New entry for the poll driven story “The Fall of Almerry Keep”

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The entry is a good length and has a full sex scene. Also, content warning: heavy non-con tentacle gangbang.

“Did Gwynaetha just say her breasts are growing?” Resi asked. “I’m going to go grab her, you can’t stop me Dunla so don’t try. I’ll- AH!” Resi had stepped on more of the mushrooms, sending a thick spore cloud up into her face and her scream of alarm only ensured she’d sucked plenty of the spores in. She fell to her knees, dropping her staff and coughing.

“Resi!” Emiko called out, moving to go to her aid.

“Don’t,” Dunla said, grabbing the Kittaran girl and pulling her back. “I am NOT letting you go over,” she said, holding her by her side.

Gwynaetha groaned and dropped her knees, doubling over and hugging her chest. She whimpered for a moment then screamed as she sat up, arching her back and thrusting her chest out. The tight-fighting Battle Mage armor, designed more for mobility and to look intimidating than to provide actual armor, bulged and then ripped open as the Human girl’s breasts ballooned in size. She screamed again when she looked down and saw massive heavy breasts bounce free of her clothing.

She collapsed onto the ground, curling up on her side and hugging her enlarged breasts. “I don’t like this,” she whined. “They feel so tender and so… I don’t want to walk around like this. Emiko, please! Come heal me!”

Before the group’s healer could respond Resi groaned and doubled over, holding her chest. “I think it’s happening to me,” she whimpered. She scrambled to her feet, abandoning her staff, and stumbled towards Emiko. “Help me,” she moaned as she reached Dunla and Emiko.

Emiko reached out to grab her just as Resi started screaming. Her outfit was low cut so she was able to tug the front down before her breasts began to grow. She was right in front of the others and the trees above shifted, letting moonlight shine down so they all saw clearly what happened. Resi’s breasts swell like they were being inflated, at first just a little then exploding into huge mounds of soft flesh that sagged under their own weight.

“I’ve got you, Resi,” Dunla said, grabbing hold of her. She held her to comfort her and looked at Emiko. “You have no idea how to heal something like this, do you?”

The pink-haired Kittaran’s eyes were huge. “No! Dunla, we shouldn’t have come here. We are not prepared for this!”

Dunla could see the girl was terrified and that she was going to panic and do something unpredictable. She shifted Rezi to one arm and grabbed Emiko’s wrist. “Do NOT run off,” she told her firmly. “We CAN do this. Do you hear that, Gwynee?” she called out to the other girl nearby. “You pull yourself together and come back to us even if it means going through those mushrooms again. If we stick together we can overcome anything. We WILL save the others and we WILL kill the Forest Witch.”

They saw Gwynaetha get to her feet, one arm wrapped around her enlarged breasts. “Dunla,” she whimpered as she struggled to regain her composure after reaching the others, “I lost my wand. And the mushrooms are all gone like they were never there.”

“It’s going to be okay,” Dunla said, trying to calm the others.

“Is it?” a woman’s voice called out.

The four girls all drew in close together, turning so their backs were together and they were looking out in every direction.

“Where did that voice come from?”

“I don’t know, it sounded like it came from that way.”

“No, it came from THAT way!”

“Try to remain calm,” Dunla hissed, putting her hand on the handle of her sword.

“Such scared pretty-pretties,” the woman’s voice called out again.

“It sounds like it’s coming from every direction at once,” Emiko said, her chest heaving as panic threatened to overtake her again. Her large fluffy pink-haired tail was lashing wildly behind her, slapping into the other girl’s backs and adding to their sense of panic.

“Emiko, don’t run away! Stay with us.”

The Kittaran grunted. “I can’t even if I wanted to! My feet are stuck, there are vines or roots or something wrapping around them.

“Oh gods, me too,” Gwynaetha said.

“And me,” Resi moaned.

“Just hold on,” Dunla said, drawing her sword. “They have me too, but I’ll cut us free.”

A vine whipped down from above, wrapped around Dunla’s sword then ripped it from her hands. “No!” she screamed as the vine flung the sword away from them. She grunted, trying to break free of the vines and roots keeping her feet stuck in place. “I can still see it, I just need to get it. I need it to kill the Forest Witch! That’s who’s talking to us, you all know that, right? I need to get my sword before she gets here.”

“But I’m already here, pretty-pretty,” the Forest Witch said, stepping out of the shadows behind a tree just out of arm’s reach in front of Dunla.

The other three girls screamed and thrashed desperately to break free. Dunla, however, did not scream and she stopped struggling. She stood tall and stared defiantly at the Forest Witch.

“What’s wrong, pretty-pretty?” the Forest Witch asked, swaying her hips sensually as she began walking around the trapped girls, allowing each of them to get a good look at her. “Not what you expected?”

Her overpowering presence forced the three screaming girls to calm down. The roots and vines around their feet retracted with only the ones holding Dunla in place remaining. Freed, the three girls crowded behind Dunly, cowering as they stared in awe at the Forest Witch as she stood before their group’s leader.

“Y-y-you’re not an old crone,” Emiko said, voice shaking.

“Of course not,” the Forest Witch said. She spread her arms out and slowly turned so they could see all her body. “I’m a shapely woman. Sexy. Sensual. Alluring. And beautiful to behold, am I not little pretty-pretties?”

The Forest Witch was a Faun whose age seemed to shift as they stared at her. Sometimes her figure would be a bit slenderer and her face would look as young as theirs. Other times her body would seem thicker and her face would look far more mature, never old, just no longer young.

No matter how her face and body looked some things always remained the same. She was always wearing a green dress with thickly layered skirts that dragged on the ground. The dress had very short sleeves and the front was low cut, revealing ample cleavage that was pressed up by a brown leather corset she wore over the dress.

Her gray-silver hair was thick and hung past her shoulders and at times would glow faintly so they could see her face clearly. She had deer-like antlers that extended from her head and just above them were two furry deer-like ears that stuck up at attention. There was something of the deer in the rest of her body, a slenderness and quickness to her movements reminiscent of the animal, only far more predatory.

“She is pretty…” Gwynaetha whispered.

“Gwynee, get a hold of yourself,” Dunla hissed. “She’s messing with your mind. She’s trying to mess with ALL our minds.”

The Forest Witch stepped up to Dunla. She was a tall woman and towered over the other three, but Dunla was so tall too and stood almost eye to eye with the imposing woman. “What makes this pretty-pretty so special?” she purred, reaching out to brush a finger across Dunla’s cheek. The girl started to pull away but stopped, refusing to show weakness. “Ah, there it is,” the Forest Witch said as she stroked her face. “Your mother killed a Forest Witch, yes? And her mother, and HER mother? You think it is your destiny to join them?”

Dunla didn’t reply, she just continued to glare at the woman.

With a laugh that echoed through the woods around them the Forest Witch pulled back. “I think if not for you the other pretty-pretties might have agreed to have some fun with me before my Amoera saved them. But not with the one driven by destiny at their side.”

She turned from them and walked to where Dunla’s sword was laying. She bent down and grabbed it then held it up in the air to inspect. It was a large and heavy sword and Dunla had to use two hands to wield it yet the Forest Witch held it up with one hand as if it weighed nothing. The trees around her shifted so a bright beam of moonlight illuminated her, making it seem for a moment that the sword was glowing.

“With this,” she asked, staring at it as she held it above her head. She looked at Dunla and waited for an answer.

“Yes,” she replied. “And I’ll use it to kill you too.”

The Forest Witch lowered the sword and the trees pushed back together, taking the bright beam of moonlight to them. As the patch of woods was plunged into the darkness the four girls lost track of the Forest Witch. A moment later she was standing in front of Dunla, the sword still in her hand. The three girls not held in place yelped in alarm and jumped back, leaving Dunla alone.

“It is a powerful blade,” the Forest Witch said, lifting the sword and turning the blade to look at it from different angles. “A lot of power soaked into it along with a lot of fulfilled destinies. It’s killed three Forest Witches and is destined to kill more.”

She looked past the sword and met Dunla’s eyes. She took a step back and aimed the tip of the sword at her chest. “Sharp and deadly,” she said, her voice and expression suddenly cold. The forest around them shifted to match her change in mood. It grew darker, colder, and pressed in as if ready to attack Dunla.

The Forest Witch took a step forward and rested the tip of the sword on the center of Dunla’s chest where it met armor. “Sharp enough that I could easily plunge it through that armor and skewer you. The pretty-pretty would not be able to fulfill her destiny if the Forest Witch did that, would she?”

“No,” Dunla said, showing no fear. “But you can’t do that, can you? A Forest Witch can’t kill.”

Their eyes remained locked for a few moments as the witch’s hand trembled as if she was struggling to push past a force keeping her from acting.

“No,” she finally said, dropping the sword. It landed with a loud thud that made all four girls wince. They’d all blinked and when they opened their eyes a moment later the Forest Witch was standing toe-to-toe with Dunla and had hold of her head, each hand gripping her red hair and squeezing till she yelped in pain. She held her head in place and moved her face close to hers and spoke in a near whisper that only Dunla would hear.

“Listen to me, Dunla Dhuarcain, you are destined to be the one that kills me. I’ve seen it, it is a thing I know. But you could deny your destiny, that is something I also know. Turn away from it, leave my woods and never come back. Do that and I’ll stop working with the forces moving to take Almerry Keep. Leave me and my precious Amoera to live in peace here in my forest and I’d even aid you and the members of your precious Sisterhood so they could withstand the horrors closing in on them.”

“Never,” Dunla hissed. “And I don’t believe any of that.”

The Forest Witch’s expression shifted. She looked scared for a moment and there seemed to be earnest pleading in her features when she next spoke. “The Forest Witch is a liar but not Amoera’s Faun. Let us live out our lives in peace here. I AM telling the truth, Dunla Dhuarcain.” She paused, her lip trembling. “Please.”

Dunla stared into the woman’s eyes and saw the desperation there. She opened her mouth to speak then closed it, the hard expression on her face faltering.

PLEASE,” the Forest Witch hissed, squeezing her hair tighter.

The hardness returned to Dunla’s face. “You almost had me convinced,” she whispered, angry at herself. “But I won’t fall for your tricks. I will kill you and I will save Amoera and the others.”

“Remember this moment, Dunla Dhuarcain,” the Forest Witch hissed, her eyes full of sadness. “When you meet YOUR destiny when Almerry Keep falls remember me, remember that I had the power to change your destiny along with all the other women in that keep if you’d only abandoned this quest to kill. When you all meet a doom worse than anything you’ll find in this forest remember the blame lays on your shoulders for you were offered a way to avoid it.”

She let go of Dunla’s hair and took a step back. Her expression was blank for a moment then she smirked. She tilted her head to the side and smiled serenely at the four girls as the others returned to cower behind Dunla.

“Your brave leader has made a choice,” she said calmly smiling at them. “You pretty little fools shall see your quest through till the end.” She pointed at Dunla. “THAT pretty-pretty WILL kill me,” she declared with perfect calm and poise. “But not until my precious Amoera has saved the rest of you. I know you will not run but know even if you were to try there will be no escape. Three of you meet your fate tonight, but here in my forest a night can last an eternity.”

She lowered her arm and turned her back to them. For a moment her voice was sad and her head hung low. “I offered the Faun to you. You rejected her.” She stood up straight and began slowly walking away from them. “So I shall be the Forest Witch. Know that everything your Sisterhood has told you about me is wrong. I am worse. FAR worse, my little pretty-pretties.”

As she continued walking away roots and vines began twisting up around all of their feet then creeping up their legs. The others began panicking but Dunla tried to bend down to grab her sword. Roots pushed out of the ground and wrapped tightly around it, leaving it encased and visible but unretrievable.

“Remember pretty-pretties,” the Forest Witch called out as she stepped into the shadows of the woods and began to disappear. “I can not kill you. You may come to regret that. Pray my precious Amoera saves you quickly.”

“She’s gone,” Dunla said.

“H-how do you know?” Resi asked, struggling against the roots and vines slowly creeping up her legs while also trying to hold her enlarged breasts in place.

“I can feel her,” Dunla answered, not offering any further explanation.

“What did all that stuff about Amoera mean,” Gwynaetha whined. “It didn’t make sense. What did she mean about her saving us? Does that mean she’s not imprisoned by the Forest Witch?”

“I don’t know,” Dunla replied. She began to say something else but stopped, letting out a girlish squeal of alarm. “Get out of there!” she yelped, grabbing a vine that had twisted past her armor to rub against her crotch.

“They are trying to get into my clothes,” Emiko gasped as she struggled against the vines.

“Me too,” Resi said. “Stop it! Don’t touch me there!”

Gwynaetha grunted. “Don’t do that! Dunla, they are trying to tear my clothes off!”

“Me too,” the other two girls called out.

“Remember that she can’t kill us,” Dunla said, grunting as she struggled to keep vines from ripping off her chest armor.

“But she said she could do worse! What does that mean?”

The canopy above them shook, drawing all their attention up. They saw thick, long vines beginning to snake down towards them. They were unlike anything they had ever seen, plant life but the vines looked almost like their green surface was flesh. Pulsing veins ran down their length. Near the ends of the vines they grew more rigid and even more flesh-like, with ends that could not be mistaken for what they were.

“What are those,” Emiko screamed, hyperventilating.

“They look like they have dicks on their ends,” Resi said hysterically.

Gwynaetha had closed her eyes and was repeating, “It’s not real,” over and over again.

“I WILL kill her,” Dunla said as the first of the cock-tipped vines neared her.

Everything erupted into chaos a moment later.

Just as the cockvines reached them the vines that had been working to strip them tore the rest of their clothing off. Only Dunla was left with anything on. The vines had managed to pry the armor off her torso and crotch and rip off the clothing left exposed but her limbs were still covered in armor.

As soon as they were finished being undressed the roots holding them in place erupted from the ground, plunging them up in the air towards the cockvines. All of them, even Dunla, had screamed as they were thrust up into the writing swarm above them.

Their screams did not last long. The cockvines crowded around each of the girls, one ramming into each of their mouths to silence them. As the cockvines began pumping in and out of their mouths the roots and vines holding them in place slithered further up their bodies, wrapping around their arms as well as their legs and stretching their limbs out.

Fully exposed, it was easy for more of the cockvines to find their way towards the girls’ pussies. Their ends vibrated in excitement, growing hard and leaking ample green-colored precum. When they reached their destination they did not simply ram their way into the girls as the ones using their mouths had. Instead, each rubbed its swollen, fleshy green cockhead up and down the length of their cunts.

As they smeared the messy greenish precum all over them every one of the girls felt it affecting them instantly. They writhed in vain trying to pull away from its touch, most of them trying and failing to scream past the cockvine violating their mouths. They all felt their bodies heating with forced arousal as the precum was smeared into their womanhoods.

Dunla remained defiant, never stopping her pointless struggle to break free. Even as her body warmed then ignited with desire, even as her cunt began to gush, even as she felt the mind-melting pleasure of a cockvine pressing into her pussy she never stopped fighting.

Gwynaetha who had always acted tough submitted instantly. She was already sobbing, her body limp, by the time the cockvine reached her cunt. By the time it was pressing into her she was moaning in confused, forced pleasure, her eyes rolled up into her head as her mind began to shut down.

Resi thrashed about even more than Dunla. As a Druid her connection with nature, especially plants, had always been intensely strong. They had always been her servants and often her friends. The nightmare of being sexually assaulted by a forest was something so terrible it had, till that moment, been unimaginable to her.

It was Emiko, however, who dealt with everything the worst. As a Kittaran she was biologically incapable of understanding anything sexual unless she was in heat. When the cockvines had come into sight she’d felt sick to her stomach and found looking at them for more than a moment nearly impossible. She understood intellectually they were dicks but emotionally she was unable to process their existence.

When the first had entered her mouth and began fucking her face she began to feel disconnected first from her body and then the world around her. When the next one began rubbing up against the pink fur around her cunt she’d wanted to retch, but the cock forcing its way further into the back of her mouth and down her throat prevented that.

As the greenish precum forced her body into a state of hyper-arousal the sense of being disconnected from her body and the world swelled. Kittaran’s bodies could experience arousal when not in heat if forced, but her mind would never be able to process what she was feeling. The more aroused and wet she got the more her body would feel like an alien thing she wasn’t connected to.

More cockvines approached Resi and Gwynaetha, heading for their enlarged breasts. They began wrapping around them, pressing them together so cockvines could take turns fucking their tits. Having a part of their body they didn’t feel was truly part of them violated in this way caused strong reactions in both girls, something the cockvines seemed to sense. More began moving towards their enlarged breasts, waiting for their turn. Each would cum, spraying a huge load of greenish cum in between their tits or into their face. Some even pulled back at the last moment to shower their overgrown breasts with cum, ensuring there was always a fresh oozing mess on them.

The cockvines in all their mouths and cunts came at the same time. Their cheeks ballooned from the explosion of cum and their insides were filled with intense pressure as huge loads of cum were blasted deep into them. Each cockvine began to go soft as soon as it was done cumming, withdrawing slowly as they went flaccid.

As soft cockvines fell from mouths Dunla and Resi gagged and threw their heads forward to spit out the cum in their mouths. Emiko and Gwynaetha, who had gone limp as their minds shut down, were unable to process or deal with what was happening to them. They simply let their mouths fall open, the greenish cum oozing slowly out. The cockvines that fell limply from their pussies all left a flood of cum pouring out after them, but so much else was happening to them the girls barely noticed.

After that the roots and vines holding them in place shifted their bodies. They forced Resi down onto her knees, pulling her arms above her head. Others wrapped around her skull, forcing her to look at what was happening to the others. When she tried to close her eyes to avoid seeing her beloved plants tentacle-rapping her friends a root wrapped tightly around her neck and began constricting till she opened her eyes to watch.

A cockvine pushed out from the dirt under her to fuck her cunt while others crowded around her enlarged breasts, fucking her tits and adding to the oozing mess already covering the front of her body when they came. None returned to her mouth, ensuring she had a clear view of the others.

Gwynaetha and Emiko were simply dropped to the ground, both so catatonic there was no longer any need to hold them in place. The cockvines took turns fucking their mouths and cunts, leaving load after load of greenish cum in them where it would ooze out of their holes as they lay limp and awake but unmoving. But fewer of the cockvines came for them, their inactivity making them uninteresting targets.

Dunla never stopped fighting. She never stopped thrashing about, trying to break free. Never stopped trying to jerk her head away when a new cockvine would come to invade her mouth. Never stopped trying to push her legs closed to prevent another one from sliding into her cum-oozing cunt. There were even times when she succeeded in pulling a limb free or keeping a cockvine out of a fuckhole for a time. But it would never last. The vines and roots would jerk her body about and reposition her to grab a tighter hold of her then find a different way for the cockvines to fuck her.

When it was over they all lay abandoned on the forest floor, leaking and covered in greenish cum. Emiko and Gwynaetha lay limp and unmoving, frozen in shock. Resi had rolled over on her side and had her arms wrapped protectively around her breasts as she sobbed hysterically.

Only Dunla showed any sign of recovering a bit of composure any time soon. She was sprawled out on her back, panting and struggling to stop crying. Her armor was still on her limbs but it was so drenched in cum that as soon as she could she began pulling it off. Only after it was removed did she remember her sword.

“It’s still there,” she gasped. She wanted to jump to her feet and run to it but her body was too exhausted from what had happened to it. So she crawled. She crawled through the dirt and the puddles of greenish cum, past her friends who needed her.

When she got to the sword she expected the roots around it to remain, even feared when she reached for it that they would pull it down into the earth. Instead, the roots began slithering back into the earth, abandoning the sword. She gripped the handle, pulled it to herself then rolled over onto her back so she could hug it to her chest.

She erupted into tears again. “I… will… kill… her…” she sobbed.

What happens to the girl squad now that they know how truly fucked they are? (Choose up to 6 options from this poll)

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