New poll driven story “A Night at the Drunken Crow Inn”

This isn’t the smoothest of beginnings (okay, it’s pretty shitty), but I wanted to get passed character introductions and get to some simple, debauched poll driven fun.

Introduction: The Mushroom Munchers

The Drunken Crow was packed, the dining hall on the ground level full of travelers, locals, and adventurers all chatting happily, feasting, smoking, and above all drinking. Members of nearly every race could be seen. Some men and women looked like heroes out to make the world a better place along with evil figures lurking in dark corners. It didn’t matter who they were, they all came to the Drunken Crow for the same reason: to party!

The members of the adventuring party known as the Mushroom Munchers sat at a round table, just beginning their night. Someone had called the five women that after they had celebrated finishing their first quest by gorging themselves on magic mushrooms and they’d embraced the name.

“To another successful adventure,” a Human woman named Breondre said, raising a goblet of steaming green wine.

She had striking long red hair and pale skin that was covered in glowing arcane symbols tattooed onto her skin. She wore layered green robes over leather armor that made it hard to tell what kind of figure she had, although she seemed thin. The bunched-up green robes and hood she wore had living greenery woven into it, the vines acting almost like stitching.

Most who saw her assumed she was a Druid but they were wrong. She was a Battlemage, adept at quick and simple but very deadly battle magic. But thanks to a deep devotion to a nature deity all her magic manifested in ways that made it look like Druidic magic.

She had the look of a hardened ex-soldier who, now that she was retired, was determined to get as much enjoyment from life as she could. She was always grinning, always looking every stranger’s body up and down to see if they’d be enjoyable to bed.

An Elven woman named Urilee held up a wooden cup filled with steaming tea. She waved her hand above the mug, sprinkling a hand full of herbs that would turn the tea into something much more inebriating. “To having survived unscathed!” she declared in a dreamy, breathy voice as she raised her glass to meet Broendre’s.

She had a body so full of thick, soft curves that she looked like a perverse mockery of a fertility goddess. An indecent amount of that plump body was on display as she wore very little clothing. She had on a brown leather corset that pushed up her large breasts, covering them so little the tops of her areolas could be seen. Strips of brown cloth stretched down from the front and back of the corset, the only things that covered her womanhood and ample ass (although they often did a poor job of this).

Bunched up on her shoulders and flowing down her back was a wild tangle of long green hair. It was impossible to tell if the twigs and leaves stuck in the mess were there intentionally or if the flighty woman had just failed to notice them.

Leaning up against the table at her side was a large staff, her main tool for focusing her Druidic powers. Atop it was a chunk of unrefined emerald that glowed and pulsed with her mood.

“To having a fresh payout so we can afford all the drink and drugs we want!” a fierce Dwarven woman named Tisbelle declared, raising a mug of simple ale to meet the other woman’s drinks.

The Fighter had a powerfully muscled, thick Dwarven body with breasts that were impressively sized even for a member of a race known for having exceptionally large breasts. She was as beautiful as she was strong and kept her long orange hair pulled up and tucked so her stunning facial features were always on display.

She wore a golden circlet that displayed the crest of her clan, a piece so well crafted it suggested nobility which she was. At any time the young Fighter could return to her people and take up the mantle of clan head, but she enjoyed fighting, drinking, and getting wasted on drugs far too much to return to those tedious duties.

“To partying and debauching till our coin pouches are empty and we need to start a new quest,” a small but muscular Human woman named Marnat said, raising a shot glass to the others.

She had striking, pretty features that were made fierce by red tribal tattoos that streaked out from her eyes. The top half of her muscular but feminine body was on full display, with just a simple leather bra covering her small breasts. She had long orange-red hair with white streaks running through it tied behind her.

There was something animalistic to the tough little bruiser, something that came out in her expressions and the way she moved her body. She was a Shifter, a fighter who was able to transform into animals during combat. A bit of the animal magnetism was always present, often expressed as raw sexual appeal that drew all eyes to her.

“To finding a partner to take up to our rented rooms and spend the night destroying,” a purple-skinned Night Elve named Seleria said in a deep, silken voice. She lifted a flask she’d pulled out from under a cloak that hid her lithe body and added it to the other raised drinks.

When not disappearing into the shadows the striking Rogue could use her alluring charm as adeptly as the daggers she killed monsters with. She had a beauty many described as “deadly”. Her vibrant white hair was cut chin-length and styled so it hid most of her features unless she chose to pull it back and tuck it behind her ears. She carried herself with the confidence of a woman used to getting what she wanted when she wanted it.

The five women clinked their glasses together then drank, slamming empty cups down on the table then erupting laughter as their Rogue pulled a bag of holding out of her cloak and dropped it in the center of the table.

“All right ladies we’ve spent what we needed resupplying and I’ve filled our stash with stupefying goodies to help keep us entertained and our brains pleasantly clouded till we’ve no money left to stay at the inn. I say we give the bag a good shake, each pull out whatever drug the gods deem we should revel in and begin a night of depravity together knowing by the end we’ll each be in our own rooms with a partner or two.”

The others nodded and cheered and reached for the bag, eager to begin.

Going forward the story is going to be broken into a chapter for each character, showing how their night of debauchery plays out.

Who should the first chapter star? (Choose up to 2 options from this poll)

How will that characters chapter begin? (Choose up to 9 options from this poll)

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