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The First Day in Greenwell

“Town,” the feral girl said, pointing as the party pushed their way out of the forest.

The party joined the small girl who was crouched on all fours, standing beside her atop a rise looking down at the sprawling town.

“Bloody good find, dear,” Mozi, an exceptionally pretty Orcish girl said, standing as she almost always did beside the feral girl and stroking the animal skin she wore over her head and back as if it were part of her. “Is this where you came from?”

The feral girl stuck her tongue out and hissed. “Not from a place like this.” She rubbed up against Mozi’s leg like a cat, purring. “Past doesn’t matter. Only the pack. Only Mozi and the others.”

“She’s been very affectionate while we made our way here,” a small, cute Human girl dressed in white Priestess’ robes said. “I’m glad we picked her up in the wilds. Even with her leading the way it took us far longer than we expected, who knows if we would have ever found this place on our own.”

“Vicki’s right,” a slender, blue-skinned Night Elve girl who the rest of the party called Alva said. “It’s like we were meant to find the feral girl.”

“I just regret I wasn’t able to see how pretty she is till a couple of days ago,” Suzu, the party’s Kittaran archer said. She had a huge bushy white tail and large furry white cat’s ears. The hair on her head was the same white as her tail and ears and so thick it was hard to tell where the fur surrounding her ears ended and the normal hair began.

She came and crouched on the ground beside the feral girl and stroked her cheek. “So wild yet and so sexually…” she trailed off, pulling away. “I’m sorry everyone, I know now is not the appropriate time.”

“It’s okay, Suzu,” Thessalia, the party’s leader said, placing a reassuring hand on the Kittaran girl’s shoulder.

All of “Thessalia Lambs” were young women about the same age, their race’s equivalent of their very early twenties. Her lambs didn’t know it, but Thessalia was too. But as a Silver Elve she looked ageless, both eternally youthful but mature far beyond her years. And as a member of a pure-blooded Elven race the youthful woman had already lived hundreds of years longer than the others, yet amongst her people she was still as much an adolescent as they were.

In the lamb’s eyes Thessalia was a wise, experienced leader who, although she had recently had some failings, protected them with a ferocity that had earned their fanatical loyalty. She’d recruited them all from diverse walks of life to join her on her quest to find the Box of Lila, an ancient and evil artifact that had recently resurfaced. So far their journey had taken them through monster-filled wilds. The party had honed their skills as they discovered much about each other and their selves during that time.

Suzu, though, was leaving the wilds most changed. As a Kittaran she was biologically unable to feel and understand sexual attraction unless she was in heat. After being captured by a monster interested in using her to breed she’d been left changed. She’d only been held captive for a short time before her friends had saved her, but it had been long enough for the horny beast and its overpowering pheromones to break something inside of her. The Kittaran girl was now permanently in heat. Everyone in the party, her most of all, were having to adjust to how this was changing nearly everything about Suzu.

“We’ve all earned a nice long rest,” Thessalia told her lambs. “We’ll plan on staying in the town for at least a few days. We’ll get ourselves a few rooms at an inn first thing, store our gear, and then I think we need to do some shopping. Suzu needs some new clothes after… well, she needs some new clothes.

“And so does our feral girl. We’re all used to having her run around naked with just the animal fur over her back, but I’m thinking that won’t be as accepted in that town down there. Our quest might take us to a lot of places like this. Or even somewhere much colder, so we’ll all need to purchase some warmer clothes just in case. And maybe a horse or donkey to keep all our extra gear in.”

Thessalia looked at the feral girl crouched on all fours like an animal, Mozi and Suze to either side of her as they absentmindedly petted her while looking down at the town. They so easily switch between treating her like a pet and person. We all do. She makes it so easy… But should we be? She’s a girl, not a wild animal. I’ve no idea how she got this way, no idea what led to her living alone in the wilds. But perhaps I should be working to bring more of the girl out, at least while we’re in town.

“You need a name,” Thessalia said to the feral girl. “We can’t keep calling you ‘the feral girl’ forever.”

She perked up and turned to look at Thessalia, the red irises of her eyes glowing intensely, a sign she was experiencing strong emotions.

Thessalia tried to read the expression on the girl’s face, but as was so often the case it was impossible. There was too much of the wild animal in her and too little of the person underneath it. “You must have had a name at one point?”

The girl narrowed her eyes. “Yes. But I will not speak it.”

“Stop it, Thessalia,” Mozi said protectively, turning to stand between the wild girl and the imposing Silver Elve. “She’s told us she doesn’t want a name, not yet.”

The feral girl tugged on the back of Mozi’s shirt to get her attention. She looked up at her and nodded. “I’m ready now,” she said slowly standing on her feet. Yet even when standing she looked more beast than person. “But I will NOT use my birth name. I… I will choose my own name.”

All the others aside from Mozi backed away. There was a danger to the feral girl when she acted less wild and more person-like. None of them consciously noticed it but all except Mozi reacted to it instinctively.

“That seems only fair,” Thessalia said with a reassuring nod. “Did you have a name in mind?”

“Ashling the Feral Girl,” she said without hesitation, glancing at Mozi as she did then dropping back down onto all fours.

Everyone saw the way Mozi’s green cheeks had flushed when the girl had spoken her chosen name. “What was that?” Vicki asked.

Mozi blushed prettily and kicked at the ground, looking down. “I didn’t think you’d even remember that story,” she said bashfully, stroking Ashling the Feral Girl’s head.

“Are you going to tell us what this is about?” Alva asked.

“Ashling was… well, the first girl I… you know,” Mozi said, still blushing. “You MAY have noticed I can be a bit, uh, aggressive when it comes to intimate matters.”

Alva chucked. “Something like that. Proper noblewoman by day, savage Orc under the cover of the bedroll.”

“Yes, well, I wasn’t always like that,” Mozi said, staring at the feral girl as she smiled up at her. “Why did you choose that name?”

Ashling’s lips twisted into a wicked smile. “Mozi-pet is best when she’s being a good girl.”

Mozi blushed deeper, looking away. The others didn’t understand, they thought the feral girl was just flirting. But Mozi understood. She was becoming consciously aware of the control the wild girl was getting over her. Nothing excited her as much as when the fierce thing whispered those two delicious words in her ear. Each time Ashling called her a “good girl” she was left more eager to prove it.

There were a lot of things going on within the party the others couldn’t see. Thessalia had secrets she hid from her lambs along with secrets hidden from herself that were only remembered when it was advantageous for the powers manipulating her. The innocent, devout Vicki was slowly shedding her innocence, becoming a woman none would one day recognize as the bashful girl they’d first set out with. Alva had fallen under the wild girl’s sways as well, although to a much smaller degree than Mozi. And none of them realized just how strong the sexual feelings Suzu was struggling with were.

* * *

“It’s itchy,” Ashling said, tugging at the outfit she was wearing. “I feel like my skin is suffocating,” she grumbled, pulling the front of the dress down and almost exposing her tiny breasts.

“You can’t do that,” Mozi chided her, slapping her hand away.

Ashling hissed at her and started to drop down on all fours but stopped, looking down at her dress and the knee-high stockings she had on. “You’ll all be mad if I crawl around and get the pretty clothes dirty, won’t you?” she asked, her face twisted up in distaste. Her eyes were glowing again as were some of the red tribal tattoos that surrounded her eyes.

“Yes, we will,” Thessalia said, chuckling. “If you could try and keep them clean till at least we leave town?”

“Fine,” Ashling muttered, awkwardly tugging at the short skirt of the dress. They could all see she was fighting the urge to hike it up and tuck it into the belt she kept the knives she fought with on. She’d done this a few times so far and had been admonished by all. Underwear of any kind had been something she’d refused to even allow them to purchase her, so when she hiked the dress up like that it left her privates exposed. “Can I have the cloak?”

“Of course,” Thessalia said, handing the small girl the thick dark-green cloak.

It was almost too big for a tiny wild girl but as soon as she had it draped over her body she seemed more at ease. Mozi helped her clasp it in place then showed her how to pull the hood up. She purred as she sunk back into the darkness of the hood and would spend much of their time while on the streets of Greenwell, the town they were in, as hidden from the eyes of others as she could be.

“I like this,” she said, standing straighter and more person-like the more she felt hidden by the cloak. “I feel safe.”

“I’m glad,” Thessalia said. “Okay girls, come on, we’ve got a lot more shopping to do. I think new clothes today? That should take most of the rest of the day. Then back to the inn, we can worry about other supplies tomorrow.”

Suzu’s tail was lashing. “Thessalia, can I get at least one outfit that’s a bit sexy? I’ve always kept as much of my body covered up because the way people, especially men, looked at it made me uncomfortable. But I WANT them to look at me that way now.”

“Of course,” Thessalia said. “I want you all to be happy, and I’ve more than enough money for us to be able to indulge a bit in frivolities we’ll only be pulling out when we’re staying in a town like this.”

“Where is all the money coming from?” Alva asked.

Thessalia jumped, startled by the Rogue’s sudden appearance at her side. The others giggled and Thessalia laughed with them. “You’ve got to stop sneaking up on me like that.”

Alva grinned. “I don’t even do it on purpose.”

“I’m curious where all your money comes from, too,” Vicki asked.

“I’m a Silver Elve,” Thessalia declared proudly. “My mother accumulated wealth on her adventures that I’d struggle to spend during my long life no matter how careless I was with it. As long as you remain with me, my lambs, you’ll never want when it comes to pretty things. But I wouldn’t have chosen any of you to join me on my quest if I thought that kind of thing mattered to you. Now come on girls, I think we ALL need at least one fun and sexy outfit.”

* * *

Thessalia and her lambs were all glowing with joy after their day of clothes shopping and each was wearing a comfortable, but sexy, new outfit. They all knew they looked drastically overdressed for the meal they were enjoying in the first-floor dining hall of the inn they were staying at, but they didn’t care. But their night wasn’t about what anyone else thought of them, it was just about each other.

“What did you think about that meal, Ashling?” Mozi asked the feral girl sitting next to her.

She was still tugging uncomfortably at her dress but didn’t feel the need to hide inside her cloak for the moment. “I liked the meat,” she said, grinning. “Although I would have liked it if it hadn’t been cooked for so long.”

“How did the meal compare to the fancy ten-course feasts you must have been used to,” Alva teased Mozi.

“My family is wealthy but not THAT wealthy,” she said haughtily, raising her chin.

“I’m still amazed at how good food can taste,” Vicki said, rubbing her tummy. “Everything at the temple I grew up at was so bland. Life there was bland, just prayer and study. I never realized what I was missing out on. What did you think about the meal, Suzu?”

“Hmm? What?” the Kittaran girl said, looking at the others with her fluffy tail lashing wildly behind her.

“HEY!” someone sitting behind her said, batting it out of the way.

“Sorry,” she replied sheepishly, grabbing her tail and pulling it into her lap so she could stroke it nervously. “What did you ask me, Vicki?”

Vicki chuckled. “You weren’t lying about how easily you’d be distracted when we aren’t fighting. You’ve looked at nearly everyone we’ve passed today like you want to pounce on them the way Ashling pounces on Mozi or Alva.”

“Everyone is just so attractive,” Suzu said dreamily.

Thessalia had been quiet since they got back to the inn. She had spent the evening smiling at her lambs, enjoying how happy they all were. They deserve some rest and lighthearted fun after the hard times in the wilds. She thought about what Ashling kept calling her, “pack mother”. And they deserve some space away from their ‘mom’ she thought.

“You know, girls, this wine I’ve been enjoying has gone to my head. I’m thinking I should head to bed a bit early. Would you all mind splitting the other two rooms amongst yourselves? Once I’m bedded down for the night I’d like to be able to rest till the morning.”

“Of course, Thessalia,” Mozi said, not looking away from Ashling who she was doting on by adjusting her dress and brushing a hand through her long, tangled hair.

Thessalia smiled as she got up from the table, taking one last look at how happy and close her lambs had become. As she turned from the table the smile died. She suddenly felt cold. Something in her was warning her NOT to go up to her room, that there was danger there. But even filled with apprehension she felt drawn to the rented room, unable to avoid the call of whatever would be there waiting for her…

* * *

Suzu closed the door behind her, tail lashing in excitement. Neither of the two girls who had entered the room ahead of her had noticed the predatory, eager grin on her face yet.

“I wonder what Mozi and Ashling are going to be doing all night in their room alone,” Vicki giggled, lighting a few candles in the room before the last of the daylight coming in through the window died.

“The same thing any of us would be doing if we were in the room with her,” Alva said, giggling back. “The wild girl is insatiable.” She grinned slyly at Vicki. “And what about innocent little Vicki bedding down with Thessalia while the rest of us were pairing off? What naughty things were you and our ‘pack mother’ doing under those covers all night?”

Vicki blushed and looked away. “That’s private. And let’s not call her ‘mom’ when we’re talking about this stuff.”

“You’re lucky,” Alva said. “Gods the tits on that woman! I can’t even imagine. I like tits, I mean just look at me, barely anything here,” she said as she began to undress.

“Don’t be so crude,” Vicki said bashfully as she began undressing too.

“Why, am I getting you excited?” she teased the bashful girl.

“You’re getting someone excited,” Suzu purred.

Both other girls jumped, having forgotten the Kittaran was in the room with them. When they looked at her and saw the look of carnal hunger on her face they both flinched, pulling back. They were not used to their Kittaran looking at them like that. And then there was the way she was standing by the door, hands behind her braced on it as if prepared to prevent them from leaving. Her tail was lashing in a way they’d learned to associate with aggressiveness, but they’d never seen it moving that way except for in the heat of battle.

Vicki had just taken her clothes and was left naked, one hand draped over her breasts and the other over her crotch. She laughed nervously. “Suzu… uh, what’s going on?”

Suzu ducked forward, pouncing across the room in a cat-like movement none had ever seen her make before. She sprung to her feet in front of Vicki, towering over the small, cute naked girl. She stroked her blond hair, purring. It was not the mock-purr they were used to her making, but an actual purr you’d hear a real cat make.

“I always knew you were cute, Vicki, but before it was like a porcelain doll. Like I wanted to put you on a shelf and keep you safe.”

Vicki was shaking, scared of how changed her friend was but excited and not able to pull away. “And now?” she asked, lip trembling.

“Now I see how sexy cute can be. And I can see that even though this cute face looks young you have the body of a woman. A dainty, soft body that needs to be touched and caressed. A body hungry to show it’s a woman’s body.”

Suzu had begun stroking her cheek. Vicki closed her eyes and leaned into her hand, moaning slightly. “Yes, Suzu, show me…”

Alva groaned from behind them. “Suzu, what are you doing?”

Vicki opened her eyes, blinked, then pulled away. “What ARE you doing?” she asked, trying to slow her breathing. “And what’s that smell?”

“It smells so good,” Alva sighed, drifting towards Suzu without realizing.

“I’ve spent all day having to look and not touch,” Suze purred, gently but firmly grabbing Vicki’s hand and pulling her towards Alva whose hand she grabbed as well. “You have no idea what it’s like being in heat. I NEED to fuck. It’s a biological need I HAVE to fulfill. I need it so bad it HURTS. Will you both help me?”

“Of course,” Vicki said dreamily, closing her eyes and inhaling as she inched closer to Suzu. “You’re our friend… and you smell sooooooo good.”

“You do smell good,” Alva said, brow furrowed as she stared at Suzu. “What are you doing?” she asked again.

“Helping you both get in the mood,” Suzu replied, letting go of their hands and stepping away from them to begin undressing. “Kittaran heat can manifest in a lot of different ways. It shifts with our needs and wants. Sometimes we’re pathetically submissive, but sometimes when our lust hasn’t been sated our bodies help us get what we want. A bit of uncharacteristic aggressiveness, a little bit of feline musk in the air to help ensure someone sexy helps satiate some needs.”

“I like it,” Vicki said, a dreamy look on her face as she stared at Suzu’s naked body now that she was undressed.

Suzu slowly rotated, showing her body off to the two girls. She was slender with well-toned muscles but had surprisingly large, soft breasts. As both girls drank in her naked body they realized just how much the Kittaran had been doing to hide her feminine curves till that point. Even the sexy outfit she’d bought that day had not fully displayed all her assets.

“Can you turn it off?” Alva asked, sounding confused. “I’m not sure I like this… it kind of reminds me of what the monster’s smell did to us all.” She froze, eyes going wide. “Oh, Suzu, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought that up.”

“It’s okay,” Suzu said, tail lashing as she stalked towards the two girls. “I’m happy it happened. Happy I’m going to get to spend the rest of my life like this. Happy I’m here with both of you now.”

Both girls reeled as Suzu released more of her feline musk. They both looked dizzy and stumbled back towards the large bed that filled much of the small room.

Suzu grabbed her breasts, gently squeezing them ash she lifted them to show them off. “The monster wasn’t gentle and he didn’t touch me the way I want to be touched now. My breasts ache. Don’t they look sexy? So big and soft yet firm.”

As she spoke she continued to stalk towards them, backing them up into the bed. Alva stumbled into it and fell back, too dizzy for the moment to get up. Vicki had managed to stay on her feet, her eyes locked onto Suzu’s breasts as the Kittaran girl played with them.

“You like my breasts, don’t you, Vicki?”

“Yeah,” she said dreamily. “I like big breasts. And yours look so much softer than Thessalia’s.”

Suzu turned around, wrapping her large fluffy tail around Vicki as she backed into her. “Feel how soft they are,” she purred, grabbing the shaking girl’s hands and wrapping them around her body to place them on her chest.

Vicki cooed, closing her eyes and putting her face into the wild mass of white hair behind Suzu. She began fondling Suzu’s breasts, rubbing and squeezing and reveling in how her fingers sunk into the soft pliable flesh.

“Mmmm… Yet, just like that,” Suzu purred. “Now my nipples. They need attention. Yessssssss, pinch them. Twist them. Mmmmmm…”

In a smooth, feline movement she pulled away from Vicki, lashing her fluffy tail back and forth and blowing the candles out. With the sun set this plunged the room into near darkness. She slipped forward, gently pushing Vicki onto the bed beside Alva then crawled up onto the bed and flopped between them on her back. “I want to feel you both sucking on my nipples at the same time.”

Both girls moaned submissively, rolling over and grabbing one of Suzu’s breasts. The Kittaran purred and arched her back as their lips locked around her nipples. She slipped her arms under the others, pulling them in closer.

“Gods that’s heavenly. It feels so good. And it feels even better to be this wanted. You want me, don’t you?” she asked them. After both girls nodded and mumbled agreement around the nipple in their mouths Suzu let her head fall back into the soft bed, grinning with her eyes closed.

“Alva, you’ve had some practice with girls, yes? With Mozi and Ashling?”

“Mmmhmm,” Alva moaned, still sucking on Suzu’s nipple.

The Kittaran shifted the arm she had wrapped around the slender Night Elve. She pushed her body down away from her breasts, spreading her legs open as she did. “Show me what you can do with your mouth.”

As Alva went to work on her pussy Suzu pulled Vicki away from her breast, shifting her so their faces were together. “You haven’t had much practice kissing, have you?”

“No,” Vicki admitted, blushing.

“That’s okay, neither have I. But we can practice now. And maybe I’ll slip a hand between your legs and let my fingers show you how thankful I am.” Before Vicki could answer she pulled her in close and began kissing her.

It didn’t take long before Suzu was closing her thighs tight around Alva’s face, her back arched as she moaned and writhed. “Cuuuuummmmminng” she purred then let her body fall limp.

“I’d like to return the favor,” she sighed. “But I don’t want Vicki feeling left out.” She sprung up, the post-orgasmic calm gone. She adjusted both the girls, Alva in the center of the bed on her back and Vick face down with her head between the Night Elve’s legs. Suzu knelt at the end of the bed, arms wrapped around Vicki’s legs so she could pull her back end into her face.

Alva reached down and stroked Vicki’s hair, wiggling and moaning happily. “You’re a natural at that, Vicki,” she sighed. “Or maybe it’s just Suzu’s musk but I feel so fucking wet and already feel like I’m going to cum soon.”

Vicki moaned and slurped happily at Alva’s pussy. She licked and pressed her tongue flat against Alva’s slit then moved it from side to side before dragging it up to her clit where she pulled back, teasing her fleshy bead with just the tip of her tongue.

Alva moaned and threw her legs up, her toes stretching out then curling in as her whole body tensed.

Vicki was mostly just trying to copy what Suzu was doing to her. It was a pale imitation of the way the Kittaran was going at her pussy. She felt like a bowl of water the thirsty cat was lapping up. Occasionally Suzu would gently nip at her pussy, carefully using her extra-large and sharp canines to send a pleasurable flash of pain running through her body.

“What’s that light?” Alva gasped. “Vicki! Your hands are glowing like when you’re healing someone. Are you okay?”

Vicki stopped eating Alva out, twisting her face to the side and pressing her cheek into Night Elve’s moist slit. “I’m cumming,” she whimpered. “Azeena be praised, that feels so good!”

Both Alva and Vicki would have been satisfied if the night of passion ended there, but Suzu was far from sated. As soon as Vicki was done cumming she was back on the bed with them, tail and limbs helping her rearrange the other two around her. She worked on pure animal instinct, leading the three of them in an ever-shifting mingling of limbs and soft flesh and warm wet mouths and wetter, warmer holes.

They kissed and they ground against each other. They used their hands and their mouths. They explored every inch of their bodies together, the dark of the room only lit by the occasional glow of Vicki’s hands. There was only one constant: Suzu was always in charge, either the central focus or the one leading the others. Even as their wild exploratory sex stretched long into the night there was no thought of stopping till Suzu was satisfied.

Suzu ended up sprawled out in the center of the bed, Vicki and Alva cuddling on either side of her. She had her arms under them, hugging them tight against sweat-drenched her body. “Thank you,” she sighed. “I should be able to think straight for a bit.”

“I don’t understand how so many people think of that as something evil or shameful or corrupting,” Vicki sighed, already beginning to drift to sleep.

“I pity every Kittaran not lucky enough to be in heat right now,” Suzu purred contentedly. “I wish I’d spent more of my life like this.”

“Women who refuse to try what we just did are fools,” Alva cooed. “I get why boys are attractive, but missing out on this? It seems so stupid.” She yawned. “We need to get some sleep. There can’t be much of the night left.”

“I bet Mozi and Ashling will want to sleep in too,” Suzu sighed. “But Thessalia’s probably going to want us all to wake up early. She did go to bed early and alone, after all.”

* * *

“I’m so ready to take every single piece of clothing off,” Ashling growled, beginning to undress before Mozi closed the door behind them.

The Orc paused for a moment at the door, waving goodnight to the three other girls before they entered their room. “Suzu seemed eager to get them in there,” Mozi said, chuckling. “I bet they are going to have fun tonight,” she added as she closed the door.

When she turned around she jump in surprise to find Ashling naked and standing inches away from her. The small girl leaped at the larger Orc girl, wrapping her dainty legs around her waist and using the momentum of the leap to slam her into the door.

“Ashling!” Mozi blurted, shocked by the wild girl’s animalistic, aggressive behavior. No matter how many times it happened it always shocked the refined noble upbringing so deeply ingrained into her.

The shock and outrage at such behavior melted away when Ashling grabbed hold of Mozi’s long dark hair, yanking her head back causing it to slam into the door. She then slowly licked her from the base of her neck up to her chin. The Orcish girl moaned, becoming instantly submissive.

“I was thinking we could cuddle for a bit since we have the room to ourselves,” Mozi sighed as Ashling kissed and nipped at her neck, still wrapped around the top of her body and keeping her pinned to the wall.

“No cuddling tonight,” Ashling said, biting Mozi’s neck hard enough to make her yelp in pain. She hopped off her and placed a hand on Mozi’s crotch. “Tonight is for rutting. Suzu is wild with heat, she’ll rut all night. Even Thessalia will be busy till morning.”

“Thessalia went to bed early and alone, remember?” Mozi asked as Ashling let go of her crotch so she could start undressing her.

“Sure,” Ashling muttered, struggling to not simply rip Mozi’s new clothing off. “Alone, sure. Thessalia will be alone allllll night.”

Mozi pushed her away, looking at her with concern. “Do you know something, Ashling? Is Thessalia in danger?”

Ashling’s eyes pulsed with red glowing light. The red tribal tattoos spread across her body lit up as well, shocking Mozi. She’d only seen the ones closest to her eyes light up that way.

“The pack mother has a life outside of the one she shares with her lambs,” Ashling said, standing up straight and speaking in an almost normal voice. “We lambs should mind our business when she is attending to HER business, especially when she has visitors.”

“Ashling, dear, what does that mean?” Mozi asked, reaching out to pet the wild girl.

Her hand flew up, grabbing Mozi’s wrist tight enough to make her groan in discomfort. “Tonight you’re not doing the petting,” she said firmly, directing Mozi to turn around and backing her towards the bed. “Tonight you will be the pet. Now undress,” she demanded, pulling away. “I want everything off you except your choker and your earrings. And let your hair down but tie your headband tightly so it won’t come off if I decide I want to tug on your hair.”

“Okay, Ashling,” Mozi said meekly, beginning to strip.

She knew why the wild girl wanted her to keep the earrings in. Like all three items she’d demanded she keep on they had come from a chest of loot the feral girl had she’d shared with the party after they let her join them. They had a powerful, but subtle, enchantment on them that made the already pretty Orcish girl prettier.

The headband heightened her senses when she wore it. Mozi knew Ashling liked her to wear it at night, especially if they were going to be together. It didn’t quite let her see in the dark, but it helped a great deal if there was any natural light to enhance. It also made her feel every physical sensation more intensely. Although Ashling clearly like that but it was the enhanced taste and smell she liked most. She reveled in making the Orcish girl taste her and always seemed most thrilled when she could tell Mozi could smell any part of her, especially her pussy.

It was only the leather choker that Mozi didn’t understand. As far as she knew it was just something pretty Ashling seemed to like to see on Mozi. Thessalia had checked it for enchantments and found none but sometimes Mozi wondered. She’d noticed she’d often forget she had it on and only that afternoon had realized she’d never taken it off since putting it on. In fact, thinking about taking it off had made her feel sick to the stomach.

She wanted to ask Ashling about it but when the small wild girl was dominating her like this she could never ask questions like that. All she could think clearly about was doing what the girl wanted and pleasing her.

Once Mozi was undressed Ashling leaped on her again, knocking her onto the bed and locking her lips to the Orc’s. She nipped at her mouth and was sloppy with her tongue, partially because of Mozi’s two small tusk-like teeth that stuck up from her mouth got in the way, but mostly because Ashling was ALWAYS a sloppy mess with her tongue. Her kisses, no matter how passionate or chaste, were always more tongue than lip.

Mozi was slender for an Orc but that still left her taller and stronger than most Human women her age. Ashling was a very small girl, both short and with dainty limbs. Her body was covered in wiry muscles, but they gave her speed not brute strength. Yet somehow Ashling was always able to easily overpower the large Orcish girl, something that have become even more pronounced once she’d begun wearing the collar.

Ashling pinned Mozi to the bed, pushing her up against the headboard and forcing her legs open. She grabbed both her wrists and pressed them to the headboard, pulling her mouth away from the Orc’s and beginning to lick and kiss and nip her way down her neck and towards her heaving chest.

“Gods, Ashling,” Mozi moaned with a happy shudder, “I never thought submitting could feel so good. Even when I was just a shy girl I was always more aggressive than my partners, except my first time.”

Ashling’s mouth had nearly reached Mozi’s breasts but she abandoned her journey and lunged up, kissing Mozi to silence her. When she pulled away Mozi was panting with excitement, straining half-heartedly against the small girl’s firm grip on her wrists.

“Mozi-pet is talking too much. Kindly shut the fuck up,” Ashling purred then started licking and kissing her way back down the girl’s green neck.

For a moment Mozi felt dizzy. She WANTED to answer Ashling, to tell her she understood what she wanted. But she couldn’t form the words. Trying to speak when she’d been told not to was making her feel sick, just like she’d felt when she’d thought about taking the collar off.

Ashling let go of Mozi’s wrists as she neared the Orcish girl’s breasts. They weren’t large for an Orc, but compared to the feral girl’s nearly flat chest they seemed like a bounty of soft flesh that she reveled in playing with. Mozi expected her to spend a long time on them, but after kissing and sucking on each of her nipples for only a short time she moved one, working her way down Mozi’s stomach.

Everything she was doing led Mozi to think Ashling was moving towards her pussy but it had all been misdirection. Just before her mouth reached Mozi’s pubic mound Ashling grabbed Mozi and yanked her away from the headboard so she was lying flat on the bed. She pounced up, straddling the Orc’s face then sitting on it.

“Feast,” she growled, grabbing a handful of Mozi’s long, pretty hair and yanking her head up into her wet slit. She lowered herself onto Mozi and began grinding on her face, growling happily as the Orc ate her out.

“More tusk,” Ashling demanded. “More tongue. Deeper. Yes, Mozi-pet, like that.”

Ashling let go of Mozi’s head and braced her hands on the headboard, mewling as her body began to convulse. She shifted and wiggled her hips till Mozi’s mouth was wide open, as much of her pussy in her mouth as possible. The feral girl then moaned deep and long in the back of her throat, squirting into Mozi’s open mouth.

Mozi gagged on the explosion of fluid, her cheeks ballooning as she slapped at Ashling’s thighs to tell her she needed space to breathe. Ashling ignored her, pressing her body tighter against Mozi’s face. “Swallow it,” she growled, still shuddering in the delight of release.

When she was done she flopped off Mozi’s face, landing on her back and purring happily. Mozi lay beside her, gasping for air after swallowing the feral girl’s torrential flood of female ejaculate.

After catching her breath Ashling rolled over on her side, propping herself up on one arm and grinning happily at the look on Mozi’s face. She was laying unmoving other than the heaving of her chest. Her mouth hung open, her tongue lolling out the side as she panted. Her eyes were crossed and half rolled up into her head.

Ashling slid closer, wrapping a leg around the Orc and nuzzling under one of her armpits. “Mozi-pet’s brain is broken,” she cooed. “But you’ll get better in ten minutes or so. And when you do you’ll be even more obedient, like a dumb animal eager only to serve.”

She placed a finger on the center of Mozi’s chest and began caressing her. “I love my new pack. I love my Mozi-pet, she’s the best toy I’ve ever had. But I do play a bit too rough with my toys. I broke all the toys in my last pack.” She shifted, rolled onto the Orc, and straddled Mozi while bracing her hands on the bed on either side of her. “Will my Mozi-pet break after too much of this?”

Mozi didn’t answer. She was still too stupefied by whatever the feral girl had done to her.

“Pretty Mozi-pet,” she cooed, touching one of the enchanted earrings Mozi wore. “Obedient Mozi-pet,” she added, running the tip of one finger along the Orc’s neck where the collar met skin. “And all the evil feral girl’s stinks and pheromones felt so strongly,” she said, touching the ribbon in her hair.

She adjusted, sitting on Mozi’s chest then drawing her body down around Mozi’s face as she hugged her head, nuzzling her face into Mozi’s cheek. “My Mozi-pet till she breaks,” she purred.

When she pulled away and rolled off Mozi her body language shifted. The feral girl was gone, little of the animal left in her. She sat up, posture and expression more person-like than it had been since she met her new pack. Her eyes and tattoos began to glow, pulsing with her deep breaths.

“I know you’re there,” she said, her voice free of the animal. She looked around the room, eyes and tattoos blazing red. She focused on the corner most bathed in shadow. “I joined them just like you wanted.”

The shadows grew darker, something almost solid in them shifting.

“I’d like to stay with them for as long as I can,” she told the shadow. “I’ve earned that, haven’t I? A family? People I care about, fun toys to play with. I DESERVE this after all I’ve done for you.”

The shadows shifted, roiling and almost taking shape then pulling back and becoming just shadows.

“Thank you,” Ashling sighed. Her body language shifted. She stopped being the woman who had been a servant and became the feral girl who was a happy member of her pack.

She rolled over, draping an arm and a leg over Mozi. “Time for Mozi-pet to wake up,” she purred, stroking the Orc’s collar. As soon as she began Mozi’s eyes uncrossed and began to focus. “Wake up and focus. Our fun has only just begun.”

“Whatever you want, Ashling,” Mozi sighed happily.

“Good Girl,” Ashling growled.

* * *

Thessalia stood in front of the door to her rented room. Her hand was on the handle but she felt so apprehensive about turning it. She knew she would, knew she HAD to, but she wanted to put it off for as long as she could.

She looked left to one of the other rooms they’d rented then right to the other. My lambs are going to have very good nights. But not me. Why am I so certain of that?

The draw to enter the room became too strong to deny. She turned the handle, closing her eyes so she didn’t have to see what was waiting for her. She stepped into the room, closed the door behind her with her eyes still closed. She knew when she’d open her eyes something would be waiting… that something unpleasant was already in the room with her. Had it been there, waiting for her? Or had it only appeared when she entered the room?

“Open your eyes, fuckmeat.”

Memories came flooding into Thessalia’s mind at the sound of the demoness’ voice. She opened her eyes, saw the hated woman lounging naked on the bed, smiling evilly at her. Her skin was red and she had large leathery wings tucked behind her back. She had a body that was both slender yet full of exaggerated curves. Black horns extended from her forehead and her eyes glowed orange.

“Zyadresa,” Thessalia said coldly, wanting to flee from the room but unable to so much as turn away.

“That’s me,” the woman replied, voice full of sensual confidence. “Demoness of Naserette the Futa Goddess.” She’d been lounging with her legs crossed but opened them then, displaying the large demonic cock she had hanging limply between her legs.

“Why do you look so unhappy?” she asked, smirking. “Come now, we’re old friends. You can be honest with me. No… No, you HAVE to be honest with me.”

“I did not enjoy the way the memories of you came back so suddenly to me,” Thessalia said, gritting her teeth. “Is that going to happen every time you visit me?”

Zyadresa shrugged. “It will only happen when I want it to. Now undress.”

Thessalia tried for a moment to resist but felt something deep inside her shift, all the power she had to resist the demoness draining away. With a sigh of defeat she began undress, happy at least that she felt able to look away from Zyadresa while she did.

“Why are you here?” she demanded.

“To help direct you on your quest to find the Box of Lila! I’ve got a lead to give you that you’ll eagerly follow up on tomorrow.”

“What is it,” Thessalia asked, peeling off more of her clothing. She had been doing so slowly to stretch out the relative peace but the demoness’ happy moans made her realize she was enjoying watching her strip, so she began going faster.

“Do you know what a demon is?” she asked, seeming to ignore Thessalia’s question.

“Yes. You’re a being created by divine power. You are born in the Ethereal plane the gods live in but take physical form when your creator sends you to Alaria.”

“Very good! They do teach you Silver Elves oh so well. Do you know there are lucky demons who get to STAY on Alaria after being sent here? After being apart from their creator for long enough they become wholly their own being and can’t return to the Ethereal Plane. That is not my life. My goddess sends me to Alaria for specific tasks and I only get to remain corporeal and able to enjoy all the pleasures of the flesh until my task is complete.”

“That’s how you can appear wherever you want,” Thessalia said, peeling the last of her clothing off and standing to face Zyadresa. She tried her best to cover her breasts with both her arms, but they were so colossal it was a laughably futile task.

“Indeed. My goddess simply manifests me where I need to be and I bring with me a large infusion of her divine power, allowing me to warp the world around me for a short time.” She sat up and slid off the bed. She swayed her hips sensually as she walked to Thessalia. “The power fades,” said as she reached the Silver Elve, placing a finger on her shoulder and running it across her back as she walked slowly around her. “And I can only draw my fun out for so long. How much power I have and how long I can remain here is a bit different each time, depending on how much of her divine might my goddess gives me.”

She stopped behind Thessalia, wrapped her arms around her and grabbed her breasts as she pressed her body into the back of hers. The demoness’ obscene member was left wedged between her plump ass cheeks, allowing Thessalia to feel it begin to swell. Thessalia tried to pull away but flinched as the demoness dug her claws into her sensitive breasts, not enough to make them bleed but enough to let her know she could.

“Care to guess how long I have before I need to finish my task?” she whispered in Thessalia’s ear. Before the Silver Elve could answer she continued. “Till just about sunrise. I get you all to myself for the night, plenty of time to use and abuse all this fuckmeat. So, what should I do with you?”

She squeezed her breasts. “I’ve had fun with these during my last two visits. Perhaps they deserve a rest.” She let go of her breasts and snaked her hands down the front of Thessalia’s body. “Your hairless Elven cunt again?” she whispered as her hands neared it. “No, I think not,” she added, pulling away.

“On your knees,” she demanded, putting her hands on Thessalia’s shoulders and forcing her down. “Good fuckmeat,” she said, walking around her so she could stare down at her.

Thessalia tried not to show how much she was dreading whatever was coming. She knew whatever was coming would happen soon, Zyadresa’s cock was nearly fully erect.

“Tonight I plan on making use of your mouth,” she declared, grabbing a handful of Thessalia’s white hair. She jerked her head back as she grabbed her cock with her other hand. “Open up, pretty Elve, I have a face to fuck and a skull to rape.”

She rammed her cock into Thessalia’s open mouth, holding her head in place with both hands. Thessalia gaged then choked as the large demonic cock hit the back of her mouth, pulling away after meeting resistance. A moment later the cock was back, making her gag then choke each time the demoness thrust into her mouth.

Her body tensed and she braced her hands against the demoness’ thighs, trying to push her away. When she found she was unable to do that she balled her hands into fists and began slamming them into the demoness’ legs. Her vain attempts to break free only excited Zyadresa and ensured she savaged Thessalia’s face with more wild abandon.

By the time Thessalia’s arms fell limp to her side, accepting there would be no reprieve from what was being done to her, strings of thick slimy half-vomited saliva were dripping down her chin onto her breasts. More oozed messily down Zyadresa’s cock to drip off her vile balls and join the growing mess on her tits.

“Oh, Thessalia, you’ve got to learn how to relax your throat and gag reflex if you want this to be in the least bit enjoyable. Then again, I like it fine this way. In fact, hearing you choking and that wonderful ‘gak gak gak’ sound, mmmmm, I’m almost ready to cum for the first time of the night.”

When she came she held Thessalia’s head extra tightly, forcing her huge member down her throat till her cock was balls deep in the Silver Elve.

“Fuuuuuuucck yes. The feel of your throat spasming as I cum in you, fucking glorious.”

When she was done cumming she pulled herself out of Thessalia, allowing the woman to double over gasping for breath. “You nearly… killed me….” She wheezed.

“No I didn’t,” Zyadresa said, grabbing her hair and pulling Thessalia up onto her knees. She held her in place and slapped her still-hard cock onto her face a few times. “You could have gone a lot longer before you passed out. Want to see?”

Thessalia had just enough time to whimper a pleading “no” before the demoness rammed her cock back balls deep into her. This time she kept her cock shoved almost to the hilt in the helpless Silver Elve, throat fucking her instead of face fucking her.

“Awwwww, what’s wrong sweet tits? My evil demon cum doing something to you? What’s that? I can’t hear you with my cock so deep in your throat. But to keep trying to speak or scream or whatever you’re doing, the spasming in your throat feels divine!”

Tears streamed down Thessalia’s face. She pounded her fists on the ground, her body tensing.

“Uh oh, looks like you’re about to have an orgasm throat-raped from you,” Zyadresa grunted happily as she kept pounding the Elve’s throat. “Go on then, slut, let it be a big one.”

Thessalia’s whole body quivered and then there was a loud blast of fluid as she squirted onto the floor.

“Oh, I liked that,” the demoness grunted as she came too.

After she pulled herself out of Thessalia’s throat she grabbed her by the hair and flipped her over, making her sit in the puddle she’d left on the wooden floor. “Head back, fuckmeat, I want to work your throat from a different angle. I’m hoping from this angle I’ll be able to see my cock bulging in your throat, suffocating you.”

She grunted, starting to force her cock into Thessalia’s mouth. The new position was even less comfortable for the Elven woman and she began struggling again. Zyadresa swung a hand up and brought it down, slapping one of the Silver Elve’s huge, sensitive breasts. “I’ll titslap you into submission if I have you,” she grunted, slapping her other breast. “Get your fucking arms behind your back and stop struggling.”

And so the rest of Thessalia’s night went, Zyadresa only using her mouth to pleasure herself and showering her with physical and verbal abuse. By the time she was finished Thessalia lay in a sobbing heap on the floor, cum and coughed up saliva and puddles of her juices all around her.

“That was lovely,” Zyadresa said with a satisfied sigh. “Almost sunrise, almost time for me to leave the physical realm. Shame you couldn’t get much rest tonight. Maybe your precious lambs will let you sleep in a bit?”

Thessalia simply sobbed.

“Awwwww, don’t worry. Once I’m gone all this moves to the back of your mind. You won’t remember it till I want you to. Now, fuckmeat, about that lead on your quest.”

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