New Entry for “A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness”

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Archbaroness enjoyed her life as her master’s fuck-pet, it made her happy. Happy was what she’d been trained to be. She remained hidden away in the alien woman’s estate in the upper levels of Station Zetax-19, sexually serving her when she was home and obediently waiting for her return while she was gone. It was a peaceful life of sexual indulgence, but it would not last.

Everything changed one day out of nowhere. Archbaroness’ master was lounging on a couch, her legs spread open and draped over her kneeling pet’s shoulders. “You’re so good with your mouth, my pet,” she’d cooed. “Keep going for a while, and once I’ve cum a few more times we’ll—”

She never got to finish her thought. The door into the room exploded open.

“Get away from her, you fiend,” a strong feminine voice called out as a tall, slender, well-muscled woman floated into the room. “I’m here to save Archbaroness. Give her to me and you won’t be harmed.”

When Archbaroness looked at her and saw that she looked human something in her mind snapped. The powerful-looking woman dressed in a revealing pink costume reminded her of a superheroine, just more futuristic. Memories came flooding back into her mind, allowing her to recall who and what she’d been before her training.

The woman was floating in the air, long red hair that was long enough to reach past her shoulders floating beside her as if she was in a field where gravity didn’t exist. She was holding her hands up, fists upturned as they glowed with pink energy that matched the color of her revealing outfit.

With a hiss, the red-skinned alien woman jumped to her feet, throwing her arm up to use the computer she had on her wrist.

“I don’t think so,” the floating woman in pink said coldly. She reached an arm out, the glowing pink around her hand shooting out and destroying the wrist-mounted computer. “Your devious devices and automated defenses will not save you.”

“She’s mine,” the alien woman snarled, charging the floating woman like a feral animal. “No one will take her from me,” she screamed as she leaped at her.

The woman in pink remained floating in place, her composure cool. With her eyes narrowed she waited till the alien was about to grab her then sent a blast of pink energy at her. She went flying to the other side of the room, slamming into a wall then falling to the ground unconscious.

Archbaroness felt a confusing mix of emotions. She wanted to leap at the woman in pink and attack her for harming her master. But the memories her arrival had brought to the forefront of her mind kept her in place, kneeling and confused and afraid.

 The floating woman began moving towards Archbaroness, stepping down through the air. When her foot touched the ground her hair fell, gravity returning to normal around her. “Your nightmare is over,” she told Archbaroness kindly. When she reached her she knelt beside her and gave Archbaroness a reassuring smile then, hand still glowing, placed two fingers on the side of her head. “That should help,” she said, getting back to her feet and grabbing a nearby blanket and handing it to Archbaroness.

“T-thank you,” Archbaroness stuttered as she used the blanket to cover her naked body. She got to her feet, shaking as her mind was being repaired by the woman’s touch. “Who are you,” she asked, looking at the woman. “You… look human.”

“I am,” she replied. “This is your reality,” she said, the words shocking Archbaroness. “Only it is VERY far in your future. Please, sit, I’ll explain.”

She told her that humanity had expanded to the stars and those human women that had powers now served intergalactic superheroines. “We no longer just protect Earth we protect the whole galaxy.”

“How did you know where I was?” she asked, trying to process everything. Thinking clearly was being made hard by whatever the woman had done to her mind. It was repairing the damage the “training” had caused her, but it was mentally and physically exhausting.

“We saw you on The Game Master’s show and recognized you at once. I don’t want to give you specifics, but as I said it was a long time ago that you lived yet we all know the mighty Archbaroness. You were the best of us, the one that has inspired generations of superheroines. As soon as we saw you we knew we had to try and save you. But the first challenges weren’t in our reality. We feared we’d never have a chance to save you.

“Then you began this challenge. We knew Station Zetax-19 was in our reality and that we had to act before you moved on to the final challenge. It is a vile, evil place of slavery and perversion, one deep into territory we human superheroines are not welcome. It didn’t matter, those of us nearest began rushing here. I was the closest and first to arrive. Once here finding you was easy, as was sneaking into the station.”

She paused, looking nervous for the first time. “But… we’ll need to leave soon. It won’t be long before the station’s security forces become aware of my presence. My kind is NOT welcome here and as powerful as I am I’d have no hope of taking on the station’s security forces all on my own. Do you think you could manage to come with me to my ship?”

“Yes,” Archbaroness said weakly, “as long as it isn’t far.”

“It’s not,” the woman in pink told her, standing up and holding a hand out to help Archbaroness up. “By the way, I’m Pinkbaroness,” she added, blushing nervously as she shared her name. “You’ve always been a huge inspiration of mine.”

They were soon inside Pinkbaroness’ small spaceship, flying quickly away from Station Zetax-19.

“I’m going to take you back to Earth,” she told Archbaroness once she had the ship on autopilot. “Together the other heroines and I think we can protect you from The Game Master while we figure out a way to return you to your time.”

Archbaroness nodded. “Then my nightmare is over.”

Pinkbaroness nodded, smiling kindly. “It is. Now let’s go get you some clothing.” She paused, noticing the collar around Archbaroness’ neck for the first time. “And I think it’s time we got rid of THAT,” she said, pointing a glowing finger at it. Pink energy shot from her hand, enveloping the collar. A moment later it sizzled and in the blink of an eye was nothing but vapor that was quickly pulled into the spaceship’s air recyclers.

The healing Pinkbaroness had done to Archbaroness’ mind had helped suppress the memories of her time with the red-skinned alien woman. The awful memories of her training were mostly gone, and along with them was the memory that the collar had been more than just a sign of her servitude.

Its protection was gone and within moments The Game Master knew exactly where she was.



The next entry will begin the final chapter/challenge.

A reminder that it’s been previously determined through past polls that The Game Master is an immortal superpowered human from Earth who, over time, mastered every technology and conquered multiple realities. He had been/is a supervillain alive in Archbaroness’ time and has set up these games so he can begin making every superheroines in Earth’s history go through them (the games before this point have just been practice with non-humans).

It was also decided that the fifth challenge is the same for every contestant they must spend time as The Game Master’s live in servant and fuck toy for a time. With where we’ve ended up I think I’d like to stay true to the spirit of that choice, but allow the story to not be restrained by it. Only part, or even none, of this chapter will be a televised challenge.

Now that The Game Master knows where his contestant is what happens? (Choose up to 6 options)

Should the story end in a way that leaves it open for other stories to be written with my other heroines going through the games, following the same format? (Choose up to 2 options)

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