her ass as huge as it had become it was finally pleasing to the Flesh-Crafter.

He stopped the flesh-altering spankings as soon as he was fully erect. By then he’d begun leaking so much precum in anticipation that there was more than enough lubrication for him to begin humping her ass. He grabbed her cheeks as he did, squeezing them around his shaft.

Like a hot dog. Your ass is just my pleasure buns.

The flesh-crafting had worked him up enough that it didn’t take him long to finish. When he grunted in relief even though she couldn’t feel it she knew his cum had shot up her back, splattering on the leather costume.

With a satisfied sigh he gave her a few quick impressions of command before he pulled away from her. She would continue as she had the last few days, following him around on all fours and always being there for him to use to empty his balls. Only now she wouldn’t be just a mouth. He’d use her ass when the mood hit him, but only the way he’d just used it. He had no intention of using any of the fuckholes in her backend yet.

Once he’d pulled away she’d dropped down onto all fours, ready to crawl after him. When he grabbed her and pinned her to the wall it caught her off guard.

The villain was hard again. He rammed his cock into her mouth, forcing it down her throat and slamming her head into the wall as he fucked her face. She was so caught off guard she choked and gagged and slapped at him to push him off her which only made him savage her face more.

He came quickly, abandoning her face as suddenly as he’d shoved his cock into. She fell to the ground, gasping for air and coughing up thick strings of choked-up saliva and cum. The message had been clear: just because her ass was a new toy her mouth was still going to see lots of use.

The violation of her body had returned some of her defiance and he spent the first day breaking her back down. The next time he’d used her ass cheeks he’d cum in his hand instead of letting the load fly up her back. She’d been relieved, not liking the idea of multiple loads of flaky tried cum being on the back of her dehumanizing outfit.

She should have known cumming in his hand was not an act of kindness.

Turn around. Kneel.

He’d not given her an impression of why but when she saw how he was holding the hand full of semen she was able to guess. When he saw the glimmer of suspicion and apprehension in her eyes he slapped the handful of cum into her face. The splatter of semen made the stinging blow hurt even more than she’d expected it to.

Things don’t care if they are cum-soiled.

It was a lesson she’d need to be reminded of multiple times over the next few days. Every few times he’d use her he’d cum on her back or ass cheeks or in her hair, giving her the clear impression she was not to clean herself till the evening when she was returned to her cell. If she showed any kind of reaction he’d immediately use her again, finishing in his hand to cum-slapping her.

She quickly realized that he was beginning to work towards making her feel like a sex object at all times and not just when he needed relief. He’d often absentmindedly thrust two fingers in and out of her mouth, making her suck on them and sometimes gagging her to help her practice suppressing her gag reflex. She suspected he was crafting her throat muscles as he did this, but it was so subtle she couldn’t be sure. There were times her choking and gagging seemed to annoy her and times when he seemed to enjoy.

Other times he’d have her bend over so he could lazily slap her ass and knead the dense meat with his hands. The only thing he never did was touch her asshole.

More often he would keep her face or ass between his legs so he could absentmindedly rub his dick on her face or ass. He’d always stay hard while doing this, leaking thick streams of precum that he’d smear all over her. He’d often stop, pushing her away and having no interest in “finishing”. She’d be left to lay on the floor, the layer of messy precum quickly drying into a flaky mess that left her feeling even more soiled than a full load of cum.

At first she’d hated it. The near-constant sexual attention DID make her feel like a thing that existed just to pleasure him. But as the days went on she began to enjoy it. It made her feel desirable, made her feel useful and wanted even when he didn’t bother to finish and just smeared precum all over her.

There were times he’d remind her of just how big and fat her ass had become. He’d he humping her ass then suddenly stop, pulling out of the wedge of her cheeks to slap each of her meaty cheeks with cock. He’s slap them over and over, making her dense ass-flesh jiggle and sending her mental impressions of what her huge fat ass looked like. Sometimes he’d even mentally share how humping her ass felt, making her focus on how good all the gross fat dense ass meat felt.

The worst moments were when he humped her ass while she was on her feet. He’d pin her arms behind her back and bend her over slightly. It almost felt like he was fucking her properly in that position and she’d often hope his cock would accidentally slide into her pussy or even asshole. But it never did, and it would leave her feeling like a thing worth using to get off but not worth fucking.

It’s sick I feel this way, she’d thought one night in her cell as she realized she was longing for the feel of his cock rubbing on her face and ass. Ashamed, she’d begun touching herself then started masturbating imagining him fucking her cunt. I’m turning into something not worth saving. I hope my team has forgotten all about me, she thought after she came.

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