Final Entry of the poll drive story “A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness”

You can find the final entry below the break, or you can read it in its entirety HERE.

The story will remain up for free for about two weeks. After that it will be taken down and published as an Ebook.

Thank you everyone who participated by voting!

Pinkbaroness pushed Archbaroness out of her way, standing up and looking at The Game Master. “I am reborn,” she declared, her voice sounding strange. “And I know my purpose,” she added. Then, without warning, she leaped into the air and flew down the hall and out of sight.

“Where is she going?” Archbaroness asked, staring after her. “What have you programmed her to do?”

“She’s going to leave here and travel back out into the galaxy, able to convincingly pretend she’s still the Pinkbaroness that they all know. Even the galaxy’s most powerful telepath will be unable to see what has been done to her mind. But instead of the valiant superheroine they all know she will be a Trojan horse who will devastate the intergalactic superheroine community.

“Pinkbaroness is going to begin hunting down monsters known for impregnating women of other races, enlisting other heroines in a great crusade to attempt to rid the universe of such creatures. But she’ll work to sabotage the efforts every step of the way, attempting to ensure that every superheroine in this universe ends up falling prey to such monsters.”

The Game Master told Archbaroness to follow him, not explaining where he was taking her. As they walked he held out his arm, activating the wrist-mounted computer so that it began displaying a holographic scene with a huge four-legged monster filling most of it. The beast towered over Pinkbaroness and another heroine holding a round shield. The monster’s body looked like it was made of a twisted mass of brown muscles, its trunk-like limbs ending in thick stumps that looked as though they could easily crush either woman facing off against it.

One large glowing red eye on a long neck extended up from the beast’s body and hung above the two heroines. Pinkbaroness pointed to it. “Be prepared,” a distorted voice called out from the recording. “It will try and stun us with a laser that will shoot from the eye.”

The beast roared then charged at the two heroines, its eye pointed at them and sending a red laser blasting their way. The heroine with the shield leaped in front of Pinkbaroness, deflecting the laser beam. “We can take it together,” she called out.

“Of course we could,” Pinkbaroness whispered, the expression on her face shifting to reveal the monster The Game Master had turned her into. “But there will be no victory for you today.”

Archbaroness watched the recording in horror as Pinkbaroness charged the monster, shifting at the last minute to “accidentally” slam into the other heroine’s back. They both tumbled to the ground, giving the monster the opening it needed to blast the shield-bearing heroine with its eye beam.

The blast stunned her, leaving the woman laying on the ground helpless. Pinkbaroness, laughing evilly, leaped to the air and flew out of sight as the creature roared and got up on its back legs. A huge monstrous cock unsheathing from under its body, quickly growing hard. It landed on top of the heroine, using its eyestalk to flip her face down. Archbaroness looked away as it mounted the heroine laying helplessly on the ground, not wanting to see what the creature was about to do to her.

“It will impregnate her,” The Game Master declared. “Pinkbaroness will of course tell other heroines how she only barely escaped, sharing the horrifying tale of a fellow heroine being defeated and used to breed another monster fueling her crusade.”

Archbaroness glanced back and saw the holographic scene was gone. “How did you have that recording?” she demanded. “Is it from the future or was it fake?”

“I’ve mastered time and space and every technology imaginable,” The Game Master declared. “It could be a recording of the future or it could be a prediction my computers have created. But does it matter? If that very moment doesn’t happen something like it WILL. Thanks to Pinkbaroness, thanks to what YOU chose to happen to her, every heroine she enlists in her great crusade will be impregnated by various foul monsters, birthing an ever-growing army of sexual ravenous space creatures that will ravage this universe for thousands of years.”

He touched his wrist and another holographic scene appeared. This time it showed a blond heroine, purple tentacles wrapped around her body keeping her arms pinned to her sides. She was struggling but unable to break free of the thing’s grip. Another tentacle appeared, tipped with what looked disturbingly like a penis. She screamed then shook her head, closing her mouth tight and turning away. A moment later the cock-tipped tentacle was pressing against her lips, trying to force its way into her mouth.

Strange cum-like goo began to ooze from the tip. It rubbed it onto her lips and it seemed that the moment the heroine got a taste of it her ability to resist faltered. The cock-tipped tentacle was able to force its way into her mouth and soon it was savagely fucking her throat. When the tentacle stopped thrusting and began to pulse Archbaroness knew it was ejaculating something down her throat. When it pulled the tentacle out of her mouth the heroine retched up a thick load of semen then began clawing at her throat as though she felt something still inside of her.

“This creature implants an egg down women’s throats, where it attaches to their insides. The woman can feel it there but nothing she does will be able to dislodge it, not till it’s ready to be born.”

The image shifted, showing the same heroine on her hands and knees, vomiting out a semi-transparent purple sack about the size of a baseball. Inside it was a swarm of writhing tentacles that began to press their way out of the membrane encasing them.

“The creature will be large enough to fuck and impregnate another woman within in days,” The Game Master told Archbaroness. “Of course, by then the first one will have impregnated this heroine again,” he added as the image disappeared.

“Pinkbaroness will leave heroine after heroine to their doom. She’ll ensure each is defeated and brutally fucked before being impregnated, their bodies ruined by their pregnancies. The lucky ones will have their minds break from the trauma of birthing the first few monsters. The unlucky ones will manage to keep their minds intact till their bodies give out, fully aware of the horror they will endure and knowing each creature they birth is only ensuring the same happens to other women.

“Imagine what it will be like… Those women all trusting Pinkbaroness, caught up in the fire of the crusade she’s leading. Imagine what it would be like for one of those women, following this inspiring woman into a dark cave only to be pushed into a pit full of inescapable tentacle monsters that will fuck and impregnate you over and over again till your mind and body give out. Imagine what will go through their minds when their role model betrays them to, say, some nightmare insectoid swarm that will imprison them and turn them into their hive’s brood queen. And all of it happening because YOU chose this fate for them.”

Archbaroness clenched her fists, wishing she could punch the villain’s smug face till he rasped a final, pained breath. Anger coursed through her so intensely it felt almost as though her powers were returning to her.

The Game Master tapped the screen of the computer on his wrist, bringing up another holographic image. A small heroine was being held upside down by a big hairy humanoid beast. Her legs were spread open and its mouth was on her crotch, its long tongue thrusting in and out of her cunt. At the same time her mouth was open, its huge monstrous cock impaling her open maw. The angle of the display changed, showing the monster’s cock was so big it could be seen bulging her throat.

“Some of the monsters take a while for their young to gestate,” he began to explain as the scene played out, showing the monster fucking the small helpless woman. “Months or even years before they will give birth. To ensure the birth is carried many of the monsters will keep the women captive, using them to satisfy their endless carnal hungers during that time. Some of these women will hold on to their sanity by telling themselves the sacrifice they are making is keeping that specific monster from impregnating other women during that time, maybe even keeping it in one place so other heroines can mount a rescue attempt.

“Of course, they will be mistaken. No one will come to save them unless Pinkbaroness is leading them into another trap. No matter how much hope these heroic women have eventually after birthing enough of these horrific horny beasts their minds will shatter. And once their bodies give out their monstrous captors will abandon their bodies like a piece of soon forgotten garbage.”

The anger only grew inside Archbaroness. Oddly, the pulsing heat seemed to be burning at the power dampener around her neck. Her belly also burned, as though all the cum she’d ingested was heating and radiating power out into her body. Suddenly Archbaroness remembered what The Game Master had said about his cum. Could he have chosen to make his cum repower or even supercharge her powers? Was this part of another game he was playing?

“We are here,” The Game Master declared, opening a door to reveal a large glowing platform. “Come in. This will take us to my interdimensional base.”

As soon as they were both on the platform the air around them began to sizzle. A moment later the world around them shifted and they were teleported through dimensions, a feeling Archbaroness was unhappily familiar with. When the world around them came back into focus they were standing on a platform much like the one they had left, but with a look and feel she found instantly recognizable. He had told the truth, they had been transported back to his interdimensional base.

“Come with me,” he told her. “We will go to my control room now. And while we do I will continue telling you about the ways you’ve doomed the heroines of your future.”

She barely heard him. The power she felt had increased after being teleported. She could feel the power dampener on her neck trying to weaken her powers, but they were returning to her anyways. I have to buy time, she thought. Keep him distracted so he doesn’t notice my powers returning. Let him keep talking, that’s all I need to do…

“Eventually some of the heroines might begin to suspect the truth about Pinkbaroness. She’ll simply fake her death, disappearing like the other heroines she’s led to their dooms. But that will not be the end. The crusade will live on without her and even have a chance to become successful.

“She’ll, of course, stop that from happening. She’ll know which heroines need to be taken down. She’ll make sure they are ambushed when alone and vulnerable. She’ll ship them packages with monsters hidden within, sneak creatures into their bases where they think they are safe.

“Think about how this will change life for these heroines, think of the scope of it. Those heroines who don’t join the crusades will be shunned by those that do, blamed for their losses. While the people of the rest of the universe will blame them for the rise in crimes they no longer have the numbers to stop. And then, as the army of horny space monsters grows and causes ever more terror, they will be doubly blamed for cursing the universe with the flood of horny monsters, eager to fuck and impregnate the females of every sentient race.

“The value of their voice in society will drop with their declining numbers, and finally as the monstrous wave of fuck-monsters overruns this dimension in an apocalyptic orgy of impregnation the true scope of the universal apocalypse will be realized and they will become hated and shunned for either causing it or failing to prevent it.

“What will be left of civilization will be a brutal and crude thing where no woman is safe, both threatened by an endless tide of fuck-monsters AND the men of their own species desperate to bread more members to fight back against them. When the universe recovers from the apocalyptic event thousands of years later it will be a male-dominated one, one where women are treated as sex objects and with no race willing to ever let them be equals again less they nearly doom them all like had happened during the ‘dark’ times.”

They stopped at a door. “This is my control room,” he told her. “It is where I spend most of my time and it will be where YOU will spend most of your time from now on for I have decided to keep you as my personal fuck-pet. You will exist to serve me, living out the rest of your life, or till I bore of you, always ready to drain my balls. I’ll use you, and especially those glorious tits of yours, as my personal cum urinal. And you’ll learn to love it because you know your fate could be worse, MUCH worse.”

He paused, studying her face. “I see a glimmer of defiance in you,” he told her. “Wipe it clean. Even if the power dampener on your neck failed I have the power to easily defeat you. And should you become defiant there are countless ways I could break you. First, though, I’d dump you back in your home dimension and let you see the horror you’ve unleashed on it. After you’ve spent a decade or two hiding from or being impregnated by those monsters and serving me will seem like heaven.”

“You’re right,” Archbaroness said, lowering her head to hide her expression, not wanting to give him a chance to see the lie in her words. “You’ve defeated me. I’ve no chance of escape.”

“Good,” he said, opening the door. “Now go in.”

She entered before him, awed by the massive array of monitors and computer banks. Controls were spread all over the room, many of which were beyond her understanding. But not all of them. There were keyboards with English letters on them and displays on screens full of commands and controls in English as well.

There is something here that can help me defeat him. Something I’ll understand how to use when the time is right. But first I need to be stronger… I need more of his cum in me. I need to see if ingesting more of it will further supercharge my powers. Even if I find something here that will save me I will need to be able to overpower him.

“You’ve defeated me,” she said again. “Let me prove my capitulation to you. Let me use the tits you are so fond of to drain your balls.”

“Yes,” he replied, “I would like that.” He pulled his cock out, revealing it was already hard in anticipation. “Kneel before me in submission. Use your tits and mouth to pleasure me. We’ll see how many times I can cum before I begin to bore of using you this way. Keep me entertained and engaged long enough and I’ll even give you a treat when we are done.”

She knelt and lifted her tits up, giving him the most pathetic placating look she could muster, then spit on his cock before wrapping her breasts around it. She began giving him a titjob, leaning forward and bending her head down to suck on his cock at the same time. She worked his dick with impressive skill, bringing him to climax quickly. She sucked every drop of cum down then kept going, knowing he could will himself to remain hard as long as he wanted.

Archbaroness sucked down load after load of cum, each one leaving her feeling stronger. Before long she felt more powerful than she’d ever felt in her life and knew the vile fiend’s semen was supercharging her powers not just returning them to her.

It was hours later when The Game Master finally pushed her away. “Truly amazing,” he gasped. “I’m not even bored of it yet, but I need a rest,” he said. He waved an arm and a chair materialized behind him. He fell back into it and went limp, closing his eyes and beginning to fall asleep.

Archbaroness remained on her knees, watching to see if he really had fallen asleep. After ten minutes it seemed he had. Cautiously, she got to her feet. She began to float off the ground to ensure her movements were as quiet as she could make them then began moving around the control room, reading monitors in a desperate attempt to find something that would help her.

She had expected it would take weeks or maybe even months of stealing moments like this. To her surprise she discovered something almost at once. She’d found controls for a device that allowed The Game Master to teleport targets between dimensions.

She carefully had the system show her a display of dimensions it could teleport someone to and found an entry for an “inescapable pocket dimension”. A notation in the destination’s description said it was something The Game Master had created as an emergency measure if he ever faced an enemy he couldn’t defeat. Once sent to the dimension nothing, not even the machine that teleported someone there, could ever retrieve a person.

Just as Archbaroness began to target The Game Master with the system his eyes shot open. “What are you doing?” he bellowed. She spun, seeing him jump to his feet. His eyes and hand were glowing with steaming green energy. “Get away from my machine!” he screamed, sending a blast of green energy at her.

If her powers hadn’t been supercharged the blast would have knocked her out, instead it barely stunned her. She stumbled back from the machine as The Game Master leaped across the room towards her.

Recovering from the blast she leaped back towards the controls. All she needed to do was activate the device, push one button. The Game Master had realized what she was doing and moved to prevent her from touching the button. But once more what should have been a short, one-sided fight ended up being a struggle Archbaroness was able to endure.

“NO,” The Game Master shouted, struggling to hold Archbaroness’ arm back as she strained to hit the button. “I will not be beaten by you! This is not how my story ends! My great games MUST go on!!!”

“They end today,” she said coldly, summoning all the anger at what she’d endured since being taken captive. The anger burned inside her, giving her the strength to overpower The Game Master. Her finger hit the button and there was a blast, sending her flying back.

Archbaroness woke sometime later, realizing the blast had knocked her out. There was no sign of The Game Master.

She got up, feeling sore and tired. She realized the power dampener on her neck was gone. After finding it smashed on the floor she decided it must have been shattered during the fight.

It took her a minute to locate the controls for the device she’d used to teleport The Game Master away. Once she had she confirmed it had done what she wanted. “It’s over,” she whispered. “He’s gone forever with no hope of rescue.”

* * *

Archbaroness had found there were few of the systems she could understand. Not wanting to cause any harm, she’d settled on figuring out how to return herself to her home. She knew the base and the technology it contained were dangerous but figured no one other than the banished Game Master would have the technology to let them reach it. Once she had left it she felt certain it would remain lost and forgotten.

With her ordeal over she returned to her home, reappearing only moments after she’d been originally teleported away. She was surprised to find herself wearing a clean costume as if no time had passed.

As she’d returned to Freedom Tower she’d thought about telling her teammates about the horrors she’d endured but decided against it. The Game Master was gone, no one needed to know about the terrible fate they might have faced in his perverse games had his reign of terror continued.

I defeated him. He’ll never harm or terrorize another superheroine again.


The Game Master sat in his control room, chuckling as he watched an image of Archbaroness back in her home time and dimension.

He was amused his ruse had worked so well. He’d chosen to supercharge her powers, although not enough for her to have ever been a real threat to him. He’d simply pretended to let her overpower him. And the device she thought she’d used to banish him? It had been another ruse he’d set up, all to make her think she’d won. The time after “defeating” him and before she’d been sent home had been an illusion he’d planted in her mind. The device she’d activated had simply knocked her out and he’d chosen to send her home after making a few last changes to her mind and memories.

“And now my great games can continue,” he told himself. “And so can my game with Archbaroness.”

He began looking through files of superheroines active in the time she had been returned to. He’d begin abducting them one at a time and making them play his great game, sending them home after their five challenges. He wanted to see how many he could run through before he started to grow bored. When he did he’d return to Archbaroness, make her endure it all again with the added terror of realizing she’d never come close to defeating him.

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