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Content warning: HARD non-con

* * *

The old wizard sat in the top room of his tower, bony fingers stroking the crystal ball. He watched the image it showed him, Sydnie walking down the road out of her town.

“So the dumb bitch has fallen for my trick,” he said, chuckling. “I wonder how long it will take her to realize the letter was a lie. Perhaps she never will, THAT would be delicious. When I have her here with me will she blame her friend for taking her away from the safety of the quaint family life she’d made for herself? Will she blame her for ruining her happy ending?”

He snarled at the image of her. “And why should THAT fat slut get a happy ending? She and the rest of the bitches in her party of adventurers ensured I had no happiness. I see what has become of those fools now and wonder how they ever managed to defeat me at the height of my powers.

“They COULD have killed. They SHOULD have killed me. But they didn’t. They bragged that I would suffer more as an old man stripped forever of his powers. The fools were so certain I’d never find a way to get them back. But they were wrong. It’s taken me a long time but I have them back now and am even more powerful than ever!

“So I shall have my revenge on the party that ruined my life. One by one I am going to lure them into traps and have them brought to my tower where I can make them my fuck slaves. I’ll make them suffer for what they did to me, it’s all I’ve thought about for years.

“And I’ve started with Sydnie. I’ve lured her away from her home, convinced her to become an adventurer again. Now I just need to show the fat-titted fool the mistake she’s made. But how? What servants shall I send to lure her further into my trap?”

He took his fingers off the crystal ball and sat back in his chair, thinking. “Something truly horrifying to begin with. Nothing subtle, something brutal. Some minions that won’t just capture the doomed slut but ensure her life is a living nightmare till she reaches the door to my tower. The Feral Beastkin, perhaps? Yes, a fitting foe for a fat cow of a woman like that…”

* * *

“Finally, an inn,” Sydnie said. “After the last few days of camping on the roadside whatever comforts this place will have will seem like paradise.”

As she drew closer to the inn she slowed, sensing something was wrong. The place looked as though it should be busy, but there was no one coming in or going out of the building. And it was both too quiet and too loud at the same time, with the wrong kinds of sounds coming from within.

She drew her sword as she neared. What is it going to be? Is there a brawl that’s gotten out of hand? Has the place been attacked by bandits? When she opened the door and jumped in she had been ready for combat, but the sight that met her eyes was so much worse than the worse thing she’d imagined that she froze up, shocked into inaction as she looked in horror at what was happening before her.

“Feral Beastkin,” she gasped in terror.

Strewn all over the bottom floor of the inn were corpses, all of them men along with a few of the half-animal half-man creatures known as Feral Beastkin. She knew the creatures had near-human intelligence but they didn’t bother using it for anything other than violence. Unable even to speak, the creatures cared for only two things: killing the men of the Greater Races and rapping every one of their women they could get their beastly hands on.

And that was exactly what was happening. The creatures had killed every man in the inn and now were raping every woman there.

Packs of Feral Beastkin usually had members that looked like mocking half-man imitations of many different animals. This pack was not the normal assortment but had a disturbing barnyard theme. She saw Feral Beastkin with heads that looked like fat short-snouted pigs, hairy curved horned ones that looked like rams, along with a collection of goat-like Beastkin.

It wasn’t just the inn’s staff the beasts had pinned against walls or thrown on tables to rape. Sydnie could see the place had been full of adventurers and the female members of those parties made up the majority of those being savaged.

Not far from her was a cute blond Gnome woman, her dainty body pinned to a bench. One of the piggish Beastkin had its gross, fat pink cock rammed into her mouth and was savagely fucking her throat. The “gak gak gak” sound as the far too large member was rammed repeatedly down her small throat was like a steady drip of pure nightmare. The tall goatish Beastkin had her legs spread open and pushed down to the bench beside her, leaving the tiny woman’s pussy and asshole pointing at him. He was braying in delight as he thrust into one hole then out and into the other, moving back and forth between her stretched and gaping cunt and asshole.

A few feet away a fat piggish Beastkin had hold of a naked Dwarven woman by the ass and was bouncing her body up and down his fat animal cock. Her arms were tied behind her back and she was helpless to do anything but scream and grunt in dismay. Her huge Dwarven breasts bounced and flopped as he pumped her body up and down his member, making it look like he was using her cunt to jerk himself off instead.

The pigman snorted in joy, filling the Dwarven woman’s insides with its foul cum. It dropped her to the ground, letting her sit and sob for a moment before pinning her to a nearby wall. He grabbed his cum-covered cock and rubbed it from side to side on her face. It had begun to soften as it fell out of her but once he began smearing the mix of semen and vaginal juices on the woman’s face it began to grow hard again, stiffening fully as the women whimpered and whined and begged for it to end.

“Not again,” she whimpered. “Five times already! No more, I can’t take any m- Mpph!” Her pleading was silenced when the Beastkin rammed its cock into her mouth and began fucking her face, banging her head into the wall with every savage thrust.

Only an arm’s reach away from Sydnie one of the ram-like Beastkin had a Human woman on her knees before him and was choking her with his cock, holding her head in place so she couldn’t pull away. She looked at Sydnie, tears streaming from her eyes as she begged for her to help.

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