New entry for the poll driven story, “The Adventures of Birgitta and Kiki, Heralds of the Crimson Light”

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It took the two almost no time to bring Raold to climax. He grunted in delight as he did, grabbing a handful of both their hair as he came in Birgitta’s mouth. “Fucking gods, women, I think that might be the hardest I’ve fucking nutted in my life,” he gasped, pushing them both away.

“I think I might be starting to feel a little guilty I’ll be bringing you two to the Baroness. If you’re that skilled with your mouths I can’t even begin to imagine what fucking your cunts is going to be like. It’s a true shame to ruin such lovely fucktoys as you, but I’ll be able to get my fill before I drag your hot asses to her.”

As the man spoke he lazily went to his discarded clothing and grabbed his jacket, pulling a potion out. “All I need to do is take a little sip of this Iphasean Potion of Virility and I’ll not just be ready to go, but be harder and have my balls fuller than I was when we began. I’m going to do everything I can think of with you ladies tonight because I know after I drop you off at the Baroness’ feet no one outside her estate will ever see you again.”

He took a sip of the potion. As soon as he swallowed his cock stiffened and his balls swelled slightly as they were magically refilled. “Much better,” he sighed, sitting at the end of the bed and placing the potion nearby. “But I’m in no rush. It’s still early in the evening and we have till morning. I want to take my time with you two.” He clapped his hands. “Up on your feet, fuckmeat, time to strip.”

Birgitta and Kiki had been on the ground, laying unmoving where Roald had pushed them. As soon as he’d given them the command to stand they’d complied, although Kiki had stumbled as she tried to get to her feet, crashing into Birgitta.

“Clumsy little twit,” Raold growled. “I suppose the eye of Baedor couldn’t fix that. Come on, sluts, up.”

The two women got to their feet, Birgitta supporting Kiki with a hand grabbed firmly onto the other’s wrist. Their bodies had been positioned so Raold had not been able to see the faint glow of crimson light where their skin touched, a glow that disappeared as soon as they were no longer touching.

“The clumsy little twit first,” he commanded, pointing at Kiki. “You’re practically naked as it is. You don’t even have any small clothing under those clothes, do you?”

Kiki, expression blank, began to open her mouth to speak then stopped. Roald chuckled. “You really are a dumb slut, even when hypnotized like this. You can’t talk while being controlled by the Eye of Baedor! But that’s not how I wanted my answer, take that slutty little dress off and the rest of it too.”

He leaned back, drinking in the sight of Kiki’s body after she undressed. “You know, next to this big dumb brute of a woman you looked so small and dainty, but you’ve got plenty of plump bits, don’t you? Those fucking thighs and that round little ass! And look at those plump titties, they’d look big if that one’s tits weren’t twice the size of your head.

“Now come closer, girl, I want a better look at you. Hmm… Perhaps you’re not a girl, eh? I thought you were some barely of age Human slut but now that I’m getting a closer look…” he brushed her messy hair aside to look at her ears. “Ah, as I suspected. Pointed but not elongated. A Common Elve mongrel.”

He reached between her legs and grabbed her cunt then ran his hands through the soft sparse hair of her bush. “Enough Human blood in you to have a hairy cunt. But how much Elven blood? Even with a dash you could be one of them Common Elves who never look to age past late adolescence. How old are you, really? Thirty? Fifty? A Hundred? Or are you one of them sly Elves who has far more potent Elven blood in them than they seem? You could be hundreds or thousands of years old. Would explain how you got so good at sucking cock and balls.”

“I suppose I’ll never know,” he finally said, giving her cunt a squeeze then shoving her away.

“Alright, you dumb brute, your clothes off now.”

He watched Birgitta undress far more closely than he’d watched Kiki. Partially because Kiki’s outfit and clumsy stumbling about hadn’t left much of her body needing revealing but it was clear he was FAR more into the large, strong Elven woman.

“Gods, woman, your body is a wonder. You’re so fucking big and muscular but thanks to your Elven blood you manage to be slender where it matters and thick and soft in all the right places. Them thighs ain’t as soft and juicy as the little brat’s but being crushed between them dense muscles would be a joy nonetheless. And look at that fucking ass! So fucking perfectly shaped and firm, I want to bounce fucking coins off of it.

“But it’s those fucking tits I can’t take my eyes off. So big I wonder if you’ve got a bit of Silver Elve in you? Couldn’t be too much… not firm enough. That’s good, I detest the purer blooded Elves that have tits so firm they look like they’ve been bolted onto their bodies. Not your tits, no you got just enough natural sag to them to let me see the weight even from over here.

“Both of you come closer, turn around, and bend over. Spread your fucking cheeks and let me get a look at your fuck holes. Mmm… Look at that, not a single fucking hair on you down here you, big brute. Looks even tastier next to the brat’s furry little puss.”

He grabbed both women’s pussies and rubbed at them before slipping a finger into each of them. When he pulled them out he held them up and commanded them to turn around and look. “See how fucking wet you both are? You should be ashamed. The Eye of Baedor doesn’t do that, this is all you. Means you dumb bitches are ENJOYING this. That’s sick. But I like it.”

Roald scooted to the edge of the bed and spread his legs. “Alright, I want to try the brute’s tits now. Come on, slut, down on your knees.” Once she was kneeling before him she grabbed her breasts and started to lift them so she could wrap them around his hard member.

“Not yet,” he barked. “I told you, I want to take my time and enjoy this. You should be thankful. This will be your last night of relative enjoyment of life. If the Baroness decides to play with you she won’t be as kind as I’m being. And even if she does it won’t be long before your fed to- No, I shouldn’t say, it should be a surprise.”

Grinning evilly, he scooted a bit closer to Birgitta and grabbed his cock then began slapping it into her tits. “Look at those fucking monsters jiggle,” he groaned in delight, slapping his cock into one tit then the other. “Okay, cunt, hold them up now. Yes, just like that. I want to rub all this precum leaking out of me all over them perfect nipples of yours. Ah! Look how hard they’re getting, you like the feel of my cock rubbing against them, don’t you?”

Birgitta moaned in agreement, leaning forward so his cockhead pressed into the bulk of her large breasts.

“Fuck woman, now you have me impatient for more. Alright, grab ‘em and give me a titjob.”

Birgitta grabbed her breasts and scooted forward so she could better wrap them around his throbbing member. Just before she pressed them in around it she leaned forward and let a huge wad of drool fall from her mouth onto his cock. Properly lubricated, she enveloped his cock with her tits and made it disappear.

She then began bouncing her tits up and down, causing Raold to throw his head back and moan in delight as he braced his hands on the bed behind him. “Fucking hells! You must have given a hundred titjobs to be this good. You know just how to press them in to get the densest part of the tit around my cock. And the way you’re moving them, fuck woman, I won’t be able to last much longer.”

“No,” he growled, “I don’t want to cum being passive. As much as I like a bitch pleasuring me I’ll cum while I’m fucking YOU.”

He shoved Birgitta to the floor on her back. The move was unexpected and she’d thrown her arms out in surprise, knocking Kiki to the ground along with her. Raold barely noticed the girl landing on the floor and rolling so that one of her arms was stretched under the bed. He had been too distracted by the sight of Birgitta’s breasts flopping as she flew back then bouncing and jiggling when her back slammed into the floor.

With a growl of desperate carnal hunger he’d pounced off the edge of the bed onto her chest, slamming his cock down between her tits. He grabbed them, struggling for a moment to get their impressive bulk wrapped properly around his throbbing member. He was so close to release that he struggled to keep his hips from moving as he squished her tits in place around his cock. Once enveloped he started humping her chest, hard and fast. He moaned in delight at the sight of the ripples of jiggling flesh sent up the bulk of her tits every time his body slammed into their underside.

He was so engrossed with Birgitta’s tits he failed to notice Kiki behind him. He didn’t see her arm under the bed, didn’t see her tracing glyphs on the floor nor see them lighting up faintly with glowing crimson arcane energy. By the time Raold grunted in release and came in Birgitta’s tits Kiki had pulled her arm out from under the bed, the glyphs glow fading from sight.

“Fuck that was good,” Raold grunted, getting up on shaky legs. “Look at that mess,” he said happily as he looked down at the huge load of cum he’d left smeared between Birgitta’s tits. “The potion does a good job of upping the amount of cum you jizz out. Glorious,” he added, shaking the cummy mess off his softening cock and splattering it on Birgitta.

“But as glorious as the sight is, I’m not into fucking women when they’re a mess. Come here, slut,” he barked, bending down and grabbing Kiki by the hair. He yanked her towards Birgitta, making her yelp in pain. “Clean her up with your mouth,” he commanded. “Not a single drop left when you’re done, understand? And get on top of her with that plump little ass raised up, I want a show while I drink my potion.”

Raold sat on the edge of the bed and happily watched Kiki as she climbed on Birgitta, raised her ass for him, and began licking Birgitta’s tits clean. She moaned and slurped as she did, stopping to suck on Birgitta’s nipples whenever her mouth was near them.

“You’re both fucking insatiable,” he told them after taking a sip of his potion. “I just got to command you near each other and you start going. Bet if I left the little slut there she’d just keep going. Too bad for you too I don’t like jerking it to the sight of two dumb sluts getting each other off. I need my cock in there if I’m gonna stay entertained.”

“Although I am not a cruel man,” he added as he got up, holding his cock as it stiffened. “You keep doing what you’re doing then suck on them big titties when you’re done. See if you can get the big brute moaning. Meanwhile, I see something back here I want a bit of.”

He squatted behind Kiki, slapping his cock down in the wedge between her plump ass cheeks. He grabbed hold of her soft side with one hand to help keep him up and pressed his cock down into her ass cheeks with the other. When he started moving his hips, sliding the length of his member up and down through the valley of her plump soft behind, he shifted his hands to her ass so he could better press her cheeks in around himself.

“Just as soft and fuckable as I imagined,” he moaned happily. “And your ass was nice and sweaty, that mixed with all the precum the potion is making me leak means there’s plenty of lube for a nice smooth assjob.”

While he had his way with her backside Kiki continued to play with Birgitta’s tits, sucking and licking and squeezing them. Birgitta gripped the carpet, her nails digging into it as she panted and writhed under Kiki. She adored Brigitta’s tits and always reveled in how much the strong woman enjoyed having them played with. Raold was so engaged with humping Kiki’s plump little ass he didn’t notice that she was able to bring Birgitta to climax just by working her tits with her hands and mouth.

Just before he came he unexpectedly shoved Kiki to the side, falling to his knees above Birgitta and grabbing her hair to jerk her head towards him. “Open,” he grunted, ramming his cock into her mouth just as he began to cum. “Every drop,” he barked. When he was done he shoved her away from him hard enough to cause her to slam the back of her head into the floor.

He’d gotten up and turned his back on her in a display of indifference. It meant he missed the flash of anger that appeared on Birgitta’s face, missed the way an alarmed Kiki had reached out and put a calming hand on the woman’s chest to keep her where she was. By the time Raold had taken a drink of his potion and turned back around they were both up on their knees, expressions blank as they awaited his next command.

“I want the young one’s cunt first,” he declared. “Get up on the bed, sit on the edge. You, the big titted brute, go sit behind her. I want to prove, once again, I’m not a cruel man. Go to town playing with her plump little titties. Lick and kiss her neck. Hell, if she can get her head twisted right you two can lock lips for all I care.”

Birgitta got on the bed first, spreading her legs and making room for Kiki to sit in front of her. They both scooted forward till Kiki’s ass hung just over the edge of the mattress then both leaned back.

As soon as Kiki’s legs were spread open Raold was rubbing his cock up and down her pussy, smearing precum all over her lips then casually working his swollen cockhead into her wet hole.

Birgitta wrapped her arms around Kiki and began playing with her tits. She leaned her head around and began licking Kiki’s long, slender neck then started kissing it. Kiki whimpered as Raold began to press himself into her, twisting her head so that she could kiss Birgitta at the same time. They locked lips, not pulling apart until Raold eventually grunted in relief and came inside Kiki.

“Now the big one’s ass,” Raold told them after taking a sip of his potion.

Kiki helped Birgitta get on all fours and scoot her raised ass to the edge of the bed. She helpfully spread her cheeks open so Raold could more easily access her asshole, even spitting a gob of saliva onto the puckered hole to help ease Raold’s entry.

“Is there nothing you sluts haven’t done together?” he smirked, rubbing his cock onto Birgitta’s asshole. Her body tensed for a moment as he began pressing into her hole but Kiki, hands still holding her ass cheeks open, rested the side of her face on the woman’s backend and nuzzled her to get her to ease her muscles.

Birgitta’s body tightened again as Raold pressed past her sphincter. But once past it she eased up and even began to moan in pleasure as Raold began fucking her ass. Kiki helped build her pleasure by licking both her asshole and Raold’s cock as he fucked her ass. She licked and slurped, looking up at Raold and giving him her best “cum in the bitch” look she could.

He found the look entrancing and was unable to look away from her cute face as she lapped at his cock as it slid in and out of her partner’s ass. Anytime his eyes would start to wander Kiki would lock eyes on his and keep his focus on her.

It meant he didn’t see the face down Birgitta’s arms stretched out, didn’t see her fingers tracing glyphs into the bed’s headboard. He didn’t see the traced symbols ignite with crimson arcane energy then slowly fade from sight. She kept tracing symbols till Kiki, sensing Raold was near finishing, slapped her ass.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” Raold groaned, the meaty smack of hand into firm flesh pushing him over the edge. He yanked his cock out of Birgitta’s ass, leaving her hole gaping and slowly closing while he shoved Kiki’s face out of the way so he could cum all over one of the Elve’s ass cheeks.

Once he was done he grabbed Kiki by the hair and jerked her face back to Birgitta’s ass. “Lick it clean,” he commanded as he turned from them to get his potion and take another sip.

“Flip over, you dumb brute,” he barked, slapping Birgitta’s ass when he returned, cock hard. “I’m ready for your cunt.”

Once on her back he climbed up onto the bed, grabbing her legs and pressing them up as far as they would go then sliding his cock into her as he pressed her knees to the bed. “Gods be praised,” he moaned as he slammed his body ungracefully into hers as he pressed her into the bed, “your cunt’s a fucking marvel. If I didn’t have the whole night to grow bored of it I’d be tempted to abscond with you and your little slut.”

He kept slamming into her, grunting ungracefully, till he pressed her down hard into the bed and emptied his balls into her. He didn’t pull away from her when he was done. Instead, he kept her pinned there, his cock starting to soften in her and cum beginning to ooze out around it then trickle out of her cunt to dribble down over her taint to her asshole.

“Potion,” he snapped at Kiki. “Give me a sip so I can fill the slut’s cunt again while you sit on her face. She’ll eat you out while I fill her a second time, you both understand? Good.”

Kiki fed him a sip of the potion then went and straddled Birgitta’s face, flashing her an eager grin when Raold wasn’t looking. She sat on the blond woman’s face, helping her wrap her arms around her thick thighs as she wiggled her hips and situated her cunt in the Elve’s face so she could best eat her out.

She rode Birgitta’s face while Raold grunted and clumsily slammed his body into Birgitta’s over and over again. He had been fixated on watching Birgitta’s tits bounce and jiggle the first time but the second time he leaned down and shoved his face between them, moving it from side to side to slap his cheeks into their jiggling flesh.

With the man distracted Kiki raised her arms and began tracing lines of glyphs in the air. Everywhere her fingers went glowing floating arcane symbols appeared, snaking out from her dancing fingertips in long ribbons of shimmering runes that wrapped around the bed, floating in place and sending out a faint shimmering ripple that first surrounded the bed then disappeared just before Raold came again.

“That’s enough mess,” Raold grunted, pulling out of Birgitta, cum oozing out of her. “Go clean yourself up. There’s a rag and some water in the basin over there, get as much cum out of you as you can. You, get me my potion then get your mouth on my cock and suck it clean.

As soon as Kiki had fed the man the potion she pressed him onto the bed, pinning him there as she inhaled his cock, taking it balls deep in one smooth gag free motion then sucking him clean in one slowly drag of her sealed lips back up the length of his member.

She didn’t stop there. She reversed course and began giving him intense head. He moaned in delight, wiggling under her. She reached out, grabbed his legs and arms then shifted them so he was left lying in the center of the bed, arms and legs out making a large x with his body.

“The fuck you doing,” he said then groaned in delight as she took him deep down her throat and began to vocalize. “Holy shit, where did you learn to- Wait,” he snapped, “you shouldn’t be able to do that!”

He moved to sit up but ethereal glowing crimson manacles appeared around his wrists, chains made of the same transparent energy appearing from them and pulling his limbs tight against the bed. Kiki kept sucking him off as glowing shifting runes lit up all around them, etched into the floor and bed and the air. They slowly rotated, sending waves of magic that pressed Raold down and kept him from moving.

“The fuck is going on,” he groaned, trying to pay attention to what was happening but finding it nearly impossible as Kiki worked him towards climax with her mouth.

Birgitta was on the other side of the room, back to him as she squatted over the basin and washed her cunt. As she used a wet rag to try and wipe herself clean of the mess he’d left in her she answered. “You’ve been had, Raold,” she said coldly.

“You’re talking! But how? It— Ngh! Gods, woman! No more, you’re going to make me cum again!”

“That’s the point,” Birgitta said dispassionately. “Kiki, you’ve dragged it out long enough. Finish him and end the sealing.”

With a final skilled slurp and a single fingered slipped into his asshole Kiki pushed the man over the edge. He grunted in dismayed delight as he filled her mouth. The ethereal chains binding him to the bed tightened and more appeared around his neck, pulling his head to the bed.

“All done,” Kiki said happily after noisily swallowing his load.

“You broke free of the Eye of Baedor,” he grunted angrily.

“No,” Birgitta replied, dropping the damp, cum soaked cloth into the basin before turning to face him. “We were never entranced by it,” she declared as she stalked menacingly towards the bed.

“Fooled ‘ya!” Kiki giggled, doing a little dance beside Birgitta while tauntingly pointing her fingers at him.

“H-how?” he stammered.

“The vile servant of The Corruption Baedor has no power over the Crimson Goddess’ servants,” Birgitta declared.

“And we were prepared,” Kiki added, making a snotty childish face at him. “We saw how the people down there were acting and knew it wasn’t us they were afraid of, it was you.”

“We’ve met plenty of men like you before, Raold the Huntsman,” Birgitta said, glaring at him. “And we’ve dealt with them all.”

AND had fun doing it,” Kiki added gleefully.

“This is what is going to happen,” Birgitta continued, ignoring Kiki. “You are going to give us that information you promised us. The only question remaining is if you do it willingly or not.”

Kiki bounced with excitement, clapping her hands. “PLEASE say you won’t do it willingly.”

“You best not listen to her,” Birgitta said, nodding to the happy, bouncing girl beside her. “You think I’m the scary one? You don’t want to know what she’s capable of, especially when she’s this worked up.”

What happens to Birgitta and Kiki next? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

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