New entry for the poll driven story “The Adventures of Birgitta and Kiki, Heralds of the Crimson Light”

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“You know, ladies, you should be a bit more careful,” a handsome, rugged-looking Human man said. He flashed a charming smile as he sat across from Birgitta and Kiki, casually drinking a mug of ale.

Birgitta gave the man a stern look. “And why is that, stranger?”

The man smirked and leaned across the table. “Because the Baroness has spies everywhere,” he whispered.

Kiki responded by looking around the room as if she could suddenly see spies in every shadow then dramatically held her arm to her forehead and pretended she was about to faint. “Spies? Oh no! What are we ever to do if we’re spotted by an evil lord’s informants? Save me, Birgitta.” she said, pretending to faint onto Birgitta’s shoulder.

She began to go limp, intending for Birgitta to catch her. Kiki realized her partner wasn’t going to catch her a moment too late to prevent herself from falling off the bench they were sharing. She fell to the floor with a girlish yelp, drawing the attention of everyone in the room.

“And you should try to draw less attention to yourselves,” the man added. While Kiki scrambled to get off the floor he held his hand out. “I’m Raold Rantel.” When Birgitta didn’t reach to shake his hand he pulled it back. “I’m a hunter. I was planning on setting out in the morning to see what kind of game I could find.”

Birgitta crossed her arms, grunted to acknowledge Kiki as she returned to her seat, and stared the man down. “And you’re offering all this helpful advice why?”

The man shrugged. “Everyone who lives here knows it. But most of them would never tell strangers like you.” He looked around the room, drawing the women’s attention to apprehensive looks everyone was giving them. “They are all hoping you either move on before one of her spies find you or that if you don’t, at least you don’t get them involved in whatever trouble you intend on causing.”

“I can feel the fear,” Kiki whispered, her normal jovial tone gone. “So much more of it suddenly…”

Birgitta grunted to acknowledge what her partner had said. “Well, Raold, I thank you for your advice. But we are not afraid of the Baroness of her spies.”

Raold narrowed his eyes. “You SHOULD be. She has a way of finding out about everything and punishing them for it. Most who are taken to her estate never return and those that do… well, let’s just say they return changed.”

“Are you telling us we should flee?”

“No,” Kiki said, her voice serious. “He’s going to offer to help us.”

He nodded. “Yes! Look, I’m a brave man but I won’t lie and say I’m brave enough to stand up to the Baroness. But I can give you information. I know a lot of things, things that could help you. But not here where everyone can hear us, I fear I’ve already said too much. Come upstairs with me to the room I’ve rented, we can talk safely there.”

Birgitta looked at Kiki.

She flashed a dopey, eager grin. “We were planning on renting a room anyways.” She looked at Raold then back to Birgitta and waggled her eyebrows. “And he looks like he wouldn’t be too bad to spend the night with. All those rugged muscles, we haven’t had that kind of man to share for a while.”

“Ignore her,” Birgitta grunted. She put her hands on the table and stood up. “Alright, lead the way, ser. Come on Kiki. And try to keep it in your pants till the serious business is done.”

She squealed in delight as she hopped up.

As they headed for the stairs, Raold leading the way, Birgitta noticed the way everyone was looking at them. She reached out and brushed her hand against Kiki’s, their skin glowing faintly where it touched. Kiki turned and looked back at the people’s faces. They looked at each other, let their hands touch again, then nodded.

* * *

“Remember Kiki, talk first fun later,” Birgitta told her partner as she closed the door behind her. “We need to let this kind gentleman tell us his secrets before we show him our thanks.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Raold said.

As he’d walked into the room ahead of them he’d taken something out of his pocket and with his back to them had rubbed it against his crotch. Now that the door to the room was closed he spun around, holding up a glowing metal charm the size of his palm. The charm was shaped like a large eye surrounded by scales with two small demonic horns atop it.

The metal eye erupted with sparking red arcane energy that flew towards both women. Before either had a chance to react the streams of sparking red energy flowed into their eyes, momentarily turning them white. Both their arms fell limp to their sides and their faces lost all expression.

“Much better,” the man said. “Praise be to Baedor,” the man added, nodding to the charm. “I dedicated what I am about to do with these women to you, oh mighty God of Sexual indulgence.”

He tucked the charm back into his pocket then began undressing. “I suppose by now you realize I’m the very spy I was ‘warning’ you about. I want you to know I wasn’t lying about being a hunter, I was just a bit misleading with that bit of information. See, I’m one of the Baroness’ huntsmen, only it’s not wild game I hunt. It’s people like you two, people who would cause trouble. It’s my job to hunt them down and bring them to her.”

After his shirt was off he took a moment to stretch, flexing his well-muscled body and showing it off. “It’s a shame you two dumb bitches can’t speak when you’re hypnotized by the charm. I’d like to make you tell me what you thought of my body. Is it everything the eager little slut expected?”

As he was speaking he’d been unfastening his pants. He dropped them then, his hard manhood springing into sight as his pants fell around his ankles. “How about this? Impressive, isn’t it? And you two sluts have me oh so excited.

“See, as a huntsman I’m allowed a bit of fun with my victims before I bring them to the Baroness. Not much fun to be had with the men, but the women? Oh, I have all sorts of fun with them.”

He kicked his pants off then pointed to the floor at his feet. “Come kneel right here.”

Birgitta and Kiki both jerked forward in response to his command, shuffling like zombies towards him then dropping to their knees at his feet.

He stroked both their heads, directing the two women to face each other with his cock between them. “We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight, the three of us. Or at least I am, I couldn’t care less if either of you dumb sluts enjoys even a moment of it.”

“Now suck,” he barked, pressing their heads towards each other.

If his cock had not been between them he might have been pushing them together to force them to kiss. But their lips were kept apart by his hard shaft. When they reached it both women opened their mouths, taking opposite sides of his impressive girth into their maws.

He held their heads in place as they both began noisily and wetly sucking, directing them to move their mouths up and down his length. They sucked and slurped and licked, drooling messily on his throbbing member.

“Damn, you’re both truly eager for some cock. That’s good, I’ve got plenty to give.” He let go of their heads. “Keep going, I want to see how good the both of you can work together. You will both keep your mouths on my cock till I cum.”

Kiki moved her mouth towards the base of his shaft while Birgitta went towards the tip. As Birgitta neared the end she shifted her body so she could more easily take his swollen cockhead into her mouth. At the same time Kiki arched her back and lowered her body as she began sucking on the man’s balls.

Raold moaned in delight. “Clearly not the first time you two have done this,” he gasped. Kiki had snaked her hands up the front of his body and was caressing his hard abs, running her fingers through the dark bristly hair there. Birgitta had inhaled his cockhead and was giving him loud, sloppy, intense head.

What happens next to Birgitta and Kiki? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)

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