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Archbaroness entered the cell and turned to glare at The Game Master. He smiled, activating the energy field and locking her in before turning and disappearing down the hall.

Once he was out of sight she began looking for a way to escape. The small cell was empty except for a small, padded bed built into a wall. The metal plates that covered the floors and walls might have been something she could have pried open if she’d had her powers, but with the dampener around her neck she knew trying would be wasted effort.

She turned her attention to the ceiling. There was metal grating over the lights that illuminated the room. After staring at them for a few minutes she decided there was a chance she could pry them open, hoping that once she did she could find a way to escape when she had access to the lighting. She knew it wasn’t likely but she had to try SOMETHING.

Even with her super strength and ability to fly denied she was easily able to leap up and grab onto the metal grating over the lights. As soon as her hands touched the grating bands of brightly glowing energy expanded out from the lights and wrapped tightly around her wrists, securing them tightly to the grating.

Before she had a chance to fully process what was happening other bands of energy shot out, wrapping around her ankles. Her legs were jerked up and her feet bound tightly to the ceiling. She was left hanging face down, unable to move her hands or feet.

For a few moments she felt only frustration, assuming she’d be restrained till The Game Master returned in the morning. She soon realized the device binding her to the ceiling was designed to do much more than hold her in place.

Archbaroness screamed as the energy bands around her wrists and ankles suddenly zapped her, sending a wave of painful forced pleasure shooting through her body. The sudden forced orgasm this caused was more alarming than the pain. A moment later when she felt her breasts swell and increase in size with a sudden burst of growth she was even more alarmed.

For a few moments afterward she hung from the ceiling, panting and thankful the zap hadn’t made her breasts grow any larger than they had. They had only grown enough to make her costume feel uncomfortably tight, something that she could endure till morning.

Her thankfulness ended when the energy bands around her wrists and ankles sent another jolt into her body. Once more she screamed, pain and pleasure forcing another orgasm from her. A moment later her breasts swelled in a larger burst of growth. When it was done they’d grown so large that her costume dug painfully into her sore and tender breast flesh. She was also aware of a new denseness to her breasts, one that quickly began to lesson as her nipples began to leak milk.

She expected another jolt of energy and was not wrong. It zapped her for longer this time, her prolonged screams melting into a faltering whimper of overwhelmed pleasure by the time the blast of energy and forced orgasms ended. A moment later her breasts began to grow again, this time increasing in size till her costume began to tear open.

Archbaroness was left hanging from the ceiling, her costume ripped open so that her milk-leaking nipples hung free. She panted, head hung limply as she stared down and looked at the growing puddle of milk building up under her as her nipples slowly leaked milk.

She was just starting to think she wouldn’t have to endure another zap when the energy began coursing back into her body. Once more she was zapped for longer, orgasm after orgasm forced from her body. When the energy ceased she was left hanging limp, barely conscious. The discomfort of her breasts beginning to swell and grow woke her a moment later. She winced in pain as they grew large enough to completely rip open her costume and winced again as they fell, bouncing heavily under her as jets of milk squirted out, adding to the puddle on the floor of the cell.

Her night was spent this way. After each blast of painful pleasure her breasts would grow and she’d be left exhausted, often passing out during the period between blasts. But another would always come, jolting her awake and leaving her more drained and her tits larger each time.

By the time morning came and The Game Master arrived her breasts were so enlarged that they hung down nearly to the floor. Milk was constantly leaking from her nipples and, unable to move through the energy field locking her in the cell, had begun to pool up till it formed a puddle that was inches deep. When The Game Master deactivated the energy field the milk came rushing out, flowing messily into the hall.

“I’d have been disappointed if you hadn’t tried to escape,” he said after slapping one of her enlarged and tender breasts to wake her up.

Archbaroness was so exhausted it took a few of the slaps into her enlarged breast before she was able to wake enough to understand the words The Game Master had said to her. Then, her muddled drained mind still struggling to process the world around her, she realized the vile man was not slapping her breast with his hand.

Dear god is that his cock!?

Straining to look down past her massive hanging breasts she stared in awe and terror at the villain’s massive member. It wasn’t just inhumanly large but shaped strangely. When he noticed her looking at he grinned, grabbing it by the base and shaking it at her. She watched, horrified, as the rigid flesh rippled and began changing shape.

“Every inch of my body has been heavily modified,” he told her, stroking his strange cock with pride. “I’ve used genetic manipulation along with cybernetic enhancement from countless realities to improve and augment my member past a point your primitive mind can comprehend.”

He took a step back, holding his cock upright as it grew larger and denser. When he slapped it into Archbaroness’ dangling milk-filled tit she yelped in pain. His cock had become so hard and dense that it felt as though someone had struck her sore and sensitive breast with a metal baseball bat.

The painful impact sent a fresh jet of milk shooting from her tit, something that made The Game Master’s eyes light up with joy. “You will, of course, need to be fully milked dry before that device will release you. Lucky for you I’m eager to ‘help’ you out!”

He stepped further back, his cock growing larger as he positioned himself in front of her dangling breasts. Holding the massive member with two hands he began swinging it hard into one breast then the other, each painful whack sending another thick jet of milk spraying out onto the jail floor.

Archbaroness yelped and moaned and barked in pain. Yet as much as the cock-swings into her tender breasts hurt there was also relief. Each thick stream of milk that shot from her nipples lessened the intense pressure she felt in her breasts. And as the milk was drained from her breasts they began to shrink down, growing smaller.

“Such big heavy fat fucking udders,” The Game Master muttered, unexpectantly stopping his abuse of her breasts. He moved in closer, lifting one of her breasts and pressing his cock into the bulk of the heavy tit-meat. His cock began to shrink down back to a more reasonable, although still unnaturally large, size and density.

“Fuck yes… There are no tits as perfect as those of human women,” he told her as he rubbed his cockhead into her breast. “None that can so easily be made to grow and shrink, especially when attached to a human woman with an active P-Gene. I’ve fucked the tits of the women of nearly every race that has tits and none, NONE, are as good as this.”

He grabbed both her swollen, enlarged breasts and pressed them around his member. He grabbed her nipples, pressing them onto his cockhead and rubbing them all over it. “Nipples too, such good nipples! And the way you super sluts can so easily be made to lactate… but I suppose that’s a threat you’ve not fully realized,” he said, chuckling menacingly.

A moment later he pulled away and knelt. “But it IS a threat you’ll face soon,” he told her as he grabbed both her breasts and began tugging on them, expressing thick jets of milk onto the ground. “I now know roughly when I plucked you from time. I know what is in your feature, near and far, and so many delicious deprivations and sexual horrors await you. Things will happen to you and your precious Megatropolis Amazons that will haunt the superheroine community to this very day.”

Archbaroness moaned, shuddering as the milking made her cum. So degrading… so dehumanizing… being milked like a fucking dairy cow! And the horror of my body enjoying it so much…

Every time The Game Master noticed Archbaroness cum from her milking he’d pull away and tell her she needed to be punished for being such an incurable slut. “Your udders exist to bring others joy, not you. So THEY must be punished.” He tit-tortured her in ways too numerous and intense to recount, moments of pain mixed with intense pleasure that would forever haunt her.

Slowly, as she endured alternating between being milked and then having her tits tortured, her breasts shrank. As they get smaller the energy binding her to the ceiling lowered her, keeping her enlarged breasts dangling a few inches off the floor.

She had been lowered almost to the floor before she realized that although The Game Master had made much sexual use of her breasts he’d not cum once during the entire hours-long ordeal.

As if he was able to read her mind he had grabbed his cock and slapped her face with it then shoved it in her mouth. “I CAN cum,” he told her, grabbing hold of her hair and beginning to violently fuck her face. As he forced his cock deep down her throat she had to struggle to hear him over the choking and gagging noises she was making to hear him.

“I can cum at will, as often or infrequently as I wish.” He punctuated the comment by grunting in delight and flooding her throat with a thick load of semen. “I can make my cum taste as good or bad as I want, all at a thought. I can make it so just a mere taste addicts a woman for life, or I can make it so it depowers or repowers a superpowered woman.” He continued to cum the entire time he spoke.

As he pulled his cock out of her mouth, a bucket worth of the semen flooding out after it as she vomited it up onto the floor, he laughed cruelly at her. “So what did I make it so my cum would do to you? Are you addicted? Repowered? Depowered further? Perhaps all that cum did nothing, perhaps it’s all just one more game. What I DO know is that you’ll need to wash down what’s left in your mouth.”

With a speed that alarmed and surprised her he grabbed one of her breasts, lifting it up and shoving her nipple into her open mouth. He squeezed the breast against her face, shooting a stream of thick milk into her mouth. “Drink it,” he growled. “Drink every drop or I will make the machine zap you for another night and we’ll start over again in the morning.”

Sobbing and terrified, she did what he wanted. He made her drink till no more milk would come from her nipple then made her switch to her other breast and made her drain the last of the milk from that one as well. By the time she was done Archbaroness felt she’d vomit her belly was so full.

Now that her breasts were back to their natural size The Game Master decided to make use of them one last time before releasing Archbaroness. The bindings on the ceiling had finally let her go and she was on her knees before him. He pressed her sore breasts tightly around his cock then, grabbing her head and bending it forward, rammed his cock into her mouth. He fucked her tits and her mouth at the same time, finishing deep in her throat.

“Swallow it,” he told commanded as he pulled away, his vile cock finally beginning to go soft for the first time since she’d woken to the feel of it slapping into her breast.

It took all she had to not only swallow but keep it down without puking up a belly so overfilled with milk and cum that it bulged out, making her look pregnant.

“Good slut,” he told her. He stared down at her, his eyes gleaming mischievously, as he waited for her to gain some modicum of composure. When Archbaroness’ stomach seemed settled enough for her to look up at him he decided it was time. “So… what is your choice?”

Even with all Archbaroness had endured since being left in her cell the question had not left her mind. Even while enduring physical and psychological sexual torture the question had remained in the forefront of her mind.

“Brainwash her,” Archbaroness said, breathing heavily as the weight of her answer pressed down on her soul. “If what I’ve just endured can be dished out in one night I can’t begin to think about dooming a woman to a full year of the torture you’d dispense.”

His face lit up. “This was the answer I’d hoped you’d give me,” he said, turning away from her and going into the cell where Pinkbaroness was bound.

He did nothing to stop Archbaroness from trying to escape but she knew he didn’t need to. The prisoner collar kept her depowered but even if she’d not been wearing it the repeated forced orgasms would have been enough to leave her too powerless and weak to do more than walk from her cell to get a better look at what The Game Master was doing to Pinkbaroness.

She watched as he input a command into the wrist-mounted computer he wore. A moment later Pinkbaroness started and began to scream through her gag as the machine activated fully. The pieces gently thrusting in and out of her pussy and asshole began pounding her hard and fast. A moment later the electrodes spread all over her body began to light up as short jolts of energy were blasted into. Her body convulsed with each zap but it didn’t take long for her body and mind to begin to break down. Soon the naked, helpless superheroine was limp, her body only convulsing slightly with every fresh jolt.

And then the machine seemed to turn off.

“Is that it?” Archbaroness asked, hope filling her tired voice.

“Oh no,” The Game Master said happily. “That was just a quick primer to break down the last of her physical and mental barriers. You can’t see it but right now the machine is rewriting her mind through a bombardment of visual and audio stimuli only she is experiencing. There are also waves of special energy being blasted into her mind and body that will reinforce the brainwashing.”

He walked up to her and began stroking the side of her face. “I’ve always loved watching a foe be completely reprogrammed. Defiance can be fun, but like everything else it gets tiresome after a time. Seeing a powerful woman helpless and being turned into a completely obedient tool, now THAT never gets boring. Sadly, it’s an art I’ve perfected so well it’s not likely I’d ever need to do it more than once to any one woman.”

“What are you doing to her?” Archbaroness asked, her voice shaking. She didn’t want to know the answer yet HAD to know what fate she’d doomed the heroic woman to.

“Such impatience,” he said. “You’ll find out soon enough.” He paused, looking at the device on his wrist. “VERY soon,” he added, lowering his arm as the device Pinkbaroness was strapped into beeped. A moment later it hissed and the various components began falling off of its bound victim. The Game Master helped free Pinkbaroness, holding her hand as he helped her to her feet.

The blank expression on her face terrified Archbaroness. It looked as though everything she was, every bit of her memory and personality had been erased leaving only a blank slate. She looked like an empty thing, something that was no longer human.

“Don’t worry,” The Game Master said, “she won’t be blank for long. She just needs a trigger to wake the new her that’s been imprinted over the clean slate the machine gave her. And yes, there is nothing of the old Pinkbaroness left. Only what I’ve made of her.”

Before Archbaroness could ask what the trigger to wake the “new” Pinkbaroness was The Game Master told Pinkbaroness to kneel. With no sign of emotion on her face she did as she was commanded, dropping to her knees. “Mouth,” he commanded. Again, with no hint of expression on her face, she opened her mouth. She stared ahead into nothing as The Game Master grabbed his cock as it grew hard then rammed it into her open mouth.

The shell of a woman that had once been Pinkbaroness didn’t have enough of its humanity left to gag as The Game Master savagely fucked her face. The way she remained still, showing no concern for her ability to breath as he ravaged her mouth and throat, disturbed Archbaroness so much she found herself beginning to back away from the terrifying sight.

“It’s time,” The Game Master grunted, grabbing Pinkbaroness’ hair and jerking her head away from his cock as he took a step back. He held her head in place while grabbing his cock and pointing it at her face. “Take it, you beautiful bitch,” he groaned as he began to cum. “Be reborn, be baptized with my jism!”

Archbaroness watched as a huge load of thick cum splattered onto Pinkbaroness’ face, covering nearly all of it. She watched, unable to look away, as The Game Master let go of her hair and stepped back further, his face expectant. She watched as the thick load of semen ran down Pinkbaroness’ face, dripping onto her breasts. Pinkbaroness reached up and began wiping cum off her face, revealing… something. Archbaroness couldn’t tell what yet, but she could SEE something was different.

“Pinkbaroness?” she asked, coming forward and dropping down onto her knees. “Pinkbaroness, can you hear me? Are you in there?” She moved her face close to the woman that had risked and lost so much trying to save her.

A moment later Pinkbaroness blinked and their eyes met. That’s not the woman that saved me, she thought bitterly. That’s someone else… no, SOMETHING else.

Still on the ground beside the woman that had been Pinkbaroness, Archbaroness whirled around and glared at The Game Master. “What did you do to her, you monster? What have you turned her into?”

What has Pinkbaroness’ brainwashing done to her? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

It’s been decided that Archbaroness will end up thinking she’s defeated The Game Master before escaping back to her time. How will this happen? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)

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