New Backer Driven Story “Coming Out of Retirement”

Below the break you’ll find the beginning of a new backer driven story. It’s just a short intro to introduce the main character, but hopefully its enough set up to get you excited for a new ongoing story!

Sydnie tried to walk with the same confidence she’d once had when setting out for a new adventure. But I’m not the woman I was a decade ago when I retired from the life of a questing adventurer to settle down, she thought.

Since retiring the auburn-haired beauty had married and birthed a few children, spending the last decade of her life smothered in the warm bliss of happy family life in a quiet village far from the dangers and adventure that had once been the only thing she’d cared about.

She’d been a fierce fighter then, deadly with her sword and with a body fit and muscular from a hard life of near nonstop combat. Ten years of soft living and multiple births had changed that. She hadn’t picked up the sword hanging at her side in years before that morning and knew that she’d be rusty using it. I just have to hope it comes back to me fairly quickly.

What had been much more of a worry as she’d packed for the journey she was starting out on was her body. She knew she was still beautiful but the sexy, slender, well-muscled body she’d had in her twenties was gone. The body she had now as a retired adventurer and mother in her late thirties was still sexy, just in a VERY different way.

Sydnie looked down at herself. She’d always been proud of her body, had always liked displaying as much of it as she could. It was half the reason she’d kept the enchanted chain mail bikini she’d found at the end of one of her first adventures. The magical protection it provided was as potent as a set of full-body armor all while allowing her to run around with nearly every inch of her skin revealed.

It almost didn’t fit on me, she thought bitterly looking down at her breasts. They’d always been large, but in the past decade they’d gone from “fucking big” to “holy shit those are enormous”. Even her husband thought their increased size was just part of the weight she’d gained, and never lost, after each of her pregnancies.

Beautiful, wonderful, understanding man. He’s been so supportive of me having to come out of retirement for this. But why my breasts have gotten so large? That’s one secret I can’t share with him.

She was pretty sure that if not for the enchantment on the chain mail bikini it wouldn’t have fit on her. But the top and the bottom had expanded as she’d struggled to put them on. They hadn’t gone as far as altering themselves so they fit her, but just enough for her to get them on. The bikini top dug into the massive, heavy, soft meat of her breasts. And around the edges of both the top and bottom thick, soft skin bulged out, reminding her of just how much thicker she was.

Taking one last look at the small village where her family lived peacefully she began her journey. The road she was on would take her the direction she needed to go, at least for now.

Thinking about the journey she was beginning she pulled the letter out of a pouch she had on her belt. She opened it and read it for perhaps the hundredth time. It’d come from one of the members of the party she’d adventured with, a dear friend who was desperate for her aid. It was a call for help she’d not been able to ignore.

She folded it back up, tucking it away. “I’m coming, old friend,” she whispered.

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