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Content warning: Gets pretty rapey pretty fast.

Urilee, Elven Druid

“Oh, wow, I drew some Charillian Vapors! I loooooooove this stuff,” Urilee said as she pulled out a strange pipe. She held it up to the light, looking into the glass chambered bowl where a small roughly hewn gem sat in liquid. “And it’s full! Gods bless you, Seleria, there’s enough here for me to smoke myself into a stupor for a month.”

“We all know you’ll be lucky if you have even one drag of the vapors left by morning, you addicted hussy,” Seleria joked.

Urilee barely heard her. She was too busy vigorously shaking the pipe. She kept going till the gem inside the pipe ignited and began to heat the liquid. The thick Elven woman leaned back in her chair and slumped down as she sucked on the pipe till the gem in the bowl died down. She then let her head fall back as she held the vapors in for as long as she could then blew what her lungs hadn’t soaked up escape.

Her green eyes dilated while a look of warm, lazy contentment spread on her pleasant features. “Oh, wow. This is some goooooooood shit. I could just sit here all night smoking this. But I’d have a lot more fun lying in bed letting someone do indecent things to me while I smoke myself into a deeper stupor.”

She grinned happily, slowly rolling her head around to look over the room. “A lot of good choices here tonight.”

Tisbelle, the Dwarf, snorted. “We all know you’re going to drift over to whatever man you think looks prettiest, use a bit of Druidic magic to fool the chump’s body into thinking you’re the most dangerously fertile woman he’s ever seen and leave him with the deep, helpless need to bed and impregnate you.”

Urilee shook the pipe then took another long drag of the Charillian Vapors. She grinned as another wave of calming bliss washed over her then blew the remaining smoke out without a cough. “That does sound like something I’d do. And the men never seem to mind in the morning that I’m not as fertile as they thought.”

It was what she intended on doing, but her night turned out far different than she planned it would.

She eventually centered her attention on a very attractive Human man, perhaps seeming a bit rough around the edges with a hit of bandit in him, but very fetching. He was alone and was eager for Urilee to join him. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits and ass so she decided a touch of Druidic magic wasn’t needed. The man was eager to take her up to his room and bed her, but first he insisted on buying her a few drinks.

Urilee happily gulped down as much booze as the man was willing to pay for, taking hits of her Charillain Vapors the whole time. She very much enjoyed being so fucked up all she’d be able to do was lay in a blissed-out stupor as the man had his way with her nor was she subtle about how she wanted the night to play out.

By the time the man finally took her up to his room Urilee was so high and drunk she could barely stand. He was a total gentleman, helping her up the stairs and leading her down the hall. He even asked if she was sure she wanted to spend the night with him.

“Uh-huh,” she cooed, taking another drag of her vapors. “I want to just relax and let you pleasure me. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? How often will you be given permission to do what you want to a body like this?” She leaned in to try and kiss him but he pulled his face away from hers.

“Wait till we’re inside,” she chuckled. “And why not take another hit of that before we go in?”

“Suuuuure,” she slurred, taking a long drag then letting the vapors blow out her nose. She giggled and leaned into him for more support. “Fuuuuuck. I’m so relaxed I can barely stand. Come on, take me in there!”

“Alright,” he said, opening the door. “Just remember you wanted this.”

“What does that mean?” she slurred, confused.

As soon as the door was open he shoved her into the room where two men were waiting. They grabbed her, putting a hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream, and dragged her to the bed.

The man who had brought her to the room closed and locked the door behind him. “You can let go of her mouth, the dumb slut’s a Charillian Vapor addict. She’s WAY too high to scream. Toss the slut on the bed and get her clothes off.”

“Won’t be hard, boss, she’s barely wearing any,” one of the other men said with a chuckle as they picked Urilee up and tossed her onto the center of the bed.

She giggled and went limp as she landed. “Friends? Wow, man, that’s like totally cool with me.”

“Damn,” the third man said as he climbed onto the bed and started taking her clothes off, “this dumb bitch IS fucked up. She doesn’t even realize we’re gonna spend the night raping her fat ass.”

“What?” Urilee said, groaning as they manhandled her while taking the last of her clothing off. “No one’s gonna rape me. You guys have permission to do whatever you want to me. Just help me find my pipe, I dropped it. I need to take another hit so I can relax a bit more, you guys are being kinda rough and it’s harshing my buzz.”

The leader of the three men picked her pipe up off the floor where she’d dropped it when his men had grabbed her. He gave it a vigorous shake then handed it to her so she could take a hit.

“Better?” He asked. She nodded and relaxed, spreading her legs open and getting comfortable on her back. “Why don’t you take a couple more hits while we undress?”

“Fuck man, would you look at those fucking tits? I ain’t seen a pair that big in a long time. Look how fucking firm and perfectly shaped they are.”

“It’s all that High Elven blood. And look at that thick body, none of that thin shit you find in the Night Elves. God, there’s more than enough fuck meat there for the three of us. You did good, boss.”

He chuckled as they all took the last of their clothing off. “Barely had to do anything. Honestly, I almost wish she was a little less fucked up. She still doesn’t get what this is.”

“I get it,” Urilee cooed lazily. “You’re all gonna fuck me and it’s gonna be lovely.”

“No,” the man said as the three naked men gathered around the bed. “We’re going to fucking rape you. And we’ll make sure it is NOT lovely for you.”

She took a lazy drag of her pipe and blew the smoke at the ceiling. “That doesn’t even make sense, man. Just have some fun with me.”

“Grab her,” the leader said. “Let’s see if we can make her understand what’s going on.”

The other two men each grabbed one of her wrists, yanking her arms out and pinning them to the bed.

“Ow! Not so rough, boys. I’m not into THAT.”

The leader got on the bed and grabbed her ankles, lifting her legs then yanking them open hard enough to make her groan in discomfort. “Don’t you love how Elven women ain’t got no cunt hair? Perfectly smooth. And look at them pink folds. Real inviting, ain’t it?”

“It’s them fat tits I’m eager to abuse.”

“I can’t wait to start hurting the dumb bitch’s fat ass. So much Elven fuck-meat ready to be punished.”

“Well, we’ll be able to do it all. We prepared, remember boys? Saved up for tonight and got a reinvigoration potion we can share. We’ll be able to rape the slut all night.”

Urilee groaned in discomfort. “N-not so rough,” she moaned. “I’m fucking wasted and I can barely follow what you’re saying, but, like, I’ll help if you don’t want me to just lay h—”


Urilee yelped in pain as the leader let go of her legs and slapped her pussy. “Oooooow,” she whimpered. “Don’t do that.”




She whimpered and whined, pressing her thick thighs together to protect her red and stinging pussy. The leader grabbed her ankles again and forced her legs open.

“I think she’s starting to get it,” he said. “Make her take another hit. We don’t need her any more fucked up than she is, but I know what Charillian Vapors do. Each hit is gonna leave her body and mind perfectly calm and relaxed. Each hit will be like a reset and we’ll get to relive this first moment of the bitch realizing what is happening over and over again!”

“God damn, boss. You REALLY outdid yourself this time.”

This chapter/scene will last at least a couple more entries, so keep that in mind when you make your choices. Think about what you’d want to see first, as most or all of the choices will appear in the next poll as well.

What happens next to Urilee as the men begin their all night rape-fest? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

One response to “New entry for the poll driven story “A Night at the Drunken Crow Inn”

  • Gabney

    Gabeny thrice, Urliee gets abused and assaulted but through it deep inside she should conjured a slow acting curse that transfers pain from inflicted into the inflictor and it lasts for days? After waking and slapping Breondre out of a three way drugged stupor, holds up a map to a castle on the clouds she picked off her perps. Tldr they go to Cloud nine.

    I get doing another adventuring story is probably a drag given the other ones you have going and so if keeping things small on this one is what you want will be cool. Tdlr flying to a nirvana of drugs and floating sex.


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