New entry for the poll driven story “A Night at the Drunken Crow Inn”

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Content warning: hard non-con

“Why not take a few more hits? You’re fucked up right now but you could be MORE fucked up.”

“We don’t want her passing out, boss,” one of the men said as Urilee was made to take a hit.

“You don’t need to worry about that. The Charillian Vapors will never fully knock her out.” He stroked her cheek as he made her take another hit. “She’ll be just awake and aware enough tonight to be constantly telling us ‘no’.”

The leader climbed on top of Urilee, slapping his cock down between her breasts. “I think it’s time I try out these huge fat Elven tits.”

Urilee groaned in displeasure, able only to whimper, “No.”

“See? God this is going to be an amazing night.” He spit on his cock then squeezed her tits around it. “Now you just sit tight while I fuck your fat udders,” he grunted as he started moving his hips.

“Gods above these are the fattest, softest, thickest fucking tits I’ve ever fucked. I’m not gonna last much longer.” Using one knee to help keep her tit pressed around his manhood, he grabbed Urilee’s hair with one hand and yanked her head down. “Come here, you stupid drugged up cum-catch. Let me ram my cock into your mouth while I finish fucking your tits. I want to cum in your mouth.”

“No,” Urilee whimpered. “Don’t d- Mph!” Her protestations were cut off by his cock ramming into her mouth. He only thrust a few times before he groaned in delight and finished in her.

As soon as he was done he pulled away, leaving her sobbing with her mouth hanging open, cum dribbling out the side. “Alright boys,” he said as he hopped off the bed. “Your turns, why not spit roast the bitch?”

“Happily,” one of the men said, pulling her legs open.

The other man squatted above her head and tilted her head back. “Suck it, cunt,” he growled, ramming his cock in her mouth and making her gag. He held her head in place and started fucking her face laughing cruelly at the pathetic “gak gak gak” sound she made.

Meanwhile, the second man had rubbed his dick up and down her slit a few times, getting his cockhead nice and moist before sliding in her. She’d weakly kicked her legs in protest, but the small movement of defiance was barely noticed by either of the men as they fucked her from both ends, each pounding into her out of sync to cause her huge breasts to bounce and sway in a way they both found pleasing.

Their leader had gone to the dresser where the reinvigoration potion was. After taking a sip he’d shivered then stretched, his erection returning instantly. For a moment he leaned against the dresser, stroking himself to the sight of his friends spitroasting the curvaceous, drugged up Elve.

His attention was pulled away by the groans of the Barbarian laying on the floor, cumming herself senseless. “How rude of me,” he told her, walking up to her and staring down while he continued to stroke himself. “We’re ignoring you, aren’t we? That’s not very nice of us. And look at you, so helpful with how big you grew those massive tits of yours. I think I enjoyed fucking the Elve’s tits so much I want a second round. I’ll use you so you don’t feel left out.”

“N-n-no,” she moaned as she began to cum again. “N-not my breasts!”

“Shut the fuck up,” he growled, backhanding her face before taking her top off. “Gods be fucking praised,” he whistled. “They look even bigger with that off. And look how fucking soft they are! It’d be gross if it wasn’t making me so fucking hard. Now stop trying to struggle, you’ve no hope of getting away with as much as your cumming. You know what? Never mind, keep it up. You’re making your massive tits jiggle so pleasingly. Keep struggling while I fuck them you dumb bitch.”

The Barbarian sobbed and begged him to stop in between forced climaxes as he pinned her to the floor. “They are so sensitive,” she called out at one point, cumming again. “Please, anything but my breasts!”

“You hear that boys?” he called out, not looking away from the soft mass of tit-flesh he had pressed around his cock.

“Sure did,” one of them groaned. “Pushed me over the edge and I filled this one’s cunt.” He sighed in satisfaction and got off the bed, going to take a swig of the reinvigoration potion. “Damn cunt really seems to hate having her tits fucked, doesn’t she?”

“She really does,” the leader said. “You know what? They’re so massive I bet you could get down here and start using them while I keep fucking ‘em, plenty of tit for all our cocks. Do you hear that up there? When you’re done with her mouth get down here, let’s all use the dumb bitch’s tits at once.”

“No… please…” the Barbarian begged then moaned as she started to cum again.

After they’d all fucked and rubbed up against her tits till they’d cum they each took another drink of the potion then hefted her up onto the bed beside Urilee. They began taking turns fucking them both at the same time, the third man taking the place of whoever came first. Thanks to their potion they could keep going as long as they wanted, able to get hard and have their balls filled with a single sip of the potion.

At one point they flipped both women over and took turns fucking them from behind. They fucked Urilee up the ass, taking great pleasure in how she whimpered and whined and said “no” over and over again. Whenever she’d be too tight or was sobbing in pain too much they’d make her take another hit of the vapors and her whole body would relax. Then, when they shoved a cock up her ass again, it would start all over like the anal raping was the first of the night each time.

They kept using the Barbarian’s cunt, all of them enjoying the way her constant orgasms left her vaginal muscles spasming and clenching their cocks as they pounded into her. “It’s like she’s trying to milk me dry,” one of them had grunted as he came. “And all their fuckholes feel better the more cum we pump into them.”

Eventually they flipped both women back over and as they continued fucking them they demanded each suck on one of their tits. The third man not fucking one of them sat at the top of the bed, hand behind each woman’s head lifting it so they could suck on one of their huge breasts more easily.

Whenever the breast would slip out of their mouth with a wet breaking of suction the man fucking her would slap the tit as hard as he could, sending the woman into a fresh stream of sobs and pathetic babbled stream of “no” and “stop”. When the tit was shoved back into their face they’d latch onto their nipple and try harder to keep it from falling out of their mouths.

As the night went on and their potion began to grow low they started making the most of the time they had left. They positioned both women on their backs with their heads hanging off the side of the bed then took turns fucking their throats and cumming all over their faces, concentrating on the area near their mouths.

After a few rounds of this, when both were cum-covered messes, they rolled them over so they were facing each other and grabbed their heads and shoved them together. “Suck face for us. Lick each other’s faces clean as you do. We want to see lots of tongue as you kiss, and we want to see you both hungrily lapping up all that cum we’ve spent so much time and effort jizzing all over you.”

Both women did as they were told. The Barbarian was constantly cumming as she did, the hours of orgasms leaving her near exhausted and no longer able to even whimper a pathetic “no”. Urilee made up for her lack of words by whimpering between sloppy slurping and messy kisses, whining “no” enough for the both of them.

Their reinvigoration potion was almost empty and they could see the Barbarian wasn’t going to last much longer. They decided they’d end things with one final sexual humiliation. They pulled Urilee to the center of the bed on her back then grabbed the Barbarian and tried to get her to position herself on all fours above the Elve with her tits hanging in her face. When they found she was too exhausted to manage on her own they held her up, one of them grabbing her arms to hold up the top half of her body and the other holding her hips to keep her ass raised.

This left her massive, enlarged tits hanging on Urilee’s face, practically suffocating her. They started taking turns fucking the Barbarian from behind, laughing in glee at the muffled sound of Urilee gasping for air as the huge soft breasts flopped about and slapped her in the face. Between gasps she’d get out the occasional pathetic “no” and it was that word that pushed all three men over the edge for the last time.

With the potion empty and the sun soon to rise their all-night rape fest was over. They dropped the Barbarian on top of Urilee, only rolling her off when it was clear her massive breasts might suffocate the Elven woman under her.

The men, having had their fun, are going to quickly leave the inn before anyone has time to realize what they’ve done to the two women.

What do they do to Urilee as they leave? (Choose 1 option from this poll)

What do they do with the Barbarian? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

Who will the next story feature? (Choose 1 option from this poll)

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